AMC Update Wednesday 7/6/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/6/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marissa and JR continue to talk at Krystal's. Marissa can't believe JR wants her pregnant already. JR reminds her that she moved back in. Marissa says she needs breathing room before talking about babies or weddings. Marissa tells JR not to back her in the corner. JR asks why she told AJ they were back together. Marissa tells him to stop acting like she made some huge change and suggests that maybe something changed for him. Marissa walks off and JR sends a text message to Amanda.

Amanda and Jake talk at the hospital about Jake wanting her to get a checkup. Amanda gets a text from JR asking if she's had the pregnancy test yet.

Amanda responds to JR that she's at the hospital now. JR goes back to Marissa and tells her that she's right, he has changed and was hoping she noticed. Marissa says she knows he's been trying and she's appreciated it. JR asks why she's pushing him away. Bianca arrives and Marissa looks over at her.

Jake tells Amanda to relax and let him take care of her. Amanda tells him that she loves him. Cara comes in to talk to Jake.

Tad goes to leave home but sees Liza at the door. Tad tells her it's not a good time as he was just about to leave. Liza tells Tad that Cara can wait and she walks in and kisses him. Tad asks Liza what that was. Liza tells him to take it easy. Tad asks her again. Liza says she's already lost if he has to ask her. Tad asks what they're talking about. Liza says she came to prove she was still unpredictable, dangerous, and hot. Tad wonders why she thinks she had to prove herself. Liza says whatever she had is gone. Tad tells her that he understands what she's going through but his wife wouldn't understand. Liza sits down and tells Tad that every time she looks in the mirror she sees a loser and she was fired.

Jake tells Cara that Amanda was here to be checked out. Cara tells them that their doctor was called away on a family emergency. Jake asks if anyone feels awkward. Amanda asks for a few minutes with Cara so Jake agrees to exit the room. Amanda tells Cara that it was nice of her to help her. Cara states that they are bound to cross paths. Cara goes to get some files but Amanda tells her that Jake thinks she could be pregnant. Cara asks her if she thinks she is pregnant.

JR tells Marissa he's trying to understand why she's going so hot and cold. Marissa says that she doesn't want to argue so she wants to go home. JR asks why she's so confused. Marissa tells him that she knows exactly who she is and what she wants. Marissa doesn't want to discuss it right now and points out that Bianca walked in. Bianca tells them that she's meeting someone. JR asks Bianca if she wants to join them but Marissa points out that she has a business meeting. Bianca tells them it isn't business as a woman arrives and hugs Bianca which surprises Marissa. Bianca introduces her friend, Sienna, to JR and Marissa. Marissa says it's nice to meet her as they were just leaving. She tells them she's new to Pine Valley. Marissa asks how they met and she says she's an attorney that's working on the Miranda Center. JR starts to go but Marissa asks if they're eating dinner or have other plans later. Bianca says they're going to a gallery opening later. Marissa says that's great and walks away and Bianca's friend, Sienna, goes to get their table as well. JR asks Bianca if she noticed that Marissa was rattled. JR tells her that they both know why.

Cara talks to Amanda about the possibility of being pregnant. Cara states she knows what family means to Jake and she's sorry for any pain she caused. Amanda says she caused a lot of pain too. Cara thinks there's something that Amanda isn't telling her. Cara tells her that whatever she says won't leave the room.

Tad asks Liza about being fired. Liza shows him a letter from the mayor about her not digging up any dirt on Jesse. Tad can't believe Iris wants Jesse off the force that bad. Tad tells Liza that being a district attorney isn't worth it. Liza tells him that she loved being DA. Tad tells her that she was a damn good one. Liza says there was a time when she'd throw anyone under the bus to get what she wants and wonders what happened. Liza jokes with Tad about him going from Tad the Cad to Tad the Dad. Tad tells her that every adult has an edge or dark side. Liza thinks the Tad she knew would've responded differently to her kissing him. Liza wants him to show him his dark side.

