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Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Cara admits that it will hurt when she sees Jake but she wants him to be happy like she is with Tad. Tad sits with her and asks if she is happy. Cara says yes and she wants him to know how grateful she is. Cara kisses Tad. Tad responds by saying he wants a divorce. Cara asks if he's serious. Tad says not a divorce but maybe a serious step back because if the marriage is only based on gratitude then it's time for plan B because he wants a lot more than that.

Marissa asks JR what he means by he had help figuring her out. JR says he wanted to get it right this time and needed some advice. JR said he was told to trust the truth and be honest with her. Scott walks in and says he won't miss JR getting honest.

Bianca and Kendall talk at the Fusion Office about the Miranda Center. Bianca tells her that her date did not work out but it's fine. Kendall says she just wants her to be happy. Bianca says she's happy and asks if Kendall has heard from Griffin. Kendall says she hasn't'. Bianca says she guesses she didn't tell Griffin that she's crazy for him. Ryan arrives and asks if Kendall has heard from Griffin. Ryan tells her that Griffin never got on the plane. Kendall wonders where he could be and thinks something might have gone wrong. Bianca tries to calm her down and tells her this isn't like what happened with Zach.

JR tells Scott that they are having a personal conversation. Scott tells them to go ahead and continue. JR wonders why he's there. Scott reminds him he's rebuilding the gatehouse. JR asks why he has to start before 7 AM. Scott says he's doing it all himself and JR's worker Bruce has been not showing up. They start to argue but Marissa asks Scott to give her and JR a moment. Scott tells her that he will be outside if she needs him and he exits. JR thanks Marissa. Marissa asks JR who has been helping him figure her out. JR tells her that it's Bianca.

Bianca says she's sure Griffin is alright. Kendall worries that it could end up like Zach. Ryan suggests he could've taken a different flight. Bianca thinks he probably changed his plans. Kendall thinks it was all part of his community service so he could be in trouble if he doesn't show up. Ryan says he was looking for Griffin to help him with some answers about David since he's the only one that doesn't hate him. Bianca asks what Ryan was looking into. Ryan looks away and Kendall informs Bianca that Erica spent the night with David in his hotel room.

Mookie arrives at the Chandlers as Colby answers the door. Maya helps Asher down the stairs. Asher apologizes again for hitting Mookie before. Asher and Colby exit leaving Mookie with Maya. Maya says she told him about coming there while she's working. Maya thought he was going to New York. Mookie says he changed his mind because she won't go with him so he's changing. Mookie claims that he's a great boyfriend.

Tad talks to Cara about always messing up in his marriages. Tad says he isn't sure because this marriage was supposed to be doing something good. Cara reminds him that she's not in danger because of him. Tad says he was supposed to be doing something with nothing in it for him but now he's not too comfortable with the marriage being in name only.

Bianca thinks David is using Erica and thinks Erica should know what that would do to Jack. Bianca says she's tired of people running away from people who would make them happy. Bianca tells them to tell her when they find something on Griffin and rushes out. Ryan wonders what that was about. Kendall has a feeling it had nothing to do with Erica.

JR tells Marissa it should be funny that he's taking love advice from a lesbian. Marissa didn't realize JR and Bianca had gotten so close. JR says Bianca wasn't happy or encouraging it at first but then she saw how much he changed and how much he loves her. JR says first it was about him but now it's about her and their family. Marissa asks if Bianca advised him to say that. JR says they just bounced ideas and he'd figure it out eventually anyways. JR tells her he loves her and kisses her. JR's phone rings and he says he can take it later. Marissa says she left her credit card at Krystal's so she's going to go anyways. Marissa tells him they're good and she exits.

Mookie tells Maya that since he's staying, she doesn't have to work there anymore. Maya says she likes it. Scott comes in, talking on the phone with Bruce. Scott tells Bruce that he's fired. Mookie offers to be a replacement and work with Scott. Maya vouches for him. Mookie says he can start now and Scott tells him to meet him at the gatehouse. Scott goes back outside. Maya wonders what Mookie is doing. Mookie says now they can see each other every day and he can be close to her.

