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Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JR tells Marissa that there's some things he hasn't told her and thinks there's things she hasn't told him too like Scott. JR says he gets that Scott is safe. Marissa tells him that she's not playing it safe. JR thinks she's afraid to take a chance with him. Marissa tells him she's not afraid. JR says he's the one she wants. Marissa informs him that she doesn't want him or Scott, she wants Bianca which shocks JR right as Bianca walks in. Marissa gets up and says she's sorry to blurt it out like that and knows it must be a surprise. JR tells Marissa she's straight. Marissa says she never planned or expected this. JR wonders is this is her way of getting back at him for using Bianca to win her back. JR asks Bianca if she's on Scott's team now. Bianca says she doesn't know what's going on. JR tells Marissa that she owes them some answers.

Greenlee arrives to the Fusion office where Ryan is on his laptop. Ryan gets frustrated that he can't find anymore about Project Orpheus. Ryan tells her about David saying it's a children's orphanage. Ryan thinks it's a cover up. Ryan tells Greenlee that the key card has nothing to do with orphaned children and shows it to her.

Kendall and Griffin go walking in the park. Kendall tells him that this was better than dinner and gives them a perfect chance to talk. Kendall says she just wants to get to know him better. Griffin claims he has been an open book. Kendall calls him a mystery. Griffin asks what she wants to know and Kendall tells him anything and everything. Griffin thinks he's covered all the bases and says his childhood was Cara being sick and their dad bailing. Griffin tells her about going to medical school, doctors without borders, and ending up in Pine Valley. They sit down on a bench by the pond. Griffin tells her he did post-grad research on medical stuff. Kendall wants to know more and Griffin asks if she's hungry. Kendall tells him he won't get off that easy and wants to know his deep dark secrets from the past.

David sits in his hotel room looking at the Project Orpheus card on his laptop. David gets up and begins making a drink when there's a knock on the door. David opens it and Jane walks in. David thought they were meeting later but Jane says she couldn't wait. Jane pulls him onto the bed and begins undressing him.

Jack arrives to Tad's and meets with Opal. Opal has a lot of food laid out on the table and Jack thinks it's a bit much. Opal says she's had a lot of time on her hands and Jack realizes that she misses Erica. Opal sadly states that she feels like they just got Erica back and already lost her again.

David quickly gets up and tells Jane that they can't do this right now because he has an appointment with the hospital board. She asks if that's more important than her. David says it can make the difference between their success and failure. David tells her he has to work to keep the board on their side. Jane asks if what she wants matters. David tells her that he appreciates her passion. She tells him not to talk to her like that because he did this to her. She said her only goal was to lose herself in Erica's life before she met him but now she needs him and she will have him. David thinks it sounds like a threat. Jane suggests maybe it is because one word from her and his plans are blown. David asks about her and shows her the mirror. David tells her she could forget all the beauty, fame, and fortune and she'd be back to plain Jane and in prison. Jane remarks that she doesn't care about Erica's family or friends, she only cares about David.

Ryan asks Greenlee if she recognizes the Project Orpheus logo. Greenlee says she doesn't know but can't remember seeing it before. Ryan tries to get her to remember anything. Greenlee says the picture threw her but she doesn't know why.

Griffin and Kendall sit in the park. Griffin tells her he has no skeletons in his closet. Kendall jokes with him that it's boring. Griffin says they can't all be layered like her. Griffin makes a joke and Kendall accuses him of being uncomfortable. Kendall asks if he's hiding anything from her. Griffin wonders why they're being so serious. Kendall feels he isn't being honest and she wants him to feel like he can tell her anything. Griffin states he doesn't know what she wants him to say. Kendall tells him that he sounds like Zach now and then quickly apologizes for comparing them. Griffin tells her it's ok but Kendall decides she should go. Kendall says she has things to do. Griffin stops her and tells her that he cleared his schedule. Kendall tells him to unclear it, she apologizes and says she should just go home.

