AMC Update Wednesday 6/22/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/22/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Griffin walks in the park and comes across Kendall. He stops her but she doesn't want to stop. He tells her that he is not going to let her go after David.

David walks through the hospital telling a worker what he wants in privileges. Greenlee comes up and David asks why she's here. She calls him a sneaky dirtbag and says she would've never sold to Erica if she knew he was involved. David wonders why she cares since she sold it to focus on her personal life, asking if she still has one.

Ryan comes to Fusion and asks Randi if Greenlee is there as he can't get a hold of her or find her. Randi thinks she's in a meeting. Ryan hasn't talked to Greenlee since the hospital sale. Randi tells Ryan she's more concerned about Madison as she had fallen asleep at the office. Randi tells him that she's been at it all night and steps away. Ryan wakes Madison up and tells her she should go home and get sleep. Madison says she doesn't have time as she has to finish her work. Ryan tells her not to do this to herself. Madison tells him to leave her alone since she's not his problem anymore.

JR sits at Krystal's and has a flashback to sleeping with Amanda. Marissa walks in and comments that he seemed a million miles away. JR tells her not anymore and he's exactly where he wants to be. He gets up and kisses Marissa as she sits down with him and Bianca arrives, seeing them together.

Cara and Tad sit at home as Cara looks through Tad's grandma's old recipe book. They talk about old recipes. Cara says she wants to make all his favorite recipes. Cara tells him that she will always remember that he married her to save her life. Tad thinks she's worried about Jake and says he is too.

Jake tells Amanda that he wants the marriage to work and be honest. Amanda accuses him of sleeping with Cara. Jake says he didn't. Amanda tells him that she heard him talking to Cara about how she would be devastated if she found out what happened and he was right. Jake tells her that they were talking about what almost happened but didn't. Jake tells her that they did not have sex and stopped. Amanda doesn't believe him. Jake wonders why he would admit to something that almost happened, then Amanda slaps him.

Kendall tells Griffin not to worry as she doesn't have a gun, she just wants answers. Griffin asks if she's considered that David isn't the person she should talk to. Griffin suggests that she find out Erica's reasoning first. Kendall tells him that Erica has been completely avoiding her and Bianca and they caught her drinking. Kendall thinks David has been taking advantage of Erica and she's going to stop it now as she walks off.

Greenlee asks David if he enjoyed making her look like a fool. David says she looked like a fool by leaving him. Greenlee asks if he ever makes a move without another motive. David says he has a darker side but many are alive because of him. Greenlee asks if that's what he's holding over Erica. David says he isn't holding anything over her. Greenlee starts to walk away and David says that his darker side lets him get her in a way that Ryan can't or never will.

Ryan tells Madison that she's his friend and he doesn't want to leave her when she's hurt. Madison insists that she's not hurting when at work so she needs to keep working. Madison spills coffee all over her work and drawings. Ryan rushes to get paper towels and clean it up. They come across one of her drawings and Madison thinks Ryan will think she's crazy. Ryan says she's even more talented than he thought. They continue cleaning up and Ryan tells her to redraw it and he'll get her some more coffee.

Bianca sits with JR and Marissa and tells them that she doesn't understand why Erica would go along with David and wonders how the board went along with it. JR explains that David arranged a meeting without him or Joe Martin. JR says he's going to make some phone calls to see what he can do. Bianca says she would appreciate that and JR steps away. Marissa comments that she hates to see Bianca so upset and offers to talk to David. Bianca doesn't want her to since that's what David wants, a plan to get her back. Bianca doesn't want Marissa to risk anything with all the good things in her life. Marissa tells her that some things are worth the risk.

Tad and Cara talk about what almost happened with her and Jake. Tad wonders what the point of putting Amanda through it is. Cara says the truth always comes out so Jake needs to tell Amanda how much he loves her. Tad wonders about Amanda.

Jake apologizes to Amanda and says he probably deserves more than a slap with the way he's been acting since Cara came back to town. Jake tells her they should never have gotten that close. Jake apologizes as Amanda cries. Jake tells her that they didn't follow through and he thinks that closed a door that should've never reopened in the first place. Jake tells Amanda that they threw his old wedding ring in the garbage where it belongs. Jake asks Amanda to say something. Amanda turns back to him and asks why he waited so long to tell her and didn't tell her before. Jake asks before what.

Ryan tells Madison that her second drawing is even better than her first one. Madison agrees. Ryan jokes about spilling coffee on it again. Madison tells him that she has to get it done as it's her first presentation. Greenlee arrives and sees them together which makes her unhappy.

