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All My Children Update Friday 7/1/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Dixie is seen in the bed breathing heavily and she calls out Tad's name.

Tad and Cara are at home. Tad tells her not to go in the kitchen because he's cooking. Cara figures something exploded in there. Cara wants to help him but Tad stops her from going in the kitchen. Tad tells her he will cook breakfast and clean up. Tad goes back to finish and there's a knock at the door. Cara answers and it's Kendall. Kendall smells the burnt breakfast and jokes around about it. Kendall tells Cara that she was in the neighborhood and came to setup a play date for the kids. Cara thinks she came to see if she heard from Griffin.

Madison arrives at Fusion in all black leather with makeup and black eyeliner on which surprises Randi.

Ryan comes downstairs looking for Greenlee and finds her dressed like a knight. Greenlee tells him she wanted to surprise him like he did with the wedding. Ryan tries to kiss her while she's wearing a knight helmet as they joke around.

David wakes up in bed with "Erica". She greets him and thinks she should go but he says there's no reason to. They talk about last night and she thinks she was terrible for her first time. David tells her she was wonderful. She asks if he really means it and he kisses her.

Erica lays in bed in her captive room. She thinks back to her last conversation with Jane. Erica gets up and starts throwing pillows across the room. She pushes a chair over while screaming "no more!"

Randi tells Madison that she almost didn't recognize her. Madison looks at herself in the mirror. Randi had no idea this would be her new look. Madison says she built her new direction for Fusion. Madison says after so many years from wanting men's approval, she's finally realized that the only approval she needs is her own. Madison thinks Fusion has been limited in their product and vision while something's been missing and she's found it.

Ryan asks Greenlee about her helmet and armor. Greenlee says she couldn't sleep because she was so happy since they are finally really truly together so she wanted to do something together to honor what they have. Greenlee says she made a few phone calls and had this all delivered. Greenlee says they're going to take pictures because they didn't take any wedding pictures. Greenlee didn't want a traditional photo and wanted their photo to represent them. Greenlee says the armor represents who they are because Ryan will always be everybody's hero. Greenlee says that's who he is and she loves him for it so she will no longer resent when he goes to help someone in need. Ryan calls her a warrior goddess that always fights for what she wants. Greenlee says she hurt a lot of people fighting for him. Ryan tells her that she doesn't have to anymore and kisses her. Greenlee says she will always fight for what she wants. Ryan jokes with her about wanting to keep the knight costumes. Greenlee and Ryan pose for their wedding photos with the helmet and sword.

Kendall asks Cara if Griffin has landed in Chile since she brought him up. Cara assumes but hasn't heard from him yet. Kendall thinks he should've landed safely by now. Cara thinks Griffin isn't the type to always make a call. They talk about being worried about Griffin. Cara understands that this is the life he's chosen. Kendall tells her that's great and is sure she's fine. Kendall goes to leave but Cara stops her and asks why she didn't just stop him from going.

"Erica" asks David if she really wasn't terrible. David tells her she was perfect and kisses her again. David says he's honored to be her first but is a little surprised she hasn't slept with Jack. She thinks Jack would've known immediately that she wasn't Erica. David jokes with her and they lay in bed. She suddenly gets up and thinks David is going to use this against her and blackmail her. David tells her that he won't. She then calls herself stupid for falling into bed with him. She goes to leave but David doesn't want her to leave. David says he was just as surprised that they ended up together. David says they have a special connection between them that he hopes she feels too. David tells her to stay with him because he doesn't want this to end. David thinks it could be the beginning of something very special.

Kendall tells Cara that she should ask her why she didn't stop Griffin. Cara says she tried which is why she asked Kendall to talk to him. Kendall asks if Griffin leaving is her fault. Cara says no, she just knew she cared about him. Kendall tells her that she was just his patient. Cara tells her it's obvious that it was so much more than that. Kendall asks her about relationships and brings up her relationship with Tad. Cara reminds her that she'd be dead if she wasn't in this relationship. Cara tells her not to take out her frustrations on not being able to admit her feelings for Griffin. Kendall decides to leave. Tad comes back to Cara and asks what Kendall wanted. Cara tells him that she wanted Griffin.

Ryan and Greenlee continue to play around with their knight outfits. Greenlee asks who he will save today. Ryan says Erica is at the top of his list. Greenlee agrees they need to help her but Ryan wants to do it alone since she pushes Erica's buttons. Greenlee offers to work on David but Ryan doesn't want David to hurt her ever again. They joke around and Ryan reminds her she has work to do at Fusion. Ryan asks about Madison. Greenlee says she's surprised how much Madison is into her work right now. Ryan jokes with her as she heads upstairs and Ryan calls Jack. Ryan tells him he was looking for Erica but Jack informs him that she spent the night working with David at the hospital.

