AMC Update Thursday 6/30/11

All My Children Update Thursday 6/30/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JR sits at home thinking about his childhood as Tad walks in. They talk about JR growing up and Tad comments on how now he's holding a briefcase in business. JR says he sometimes he thinks he lets the old him down.

Jake sits with Amanda at home and kisses her. He jokes with her but she tells him that she has to go drop papers off to JR. Jake brings up wanting to have another baby and kisses her some more.

Asher comes into Colby's room where she's using her laptop. Asher gives her a tip on making the text bigger and she thanks him. Colby jokes about giving him a hug but Asher grabs her and kisses her.

Angie and Jesse sit at Fusion. Angie asks if they're going to eat in silence because she thought he was ok with David trying to get her sight back. Jesse doesn't trust David. Angie says she knows it's David but everyone else can she see so she wants to have hope.

At home, "Erica" tells David that everyone is always trying to talk to her and she wants David to get them away. David tells her everything will be fine. "Erica" says she knew David was just using her to get what he wants and now she thinks he will turn her over and let her take the fall. David says he'd invalidate the hospital sale if he did that. She says she can't decide if he's using her or not. David tells her that she's beautiful and has the life she always wanted which she's worked hard for. David tells her that he respects her while everyone else in the town are liars and fakes. David says everything she has, she's earned. She agrees that she's worked hard and has everything she wants. David assures her that no one will be going to prison. "Erica" says that it's her worst nightmare. David sits with her and tells her that if she stops doubting him, everything will be fine and she should remind herself that she's Erica Kane.

Jesse tells Angie that he knows how badly she wants her sight back and he's behind her in that. Angie thinks he's not supporting her at all just because David's involved. Jesse tells her that he's investigating David for fraud in the hospital sale. Angie asks him not to. Jesse tells her that it's his job. Angie wants him to hold off. Jesse tells her that he can't. Angie wants him to give her a chance to see if this will work.

Asher and Colby continue kissing and they go towards her bed but she stops. Colby wants to slow down, saying the whole thing is a little out of nowhere. Asher admits to wanting her since the moment he saw her. Colby brings up the first time he kissed her. Colby says she doesn't want to talk about the past because it's now just them. Colby tells him that she wants to continue but she's regretting rushing things before so she wants to take their time. Colby kisses him again and then goes back to her laptop. Asher sits with her and asks what she's writing. Colby says she's making a new post to tell everyone that they are officially together.

JR tells Tad that he wasn't proud of who he saw in the mirror today. Tad tells JR that he sees a wonderful little boy with some big shoes to fill, a young man that's busted his ass to break bad habits, and a man that wants a good thing to work. JR says he's not sure if he can. Tad tells him that he knows how that is. Tad tells JR that life is a lot bigger than they'll ever be. Tad says that all that's constant about life is change so they just have to stay on the right path and he sees that JR is on the path. JR tells him that he's back together with Marissa. Tad tells him that he's proud of him and wants to celebrate at Krystal's with a meal for his birthday. JR tells him he has to wait on some paperwork. Tad jokes with him and JR calls it a rain check.

Amanda reminds Jake that she has to go back to JR's and doesn't want to feel bad about it. Jake tells her that he was kidding and just wanted to have another night like last night. Jake thinks their problems were just because he wasn't showing her how much she meant to him. Jake thinks they are strong again. Jake jokes with her and tells her that he'll be there when she gets back. Jake thinks maybe they could already be pregnant.

Jesse and Angie go to the hospital. Jesse continues that he can't stand David. David arrives to meet with Angie. David greets them and invites them into his office. Jesse reminds David that he needs a license which he doesn't have. Angie asks Jesse to pick her up later. David says it will only take an hour so Jesse agrees to leave.

Amanda arrives to the Chandler Mansion. JR notices she's been crying as she gives him the paperwork. She closes the door and tells him that Jake wants to have another baby. Amanda wonders if she could've got pregnant since she had sex with JR and did not use protection. JR thinks it's impossible but Amanda says her calendar is showing it's possible. JR says there's no point in getting worked up over this.

