AMC Update Thursday 6/23/11

All My Children Update Thursday 6/23/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Asher sits in the living room of the Chandler Mansion listening to his iPod. Maya and Colby come in and talk as he doesn't notice them yet.

Jesse finds Angie at the hospital and comments that he thinks she seems calm after find out about David being back in the hospital. Jesse says that's bad news and wonders what could be more important right now. Angie tells him that getting her sight back could be.

Ryan finds David at the hospital and congratulates him. Ryan asks him why Erica would buy the hospital with him as her partner. David remarks that some people know a good deal. Ryan thinks he made her an offer that she couldn't refuse. David tells him he knows better and Ryan asks how he got Erica to do it.

Madison gives her presentation at Fusion but has flashbacks to the baby's first kick. She continues her speech but starts to slow down as she has flashbacks to getting her sonogram. Madison tries to continue but has a flashback to losing the baby. Madison freezes up. Greenlee tries to get her attention. Madison has more flashbacks to having her baby buried. Randi and Greenlee try to talk to her but Madison runs out of Fusion. Greenlee gets up and takes over the presentation in front of the camera as Randi goes after Madison. Randi stops Madison at the elevator and asks where she's going.

Kendall walks in the park and sits down on the bench. Griffin comes up and asks why she just left without saying a word. She tells him it was because of him. Griffin asks what he said that scared her off. Kendall stands and tells him that she just needed to get away after talking about everything that happened from losing Zach to Ricky. Griffin understands it's a lot to handle. Kendall thinks she was either running from or chasing something during all that time and forgot how to catch her breath. Kendall tells him she just wanted to be here on a beautiful day and not stuck in the past or running towards the future, just in the moment. Griffin asks what she wants to do now that she's here in this moment. Kendall tells him that she wants to race him from there to the tree. Griffin jokes that he caught her once already. Kendall takes off her heels and runs.

Asher takes off his headphones and asks Colby and Maya what's up. Colby asks if he needs any help. Maya thinks Asher should go outside as it's a beautiful day. Asher tells them that he doesn't have two legs that work. Colby tells him they can use the car. Colby tells Maya that she has the day off and can join them. Maya tells Colby that she can't as she has a job interview in hopes to get more money. Asher gets up on his crutches and tells Colby she might have to help him. Colby helps him walk and he says he's feeling better already.

Greenlee continues the Fusion presentation. Randi asks Madison if she's okay. Madison says she's fine but really tired and thinks it's too soon to come back to work after all. Randi offers to drive Madison home but she insists she's fine and rushes into the elevator. Madison sits in the elevator and cries.

Jesse and Angie sit together at the hospital. Angie shows Jesse papers from David about the possible treatment. Angie tells Jesse that it has her interest. Jesse asks if she really wants to go through this with David. Angie talks to Jesse about wanting to see her baby's face. Jesse asks about the specialists that said it can't be done. Angie brings up that everyone said her baby being born the way she was couldn't be done but it happened. Angie tells Jesse that when she has her sight back, it'll be more eyes on David.

Ryan tells David that he heard his phone call. David says he was just thanking Erica. Ryan brings up him saying that they were now even. David tells him it's between he and Erica. Ryan tells him he will ask Erica then. David doesn't get why he can't believe he and Erica can work together. David wonders why Ryan's so concerned since it's not about him. Ryan tells him if it's about Greenlee, it's about him since he knew he'd be sticking it to Greenlee by buying the hospital. Ryan thinks David has a much bigger plan that involves Greenlee. David tells him it's his house with his rules so may the best man win and he walks on. Ryan pulls out his phone and calls Erica. Ryan leaves a message to call him when she gets this because he wants to know what's going on.

Angie reminds Jesse of the nightmare she had last week about losing Lucy and she had to make him make sure Lucy was still there. Angie tells him she wants to see for herself and hopes Jesse understands. Jesse's phone rings and he answers. Jesse tells Angie that he has to go. She mentions that he didn't answer her. Jesse tells her that if he could give her his eyes, he would. Angie tells him she wants him to keep them so she can look at him when she gets her sights back.

