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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/29/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Greenlee kiss at home. Greenlee calls it nice and decides she's going to call Randi to take care of Fusion so she can spend the day with Ryan. Ryan tells her that he's not ok with that.

Tad comes downstairs at home and finds Cara. Tad wants to have a picnic in the park but Cara is looking at her phone and zoning out. Tad asks what happened and Cara shows Tad her phone with the news that Griffin is leaving Pine Valley. Tad wonders why he's leaving and tells her he's sorry. Cara says she always knew Griffin was leaving but he's family. Tad reminds her that he's family too and isn't going anywhere.

Kendall stops Griffin and tells him that she can't let him go without getting his e-mail address for Chile. Griffin tells her that he wants more than just occasional e-mails, he wants her to keep him posted on her medical condition and how the Miranda Centers are going as well as updates on Cara and pictures. Kendall agrees and tells him that she wants pictures too. Griffin says he doesn't have a camera but Kendall decides to give him her camera. She shows Griffin how to use the camera and takes a picture with him. They laugh and Kendall asks how long they're going to dance around it. Kendall tells him that one of them have to figure out how to really say goodbye. Griffin says he's not good at goodbyes. Kendall jokes that he wasn't good at hello either. The phone rings but Kendall doesn't answer it. Kendall goes back to Griffin and takes another picture with him to show how to use it. Kendall gives him the camera and tells him that he's meant a lot to her and came into her life when she needed someone. Griffin tells her that she's been a real experience. Kendall kisses him on the cheek and says goodbye. Griffin tells her goodbye and exits.

Greenlee tells Ryan she thought they were getting to a good place. Ryan says they are but have been very distracted lately and they need to get back on track with work. Ryan reminds her she has a lot of work to do at Fusion and he needs to work on tracking down David. Ryan hurries Greenlee out and tells her by the end of the day, everything will make sense.

Tad and Cara walk into the living room and sit down. Tad tells her to look at the bright side that Griffin's no longer under charges or anything. Ryan calls Tad and tells him he needs him now as his life is on the line now. Tad tries to tell him he can't now but agrees to be there. Tad hangs up and apologizes to Cara. Tad tells Cara that he has to go find out what's up with Ryan. Cara suggests calling Jesse. Tad says things will be fine and he exits.

Ryan looks through a box with a passport and files inside it. Ryan moves everything inside and looks at a gun at the bottom.

Greenlee arrives to Fusion and Randi tells her about having problems because Madison is late. Greenlee decides that they need to just find a replacement. Madison rushes in apologizing for being late but tells Greenlee that she should get a raise when she finds out what she's been doing.

Tad comes to Ryan's and tells him that if David is messing with Ryan, he's messing with him. Tad looks down at the gun in the box and says he hopes that isn't necessary. Ryan reaches into his box and shows Tad an antique butterfly pendant that he got for Greenlee. Ryan tells Tad that he wants him to marry he and Greenlee today. Tad can't believe that was Ryan's big emergency. Ryan tells him that they should be married by now and Tad married Jake and Amanda. Tad doesn't think Greenlee will want a wedding like that. Ryan tells him that he just came up with the idea. Ryan says he knows he wants to spend his life with Greenlee and doesn't want to wait. Tad agrees to do the wedding. Ryan tells him that he will take care of the rest. Ryan heads upstairs to get things prepared as Tad sits down to think of what to say about Greenlee and Ryan. Tad has a flashback to his wedding to Cara and their vows then begins writing.

Dixie is seen still lying in that bed. Dixie has a flashback to her wedding to Tad.

Greenlee asks Madison if she's on a caffeine high. Randi thinks Madison's been working way too hard. Madison tells them that she needs to leave her mother daughter line and move on. She says she's been coming up with something new. Greenlee asks her what her ideas were. Madison insists she will come up with it soon. Madison thinks Greenlee and Randi both think it's a joke. Madison tells Greenlee to admit it. Greenlee tells her to shut up.

Cara sits down with a picture of her and Griffin. Cara has flashbacks to her moments with Griffin in Pine Valley. Cara gets up and leaves the house.

Ryan comes back downstairs and leaves a message for Kendall that he wants her to witness their wedding today. Ryan talks with Tad but Emma comes downstairs and says that Spike hid all her dolls and he won't tell her where. Ryan sits with Emma and talks to her about Greenlee and being a family. Ryan tells Emma about the wedding and he wants Emma to plan their wedding party. Emma wants to get flowers and hugs Ryan. Emma tells him that she will help make the best surprise wedding ever.

Greenlee tells Madison to stop apologizing for being herself or bracing for a smackdown. Greenlee tells Madison that she's not letting her go so she should start working on a new look. Madison thanks her and says she didn't expect her support. They agree that they don't wanna go backwards and Greenlee sends her off to get busy. Randi tells Greenlee that she was great with her. Greenlee tells Randi to keep an eye on Madison. Emma calls Greenlee and tells her that she needs to come home right now. Ryan listens in and Emma tells Greenlee that she needs her because her hamster is sick. Greenlee says she'll be home after work but Emma says she needs her now. Greenlee says she'll be right there and exits Fusion.