Marissa tells Bianca and JR that she knows it's crazy and has barely processed it herself. JR thinks there's nothing to it. Bianca asks Marissa if she's just angry and that's why she's saying this. Marissa states she can't not say it anymore. JR apologizes to her for pretending Bianca's ideas were his and he was just trying to make her happy. Marissa tells him that it's not about punishing JR or about JR at all. Bianca asks if she seriously wants her. JR shouts that she's not serious. JR states that Marissa likes men and she should tell Bianca before it gets out of control. Marissa says that all she can tell is the truth. Marissa tells Bianca that she is falling in love with her. JR tells them to back up. Marissa brings up Bianca telling her how she felt and she was thrown and terrified but it forced her to acknowledge something she was trying hard to push down. JR talks about how messed up this is that Bianca told Marissa her feelings and knew this while helping JR. JR realizes Bianca only helped him because she had feelings for her. JR realizes that Bianca spilled her feelings when they went on that trip and Marissa ran back to his bed because she was scared. JR yells at her to tell him if that's why she slept with him. Marissa admits that she did because she was scared.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he's going to go talk to Griffin since he's been around David longer than anyone. Ryan asks Greenlee what she's up to for the day. Greenlee tells him that she overheard David and "Erica" talking about a meeting at his hotel room. Ryan brings up her not poking around. Ryan tells her to be careful and kisses her then exits.

Jane tells David she's made some extreme choices but is a human that can't help the way she feels. David tells her that she's right that the board meeting shouldn't take priority over her. David says he's just not used to this kind of fire. Jane points out that Erica is made of fire. David says she is in business or family but not romantically. Jane asks if David likes it. David tells her that he loves it. David says they'll forget the hospital and worry about reality later. David tells her that right now, all he wants is her and kisses her. David picks her up while kissing her and carries her to the bed.

JR thinks Bianca is taking advantage of Marissa because he hurt her. JR says Marissa is just scared and confused. JR accuses Bianca of taking advantage of her weakness to stick it to him. Marissa tells him he's wrong and she can think for herself. Bianca says they get that he's pissed but they never intended to hurt her. JR shouts at her that if she was a man, he'd break her.

Griffin brings Kendall home. Kendall thinks their day was a disaster because of her. Griffin says he had a nice time. Kendall thinks she ruined things by bringing up Zach. Kendall says she knows it wasn't easy for him to come back for her. Griffin understands that they're taking things slow and they both came with baggage. Griffin sits with her and tells her that Zach died less than a year ago so it's no wonder that he's still front and center because moving on is hard. Kendall thanks him for being sweet and patient. Griffin kisses her and Kendall says thanks for that. Griffin tells her they will talk later and he exits. Kendall gets up and sits back down looking at Zach's old cap.

Opal and Jack sit together eating the food she prepared. Opal wishes Palmer was here since he could knock some sense into Erica. Opal asks Jack if he thinks she's going crazy over nothing. Jack agrees that Erica has been much different since her kidnapping. Opal calls her the best friend she ever had and she didn't even care if it was always about her because she'd happily listen to her go on about herself all day.

David and Jane make love. David says it was nice but she thinks it was more than that. The fire alarm goes off and David gets upset as they have to get up and get dressed. They hurry out of their hotel room while David is still zipping up "Erica's" top only to come out and see Greenlee standing with the fire alarm pulled, catching them together. Greenlee says she can't believe she told Jack to fight for Erica. Greenlee reminds her of Jack. She tells Greenlee not to speak to her like that. Greenlee calls her a lying cheater. "Erica" tells David to let her know when he gets rid of Greenlee and storms back into his room. David tells Greenlee that she spends a lot of time snooping around his personal life. David tells her to go ahead and tell Jack if she wants to ruin her father's life and break his heart. David tells her that it's just sex and not a love affair. Greenlee calls David disgusting. David calls Erica a hard woman to resist. Greenlee slaps David across the face and storms off.

Jack tells Opal that he doesn't want to live without Erica but it seems like that's what he will have to do. Jack's phone rings and it's Greenlee. Jack is shocked by what Greenlee tells him.

Marissa tells JR that Bianca was just honest and he should be mad at her instead of Bianca for not being honest. JR says he just wants his life back. Marissa thought she did too. JR brings up AJ. Marissa says she was searching for a new start and JR was being so wonderful that she thought the new start was with him but she realizes now that she was just running away. JR doesn't understand. JR asks if she's always been attracted to women. Marissa says no and it's all new to her but it is happening. Marissa tells Bianca that she lied before, she's not falling in love with her but she's already there. Marissa says she can't promise to always know what she's doing or that she won't step backwards instead of forward but she wants to see where this goes. Bianca's phone rings and she answers it from Kendall. Bianca says she'll be right there. Bianca calls it the worst timing for a family emergency so she has to go. Bianca tells Marissa that she heard everything she said and she will call her. Bianca exits as JR steps aside and glares at her. JR tells Marissa that there's nothing to talk about as she made herself clear. Marissa is glad someone thinks so. Marissa tells JR she's sorry and didn't mean to hurt him. JR says he's been kicked in the teeth before but at least he saw it coming then.