Colby takes Asher to the hospital and Frankie checks out his hand after punching Mookie. Asher says he was taking pain pills and saw there was no refills so he thought he should get it checked out. Frankie says that pills can get him in trouble. Asher claims he doesn't need it. Frankie says he'll refill half the amount and tells him to take one every six hours. Colby says she'll make sure as Frankie exits. Colby kisses Asher and says she's just looking out for him. Colby and Asher walk out of the room together to go get a refill on his pills.

Tad tells Cara that everyone warned him and they were right. Tad says it's not just that Cara is gorgeous but it's all of her. Tad says she inspires him, makes him smile and laugh, and he doesn't know how he can fight it. Tad says it's no longer a good deed. Cara reminds him that he saved her life. Tad doesn't want her to be grateful because it's not helping. Tad tells her that it drives him crazy when he goes upstairs at night and she goes downstairs. Tad doesn't know what to do because he wants something and she doesn't. Cara asks him who said she doesn't want as well.

Scott works on the gatehouse as JR walks up and asks him about firing Bruce. JR says that he was one of the best. Scott tells him that he never showed up but that's what JR wanted. JR says he doesn't care. Scott brings up when their dads lived on the same property and got along like families should. JR tells him to go ahead with building the gatehouse but he thinks it could be a skate park for AJ. Scott says rebuilding the gatehouse is his way of honoring Stuart and he's doing his best to be like him. JR asks if being in prison was being like him. Scott says it's made him try harder to make him proud. Scott says he misses his dad every day and wishes he was there now. JR says they all miss him but building the gatehouse is a waste. Scott calls him unbelievable. JR tells Scott to get used to him being in charge. Scott says he may run the house and the company but he'll never be half the man Adam is. JR asks who Scott is to talk. Scott says when he's done with the gatehouse, he's moving in.

Ryan asks Kendall if there's any chance that David has something to do with Griffin missing. Kendall doesn't think so since he was just his mentor in medical school. Ryan knows David will use anyone. Kendall says that Griffin would never fall for David's head games and she knows him. Ryan brings up that they'd think that about Erica too. Kendall says Griffin doesn't do things like David and he keeps his promises. Kendall tells him about Griffin saving people. Ryan tells her that he gets her point but still wants to find him. Ryan asks if she has any idea where he'd be. She says she wishes she knew why he didn't get on the plane. Ryan and Kendall exit together.

Marissa arrives at Krystal's and talks with Krystal about being with JR. Krystal wants her to tell her what's going on but the phone rings. Krystal answers the phone and takes an order. Marissa has a flashback to talking to JR about him taking advice from Bianca earlier. Bianca arrives at Krystal's and sees Marissa.

Cara tells Tad that he's made the marriage fun and made her feel like part of the family. Tad tells her he's had enough of grateful. Cara says they're more than friends and she thinks it can lead to other things. Tad thinks she's trying to talk herself into feelings that she doesn't have. Tad suggests he's too old fashioned. Tad tells her that he doesn't want her in his bed for being grateful. Cara insists she's over Jake and they each have their own lives. Tad thinks Cara deserves her own happiness. Tad says that kind of love can't come out of obligation or gratitude. Tad says they've both had love before so they know what it's like. Tad says he's too proud to want either of them to settle for less.

Scott tells JR that the gatehouse area belonged to his father so he'll be free of the Chandler poison but he'll be close to the ones he loved like AJ, Colby, and Marissa. Scott says Marissa will need someone on her side. JR tells him to get used to him being back with Marissa. Scott thinks he's working her. Scott doesn't know why Marissa keeps hoping and believing she can trust him again. Scott tells him that he'll be close just in case Marissa needs him and he'll make sure that he never hurts her again. JR tells him to stay out of his relationship with Marissa. Scott asks if he's afraid that he'll convince her of a huge mistake.

Asher and Colby return home to the mansion. Colby says she's going to check her blog and meet him by the pool. Asher asks if she has his pills. Colby tells him she does and he'll take another in six hours. Colby kisses him and heads upstairs. Asher goes into Colby's purse and takes his pills.

Mookie and Maya sit in the living room. Mookie looks at photos. Maya tells him to put it down and that she's doing her job. Mookie tries to kiss her and Maya tells him not to because if she gets caught then she could get fired. Mookie tells her that he'll never hit her again and kisses her. Maya pulls away and Mookie exits.