Tad sits at Krystal's and Krystal comes up to him. Krystal brings up JR and Marissa being back together. They agree that they hope it goes better than the last time. Tad thinks JR seemed committed to making it work. Krystal sits with him and asks why he's not eating. Tad admits to her that Cara is on his mind. Krystal thought things were going good. Tad says they are better than he had hoped but he thinks it's growing into something more. Krystal thought he wanted that. Tad says he thought so.

Asher and Colby come downstairs as Colby says it's so great to have their feelings out there now. Colby tells Asher about her blog and telling everyone that they started out as friends and are now starting things slowly. Asher thought she was supposed to be against relationships on her blog. Colby says she's gotten stronger since starting her blog. Colby tells Asher that he turned out to be her finding something better. Colby kisses him as Maya enters the mansion. Maya apologizes for being late. Colby asks why she's wearing sunglasses and she claims to have ran into a door. Maya says it looks worse than it is. Maya tries to leave but Colby stops her, saying she wants to know who is hurting her.

Angie asks David when the research doctors will be there. David says they aren't coming and she can forget the plans they looked over. David tells her that treatment won't work or do anything to bring back her sight.

Maya denies being hit by anyone. Colby says she's seen her bruises and they can go to the cops. Maya doesn't want the cops involved. Colby wants to help her. Maya says she doesn't need help. Maya says she feels like she's getting a cold so she's taking a sick day and exits. Asher tells Colby that Maya was a mess when he first met her. Asher says they're going to follow her and they leave after Maya.

Tad continues talking to Krystal about his relationship with Cara. Tad thought it was impossible to start anything with Cara because of Jake but now they've put the past to rest. Tad wonders why he feels so weird. Tad thinks something just feels off. Krystal tells Tad that there's no way to know what will happen down the road. Krystal tells him to just take a leap.

JR tells Amanda that there's no reason to stress. Amanda can't believe she let this happened. JR insists that nothing happened. Amanda says she just gave it up like a slut. Amanda brings up not knowing who the father was when she first had Trevor. Amanda thinks she's worse than she ever was. JR says what's done is done so she shouldn't beat herself up. JR thinks it shows how committed they are to the ones they love. Amanda thinks it makes them weak. JR tells her nothing will change her future with Jake or his with Marissa. JR tells Amanda that he's officially back with Marissa and no one has to know what they did because it's over. Amanda isn't sure and says she's been having stomach twitches.

Jesse meets with "Erica" at her home and asks if she remembered anything about her kidnapping. She says she's told him everything she remembers and just wants to put that behind her and move on with her life. Jesse wants to take her back to the crime scene. She doesn't want to do that. Jesse thinks it could jog her memory. She doesn't know what else she could tell him. Jesse wants to know why she decided to team up with David. "Erica" calls it a good business move. Jesse says no one teams with David unless they are looking for trouble. "Erica" brings up David working with Angie now.

Angie asks David why he put her through this, knowing the treatment wouldn't work. David tells her there is another treatment that will work. David says he's been researching it for quite some time with stem cells. David tells her the specialists are going down the wrong path whereas he can get the results. David tells her about reworking her retina stem cells. Angie brings up that none of this has been tested. Angie realizes he's been conducting illegal experiments. David calls it his own work that's finally paid off and the results are revolutionary which means he can give her back her sight permanently. David says all he asks of her is to not speak about this. Angie doesn't know about lying. David says to just tell everyone she'll be going with the original procedure. Angie states that Jesse was right in knowing David would pull something like this and deep inside, she knew too. David asks if she'd rather he say nothing about it. Angie wanted him to tell the truth. David tells her they can get started in minutes. Angie wonders if it's a con. David swears to her that he can grow any stem cells he wants. Angie asks why he hasn't gone public if he's had so much success. David tells her that it's never been about the money. David calls himself a hero. Angie says he's a doctor without a license and just wants her to cover for him. David brings up that she could see her daughter grow up and practice medicine the way she was meant to. David says it's all possible. Angie hesitates but agrees as long as she draws her own blood. David agrees and hands her the items. David asks if he can at least tie her tourniquet. She allows him too and comments that his hands are warm. David tells her that he doesn't have ice running through his veins. David admits he's not perfect but his work is because practicing medicine is his calling. Angie says unlike him, she never forgot her promise to do no harm. David says all his mistakes don't change that he's a hero and she could ask the people whose lives he has saved then they will tell her it's the truth. Angie reluctantly asks David to draw her blood.