Amanda tells Cara that she has nothing else to talk about. Cara thinks it's just because she's not comfortable with her. Cara suggests she talks to Jake. Amanda brings up Tad and Cara tells her that she and Tad are open with each other. Jake comes back in and Cara tells him that everything's alright and Amanda just needs reassurance. Cara suggests a blood test since that will tell if she's pregnant. Cara leaves and Jake tells Amanda that he bets she is pregnant.

Liza tells Tad to show him the bad boy in him. Tad declines and tells her that this whole thing isn't about him. Tad says he's sorry she got fired but he isn't here to kiss and make it better. Liza tells him that he thinks he's still a player since he has a young wife. Liza tells him that the whole town is going to see what she's made of as she exits Tad's house.

Cara finds Jake at the hospital and he drops his coffee. Cara tells him that Amanda's blood test work is being done. Jake asks her how Tad's doing. Cara tells him about being surprised that Tad can perform weddings. Cara talks about finding out what marriage is like. Cara says she thought Pine Valley would be dull but she's learning something new every day. Jake states that's what marriage is supposed to be. Jake thinks it's still a little strange that his ex-wife is with his brother. Cara wonders if its' not too easy when it starts to become real. They agree that they both want Tad to be happy. Cara says having Tad in her life is getting easier and she hopes it's the same for Jake and Amanda.

JR tells Bianca that Marissa is upset and confused but he doesn't blame her, he blames himself. Bianca asks if he hurt her. JR looks at his phone and Bianca wonders if something's more important. JR says he was just making sure everything was alright at the office. JR tells her that he's worried about Marissa and he made a huge mistake, telling Bianca that he could handle it from here. JR tells Bianca that he needs her help again. Bianca reminds him that she was his wife. JR thinks Bianca is closer to Marissa than he is and only she knows what she wants and what's in her heart.

Marissa comes out from the back of Krystal's and runs into Sienna, who was looking at her phone. They start talking and Marissa talks to her about Miranda and Gabby. Sienna stops her and asks Marissa how long she's been into Bianca. Marissa says they're just good friends. Sienna thinks they're a little more. Marissa says they are like family so it makes sense that they spend so much time together. Sienna believes her but saw her body language and how she couldn't make eye contact with Bianca. Sienna calls Bianca a beautiful, fascinating woman. Marissa says that Bianca is just her best friend. Sienna asks if she has a chance. Marissa tells her to ask Bianca. Sienna thinks Marissa is her problem. Marissa tells her that she's not gay as she's with JR and just wants Bianca to be happy.

Bianca tells JR to stop trying to use her to reconnect with Marissa. JR says he loves Marissa. Bianca tells him to be open and honest and to listen to her. Bianca says if it's not meant to be, he should move on. JR looks at his phone again and Bianca notes that he's not even hearing her so she wonders what's going on with him.

Amanda has her blood work taken by a nurse. She goes back to her phone to text JR.

Bianca tells JR that he doesn't listen and acts like he doesn't care about Marissa. Bianca says he argues with her after asking for advice. JR tells her to hold on and goes back to his phone. Bianca says that JR doesn't get that all women need to be wanted and appreciated. Bianca wonders if JR is even listening. JR gets a message from Amanda that says she's waiting for test results. JR tells Bianca he got it as Marissa comes back and pulls JR away.

Liza goes walking through the park in a bad mood. She says to herself that first she got fired and then got lectured by Tad. She ends up breaking her high heel so she takes it off and throws it, which almost hits Caleb. Caleb says he heard that she's the ex DA. Liza tells him to gloat. Caleb says that's not his style but he has a proposition for her. Liza tells him that she'd be all his for 50 bucks. Caleb tells her that he could do much better than that.

Jake tells Cara that Amanda is giving him a second chance. Cara is glad. Jake brings up telling Amanda what happened between them. They talk about their work with Doctors Without Borders. Amanda joins them and says she's nervous waiting for the test results. Jake decides to take Amanda for a walk and they leave together. Cara watches them go as Tad arrives and walks up to her. Tad hands her a napkin, saying it looks like she could use it. It ends up being the same napkin that Liza used on Tad after kissing him. Cara notices the lipstick and asks Tad if he has something to tell her.

