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All My Children Update Tuesday 7/19/11


Written by Eva
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(Tad and Cara’s house) JR drops AJ off to play with Kathy and Jenny after AJ goes upstairs Tad advises JR to go to a meeting because he can smell the alcohol on him. JR tells Tad he doesn’t need a meeting he just needs to understand how to deal with the fact that the woman you gave your heart to loves another woman. Tad hopes that JR won’t throw his life away over it because the person that will ultimately be hurt is AJ. Tad asks JR what Adam would think and JR says that Adam would call him pathetic and pour himself a drink. Tad tells JR to think about Dixie and what she would say if she saw him now and JR reminds Tad that Dixie’s dead so he should stop bringing her into the conversation. JR thinks Tad is a fine one to talk to him about throwing his life away when he is in a fake marriage to keep Cara in the country. Cara overhears and tells JR he is right about the fake marriage but the way Tad feels about him is real JR asks Tad to take care of AJ and leaves.

(Chandler Mansion) Scott arrives and sees all of Marissa’s suitcases in the hallway and Marissa explains that she is leaving JR because she is in love with Bianca. Scott is shocked but tells Marissa that he is glad that she found someone to make her happy.

(Hubbard House) Maya gets a third call from Mookie which she ignores and Angie wonders why Maya is trying to ignore this very persistent person that keeps calling her. Maya tells Angie it’s her Aunt because she didn’t tell her about her new job. Angie notices how good Maya is with Lucy and tells Maya that someday she will be a good mother.

(Jake and Amanda’s house) Jake calls the hospital and finds out that they found some abnormal cells in Amanda’s tests and she will need a biopsy. Jake has the biopsy scheduled for today and gives Amanda the news. Amanda fears she won’t be able to have more children but Jake tells her to wait until after the biopsy and see what happens.

(Park) Kendall sees Griffin doing his community service picking up trash and she sits down to talk to him and find out if he talked to David. Griffin tells Kendall that David hasn’t returned his calls and considering all he has done for David he is surprised. Kendall wonders what Griffin did for David and he reminds her that he defended David to the whole town. Griffin tells Kendall he knows a different David one that taught him never to give up on a patient and to think outside the limits of medicine.

David sits by Dixie’s bedside and she awakens trying to stop him from putting medicine in her IV but David manages to put the medicine in the IV and Dixie is asleep once again. David tells Dixie that he loved the fight in her and thinks could have been different for them if she would have loved him. David leaves and Dixie awakens and Dixie struggles to pull out the IV from her arm.

(Park) Griffin reminds Kendall that David saved her Greenlee and Ian and Kendall doesn’t dispute that David is a great surgeon but he is also a bad man. Kendall can’t shake the feeling that he is doing the same thing to Erica that he did to Krystal and Dixie. Kendall explains to Griffin that David broke up Krystal and Dixie’s marriages and then made everyone think Dixie was dead but he was holding her captive. Kendall also explains to Griffin that David did the same thing to Maria Santos he made everyone think she died in a plane crash but he was holding her captive and he erased her memory so that she forgot her family.

(Confusion) Liza tells Jesse she was fired because she didn’t want to give the mayor information about him. Liza tells Jesse she has made mistakes in her life but she did the right thing this time. Liza tells Jesse that her job cost her Colby and she hopes that he never feels the pain of losing a child. Jesse thinks of Ellie and Liza tells Jesse if he needs to talk she will listen but he tells her that he is fine.

(Hubbard house) Maya returns Mookie’s call and tells him that she is with a girlfriend and she will call him back later. Angie tells Maya she heard the call since her hearing has gotten very sharp since she lost her sight. Maya explains that Mookie is her boyfriend and she didn’t tell him about her new job so he is a little upset with her. Angie thinks that Mookie sounds possessive but Maya explains that she owes Mookie because he moved from New York to be with her and he doesn’t have family in Pine Valley. Frankie arrives with a toy giraffe for Lucy and helps Maya make a bottle so he can ask her how she is doing she says she is fine and taking this job was the best thing she could have done.

(Chandler Mansion) JR arrives home and Marisa notices that JR has been drinking and hopes it isn’t because of her. JR tells Marissa to leave and never come back. JR tells Scott that now he can do what he does best kick him when he is down and laugh at him. JR tells Scott that he must be disappointed that Marisa likes Bianca because he was hoping that Marissa would run to him and he wasn’t expecting her to go to Bianca. Scott tells JR that he is happy for Marissa is with a woman she will never be with him again.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Tad tells Cara that JR used to be such a caring sensitive little boy that once he found a wounded bird in the park and he nursed it back to health until it could fly again. Tad fears that now JR has become more like Adam because he thinks everyone is out to get him. Cara thinks JR is lucky to have Tad in his life. Cara tells tad that he gives everything for the sake of his family. Jake calls tad and asks him to come to the hospital for Amanda’s biopsy. Tad and Cara leave for the hospital to help Jake and Amanda.

(Park) Griffin tells Kendall he has something to do but he will pick her up later so they can have an early dinner. Griffin gives Kendall a quick kiss and tells her he will see her later.

(Hubbard house) Jesse tells Brot he suspects that Maya is Lucy’s biological mother and Brot tells him to get the idea out of his head because Maya is Hispanic and Lucy is black. Brot and Jesse go back in the house and then Jesse answers the door to Mookie who tells Jesse that he is Maya’s boyfriend. Maya tells Mookie to leave and she will call him later and Mookie is very mad that Maya didn’t tell him about her new job. Jesse tells Brot he has to have a DNA test to prove that Maya isn’t Lucy’s mother.

(Hospital) Tad tells Jake that he must do something he isn’t very good at for Amanda’s sake he must be still and be there for her because she must be very scared right now. The doctor tells Jake that the biopsy is over and she put a rush on the results. Jake goes into Amanda’s room and she tells him that she is scared so Jake holds her.

Dixie pulls out her IV and manages to stand up although she is very weak.

(Park) Kendall leaves a message for Erica saying they need to talk David arrives and assures Kendall that he and Erica are getting married. David thinks he and Erica should get married in ST Barts and since that is where Erica was kidnapped Kendall suspects that David kidnapped Erica. David is offended and reminds Kendall that he saved her, Ian and Greenlee he also didn’t turn her in to the police for shooting him.

(Hospital) Jake brings Trevor to see Amanda and she feels better once Trevor gives her a hug.

(Chandler Mansion) JR drinks and looks at a picture of Dixie and tells her that her little boy messed up again.

(Park) David tells Kendall he is done helping her and the next time her heart stops she better find someone else to start it again.

Griffin calls Maria and tells him that he is doctor Griffin Castillo and he works at Pine Valley hospital and he wants to ask her some questions about David Hayward. Maria asks Griffin what David has done now.

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