Jesse tells "Erica" that he's not there to discuss his wife. She thinks it's relevant to questioning her partnership with David. Jesse calls David criminally insane. "Erica" thanks him for stopping by and tells him not to worry about her and David. Jesse thinks that's what every woman says before David obliterates their lives. She tells him that she's not every woman, she's Erica Kane.

JR thinks it's too early for Amanda to feel pregnant. Amanda says it's only too early for a test. JR tells her to forget it but she can't. JR tells her to enjoy her life with Jake like he is with Marissa. Amanda doesn't think they can pretend it never happened. JR says they have to in order to protect the people that they love. JR tells her to go home and be with her husband. Amanda agrees to and exits.

Maya goes walking through the park. Asher and Colby follow behind her. Colby thinks Maya looks scared and wonders what to do. Asher runs up to Maya and a man, yelling at him to let her go. Colby follows Asher as they catch up to Maya with a man. Asher tells him to let her go and punches him down. Maya shouts at Asher asking if he's insane.

David takes blood from Angie and says the scar's so small that no one should notice. Angie wonders how long this will take. David says he has to get the cells ready which could take a few tries. David tells her he will be making a direct injection into the eye. Angie asks him who the first patient he ever lost was. David says he doesn't remember but he won't lose her. David tells her that Jesse is waiting and reminds her not to say anything about this to anyone.

Maya asks Asher why he hit him because it's her friend Mookie. Maya explains that Mookie is protecting her from her ex boyfriend that hit her. Maya says Mookie was stopping her from going to see her ex. Asher thought he was hurting her because he grabbed her but apologizes. Mookie understands they are both looking after Maya. Maya tells Asher and Colby that she's fine so they can go. Asher apologizes again and walks off with Colby as Mookie tells him it's all good. Mookie comments to Maya that Asher is one lucky guy because if it wasn't for Maya, Asher would be dead. Mookie asks who Asher is and if she has a thing with him. Maya says that he's with Colby and just lives at the house. Maya figures they just followed her. Mookie apologizes to her and says he won't do it again. Mookie tells her that he loves her and knows she loves him too.

Colby and Asher return home. Colby thinks Asher should lie down but Asher says he still has pain pills left. Colby tells him to take it easy and they kiss. Colby comments that it was kind of hot when he defended Maya. Colby exits and Asher takes his pain pills.

JR arrives at Krystal's and finds Tad. JR tells him that he was going to get takeout but he'll sit with him if he's still up for it. JR joins Tad and Tad says he was thinking about their earlier conversation and that nobody knows what the future holds until they take that leap. JR says they can take that leap together. Tad says he has a good feeling about this like everything's going to work out.

Amanda comes home to Jake and tells him she doesn't think she's having morning sickness but doesn't feel good. Amanda wants to take a nap and Jake goes to make her tea. Amanda prays to God to not let her be pregnant.

Jesse returns to the hospital and asks Angie about her meeting with David. Angie tells him that everything is under control.

"Erica" comes to David's hotel room and thinks Jesse is on her case just like Greenlee so she has to keep worrying. David tells her to trust him. "Erica" wonders if she's an idiot for trusting him and getting involved in this in the first place. David grabs her and kisses her. David says she wants her but she says she can't. David continues kissing her until she says she can't because she's never done this before. David tells her that will make it all the more special and begins kissing her again.

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