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Written by Joseph
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JR continues drinking at home when Maya comes into the living room. JR instructs her to close the door and lock it, so she does. JR tells Maya to understand that she didn't see anything. Maya nods and Tad knocks on the door.

Angie meets with David at his office in the hospital. David tells her they will be moving to the second stage of treatment. Angie asks if that means it's working. David says it's still the early stages but he's very encouraged. Angie says it's going better than she hoped and she owes it all to David.

Bianca, Opal, and Greenlee tell "Erica" that they are all concerned about her with David. "Erica" accuses Greenlee of trying to turn her family against her since she doesn't like her. Jack tells her that she's not Erica Kane.

Ben asks Erica how her book is coming. Erica tells him that she never saw the real her before. She says she always believed what she wanted to believe. Erica says now that she's writing the story of her life, she wants to tell the truth. Ben says he doesn't understand as she's written other books about her life. Erica says she was lying to get people to believe what she wanted. Erica begins talking about how she always made it seem like she had a loving relationship with her mother and that they were close. Erica says her mother always brought kindness but she never appreciated it. Erica has a flashback to an argument with her mother. Erica says that her mother was right that she went from one disaster to another but she ignored it. Erica states that she wanted her mother to hurt as much as she did because her father was never did but she still adored him. Erica has another flashback to arguing with her mother about her father. Erica says she never blamed her father for leaving them but she blamed her mother, who loved her the most. Erica wonders how she could've been so cruel.

"Erica" asks Jack what he means by not Erica. Jack says since her kidnapping she's been spending more time with her fans than her family. Jack tells her that she's always running off or with David. She calls David her partner. Jack says she should be smarter than this. Jack mentions that Erica would never get involved with David before. "Erica" doesn't want to listen. Jack says it's not about David but also about the time he caught her with a drink. "Erica" shouts that she never took the drink. Opal tells her that they all miss her. Opal asks her to tell them what's happening so they can help her. "Erica" says she's all talked out. Greenlee thinks she wants to talk to David. "Erica" says David doesn't judge her. Greenlee thinks David is just using her and she knows what it's like. Bianca tells her how she always told them how strong Kane women are supposed to be but they haven't been able to count on "Erica" since she's back. "Erica" tells Bianca that she's fine. Kendall says they won't be fine until they get their mother back. "Erica" tells them that they're grown up girls that need to stop depending on their mom which shocks Bianca and Kendall.

Tad continues knocking on the door at the Chandler Mansion. JR hands the alcohol to Maya to get rid of and steps out to talk to Tad. JR tells Tad that they're just having a new maid clean up. In the living room, Maya hides the alcohol then she turns around to see Mookie is inside. Mookie asks her what that was all about.

David tells Angie that he never thought she'd thank him. Angie talks about never thinking this could work. Angie remarks that David's ruined lives but saved lives too. David asks if she's saying he has a heart. Angie says she wouldn't go that far but he's given her hope. Angie brings up what David did for Greenlee. Angie tells him that he doesn't stop until he gets the results he wants. Angie says that she's beginning to understand that David is a healer at heart, who has saved more lives than he's destroyed. David tells her that it will never be enough because the people he's lost are the ones that matter the most.

Tad asks JR how he's doing. JR tells him he's good. Tad asks if he went to the AA meeting. JR says he has better things to do. Tad tells JR that he drove by Scott working on the gatehouse. JR tells Tad that he doesn't have to check up on him every time he has a bad day.

Mookie tells Maya that he thinks she and JR looked pretty tight and now she's hiding his booze. Maya tells him that she just works for JR. Mookie grabs her and tells her not to lie to him. Maya pulls away and tells him that someone could walk in. Mookie tells her that he took the job at the gatehouse to be close to her and then finds JR hitting on her. Maya tells him that he's not. Mookie's phone rings and he tells Scott that he's heading back to work on the gatehouse. Mookie tells Maya that he's watching her and he heads outside.