Kendall arrives at the hospital and finds David. She says David doesn't waste any time. David brings up her shooting him. Kendall thinks that's what David is using against Erica. David hopes they can get past all that. Kendall doesn't believe him. David reminds her that he saved her life and her son's but she repaid him by trying to kill him. Kendall says he lies just like he breathes and she knows he's up to something else.

Bianca tells Marissa that it isn't worth going after David since she doesn't want to worry about her while she's gone. Bianca tells Marissa that she's taking her kids to a lake resort. Marissa offers to take AJ and go with her. Bianca doesn't know if she can still get reservations. Marissa says it's worth a try unless she'd rather be alone. Bianca says no, Marissa tells her to say yes and JR comes back asking what she's saying yes to.

Cara tells Tad that Jake won't stop until he works things out with Amanda. Tad asks how Cara feels about it. She says she wants Jake to be happy. Tad says he does as well. Cara suggests Tad go over to Jake's and if things aren't good, he can help and make it right. Tad jokes with her and agrees to go.

Jake tells Amanda that he doesn't expect her to forgive or forget but he wants to fix it and get them back. Jake says they can do it and asks her to come away with him so they can find each other. Amanda tells him that she has to go to work and hurries out.

Greenlee comments that she's glad that Madison is working and apologizes for dropping the ball with the hospital. She tells Ryan that she's fine and thanks Madison for picking up the slack. Madison asks if it's not a problem that she's there. Greenlee brings up that they had a deadline and says her work looks nice. Ryan tells her that he was trying to convince Madison to take a break. Greenlee comments on her work being really good. She tells Madison that she wants her to do the entire presentation so she should go home take a nap and come back to sell this. Madison thanks them and exits. Ryan calls Greenlee amazing.

David tells Kendall that she doesn't have to worry about Erica as she knows exactly what she's doing. David asks if Kendall has another reason to be there. Kendall says she knows he's blackmailing Erica. David thinks there's unfinished business between them. Kendall tells him that she was in a very bad place when she shot him. Kendall says she has her life back now that Zach's killer is behind bars. Kendall tells David to show the town the man that saved her life. David asks if this is a truce offer. Kendall tells him not to screw Erica over and maybe they can work things out. Griffin arrives and asks if everything's okay. Kendall says it all depends on David.

Marissa tells JR about wanting to go on a trip with AJ with Bianca and the girls. JR doesn't seem happy and Bianca brings up that JR wanted to take Marissa on a trip of his own. Marissa is surprised and JR claims he kind of wanted it to be a surprise. Bianca comes up with that JR wanted to take her and AJ to the grand canyon so she's going to get packing and they'll e-mail pictures. Bianca tells her to have fun and exits. JR asks Marissa if she feels like going and she says of course.

Opal comes in to the living room and greets Cara. She comments that she thinks Cara already has the right recipe for keeping Tad happy. Opal explains that at first she was worried she'd break Tad's heart but she sees that she's put a spring back in his step and his girls adore her. Opal says she sees how much she brings to the family so Cara gets up and hugs her.

Jake returns home, looking for Amanda and finds Tad there. Tad says he figured he could use a drink. Tad asks how Amanda reacted. Jake tells him that he was right and he should've kept his mouth shut.

JR is on the phone at the Chandler mansion as Amanda arrives and tells him to hang up. JR hangs up and Amanda tells him that she can't keep her mouth shut about what happened so she has to tell Jake. JR tells her not to even think about going there ever. JR says if she tells Jake then Marissa will find out and he won't let that happen. Amanda explains to him that Jake never slept with Cara. JR thinks that's more reason to keep it secret instead of hurting Jake and Marissa. JR tells her that neither of them were thinking. Amanda wishes she just listened to him, then Marissa arrives and asks what's going on.

Tad tells Jake that Amanda will come around. Jake hopes so but is scared that Amanda is gone for good.

David tells Griffin that he and Kendall have reached an understanding. Kendall says they will wait and see if he doesn't screw Erica over. Kendall tells Griffin to keep an eye on David as she leaves for Fusion. Griffin tells David not to make him regret supporting him. David asks why he cares since he's leaving town and giving up his chance at greatness.

Ryan finishes a phone call as Greenlee sets up a camera for Madison's presentation. Ryan offers to help but Greenlee says she has it. Ryan tells her that she was great in handling Madison and says they still work well together. The phone rings and Greenlee answers, it's Kendall asking about the presentation. Greenlee tells her that she will handle the presentation and tells Kendall to go ask Erica what she's thinking with David. Kendall says she will try and get more out of Erica. Ryan offers to help and Greenlee wishes he could fix the hospital situation. Ryan exits to see what he can do.

