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All My Children Update Friday 6/24/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee comes to Kendall's talking about Fusion. Kendall tells her she heard about Madison's trouble at the presentation. Greenlee says Madison was like a deer in headlights. Kendall tries to stop her but Madison comes around the corner after hearing her which surprises Greenlee.

Marissa and Bianca arrive to their trip. Marissa asks her about getting the two adjoining rooms the way she did and hopes it won't be a bother to Bianca's job. AJ suggests that the kids can stay in one room while the moms stay in the other.

Colby comes home to the Chandler Mansion with bags. She asks JR why he's there and not camping with Marissa and AJ. JR tells her he had other business to tend to. Colby heads upstairs and JR makes a call to Amanda. He gets her voicemail and has a flashback to Amanda saying she has to tell Jake. JR hangs up and says like hell you will.

Amanda and Jake sit out in the park with Trevor. Amanda sees that JR called on her phone. Jake talks to her about Trevor and asks her what's wrong as he thinks something's bothering her. Amanda tells Jake that when she thought he slept with Cara, it was like she didn't know who they were anymore and there was no way back as she thought he was clearly in love with Cara. Jake tells Amanda that she's the only person he's in love with. Jake apologizes for causing her pain as she didn't deserve that. Amanda suggests maybe she did. Jake asks why she would say that. Amanda tells him that she did something really bad. Jake asks what she did and thinks she's talking about calling immigration on Cara. Amanda tells him it has nothing to do with Cara. Amanda's phone rings again. Jake tells her to answer but Amanda insists it's not important. Jake thinks it could be work but she says it doesn't matter. Jake thinks it matters because of the way she keeps looking at the phone.

JR gets Amanda's voicemail again and leaves a message saying they need to talk about what happened and hopes she isn't not answering because she's telling Jake as that would be a big mistake.

Amanda reminds Jake what he said about facing what's wrong. Amanda brings up what almost happened with Jake and Cara. Jake insists that should have never happened and tells her how sorry he is. Jake continues on how much he hates what he did and he wants to make it up to her because he loves her. Amanda cries and says she loves him too which is why this is so hard. Jake gets paged from the hospital and says he has to go check it out. Jake apologizes again and says he'll be back soon and he forgives her for whatever she did. Jake kisses her and says he'll make it quick as he exits.

Colby heads into the guest room with all of her bags and puts them all down on her bed. Maya wakes up from the bed, surprising Colby. Maya apologizes saying she didn't know anyone used the room. Colby tells her it's fine and that she can help her store the clothes. Colby tells Maya that she's working on her character flaw of shopping too much. She asks Maya why she didn't go home last night. Maya tells her that she was too tired to go home. Maya said she just meant to take a quick nap. Colby recalls Maya sleeping there a couple of nights ago too. Colby says it doesn't matter as Maya could live there but she wonders if something is going on at Maya's home. Maya tells her that she just overslept and it won't happen again as she hurries away.

AJ, Gabby, and Miranda cheer on AJ's idea of their own room. Marissa tells him that they'd just worry about the kids if they did that. Marissa sends the kids to go unpack. Bianca tells Marissa that she's glad she's there. Marissa thinks she's quiet. Bianca says she's thinking about her meeting. Marissa offers to take care of the kids. Bianca says she can get a babysitter. Marissa insists as she says she loves hanging out with the girls because they are like family now. Marissa gets the kids excited about going swimming.

Madison thanks Kendall for letting her stay there and she apologizes to Greenlee for what happened, then thanks her for bailing her out. Madison exits. Kendall walks her out and hopes she isn't leaving because of Greenlee. Madison tells her that she's got to go to work and she's fine. Madison leaves and Kendall heads back inside. Greenlee asks how this happened. Kendall tells her about finding Madison at the park and then she passed out. Greenlee calls it almost on cue. Kendall realizes that Greenlee thinks Madison was faking it. Greenlee tells Kendall that she froze up but managed to step away if that wasn't an act. Kendall tells her that when she saw Madison at the park, she was a mess and there's no way it was a show. Kendall tells her about Griffin noting that she was suffering from exhaustion. Greenlee thinks Madison should've gone to the hospital. Kendall brings up how that's where she lost her baby and says how she'd be the same way if she was in Greenlee's place. Greenlee thinks Madison will still dump on Ryan. Kendall tells her that Madison didn't call Ryan which surprises Greenlee who says she is smarter than she thought.