David and "Erica" remain in bed. She says she shouldn't have given into him. David tells her there's nothing wrong with being passionate. David kisses her more until she says she can't do this because she's engaged to Jack. David reminds her that Erica is engaged to Jack not her. She brings up that Jack has been very good to her. David says he can see that she doesn't have feelings for Jack. David tells her that it's her choice if she wants to be with Jack. She says it's impossible because she only knows the public Erica not how she is in bed so Jack would know in a heartbeat and she wouldn't come close. She brings up that David was involved with Erica so he would know there's no comparison. David tells her that she's wrong. David says Erica was a wonderful lover but she's nothing like Jane. David tells her he means it with all his heart and kisses her until her phone rings. She answers and it's Ben. Ben tells her to get back there right away. She says she's in the middle of something but Ben tells her that Erica has lost it.

Tad and Cara walk in the park. Tad tells her this is the perfect place for her treatment as he jokes with her by talking in an accent. Tad talks to her about missing someone she loves. Cara tells him she hurts all over and Tad gives her a hug. Tad tells her that he's sorry. Cara says Griffin leaving doesn't ever get easy. She thanks Tad and then he kisses her.

Greenlee and Kendall arrive at Fusion and wonder what's going on. Randi says Madison has come up with something wild so she re arranged things so that she can put on a full on pitch. Randi begins the video displays to show Greenlee and Kendall. Madison walks out and begins her pitch. Madison talks about being strong and not taking it anymore. Madison says every woman wants the power of total domination. Madison says this will give women the look and the attitude. Madison says what they need to be is fierce as Greenlee and Kendall watch in surprise.

Ryan finds David in his office at the hospital. Ryan looks for Erica but David says he hasn't seen her since last night. David wonders why he's looking for her. Ryan wants the truth but David tells him she already told them she's happy being a partner. David says he's convinced that he and Erica can accomplish anything.

"Erica" returns to Ben and asks what happened to Erica. Ben tells her that Erica trashed the place after waking up. "Erica" talks through the monitor, asking what the reason for this was. Erica said she wanted her here and wonders why she had to partner with David. Erica tells her that getting into bed is the fastest way to destroy her life and "Erica" wonders how she knew.

Tad tells Cara that he wasn't trying to take advantage of her. Cara tells him it was ok. Tad jokes with her and they decide to go for a walk. Cara says this time they will hold hands and they begin their walk.

Kendall and Greenlee tell Madison her pitch was amazing. Greenlee says they can do something with her idea. Madison says that idea is complete and nothing more needs to be done. Greenlee and Kendall think it's a little intense for the average consumer. Madison asks Randi and she likes the idea but can use some tweaking. Madison says she stayed up all night working on this and now she's going home then she storms off.

Erica says she knew when Jane partnered up with David that they would be in bed. "Erica" tells her that's all and she needs to go back so no more tantrums. Erica asks her about Jack and she says he's fine. Erica hopes that she didn't sleep with Jack.

Ryan sneaks into David's hotel room and begins looking through his drawers. Ryan checks the closet but finds nothing. Ryan looks through more drawers and finds "Erica's" earrings on the end table. Ryan has a flashback to talking to her while she was wearing those earrings.

Greenlee and Kendall discuss Madison's pitch. Greenlee thinks it has huge potential but they just need to make it more accessible. Greenlee notices Kendall isn't paying attention. Kendall tells her that Griffin is gone and she hasn't gotten a call or text nor has Cara. Kendall thinks it's incredibly insensitive for him not to contact them. Greenlee thinks Kendall is worried. Kendall insists she isn't worried, just concerned about Cara. Kendall then admits she misses him and worries about him. Kendall says Griffin saved her life and helped her with Ricky and is also so good with her boys. Greenlee suggests Kendall text him. Kendall says she's incredibly busy and thinks its' now good that she'll have time to focus on what's important. Kendall asks to not talk about Griffin and Greenlee states they won't talk about him ever again. Greenlee then tells Kendall that Griffin is putting her in a bad place so she's going to get her out of it and they exit together.

Room service comes into David's room and find Ryan there. She asks what Ryan is doing there. Ryan asks if David was alone last night. Ryan pays her to tell him the information. She admits she saw him with Erica last night and she left this morning.

"Erica" tells Ben to take a break. Ben doesn't want to leave her alone with Erica but she insists so Ben leaves. Erica tells her that she might look like her but will never be her. She calls her a pathetic wannabe and says if she thinks sleeping with Jack won't have consequences then she's really stupid. "Erica" comes into the room and tells Erica that she's not stupid.

Tad and Cara return home. They joke about Tad doing an Ollie on a skateboard. Tad tells her he's just keeping it interesting and impressing his girl. Tad asks if being his girl is ok with her. Cara tells him it's more than ok and kisses him.

Dixie is seen again sleeping and then her eyes open as she wakes up.

David finds Madison at Fusion. David approaches her and Madison wonders what he wants. David says he wants food and she says she's just taking a break from work. David is surprised by her look. David calls her spectacular like a woman ready to take on the world.

Greenlee and Kendall meet with Ryan at the yacht club. Ryan tells them that Erica spent the night at David's hotel room.

Erica asks "Erica" if she didn't sleep with Jack. She swears she hasn't. Erica thinks Jack must be furious about teaming with David. "Erica" says there is so much more to David. She claims that she understands David. Erica realizes that "Erica" really did sleep with David and cheated on Jack. Erica yells at her that she's ruining her life. Erica grabs her and calls her a stupid selfish crazy bitch and shoves her down, knocking her out.

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