Randi walks in the park and finds Madison sleeping on a bench. Randi tells her the presentation is coming and she can't do it like this so maybe Greenlee and Kendall should handle it instead. Madison says no and insists it's her idea that she won't let go.

Cara tells Opal she made her day. Opal thanks her for making Tad happy. Tad returns home and Opal gets up to go check on the girls. Cara asks Tad how it went and he tells her not well.

JR tells Marissa that Amanda's just having a mini meltdown over work and that he was telling her to just take some time off. Marissa agrees that it's a good idea. Amanda insists that she's okay. Marissa asks JR what she should tell AJ about the grand canyon trip. JR tells her he wants it to be a surprise. Marissa tells Amanda to take care of herself and exits. Amanda asks JR what he said about Marissa being done with him. JR tells her they both made mistakes but now have second chances so Amanda shouldn't blow it for them. Jake arrives and tells Amanda that he figured she'd be there.

Randi returns to Fusion and asks Greenlee if they can postpone the presentation. Greenlee says no asking where Madison is. Madison arrives and Greenlee thought she was going to freshen up. Madison insists that she's ready to do it.

David makes a call at the hospital, he says he's looking for Erica Kane. David tells the person to tell Erica to take a break from the interview as Ryan arrives and watches him from a distance.

Kendall arrives at the yacht club looking for Erica. The bartender tells her that she was there earlier. Kendall orders a drink as Griffin joins her and orders as well. Griffin jokes with her that he's not stalking her. Kendall asks what's wrong and Griffin comments that David knows how to push his buttons.

Tad tells Cara that he wished Jake would've let it go since Amanda can't just forgive and forget. Cara comments that Tad did. Tad says he and Cara are different since Jake and Amanda have a real marriage with a child but now he doesn't know. Cara decides to step out for some fresh air.

Bianca tells Miranda to go get ready for the trip. Miranda tells Bianca that she wishes AJ could come. Bianca tells her that they can't and sometimes things aren't meant to be.

Jake asks JR if they ever work in an office. JR says he's been trying to convince Amanda to take some time off and asks Jake to talk some sense into her. Jake agrees and Amanda says she wants to keep busy. Jake asks her to come home, JR tells her to go and not worry. Amanda agrees and exits with Jake. Marissa comes back in and tells JR that he doesn't fool her. Marissa says all JR's talk about Amanda being burnt out must have just been him trying to get her and Jake alone time together. JR goes along with it that he's a good guy. Marissa asks about the trip and JR says he wants to postpone the trip since Amanda will be taking time off and there will be a big workload. Marissa tells him that AJ really wanted to go somewhere so JR tells her that he has an idea.

Madison does her presentation on Fusion's new Mommy and Baby line. Madison says a line about women protecting their unborn babies and she has a flashback to having the baby's first kick. Madison continues and has another flashback to getting her sonogram. Madison tries to continue and has another flashback to losing the baby. Madison freezes up and isn't able to continue her speech while Greenlee and Randi worry.

David remains on the phone saying to tell Erica that he could call Jack instead and that gets "Erica" on the line. David thanks her for going the extra mile for him as it's great to be back home. David says he knows everyone thinks she's going crazy but he knows the full story and this makes them even now. Ryan hears this and is confused by it.

Kendall tells Griffin that when she looked at David today, she didn't want to kill him. Griffin calls it progress. Kendall says she realized she had to give up the past since nothing will bring Zach back and David's just an infuriating man that she shouldn't waste time with. Griffin calls it even more progress. Griffin asks if they are on the Miranda Center clock or officially off duty. Kendall asks if it matters and Griffin responds not really. Griffin touches her but she puts her drink down and rushes off.

Marissa finds Bianca at Krystal's and tells her that she's coming with her after all. Marissa explains that JR had to postpone so she and AJ will go with her if she hasn't changed her mind. Bianca says she hasn't and Marissa goes to get ready while Bianca is very happy.

Tad looks in the other room and sees Cara isn't back yet. Tad sits down and says to himself that he'll watch TV on his own. Cara comes back in and tells him to come with her so he gets up and follows her out.

Jake brings Amanda back home and tells her about his plans for a trip. Amanda tells him he can't make it better. Jake says he understands that she thought he betrayed her but he didn't so he can make things better. Jake gets paged from the hospital but he tells her that he can get someone to cover. Amanda tells him to go to work so he exits. Amanda sits down on the couch crying.

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