Madison arrives at Fusion and talks with Randi. Randi tells her that she and Frankie were so worried about her. She asks Madison what happened. Madison says she barely remembers the presentation and that Kendall found her in the park. Randi wants to take her back home but she insists that she's fine and had a good sleep. Randi thinks she needs more rest. Madison says she can't rest. Randi offers to cover for her but Madison tells her to stop as she doesn't need anyone to cover for her. Madison says that work allows her to cover for being upset and thinking about her baby. Madison tells her she can't stop.

Amanda remains in the park with Trevor. Amanda goes to get one of Trevor's toys but while her back is turned, Trevor runs away. JR calls Amanda again, she answers and tells him to stop calling. Amanda turns away and begins calling out for Trevor but she can't find him.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she feels bad for Madison as she's lost a baby too but she thinks Madison is trying to play Ryan. Greenlee thinks Madison will find a way to tell Ryan because she's an actress. Kendall tells her there's no way Madison could take Ryan away from her. Greenlee doesn't want her to try and she exits.

Colby comes into the living room where Maya is working. Colby wants to show Maya some of her blog. Maya agrees and sits with her. Colby tells her about a girl adding lyrics to Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" after breaking up with her boyfriend. Colby reads her more people's posts and comes across one post from a girl about a guy who gets physical with her which seems to make Maya uncomfortable. Colby's advice response is to kick him to the curb and not look back. Maya asks Colby what if he loves her and she loves him. Colby thinks she's kidding and Maya gets up and leaves.

Jake talks to a nurse at the hospital about getting paged. The nurse tells him that she didn't page him and David hadn't been there today. Opal walks up and Jake asks if it was her. Opal says it wasn't her. Jake jokes with her. Opal asks if he made his reservations for their trip. Jake tells her they aren't going to do it since it's not the best time with everything going on like David coming back to the hospital. Jake tells Opal that everything will be fine. Opal knows David will do whatever he can to Jake. Jake tells her that David can't hurt him.

Amanda runs around the park looking for Trevor but can't find him. JR finds Trevor and brings him back to Amanda. Amanda sends Trevor with a friend and calls JR a son of a bitch knowing that he had to have heard her. JR tells her everything is fine now. Amanda tells JR that she's going to tell Jake. JR tells Amanda that she just had a small taste of what it's like to lose her child and if she tells Jake the truth, she could lose him for real in a custody battle.

Marissa sits with Gabby as she scraped her knee. Bianca comes up and helps clean it up as Marissa helps her feel better as well. Gabby wants to go back and play. Bianca puts a Band-Aid on her knee and she goes back to play. Bianca starts to get up but Marissa grabs her hand noticing blood on her sleeve and wipes it off. Bianca pulls away and starts to leave. Marissa asks what's going on and why she pulled away like that.

Randi tells Madison that she remembers how difficult it was when she first miscarried. Randi recalls blaming Madison but the doctors said it was nobody's fault. Randi tells her that having Frankie and his family helped her and supported her. Randi thinks Madison needs that too. Madison says she doesn't have a family. Randi tells her she has Scott, who loves her and wants to help her so she should call him. Madison tells her that Scott just reminds her of how this all started as Greenlee returns to Fusion. Randi gives Greenlee all the messages from the presentation and calls it a huge hit. Madison offers to handle the callbacks and Greenlee agrees. Greenlee asks Randi for some sketches so she goes to get them. Greenlee talks about Kendall telling her why Madison was there and Madison says she's feeling better now. Greenlee asks if she's brought the proofs. Madison exits to go get them. Kendall arrives and Greenlee wonders why she's there. Kendall says they had plenty more to say before they finish their conversation. Kendall sits down and tells Greenlee to start talking.

Colby asks Maya if she's saying that someone could stay with someone even when they hit them. Maya thinks it's not that simple. Colby asks if that's about Maya's bruises and asks if someone is hitting her because she might could help. Colby says she's worried but Maya insists there's nothing to worry about and that she's fine. Maya's phone rings and Colby asks who is calling and why she's so scared to answer it.

Amanda tells JR that he scared her out of his mind on purpose. JR tells her if she tells Jake, he could go after full custody. Amanda doesn't think he'd do that and says she'll take her chances. JR brings up Amanda's mother's history. Amanda calls him a bastard. JR states that Jake could end up with Cara if Amanda tells him. Amanda thinks JR is just caring about himself and when Marissa finds out. JR tells her he's changed and won't lose his family. Amanda tells him not to call her again. JR tells her to think about what he said as she leaves with Trevor.

Bianca tells Marissa she's sorry if she's jumpy as she's just nervous before her meeting. Marissa doesn't think Bianca's fine yet and puts her bracelet on her. Bianca thanks her and finishes it herself. Marissa tells her not to worry about the girls and goes back to play with the kids.

