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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/13/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca tells Marissa that if she wants to run, nobody is stopping her. Marissa tells her that she's been running ever since she found out that everything JR did for her came from Bianca or maybe when they went away with the kids and Bianca admitted her feelings or even when they were locked in the closet together. Marissa says she knew something was going on then but just couldn't accept it. Marissa steps forward and kisses Bianca on the lips. They continue to kiss until Bianca pulls away and says she's sorry but she can't do this.

David finds JR at the hospital and offers to write him a prescription. Tad walks up and reminds David that he lost his license. David said things change and tells JR that he'll always need someone to fight his battles. Tad tells JR to forget about David and they should go on to the meeting. JR states that David's right and Tad should back off.

David goes into his office and looks at his Project Orpheus card.

Griffin arrives at the Fusion office with his Project Orpheus card. Kendall walks up and Griffin shows her a card to a restaurant. They make plans to go eat together and joke about being friends. Griffin kisses her and says it doesn't matter what they call it. Kendall agrees and they kiss again as Ryan arrives. Kendall tells him that Greenlee isn't there. Ryan says Greenlee is on business in New York but he was looking for Griffin. Ryan wants Griffin to tell him everything he knows about Project Orpheus.

At the park, Amanda tells Jake that she has an STD and doesn't know what else to say or tell him. Jake asks her who it was but then says he has no right to ask her that since they both have history in their past. Jake says he has no right to judge her as he just put his past with Cara in the center. Amanda tells Jake that it's HPV. Jake tells her that they'll re-run the test and it's very common. Jake says they will monitor it. Jake suggests reaching out to her past relationships. Amanda says she wants to take responsibility. Jake tells her not to worry since it was a long time ago. Amanda starts to cry as Jake asks if it was a long time ago and before him. Amanda admits to him that it wasn't a long time ago but three weeks ago.

Bianca tells Marissa that they both know it's a mistake. Marissa doesn't agree. Bianca thinks she just wants to experiment. Marissa asks why she's being like this and why she kissed her back. Bianca reminds her she has feelings for her. Marissa says she does too. Bianca thinks this isn't who Marissa is. Marissa tells her to let her decide that. Marissa holds her hand and tells her that it felt right. Marissa says she wants this and she wants Bianca. Marissa tells her not to make it about her if it's not what she wants. Marissa asks what she's afraid of. Bianca says she's been down the road before and it ends up a dead end and she ended up losing her lover and best friend so that's why they need to stop this before it starts.

Tad tells JR that having someone's back isn't the same as fighting their battles. JR reminds him that Tad's a Martin and he's a Chandler. Tad tells him to look at himself through AJ's eyes. JR says he tried to make AJ happy but Scott won't let him be who he wants to be. JR says Scott keeps stabbing him in the back and he wants to slit his throat. JR tells Tad this is as far as he's going to get. JR walks off as David returns to Tad. David tells Tad that JR looks like he's headed to the last call.

Ryan shows Griffin the Project Orpheus card picture that he found in David's office. Griffin is uneasy about breaking into David's office. Ryan says he's sure that David doesn't want people to know about it and he tried to trace it but got nothing. Ryan asks Griffin if he has any idea what it means but Griffin claims he doesn't have a clue.

Bianca tells Marissa to trust her on this. Bianca brings up how complicated it can be. Marissa doesn't care what people think. Bianca asks about JR. Marissa says she knows now that JR is wrong for her. Marissa says she's been trying to figure out what's between them for so long. Marissa tells her that Bianca made her feel safe in the closet. Bianca says that's what friends do. Marissa tells her that it's more than that. Marissa says when she found out that Bianca got the music box, everything just clicked. Marissa explains the music box making her feel good about herself and made her feel like she could do anything with the courage to try. Marissa tells Bianca that she makes her feel the way the song makes her feel. Bianca says she cares about Marissa too much and she doesn't want either of them to get hurt. Marissa tells her that walking away is hurting her now. Bianca tells her that someday she'll see that this is right. Bianca turns and walks away as Marissa looks sad.

