AMC Update Monday 7/18/11

All My Children Update Monday 7/18/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Erica’s fake room) Erica screams in the direction of where she heard the thumping on the wall wondering if there is anyone there.

(Hubbard House) Maya has a strange feeling when she holds Lucy tears start to fall and she asks Jesse to take the baby. Maya goes out into the hallway and Frankie follows her and Maya explains to Frankie that when she held Lucy she felt like she had been waiting to hold Lucy all her life. Frankie thinks that Lucy reminds Maya of the baby she gave up for adoption and it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to be Lucy’s babysitter. Maya tells Frankie that she needs the job because she can’t work for the Chandlers anymore and she will be fine and take good care of Lucy. Frankie tells Maya that they need to talk but they both go back inside and offers to pick up some burgers from Krystal’s f0r everyone and Maya offers to go with Frankie and help. Jesse stops Frankie before he leaves and wonders if Maya would be a good babysitter Frankie says that she will be fine and that she needs the job. Jesse asks Frankie to talk to Maya and make sure that she is okay with the job. Jesse overhears Angie telling Lucy that she will soon be able to see her face.

(Kendall’s Place) Kendall and Bianca both think that Erica is crazy to even consider marrying David and think that they need to talk. “Erica” tell her daughters that she has never been happier in her life and they must learn to accept David. David tells “Erica” that they should go and celebrate their engagement and give Bianca and Kendall time to process the news. “Erica” leaves with David and Kendall tells Bianca they have to find a way to stop this but Bianca isn’t sure they can stop “Erica” from marrying David.

(Krystal’s ) Marissa arrives and explains to Krystal that although she tried to fight it because she was scared she has fallen in love with Bianca. Krystal tells Marissa that she had already figured it out and she couldn’t be happier because Bianca makes her happy. Marissa worries about what people will say but Krystal tells her that the people that care about her will understand that Bianca makes her happy.

(Erica’s fake room) Ben tells Erica that the sounds she heard were the old pipes in the building and he was worried that the pipes had burst but everything is fine. Ben asks Erica if she and Mona ever made peace and Erica admits that Mona died before she could tell her everything she wanted to say to her. Ben tells Erica she should let go of the guilt but Erica thinks that is ironic coming from Ben since he’s helping Jane steal her life because he feels guilty about causing Jane’s accident.

(Hubbard House) Jesse asks Angie if she has made any progress with her treatment Angie says that the scarring on her eyes isn’t as bad as David thought and the medicine to prevent infection is working. Angie tells Jesse that David showed her that he is human and he has suffered many losses in his life. Angie tells Jesse that David lost his daughter Leora a few days after she was born and she doesn’t even want to imagine that kind of pain.

(David’s hotel room) Jane is already making wedding plans but David tells her they must keep their wedding simple. David gets a call and has to leave and Jane is so happy that she is marrying a doctor.

(Kendall’s place) Griffin arrives with flowers for Kendall and he notices that she is sad Kendall tells him that she doesn’t understand relationships. Kendall asks Griffin if he is sure that he wants to hear this he says yes and she tells him that David and Erica are engaged. Griffin is shocked because of the countless lectures David gave him about concentrating on work and not having a personal life. Kendall tells Griffin she fears that David is using Erica and griffin promises to help Kendall find out what David’s intentions are with Erica. Kendall doesn’t want Griffin to get in a fight with David but Griffin wants to do this for Kendall to ease her worries about her mother. Griffin goes into the hallway and leaves a message for David and asks him to tell him the truth about his engagement to Erica because he owes him the truth. Griffin tells David he better not lie to him because he can always tell when he is lying.

(Krystal's) Frankie tells Maya that Lucy reminded her of the baby that she gave up for adoption and maybe it isn’t a god idea that she be Lucy’s babysitter. Maya tells Frankie that she really needs the job and she will take good care of Lucy.

(Erica’s fake room) Ben explains to Erica that he couldn’t turn his back on Jane and the grief he caused her. Erica tells Ben that Jane has no idea what its like to be her yet she is stealing her life and her family. Erica begs Ben to give her back her life and let her go she promises not to turn him in to the police. Ben admits that what he and Jane are doing to her is wrong and agrees to let her go. Jane arrives calls Ben a traitor and says that she can’t let her go because she is marrying the man of her dreams David Hayward.

(Krystal’s) Krystal tells Marissa that being honest with her takes a lot of courage and then heads to the kitchen to check on her cornbread. Bianca arrives and tells Marissa about Erica and David’s engagement. Bianca holds Marissa’s hand and Marissa offers to talk to David but Bianca doesn’t want Marissa to get into another battle with her father. Krystal arrives and tells Bianca she couldn’t be happier that she and Marissa are together.

(Hubbard House) Brot and Frankie plan a night out together with Natalia, Randi, Jesse and Angie provided that Maya can baby-sit one night. Jesse is distracted looking at Maya holding Lucy and wondering if Maya could be Lucy’s biological mother. Angie thinks that Lucy likes Maya and thinks they should go to the park together. Maya remembers leaving her baby in Brot’s car while he was at the park.

(Erica’s fake room) Erica tells Jane that David is only manipulating her and once he has what he wants from her he will dump her. Jane refuses to believe that and Erica tells Jane she has no clue what her life is like she has only seen part of it.

(Dixie’s room) David arrives puts something in Dixie’s IV and strokes her hair while she sleeps.

(Erica’s fake room) Jane tells Erica and Ben that David is the only man who has ever loved her and she isn’t going to give that up for anyone. Jane is about to leave when Ben tells Jane that he loves her he just didn’t think that she would accept his love because he caused the accident in which her daughter died. Ben pleads with Jane to realize that she will never be Erica. Ben asks Jane to listen to the recording that Erica made about her life. Jane plays the recording and all of Erica’s weddings and important moments are seen in flashback.

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