Greenlee continues her presentation by talking about a baby's touch. Madison goes staggering through the park. Greenlee finishes the presentation and Randi tells her it was phenomenal. Greenlee asks about Madison. Randi tells her that Madison is exhausted. Greenlee brings up that she wanted Madison to take time off and she's trying to be supportive. Greenlee tells Randi to go home and be with Madison because she needs all her employees focused. Randi says she's the boss and exits. Greenlee sits back down and covers her head as Jack walks in and asks if she's having a bad day. She says she is. Jack hopes it's nothing that can't be fixed with cotton candy which makes her laugh.

Griffin and Kendall race through the park. They come to a stop and Griffin pulls her in close but Kendall spots Madison. Kendall notices something is wrong and they run to catch up with Madison.

Asher and Colby come to the yacht club. Asher questions being there. Colby tells him about crashing her dad's yacht. Colby talks about not being able to get away from yourself. Asher asks why she'd want to. Colby changes the subject and comments that she's never seen the club so empty. Colby asks a staff member if there's an event going on. He tells her that there's a graduation party and tells her it's ok if they hang out there. Colby tells Asher it's the benefits of being a charter member of the club. Asher wonders what the benefits of being in an empty room are. Colby turns on some music and says it's a party.

Jack tells Greenlee about walking through the park and seeing a father buying cotton candy for his daughter and he thought of her. Jack asks if she wants to talk about her day. Greenlee says she's just being selfish and Ryan called her on it. Greenlee says she understands Ryan and Madison's loss. Jack brings up that she and Ryan have lost a lot too and can't get back the time they were apart. Greenlee doesn't think it's wrong to want all the time with Ryan. Jack tells her about being cheated out of a lot of things when she was a little girl but he thinks that girl still lives inside of her and is afraid of losing what she has.

Jesse comes to Ryan's and Ryan asks him about Erica joining with David, thinking there has to be more to it. Jesse tells him that Erica seemed fine at the press conference and that David is messing with Angie now. Ryan asks if David can make her see again. Jesse says Angie believes it but he doesn't want her to be hurt. Ryan tells him that he saw David and he doesn't know what he's up to but he knows that buying the hospital isn't his last move and that he's working with a bigger agenda.

Angie talks to Frankie at the hospital about Jesse being skeptical about David still. Frankie says you can't blame him. Angie says she wants to see all her babies. Maya comes up and greets them. Maya says she's here to babysit Lucy and Frankie encourages her. Angie asks Maya if she has experience with babies. David comes up and wants to talk to Angie about the treatment plan. Angie apologizes to Maya as she steps away. David offers Frankie to sit in. Angie says it's just preliminary so she'll meet with David alone. Frankie tells David that he'll be on top of this and he walks away. Angie tells David to understand that she wants her sight back but she won't give up her soul to get it.

Kendall and Griffin check on Madison as she's dazed. They wake her up and Griffin wants to take her to the hospital as her heart is racing. Madison doesn't want to get to the hospital but she faints into Griffin's arms. Griffin thinks they have to take her to the hospital. Kendall begs him to help her there or somewhere else because Madison doesn't want to go to the hospital. Kendall says Madison shouldn't have to wake up in the same place that she lost her baby.

Asher puts on some music at the yacht club and Asher is impressed that she knows the band. Colby takes the mic and sings the song.

Maya remains at the hospital as Frankie walks up and asks if she's alright. Frankie says he saw the look on her face when Angie mentioned a baby. Maya says she can't work for Angie. Maya tells Frankie that she knows she chose to gave up her baby. Frankie understands that she did what she thought was best for her child. Frankie tells her about losing a baby to a miscarriage with Randi but being around other babies helped. Frankie thinks Lucy could help heal Maya. Maya says she couldn't say yes or no right now and rushes off to get back to her job.

Jack tells Greenlee about grieving for the moments they lost when she was a kid but remembered they can't do anything about the past since she's in his life now which is all that matters. Jack jokes with her about getting looks for buying cotton candy but he doesn't care because he got this moment with his daughter. Greenlee gets that he's saying to let go of the past and make now count. Jack tells her to stop being afraid that she's going to lose what she has.