JR sits at the Fusion bar with a drink in his hand. Tad arrives and sits next to him. JR tells him that his father called scotch a man's drink. JR says he's more interested in how fast it could get him drunk. Tad asks if he's going to drink it or not. JR says he hasn't decided. Tad wonders what's holding him back. JR tells him that he needs to know the reason why he's going to do this. JR tells Tad that he's a lucky man because he knows who he is. JR states that he has no idea who he is since Scott says he'll never be half the bastard his father is. Tad thinks that's a good thing since that means he's lucky enough to take after his mother. JR thinks it means he'll never be bad enough to be his father's son, but never good enough to be his mother's son.

Dixie remains in her bed and has a flashback to a past time with JR and Adam where she told JR how proud of him she was. Dixie begins crying out for Tad again.

Griffin tells Ryan that he will keep an eye on David but won't trash his reputation. Ryan thinks David did that all by himself. Griffin tells Ryan to go on with conspiracy theories. Kendall explains to Ryan that Griffin won't see David the way they do. Griffin tells Ryan he will tell him if he sees or hears anything. Ryan exits. Kendall explains to Griffin that he hurt Greenlee's life and tried to ruin a lot of others. Griffin brings up that David saved her and Greenlee's lives. They agree to disagree on David. Kendall asks him what he's holding back that he didn't want Ryan to know. Griffin states he doesn't know anything about it. Griffin decides he's in a bad mood and they should reschedule their date. Griffin tells her that he will call her and exits for the hospital.

Amanda explains to Jake that after she thought she found out about Jake and Cara, she was so angry and thought she wasn't enough for him. Amanda says she screwed everything up by having a few drinks to get him and Cara out of her head. Amanda cries that she wanted to get back at him for wanting Cara instead of her. Amanda tells him that someone was there that she knew. Jake begs her to tell him it's not David. Amanda says it wasn't David, it was JR.

Kendall returns home to find Bianca inside. Bianca asks Kendall for a girl's day together. Kendall asks what's wrong. Bianca tells her that she did it again.

Scott comes into the Chandler Mansion where Marissa is in the living room. Scott asks if she's ok. Marissa tells him that JR and her are over. Scott tells her it's for the best since he would've broken her heart again. Marissa states she broke it herself this time and Scott hugs her.

Griffin arrives at David's office at the hospital. David asks what case brought him back since he's staying in Pine Valley now. Griffin tells him to leave Kendall out and informs him that Ryan broke in and stole his Project Orpheus card. David gets mad and says Ryan doesn't have a clue what doors the card opens. Griffin wonders how bad this could get.

Tad asks JR about being trapped in between the man he wants to be and afraid he is. Tad says it's a decision to either take the drink or don't. Tad says if he takes the drink, he'll be living down to the expectations of others like Scott and David or he doesn't drink and goes to a meeting to live up to his own expectations. Tad explains that nobody gets life right and they all have to take responsibility for the choices they make and it hurts. Tad tells JR to decide and he'll be right there when he needs him. Tad gets up and walks away as JR pushes the drink away.

Amanda tells Jake to go ahead and say he hates her. Jake states that he won't say that. Amanda thinks she doesn't deserve him. Jake hates when she says that, hates what she did and hates JR but he doesn't hate her. Amanda says that he should as she wipes away tears. Jake blames himself for messing with her head with the whole Cara thing. Jake says it's all on him as he gets up. Amanda reminds him that he didn't sleep with Cara. Amanda tells him that he should go. Jake doesn't want to so Amanda decides she will be the one to go and she gets up and walks off.

Kendall sits with Bianca. Bianca wonders why she keeps falling for straight women. Kendall says you can't pick who you love. Bianca asks what happened with Griffin. Kendall tells her that they got to such a good place and worked so hard to get there but she doesn't know where they are. Kendall tells her that this morning things were great but today Griffin put these walls up and she didn't know who he was anymore.

David tells Griffin that Pine Valley has just as much ignorance as anywhere else. David says everyone that hates will still need him to save them. Griffin brings up that they could end up in prison. David says they can't end the Project now but they have to remain quiet since he isn't ready to go public. David tells Griffin that Ryan will always be biased against him and Kendall will follow. David tells him that the project ending now would be a tragedy. David tells Griffin to keep his eye on the goal and don't get personally involved. Griffin exits and David wonders if it's too late.

Tad comes home and sees Jake fixing a picture. Tad begins talking about how much JR is going through right now. Jake shouts that he doesn't want to talk about JR and gets up to leave. Tad asks him what happened. Jake tells him that he thinks his marriage is falling apart.