Ryan arrives to the hospital and meets with Griffin to talk about Project Orpheus. Ryan tells Griffin about David saying it's a children's orphanage but he doesn't believe him. Griffin wonders why Ryan thinks there's so much trouble there. Ryan explains to Griffin about Greenlee's reaction to the Project Orpheus card like she had seen it before. Ryan thinks it's some type of illegal medical project and he needs Griffin's help. Griffin tells him that he will see what he can dig up. Ryan thanks him and shakes his hand as Griffin says he'll be in touch and Ryan walks off.

David returns to Jane in his room. She asks if he was able to get through to Greenlee. David isn't sure since this is a big bomb. Jane tells him that she doesn't regret being with him. David says he doesn't either. Jane thinks things are out of control now since Erica would never cheat on Jack. David tells her that if Greenlee tells on her, she should say they just acted on impluse and she can blame it on the kidnapping stress. Jane points out that her feelings are real. David reminds her that she needs to stay focused. Jane's phone rings and it's Kendall. David tells her to answer it so that she doesn't raise suspicions. She answers it and Kendall tells her to come over right now. Kendall explains that a lawsuit has been filed against the Miranda Center and she needs to get there as soon as she can. Kendall hangs up and tells Greenlee, who is sitting nearby, that "Erica" fell for it.

Marissa tells JR that they should sit down with AJ and tell him what's going on because he'll be so disappointed. JR asks who's fault that is. Marissa admits it is hers and she'll tell AJ herself if he'd like. JR says AJ is just a little boy and he'll bounce back. JR states that he will live and brings up it's good that they weren't married to go through another divorce. JR tells Marissa that he made her choice and it doesn't matter if it was Scott or Bianca, it just wasn't him. Marissa apologizes. JR screams at her to get out. Marissa starts to cry and exits. JR sits down looking sad and upset as he fights back tears.

Ryan gives Frankie a form that Greenlee signed to get her medical records. Ryan tells Frankie that David can't find out about it.

David is on the phone at his office as Griffin arrives. David finishes his phone call and Griffin tells him they have a problem regarding Orpheus.

"Erica" arrives at Kendall's asking who filed a lawsuit. Kendall tells her that there is no lawsuit. "Erica" asks why she's here then. Bianca says they are here to talk about her. Greenlee comes out of the back with Opal and Jack. "Erica" thinks it must be a joke that they tricked her. Bianca says they didn't know how else to talk to her. Kendall says she doesn't have to talk, just listen. "Erica" wonders what is going on and Kendall reminds her this isn't the first time it has happened to her. Bianca informs "Erica" that this is her intervention.

JR pours himself a drink of scotch at home. JR hesitates and then takes a drink.

Ryan finishes a phone call at the hospital as Frankie returns. Frankie tells him that he can't help him out as all of Greenlee's medical records were wiped clean from the database.

"Erica" tells everyone that she won't stick around for this. Jack gets in her way and says they're doing this now. She claims she doesn't need an intervention. Jack thinks her behavior calls for it. "Erica" says she's not drinking or popping pills. Greenlee tells her that what she is doing is much worse. "Erica" claims that she's just living her own life on her own terms and insists she's fine. Kendall tells her that she's in serious trouble. "Erica" says she'll pass any drug test. Kendall says that what they are dealing with is far more addictive, and that's David Hayward.

Griffin tells David that Ryan knows the orphanage is just a cover and isn't giving up. David says it's ok as long as he doesn't know what it's a cover for and he won't figure it out. Griffin informs David that Greenlee is starting to remember something related to Orpheus and tells him about what Ryan said, that Greenlee recognized the logo. David says it's not good that they're getting too close. Griffin says that he doesn't know how long he can hold Ryan back. David states that he's put too much of his life into this and if they only knew what he has done.

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