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(Erica’s house) “Erica" asks Jack to make love to her but he backs away and tells “Erica” he wants answers to his questions before they make love.

(Hospital) Cara explains to Amanda that HPV can only be detected when symptoms appear and it doesn’t have to be from recent sexual contact it could be from sex that she had months or even years ago. Cara tells Amanda that her cervical inflammation prompted her to run another test to rule out cancer. Amanda is scared but Cara tells her that she could calm down and wait for the results of the tests so they can decide how to treat the HPV. Cara also explains that the disease is serious and that now young girls can get a vaccine to prevent the disease before they become sexually active.

(Hospital) Angie tells David that she doesn’t like him personally but she has faith that he can restore her sight because he is a good doctor. David examines Angie’s eyes and doesn’t know how to react to Angie’s compliment because he hasn’t gotten to many compliments from anyone. Angie asks David about the first patient he ever lost and he again avoids the question so Angie decides to tell him about the first patient that she lost. Angie tells David about a father of two children who died of a pulmonary embolism. Angie tells David she was deeply affected seeing the pain the wife and children of her patient felt when he died David tells Angie that his first patient was his father and she wonders if he treated his own father.

(Fusion) Ryan tells Greenlee that he found Angie when he went to search David’s office and she promised that she would help him figure out David’s secret. Ryan tells Greenlee he found a file labeled project Orpheus and explains that all he could find on the Internet was information on the Greek God Orpheus. Ryan tells Greenlee that Orpheus descended into hell to rescue his wife but he lost her anyway because he disobeyed the God’s by trying to rescue his wife. Ryan and Greenlee are both determined to find out David’s secret. Madison arrives and Ryan can barely recognize her but he is glad that she looks like a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Ryan leaves and Greenlee tells Madison that Kendall called and persuaded her to give her idea another chance so she tells her to start working on a toned down version of her idea and after she looks at it she will decide if it is right for the company.

(Kendall’s house) Griffin tells Kendall that he came back to Pine Valley because of her and explains that he was about to get on the plane but then he took out the camera she gave him and looked at all the pictures. Griffin tells Kendall that the pictures made him realize that the only place he wanted to be was in Pine Valley with her. Kendall admits to having feelings for Griffin but she didn’t want to push things because she didn’t know what the next step should be.

(Erica’s place) Jack tells “Erica that he is worried because she hasn’t been herself since the kidnapping. Jack thinks “Erica” is suffering from posttraumatic stress and needs professional help. “ Erica “ admits to Jack that she hasn’t been the same since the kidnapping but says that she bought the hospital as a form of therapy since helping people will make her feel better. “Erica” asks Jack for more time and tells him that she will be herself very soon Jack agrees to give “Erica” more time but tells her that he won’t wait for her forever. “Erica” gives Jack a kiss on the forehead and heads to the hospital to begin helping people.

(Hospital) David explains to Angie that his father wasn’t his patient but he was the first death he felt responsible for since his father committed suicide in front of him. Angie has sympathy for David and tells him that she is sorry he had to witness the death of his father. David tells Angie that the visit is over for today and he hopes she feels better since she gave her a peek into his psyche. David tells Angie that restoring her eyesight means more time him then she will ever know.

(Kendall’s place) Griffin tells Kendall that he didn’t want to push things either that is why he didn’t call her to let her know he was back in town. Griffin tells Kendall that he doesn’t intent to replace Zach in her life or the life of the boys and although this is new to him he wants to find out where it will lead him. Griffin sits on the couch next to Kendall and he tells her that he doesn’t know what to do next then he and Kendall share their first kiss. When Kendall and Griffin break from the kiss they both feel like two sixteen year olds but they agree to move forward slowly with their relationship and just let things happen naturally.

(Chandler mansion) Amanda tells JR that she has HPV and he is a real jerk and can only think about Marissa and if he gave her the disease. JR also asks Amanda not to tell Jake about their one night stand and Amanda figures out that he is only worried that Marissa will find out what happened between them. Amanda yells at JR to stop being such a jerk and reminds him that the next time he has a one-night stand he should use a condom.

(ConFusion) Madison thanks David for his advice and tells him that it worked and David smiles and invites Madison to have a drink with him to celebrate. “Erica” arrives and looks jealous of Madison so Madison leaves them alone to talk.

(Kendall’s house) Ryan arrives wanting to know if Kendall has heard from Griffin she lets him in and he is happy to see Griffin is staying in Pine Valley. Ryan asks Griffin why he returned and he responds that he didn’t realize that he put down roots in Pine Valley. Ryan asks for Griffins help to find out what David is up to now. Griffin tells Ryan that he didn’t believe David when he told him that everyone was out to get him but now he can see that David was telling him the truth. Ryan and Kendall explain to Griffin that David is capable of evil and they fear that he is trying to hurt “Erica” Griffin still can’t believe what Kendall and Ryan have told him about David but agrees to watch David and if he discovers that David is trying to hurt Erica he promises to stop him from hurting her.

(ConFusion) Jane tells David about her talk with Jack and tells him that now they can spend as much time together as they want and nobody will suspect a thing because they will be doing “hospital business” but in reality they will be doing naught business.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Angie asks Jake for her slow cooker back since Jesse wants to cook pot Roast tonight for dimmer. Angie smells the dinner that Jake ordered for Amanda as well as the flowers he put on the table. Jake tells Angie that he ordered a special dinner because they plan to work on their second child tonight. Amanda arrives home finds the slow cooker and gives it to Angie. Angie leaves Jake and Amanda alone so they can enjoy their special night. Amanda is touched by everything Jake has done and cries and tells him she doesn’t deserve him. Jake tells Amanda that she deserves this and so much more then he starts to massage her feet. Jake tells Amanda how wonderful she is and how special this night will be and Amanda tells Jake she can’t do this starts crying and runs off.

(Krystal’s) Jack tells Greenlee about her conversation with Erica and Greenlee agree that Erica isn’t acting like herself. Greenlee advises jack to fight for Erica and not give up on her because Erica is a smart woman she will realize that David is using her and she will leave him and run back into his arms again. Jack is surprised by Greenlee’s words and thanks her for the advice. Jack gives Greenlee a hug and a kiss and tells her he loves her very much before she leaves.

(Hospital) JR tells Cara he might have caught HPV from someone at a bachelor party for a friend. JR wants to get tested but Cara explains that men can’t be tested for HPV and advises him not to have sex and tell his recent sexual partners.

(Ryan’s place) Ryan thanks Griffin for his help and leaves Griffin and Kendall kiss again then he tells her that he will see her tomorrow. Kendall looks at the picture of Zach that is sitting on the table.

(ConFusion) Greenlee overhears David telling “Erica that they must still be very careful but they can meet in his hotel room tomorrow.

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