Jesse asks if Ryan thinks David blackmailed Erica. Ryan says he keeps coming back to Erica's kidnapping. Jesse brings up that they haven't found anything. Ryan wonders if David had something to do with Erica's kidnapping.

David tells Angie that he is not after her soul. Angie tells him that if he brings back her sight, it's not out of his heart so she wonders what he wants. David tells her that he wants her back on staff since she's a valuable asset as a physician despite not liking her as an administrator. David knows everyone is telling her that he wants to pull the wool over her eyes. He says if she keeps listening to her friends and family then listen is all she'll be able to do and she'll never see her daughter's face. Angie then slaps David.

Colby continues singing and finishes the song. Colby says she's sorry if that was painful for Asher. Asher tells her she has an amazing voice and that she could be a rock star. Colby says that's enough. Asher tells her to stop putting herself down as he means that she has an amazing voice among a lot of other things.

David tells Angie that she has nice aim. Angie tells him to never play God with her and her daughter. David tells her if she wants bedside manner she can go to another doctor but with him it is what it is. Angie says he's not a nice person. David says he pushes limits and if anyone gets in his way, they'll get hurt as he doesn't play nice because he thinks that's wasted energy and he's better inclined to make her see again. Angie wonders why she should believe him. David tells her to take that leap of faith. Angie asks if that will lead to a fall. David says she can consider herself lucky that she could see the ground coming and to let him know of her decision as he leaves.

Ryan tells Jesse his idea of the kidnapping. Jesse brings up that there was never a ransom note. Ryan talks about the explosion and only Erica being pulled out. Ryan talks about Greenlee coming back from her motorcycle accident a year later with help from David so maybe David did something to Erica too. Ryan sees a pattern since David rebuilt his life with Greenlee then and now with Erica. Jesse comments on David not having a personal or professional life. Ryan thinks David somehow got control over Erica and Jesse wonders how he could accomplish that.

Madison wakes up on the couch at Kendall's with Kendall and Griffin. They tell her what happened and Griffin asks when she last ate or slept. Madison doesn't know. Griffin says her heart rate was elevated but now she's fine and is suffering from extreme exhaustion. Griffin suggests she eat and drink more and then get some sleep. Madison says sleep sounds good as long as she doesn't wake up. Kendall tells her that she can't even begin to imagine losing a child but she has lost someone she loved and she knows what it's like to think you'll never recover. Kendall tells her that one morning you wake up and realize the memories outweigh the pain and that maybe the sun can still shine through the clouds. Kendall tells her that they care about her and want to be there for her if she'll let them.

Asher and Colby return home and tell Maya that she missed a good time. Colby wonders why she's working. Maya reminds her it's her job. Colby gives her a cupcake from the graduation party. Maya says they didn't have to do that. Colby asks her to come hang out with them. Maya says she doesn't get paid to hang out and asks them to let her do her job. Maya exits the room and Asher wonders what's wrong with her. Maya gets a phone call and says she meant to call them back but asks them not to be mad.

David returns to Angie at the hospital after being paged. Angie tells David that she's putting herself in his hands and gives him the signed consent form, saying she's ready to start treatment as soon as possible.

Jesse agrees that David is up to something but wonders why he'd work with Erica. Ryan tells him that he's going to talk to Erica and they'll keep each other on the same page. Jesse exits as Greenlee comes home. She asks if they were talking about David. Ryan tells her he will not let David pull anything on her anymore. Ryan says he and Jesse are going to figure out what he's up to. He asks if she's okay. She says she is and thanks him for looking out for her. Ryan tells her that his attention has been elsewhere with Madison's loss. Greenlee says it was his loss too so he should take all the time he needs and she'll do whatever he needs. She apologizes for acting out and wanting his attention. He tells her that she has his attention now.

Madison falls asleep on the couch at Kendall's. Griffin puts a blanket over her and tells Kendall that she's finally asleep and will be fine. Griffin tells Kendall she did a good job and Madison listened to what she had to say. Griffin says hopefully Madison will now be okay. While asleep, Madison has a dream about returning to Fusion and shooting Greenlee.

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