Marissa tells Bianca that Sienna seems like an amazing woman. Bianca states that she is. JR says she deserves an amazing woman. Bianca thanks him. Marissa tells her to have a good time. Bianca goes to join Sienna. Marissa tells JR that he was right about everything and she has been giving him mixed signals. JR says he shouldn't have pushed her so hard. Marissa tells him that it's not his fault because he did everything he could to prove himself to her. JR states he should not have betrayed her trust. They leave together as JR looks back at Bianca. Sienna rejoins Bianca at the bar and asks if she's ok. Bianca tells her she's ready to have a great time.

Caleb tells Liza that he wants her to come work for him as his associate. She thinks he's kidding. He says he doesn't kid about business. Liza asks if she'd be working for him and Erica. Caleb states that Erica isn't so interested in the business right now. Caleb calls Liza smart and talented, saying he could use her help. Liza tells him that she'll think about it for a minute. Liza declines Caleb's offer and walks off.

Cara asks Tad about the lipstick. Tad tells her about Liza coming to see him after losing her job. Cara calls it uncomfortable. Tad brings up that he has a past too. Cara says she's okay with that and likes his whole package. The nurse comes in and gives Cara the test work for Amanda.

Jake and Amanda sit in their hospital room. Jake tells her to relax and says that he's impressed by her since she let Cara take care of her. Jake says Cara is a good person and doctor. Amanda wishes she realized that before. Cara comes in with the results and informs Amanda that she is not pregnant. Amanda says it must not be meant to be. Jake insists it's just this time. Jake tells her all her symptoms will vanish. Amanda wants to go home now. Jake thanks Cara and Amanda sends Jake to go get the car ready so he exits. Amanda asks Cara if there's something else in the results. Amanda asks Cara if she thinks her symptoms could mean something else. Cara tells her that the exam showed inflammation and thinks she should wait for the results of the pap smear. Cara says sometimes when a woman really wants to be pregnant , she gets symptoms that mimic a pregnancy. Amanda wants to know what the results could show but Cara doesn't want to speculate. Cara shuts the door and then tells Amanda that she could have an infection or a sexually transmitted disease. Amanda is shocked and reminds Cara she can't tell anyone and says she can't tell Jake anything. Amanda wants to leave Jake out of this and rushes out of the room.

JR and Marissa return home. Marissa talks to him about Sienna and Bianca. JR keeps looking at his phone and Marissa asks if something is wrong. JR tells her it's just work. Marissa asks what he and Bianca talked about. JR says that they talked about honesty. JR gets a message from Amanda saying she's not pregnant. JR tells her that he can't ignore work but he does want to be back together with her. JR says he won't smother her. JR tells her that since he's trying to be honest with her, he thinks she should know that he had some help figuring her out.

Bianca tells Sienna that she's looking forward to the gallery. Bianca tells her about other things they can do. Sienna stops her and says it sounds great but she thinks she's going to call it a day. She says she thinks Bianca is terrific but things are different. Sienna tells Bianca that she thinks Marissa is the one she really wants. Bianca insists they are just friends. Sienna tells Bianca that she has her number if it doesn't work out with Marissa.

Liza arrives at Fusion and heads to the bar. The bartender gives her paper flowers that were sent to her. Liza looks at the paper and sees they are her legal briefs. Caleb walks up and says it's all the cases she's won. Caleb asks if he has to beg or if they can cut to the chase. Liza agrees to accept his offer on a trial basis. Caleb orders a champagne to celebrate her coming to work for him. Liza tells him to save it until he gets her fee.

Jake and Amanda return home. Jake notes that she was quiet in the car. Amanda says she was just thinking. Jake tells her that everything will be fine and they'll keep trying until they get lucky. Amanda asks for a glass of water so he goes to get it. Amanda opens up her laptop and searches sexually transmitted diseases.

Tad and Cara return home, talking about Tad seeing her cry while looking at Jake and Amanda. Cara says she just got a little teary eyed. Tad tells her it's all the same. Cara admits that it will hurt when she sees Jake but she wants him to be happy like she is with Tad. Tad sits with her and asks if she is happy. Cara says yes and she wants him to know how grateful she is. Cara kisses Tad. Tad responds by saying he wants a divorce.

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