Ryan tells Emma she did great and sends her to go get Spike and some flowers. Emma runs off and Ryan says that all he needs now is his bride. Ryan jokes with Tad about his writing. Ryan tells him to just keep it truthful and honest. Tad jokes with him and tells him he's nervous. Ryan reminds Tad that he got married not long ago and is doing well so he should draw inspiration from that. Emma comes back in with Spike and some flowers. Ryan tells them to go get ready and sends them upstairs. Ryan pulls out his phone but Tad tells him to stop because she'll be there.

Greenlee goes walking through the park and drops her things. She picks them up and finds Jack sitting on a bench. Greenlee tells him about heading home with hamster medicine. Jack notes that she's happy. Greenlee thanks Jack for reminding her to not be afraid of losing Ryan. Greenlee says they're in a really good place and thanks him.

Madison works at Fusion and Randi watches over her. Madison jokes that Randi doesn't have to babysit her. Madison tells her to relax because she won't mess up. Randi tells her not to blame Greenlee. Madison admits she used to blame Greenlee for everything. Madison says it seems she's spent her whole life trying to please men then she lashes out and someone gets hurt. Randi tells her that being abused by her ex husband was different. Madison tells her that working at Fusion is about her and her daughter.

Griffin packs his things in his hotel room and finishes a phone call about his flight plan. Cara arrives and says she liked his text message. Griffin reminds her that he hates goodbyes. Cara tells him to stop packing and look at her. Griffin says he didn't want her to talk him out of leaving. Cara says she might have a few months ago but now things are different since she has Tad as well as the immigration issue. Griffin says that's another reason he can leave since he knows she'll be okay. Cara tells him that she will miss him and knows he will miss her too. Cara asks where he got his camera. Griffin calls it a gift from a patient. Cara looks at it and sees the picture of him and Kendall.

Ryan tells Tad that he still hasn't heard from Greenlee. Ryan keeps worrying until Tad tells him to shut up and stop being nervous. Tad says Greenlee will burst through the door any minute. Kendall comes in and Ryan asks if she got his message. Kendall didn't get the message and says she was here to pick up Spike. Ryan asks Kendall to be a witness at a wedding.

Jack answers his phone at the park and it's Ryan. Ryan asks where Greenlee is. Jack tells him that she's with him. Ryan tells him to get there with Greenlee because they're getting married now, she just doesn't know it yet. Jack is surprised and tells Ryan that he's on it. Jack suggests Greenlee that he walks her home.

Ryan and Kendall prepare the house. Spike and Emma come downstairs and tell Kendall about how they are helping. Tad takes Spike and Emma to go practice. Ryan asks Kendall what's going on with her. Kendall tells him that she's fine. She assures him that she loves weddings as well as Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall says she's just a little nostalgic since everyone's getting what they want.

Cara talks to Griffin about pictures on Kendall's camera. Griffin takes it back and admits he has history in Pine Valley like she does but she has a future with Tad. Griffin tells her that he knows she's trying to figure out how to make it a real marriage. Cara says she has to put herself into it and in some ways it takes courage. Cara hugs Griffin and he tells her to take care of herself. Cara exits.

Madison puts on some makeup and lipstick at Fusion. Randi comments that she looks awesome. Madison calls it good but not quite it yet. Madison wants it to be bold and daring. Randi asks if she's talking about the makeup or herself and Madison suggests maybe both.

Jack walks Greenlee home. Greenlee comes in and Spike and Emma shout surprise as it's a wedding. Greenlee is surprised and asks who's wedding it is. Ryan comes downstairs and tells her that it's their wedding. Greenlee runs up and hugs him. Ryan and Greenlee stand with Tad. Tad tells them that love is why their there and talks about everyone loving in the room. Tad says being married is the greatest love of all as it's sacred. Tad continues that it's about being wanted and needed. Tad says they've seen enough bad times but have come through it together. Tad believes they've never been more in love. Tad asks Ryan for his vows. Ryan tells Greenlee that he loves her now more than he ever has before. As Ryan continues, they go to flashbacks of when they first got to know each other and when they first became engaged. Ryan tells her that he's always been deeply connected to her. They have another flashback of their first wedding. Greenlee says that she knows how he feels and brings up how nothing could ever keep them apart. They have a flashback to Ryan saving her from a burning building and Ryan helping her with her motorcycle as well as nights they spent together and then their most recent engagement. Greenlee tells Ryan that she's always been deeply connected to just him. They exchange their wedding rings. Tad pronounces Ryan and Greenlee husband and wife. Ryan kisses her and everyone claps.

Tad returns home to Cara with a piece of wedding cake. Cara thought he may have been in trouble and is surprised when Tad tells her what happened. Tad tells her that he married Ryan and Greenlee as they sit down together.

Dixie is seen again rolling over in the bed.

Madison wipes off makeup at Fusion as she looks in the mirror.

Kendall returns home with Spike and sends him upstairs. Kendall picks up her hospital record and looks at Griffin's signature at the bottom.

Griffin continues packing and looks at the camera one more time with the picture of he and Kendall. Griffin puts it in his bag, zips it up and heads out of his room.

Ryan tells Greenlee that everyone's gone and Emma went to a sleepover so that means they are alone. Ryan tells her that he promised her a surprise a day since Christmas but he missed many and hopes this makes up for it. Greenlee smiles and they kiss. Ryan picks her up and carries her upstairs.

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