Amanda brings Trevor to Krystal's and tells him they will wait for Jake. JR follows her and she says she told him to leave her alone. JR says she knows him better than that. JR steps aside with her and tells her that what happened was a one time thing because they were hurt. JR says he doesn't want to hurt Marissa or AJ and break up a family that's just about to come together again. Amanda says she can't lie to her husband. Amanda gets that JR always lies and doesn't understand. JR asks if she's always honest, why did she have sex with him. Jake arrives and asks what's going on. Jake asks if JR is harassing Amanda. JR claims they were discussing a PR dilemma. Jake thinks it could've waited until they were at work but JR says sometimes decisions can't be postponed as he walks away. Amanda admits to Jake that all of those phone calls were from JR. Jake offers to go talk to him but Amanda wants to handle it. Jake sits with Trevor as Amanda walks back to JR. Amanda tells JR that he wins.

Greenlee doesn't know what Kendall wants her to say. Kendall tells her to talk about her, Ryan, and Madison and wonders how she's afraid of Madison. Greenlee says he's not afraid of losing Ryan to Madison as Ryan admitted he wanted to focus more on them. Greenlee sits with her and tells her that Madison is completely clueless. Greenlee says Ryan has been supporting Madison but Madison still wants more. Kendall doesn't understand. Greenlee tells her that she knows Madison will let Ryan know what happened. Kendall thinks she didn't want to bother Ryan. Greenlee doesn't believe it and thinks she'll stop at nothing to get his attention. Kendall tells Greenlee that she's full of it as she has a guy that loves her. Kendall wonders what's wrong with her and tells her to be grateful for how lucky she is.

Maya's phone keeps ringing and she asks Colby to leave her alone. Colby asks if this person is the reason she didn't go home. Maya wonders why she cares. Colby tells her that she's her friend and wants to help. Maya tells her that no one can help her.

Marissa lays in bed as Bianca returns to the room. Marissa says the kids are all sleeping so Bianca can come join her. Bianca sits at the edge of the bed and Marissa asks about the meeting. Bianca says it was long but ok. Marissa tells her the kids were all good. Marissa asks Bianca why she's way over there. Marissa tells her to lie down and get comfortable. Bianca decides to lay down next to Marissa.

Colby tells Maya that she should call the police if someone's hurting her. Maya begs her not to call the police. Colby reluctantly agrees not to. Maya says she doesn't understand. Colby says she doesn't but is trying to and respects Maya. Colby tells her if she ever wants to talk about it, she's there. Maya tells her there is nothing to talk about because no one is hurting her.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she doesn't have to remind her how lucky she is. Kendall thinks she is since Ryan loves her so much but she goes on about Madison. Greenlee says it bothers her that Madison thinks she can have Ryan. Kendall tells her to get over it. Greenlee thinks she would feel the same. Kendall says she'd get over it in a day or two as she'd give anything to be living with the love of her life. Greenlee apologizes and says she is happy. Kendall thinks they should appreciate what they have in the moment. Kendall reminds her that Ryan is in love with her and most people would give anything for that. Kendall then exits Fusion.

JR asks Amanda what exactly he wins. Amanda tells him that she won't tell Jake. JR wonders what changed her mind. Amanda says it was fear and not wanting to see Jake's reaction. JR calls it smart as they both care about their families. Amanda tells him that she will keep telling herself that they didn't have sex. JR thinks it will go away in time and they have to believe that. Amanda goes back to Jake and Trevor.

Bianca and Marissa lay in bed. Bianca gets uncomfortable and sits up. Marissa asks if she's okay. Bianca tells her she can't do this anymore. Marissa asks what and Bianca responds you and me. Bianca says she's wanted to say something for awhile but didn't know how. Marissa thinks she hates her bracelet. Bianca tells her it's perfect and is probably why the meeting was such a success. Marissa thinks it was Bianca's charm, beauty and brains. Bianca thanks her for letting her borrow it. Marissa tells her to keep it on as it looks pretty on her. Bianca says this is what she's talking about. Marissa says she's lost her. Bianca says she's just going to say it and put it out there. Bianca tells her that their friendship means so much to her that there's nothing she wants to do to ruin it. Bianca says it's starting to affect the way she behaves around her and she doesn't want a wall between them. Marissa asks if she did something wrong to upset her. Bianca says she's amazing and her best friend. Bianca tells her it's nothing earth shattering or terrible and she doesn't expect anything to come from it. Bianca admits to Marissa that she just wants her to know that she's attracted to her.

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