Amanda sits at Krystal's as JR arrives. Amanda tells him that Marissa isn't there. JR asks how she's doing. Amanda tells him not to try and be nice because he's a much more sincere jerk. Amanda tells him they're still running tests. She asks JR if he was looking for Marissa to tell her. JR says no and Amanda comments that Adam would be proud since the Chandler way is to not care who gets hurt. Amanda tells him that she's not sorry and she's afraid his day is about to get a lot worse. Amanda informs JR that she told Jake everything and he forgave her. Amanda wonders if Marissa will do the same and she exits.

Scott asks Marissa why Bianca would help JR. Marissa says it's complicated. Scott then realizes that Bianca has a crush on Marissa. Marissa tells him it's not what he thinks. Scott tells her it happens. Marissa admits that Bianca told her how she feels. Scott tells her not to worry about it since they will figure it out. Scott hugs her again as JR arrives. Scott tells him to leave as he's done enough damage. JR wants a moment alone with Marissa. Marissa tells Scott it's alright and he exits. JR states there's someone getting in their way and he thinks it's time they both admit it.

Kendall tells Bianca that they must not fall for anyone they actually like. Bianca brings up not being able to choose who you love. Kendall jokes with her that they should choose people they hate. They toast to it and drink glasses of wine. They then agree that they won't hold each other to it and laugh about it.

Griffin looks at Kendall's file at the hospital.

David looks through files at his office as Ryan arrives. David says he's busy and Ryan tells him he'll just come back when he's not there.

Amanda returns home looking for Jake when the phone rings. She answers it and the hospital informs her that her test results will be in tomorrow.

Jake informs Tad that Amanda slept with someone else and he'd like to pound his face but now he can't. Tad asks what he did. Jake tells him that he forgave her since she felt justified after what he did with Cara. Jake says he felt guilty so he just forgave her and doesn't know what to do now. Tad tells him that their dad would tell him to look at the big picture. Tad says he's not going to go after the other guy and he can't sit around feeling miserable. Tad asks Jake if he still wants to be married to Amanda.

Bianca goes walking to the Chandlers and runs into Scott outside. Bianca asks if Marissa is home. Scott tells her to give her some space as she's with JR but not for long.

JR and Marissa sit down and JR says if they're going to move forward, they need to be 100% honest. JR says he tried to change himself to be the best man he could be for her and AJ but sometimes it's hard and he's been very weak. JR tells her that there's some things he hasn't told her and thinks there's things she hasn't told him too like Scott. JR says he gets that Scott is safe. Marissa tells him that she's not playing it safe. JR thinks she's afraid to take a chance with him. Marissa tells him she's not afraid. JR says he's the one she wants. Marissa informs him that she doesn't want him or Scott, she wants Bianca which shocks JR right as Bianca walks in.

Jake returns home where Amanda sits. Jake sits with her and tells her they don't have to talk. Amanda informs him that the hospital called and informed her that they'll have her results in the morning. Jake says they can go together in the morning. Jake tells her that he just wants to be with her. Amanda says she wants that too and lays her head on his shoulder.

Griffin stands out in the park as Kendall walks up. Kendall says she's surprised he called. Griffin tells her that he didn't want to cancel on her and suggests they go for a walk in the park instead. Kendall thought he had to work. Griffin wants to strike a balance between business and pleasure. Kendall agrees and they go for their walk in the park.

David tells Ryan he can change his locks or Ryan can just tell him what he wants. Ryan wants answers and asks him what Project Orpheus is. David tells him he must be kidding. David opens a drawer and hands him a folder to see for himself. Ryan looks at it and sees packets on an orphanage. Ryan doesn't buy it. David doesn't care. Ryan says he'll go along with it and wonders what Orpheus has to do with children. David says he's Orpheus and he hopes to bring these children back from a living hell. Ryan asks if he's saving the children. David says he's using his gifts to change the world. Ryan thinks he's using orphaned children. David figured he'd look at it like that. Ryan tells him that he's going to look into it and suggests David leave his door unlocked. Ryan storms out and David puts the file back.

Tad sits at the Fusion bar drawing stars on a napkin.

Dixie remains in her bed and rolls over, where a bag hangs above with the Project Orpheus logo on it.

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