Jesse finishes a phone call at home while he's holding Lucy. Lucy starts to cry as Brot arrives. Brot tells Jesse that the guys at the station are worried about him. Jesse tells him that he can handle a baby by himself. Jesse tries to calm Lucy down. Brot asks where Angie is and Jesse tells him that she's with David and he hates that she is putting faith in David.

Angie tells David about how close she came to losing Lucy and she can't imagine surviving that like what David went through. Angie tells David it wasn't his fault as he's had so many losses like his daughters, brother, and his father committing suicide. Angie asks David if that's why he needs to play God. Angie tells him that he couldn't save his father and didn't have power or control when it mattered most. David looks away and then his phone rings. David answers and tells them he'll be right there. David tells Angie that he has an emergency so he has to leave but will have a nurse check on her. David exits quickly.

Greenlee asks "Erica" who she was calling. She says she has to go somewhere. Greenlee tells her they aren't done. Opal asks "Erica" how she could hurt Bianca and Kendall like that. "Erica" says her near death experience has taught her to be true to herself. "Erica" tells Opal off and begins to leave but Jack stops her. Kendall thinks "Erica" is sick and that's what this is all about. Kendall tells her that they're here for her and she can tell them what's wrong. "Erica" laughs and shakes her head.

JR and Tad walk into the living room as JR again states he doesn't need to check up on him as he has his own family to worry about. JR asks Tad about him and Cara. Tad doesn't let him change the subject and notices a board game from the box of JR's old things. JR tells him that he promised AJ they'd play later. Tad wants to set it up but JR wants to know what's going on with him and Cara. Tad tells JR that he and Cara like each other and care about each other but aren't in love. Tad tells JR that he sometimes thinks Dixie was it for him. JR tells him that he's sorry and sits down with Tad. JR tells him that he's the last person to hand out love advice. Tad tells JR that he and Marissa will work it out.

Brot talks to Jesse about Angie getting her sight back and seeing their baby. Jesse wonders if it all comes back and she realizes it's not her baby. Brot wonders if he screwed up by bringing Lucy to be switched. Jesse tells him that he loves Lucy and as far as he's concerned she is his own.

Maya comes to the hospital and meets with Frankie. Maya asks for a job and wants to babysit for Lucy. Frankie asks if she's sure she's ready for it. Maya tells him that before she couldn't because it was so soon after giving up her baby but she can do it and can start today. Frankie asks if working for the Chandlers isn't good. Maya tells him it's great but her boyfriend got work at the gatehouse. Frankie asks if her boyfriend is her baby's father.

Erica continues talking to Ben about her relationship with her father. Erica goes into the night she was raped when she was 14. Ben asks her if her father left alone with a rapist. Erica says that he didn't leave her alone, he just didn't show up. Erica has a brief flashback to that night. Ben asks her if she knew the man that raped her. Erica tells him that it was a famous movie star and at first she was flattered and excited but then they had some champagne. Erica has more flashbacks. Erica tells Ben that she just wanted to be home and be safe but he wouldn't let her go and she finally pulled away and ran. Erica explains that he locked the door and she fought so hard. Erica says she didn't know she was pregnant until her mother noticed she gained weight. Erica explains that her mother took her away to have the baby and she never saw her baby until she was all grown up which was Kendall.

"Erica" tells everyone that she thinks there's something wrong with them and they all want her to be what they want. Jack tells her that there's something obviously wrong with her and they're worried. Bianca wonders if it's David. "Erica" says partnering with David is one of the smartest things she's ever done. "Erica" says she wouldn't expect them to understand her relationship with David. She asks Jack why he's grilling her. She tells them that they all make her feel like she's guilty of something when she's just trying to live her own life. Jack asks her what exactly her relationship with David is. There's a knock on the door and David arrives. "Erica" then proclaims that she is in love with David.