Cara asks Tad how to make this work if he has these feelings. The doorbell rings so Tad gets up to answer it. Ryan and Kendall arrive and say they're here to see Cara. Ryan asks her about Griffin. Cara tells them that she hasn't heard from him. They tell Cara that Griffin never got on the plane. Cara brings up his community service. Kendall says that's why she's worried. Cara checks her phone and sees she still hasn't heard anything. Cara wonders what to do now.

Marissa approaches Bianca at a table at Krystal's. Marissa thought she'd be on her date. Bianca says they weren't quite a match and asks if she's meeting JR. Marissa says JR is on a work crisis. Marissa sits with Bianca and tells her that JR told her she helped him and gave him advice on how to get her back. Marissa brings up JR being honest because of her. Bianca is surprised and didn't think JR would want to share credit. Bianca explains to Marissa that she gave JR the music box and came up with the orange soda and donuts. Marissa is shocked that it was all Bianca. Bianca thought JR told her everything. Marissa says she had no clue as she thought that Bianca just gave JR advice. Marissa asks Bianca why she would do that.

Tad reminds Cara that he's still an investigator and will call when he finds Griffin. Kendall hugs him and thanks him. Ryan says he's got some stuff to take care of and he exits with Kendall. Tad tells Cara not to be grateful. Cara tells him that he's so important to her and she doesn't know how to fix it. Tad says he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable and is sorry. Cara says she's sorry. Tad thinks they can figure out a way to make it work and there's only one way that will happen.

JR and Scott return to the living room as JR tells Scott that he can go ahead and try to convince Marissa. JR brings up Madison dumping Scott. Scott laughs it off and says he won't say anything to Marissa as he thinks JR will screw it up on his own. Scott then exits.

Bianca apologizes to Marissa if she's upset that she helped JR but she saw them falling in love again. Marissa says there's a difference between helping and manipulating a situation. Bianca talks about seeing how happy she was and knowing she wanted her family. Marissa thought JR was finally listening and finding out who she was. Bianca says she just helped with the details. Marissa realizes that every time that she thought JR knew something or remembered something she said it was all Bianca. Marissa recalls that JR lied about knowing about the orange soda and donuts. Marissa gets mad, saying that Bianca was acting like her friend all this time when she knew what was going on. Marissa asks why Bianca would do all those things. Bianca says she helped JR because she couldn't do those things herself.

Ryan and Kendall arrive at the hospital. Ryan promises her that he's going to help Tad and do whatever he can. Ryan walks on as Kendall looks down the hospital aisle. Kendall has flashbacks to various moments with Griffin at the hospital. Kendall sits down and has flashbacks to saying goodbye to Griffin. Kendall feels her chest and breathes out.

Marissa asks if she wanted to do all those things for her. Bianca says this is exactly what she didn't want to happen. Bianca thinks Marissa just sees her as some lesbian with a crush. Marissa tells her it's not true. Bianca suggests they not see each other for awhile. Marissa says she might be right and Bianca leaves.

Asher lays outside by the pool. Colby comes out on the balcony and asks if he wants anything. Asher says he's thirsty so Colby goes to get them sodas. While Colby's gone, Asher takes more of his pain pills. Colby brings out the sodas and joins him at the pool.

Marissa returns to the Mansion and runs into Scott. Scott asks her what's going on and invites her to come see the gatehouse. Scott walks out with Marissa as JR comes out of the living room and sees them leave.

Ryan asks the hospital janitor if he can get into David's office because he left something for him. The janitor tells Ryan that David was very clear that only he is allowed in his office. Ryan hides behind the corner and watches the janitor put in the passcode to lock the door. Ryan sneaks up after the janitor leaves and enters David's office.

Tad tells Cara that they should just keep it the way it started. Tad says they should have no more dates, kissing, or holding hands and just be roommates. Cara asks if that's what he wants. Tad says he doesn't want to fix what's not broken then after three years, they can just part ways. Cara asks if he thinks that will be easy. Tad thinks it has to be. Cara leaves to go to the hospital as Tad tells her he's on the investigation for Griffin. Tad makes a phone call and tells someone that he needs to find Griffin.

Kendall gets checked out by a nurse at the hospital. The nurse says Kendall's heart is a little elevated and the doctor will be in soon. Kendall doesn't think it's anything serious and goes after the nurse, saying she doesn't need a doctor. Kendall turns the corner and sees the doctor that the nurse was talking to is Griffin. Griffin turns around as he and Kendall look at each other.

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