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All My Children Update Tuesday 7/12/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Tad and Cara’s house) Tad dreams of Dixie who tells him that she will never leave him again she is here to stay this time. Kathy awakens him and asks why he slept on the couch and Cara slept in the man cave. Cara listens as Tad tells Kathy that he and Cara need a time out to think about things but everything is okay. Cara tells Kathy to go get her backpack so they won’t be late for camp and then she tells tad that she didn’t mean to say the word gratitude because he means more to her then just being grateful to him for keeping her from being deported. Tad is shaken by his dream and tells Cara that he still needs some time to think but he still intends to stay married to help her he just needs to think about whether it is a good idea to be more then friends.

(Chandler Mansion) JR dreams he is making love to Marissa and she bursts in and awakens him and JR tells her that he was just dreaming of her Marissa wonders if Bianca scripted his words to her now. JR asks Marissa if she is mad at him she tells him that she is mad because he only told her that Bianca gave him advice not that Bianca planned their dates for him. Marissa tells JR he shouldn’t have used Bianca to manipulate her because Bianca only helped him because she cares about her and wants her to be happy.

(Jake and Amanda’s house) Amanda dreams that the Martin clan is at her house for breakfast and Opal tells her that she is the woman responsible for changing the family. JR tells Amanda that she changed everyone by giving them a disease. Amanda mumbles no stop as Jake awakens her by telling her that she was having a bad dream.

(Gatehouse Construction site) Bianca stops by to give Scott a painting that Stuart gave her before she moved to Seattle with her father so she wouldn’t miss Pine Valley. Bianca tells Scott she even took the painting with her when she went to Paris but she feels that it belongs in the new gatehouse. Scott thanks Bianca for the gift and offers to give her a tour of the construction so far and tells Bianca that he can call Marissa so she can see the painting. Bianca explains to Scott that Marissa is mad at her for helping JR plan their dates with each other. Scott tells Bianca that was the worst thing she could have done because JR will never change and he isn’t good for Marissa.

(Chandler Mansion) Marissa continues to scream at JR that he broke his promise that he would be honest with her by telling her the selective truth about how Bianca helped him. JR explains to Marissa that he only wanted to make her happy an apologizes for using Bianca to help him. Marisa asks JR if he is keeping any other secrets from her JR thinks of Amanda and her STD and then tells Marissa he isn’t keeping any more secrets from her.

(Jake and Amanda’s house) Jake calls the hospital and gets a doctor to cover for him so that he can spend the day with Amanda. Amanda comes downstairs and tells Jake he doesn’t need to stay home to baby sit his neurotic wife but Jake tells her that he wants to stay with her so they can work on their second child. Jake goes upstairs to take a shower and Amanda leaves the house.

(Hospital) Jake calls Amanda to leave a message telling her that he is worried about her and to call him back when she gets the message.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Kathy tells Cara that he mom used to sing, “You are my sunshine” all the time because it was her favorite song to sing to her kids. Cara tells Kathy that Tad told her all about Dixie and she sounds like a wonderful person and she wishes she could have met her. Kathy shows Cara a picture of Dixie and tells her that she was very pretty but she went to be with the angels. Kathy tells Cara that now she has her and Krystal to take care of her.

(Hospital) Jake tells tad that something is bothering Amanda and he has a feeling it is his fault for what almost happened with Cara. Jake admits to Tad that he is afraid he could lose Amanda. Tad tells Jake that he has real feelings for Cara but he doesn’t know why he has been thinking of Dixie lately. Jake tells Tad that he always starts thinking of Dixie when he gets close to a serious relationship with another woman. Jake tells Tad that he wants Cara to be happy and he thinks that he is the one that can make her happy but he has to stop thinking of the past and start thinking of a future with Cara.

(Krystal’s) A new guy in town hits on Amanda and she accidentally spills a drink on him to make him leave. Opal asks Amanda what is wrong and she tells her that she did something horrible and she is scared that if she tells Jake the truth he won’t forgive her. Opal tells Amanda that she should tell Jake the truth even though it will be hard because if she does he will forgive her. Tad arrives as Amanda leaves and tad tells his mom that he has been thinking of Dixie lately and he wonders if his marriage to Cara could develop into a real marriage. Opal advises Tad to stop trying to be Cara’s hero and just be himself like he was with Dixie and his relationship with Cara will begin to grow. Tad gives his mom a kiss on the cheek and tells her she is a genius.

(Chandler Mansion) Scott tells Marissa to pack her things and he will find hotel for her and AJ until the gatehouse is finished and then she and AJ can move in but she can’t stay with JR. Scott tells Marissa that Bianca told her what JR did and it is further proof that he will never change. Marissa wonders what else Bianca said and makes it clear to Scott that she can make her own decisions.

(Gatehouse construction site) JR confronts Bianca about being in trouble with Marissa because she knows the whole truth about how she helped him. Bianca tells JR that she is happy that Marisa knows the truth. Bianca tells JR that Marissa is smart and perfectly capable of taking care of herself and her son without a man. JR thinks that Bianca just hates men bit Bianca makes it clear that isn’t true because when Marissa finds the right man she will be happy for her. JR thinks that Bianca thinks the right man for Marisa is Scott but Bianca doesn’t say a word.

(Chandler Mansion) Marissa tells Scott that she is terrified of her feelings but she has to face them and then she leaves to find Bianca. JR arrives and congratulates Scott for getting into Marisa’s life by being her shoulder to cry on and Scott tells JR that he doesn’t deserve Marissa.

Dixie lies in her bed in the dark room and cries as she calls Tad’s name over and over again.

(Hospital) Jake tells Cara that he is worried about Amanda but since Cara can’t break doctor patient confidentiality Cara tells Jake to talk to Amanda. Jake advises Cara that if she thinks Tad can make her happy then she should go for a real relationship with him.

(Chandler Mansion) JR tells Scott that he will never be like Stuart and his dad would probably be disappointed in him. Scott agrees but Stuart would forgive him for his mistakes but Adam would be disappointed in JR and never forgive him for what he has done. Scott tells JR that he will never be half the man Adam is and he will always be a tenant in the mansion because it is Adam’s house. Scott leaves and JR considers drinking until AJ arrives and tells him that he is happy he and Marissa are back together JR tells AJ that he needs to do something and they will play catch later. JR pours the drink in the sink as he looks out the window towards the gatehouse.

(Park) Marissa tells Bianca that she misses her friendship Bianca tells Marissa she feels the same way.

(Park) Marisa tells Bianca that she is going to ignore her good judgment, which is telling her to run and do the opposite, which is stay. Amanda drinks a bottle of water and everything she is going through is playing in her head as she thinks about what to do next. Amanda sits down on a park bench and tells all the voices playing in her head to stop because she doesn’t know what to do. Jake arrives and tells Amanda that she doesn’t have to say anything but he assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. Amanda takes a deep breath then turns to face Jake and tells him she has an STD.

(Hospital) Tad tells Cara he wants her to stop treating him like her hero and admits that he was the one that let her do it because he needed to feel like he was doing something good. Tad tells Cara that if she wants to be with just him they can take thins slowly. Cara tells him that she likes just him and thinks they should go on one of their walks. Cara gets beeped so she gives tad a rain check on the walk.

(Park) Marisa tells Bianca that she doesn’t want to run away from what she feels anymore and gives Bianca a kiss.

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