Frankie arrives to David's office to take Angie home. Frankie tells her that he knows she's ready to get home to Jesse and Lucy. Angie tells him the sooner the better. Frankie informs her that they might have a new babysitter.

Jesse thanks Brot for helping him with Lucy. Brot tells him he doesn't mind as long as he's not changing diapers and exits. Jesse lays down and then the phone rings. Jesse can't find the phone and then Lucy starts crying. There's a knock on the door and Jesse then runs to get the door. Maya arrives and tells Jesse that Frankie called him about the new babysitter.

David comments that it looks like he's the last to the party. "Erica" says they all ambushed her but she's glad it came out because she loves David. Greenlee and Bianca can't believe it. She tells them not to tell her how she feels. "Erica" tells Jack that he made her happy for a very long time but people change and the only person to understand that is David. "Erica" reveals that Greenlee caught them in their hotel room earlier. Kendall and Jack can't believe it.

AJ plays a board game with Tad and JR. AJ wins the game and jokes around with Tad. AJ leaves to go watch TV in his room. Tad asks JR if he wants to play for second place. JR comments on the game of picking a card and you can win a wife or win a house. Tad says at least there's no go to jail card. JR tells Tad about wanting to win the house and the wife but it didn't work out. Tad says he knows how much JR loves Marissa and thinks he can make it work. JR tells him that in his game, you try to win and just keep on losing. JR says he used to dig himself out of holes but he's done fighting. JR shouts that he crashed and burned and that's the story of his life.

Erica continues talking to Ben, saying that she was looking for a father figure in all the men she married, someone who would love her and be there for her to make her feel safe. Ben asks if she ever found that man. She responds that Jack taught her more about love and patience than anyone she's known. Erica says she regrets every ounce of pain she ever caused Jack and she wishes she could tell him. Erica tells him that Jack will be devastated by what Jane's done and there's nothing she can do about it.

Jack asks "Erica" if she's sleeping with David. She admits that they are sleeping together. Opal questions what David did to her. "Erica" says that David just gave her understanding. Bianca shouts that she doesn't mean it. "Erica" insists that she does love David and hands Jack her ring back. Jack tells her that she's out of control and needs a therapist. "Erica" tells him that she is sorry. Jack turns and exits. Opal tells "Erica" that they're no longer friends and she walks out. Greenlee calls David a son of a bitch. David says he's flattered and thinks she's jealous. Greenlee tells David that she used to think there was some good in him but she was wrong then she exits. "Erica" thanks David for coming to her rescue, saying she didn't know what she would have done if he hadn't. Kendall tells her to stop right now.

Frankie brings Angie home and says the place is in one place. Frankie acknowledges Maya and Angie thanks her for helping out. Jesse brings Lucy to Angie. Jesse introduces Lucy to Maya. Jesse hands Lucy to Maya and she holds her.

Tad asks JR how many drinks he's had. JR tells him one but he's going to have another one. JR gets up and pulls out the bottle that he had Maya hide earlier. JR pours another drink. JR tells Tad that the woman he loves and mother of his child is a lesbian as he takes another drink.

Kendall thinks David must be blackmailing "Erica". Kendall offers to turn herself in for shooting David if that's it. "Erica" tells her it isn't necessary. Kendall says she won't let her sacrifice her happiness. "Erica" tells Kendall that she thinks everything's about Kendall but this time it's about her. Bianca asks what David did to her. "Erica" says David was just being himself and the heart wants what the heart wants. David remarks that it must be true. Bianca thinks David's just using her to get what he wants. David tells her that she's right as there is something he wants from Erica. David gets down on one knee and proposes to "Erica", which stuns Bianca and Kendall.

Ben tells Erica that Jane thinks she knows everything about her but she doesn't know this. Erica says she's just beginning to understand herself but it could be too late as Jane could be destroying her life right now. Erica hears a sound at the wall. Ben tells her it's nothing. Erica wonders if someone's on the other side. Ben tells her it's under control. Erica insists she hears thumping and calls out to Ben.

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