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All My Children Update Friday 6/17/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica tells Ben that he shouldn't feel guilty since it was just an accident. Ben tells her that Jane's daughter is dead because of him. Erica thinks Jane shouldn't blame him for that. Ben tells her that she doesn't and she blames herself.

David tells "Erica" it might help if she tells him about her daughter. She says she doesn't want to talk or think about it and that was the whole point since Erica Kane wouldn't have to. David tells her she can't run away from a loss.

Bianca sits with Scott and thanks him for helping out with the Miranda Center. She asks how he's doing and says she's sorry to hear about Madison and the baby. Scott tells her he's hanging in and trying to keep busy. Bianca tells Scott that JR will help him. Scott doesn't think so but Bianca thinks JR is trying at least with Marisa. Scott guarantees her that if Marissa lets JR back in her life, he's only going to hurt her again.

JR tells Marissa she deserves to be happy and have fun and he wants to give her that because he loves her and never stopped. They kiss and JR tells her that he wants her right now so they continue kissing.

The immigration agent arrives at Tad's and tells him that he needs to talk to Cara. Tad tells him that Cara got called to the hospital. The agent asks if Cara isn't with her husband because she's with her old husband.

Jake tells Cara at the hospital that he would never tell Amanda what happened between them because it would devastate her. Amanda sees them together and says "Oh my God." She goes to walk up to them but Opal stops her and pulls her aside. Opal tells her that Trevor's babysitter was trying to reach her. Opal tells Amanda that she will take care of things as Amanda says she needs to talk to Jake and it can't wait. Opal tells her that she doesn't like Jake being close to Cara either and tells Amanda to go fix it.

Tad explains to Agent Trimble that Jake and Cara just both work at the hospital. Tad tells him that married life is great. Tad talks about how gorgeous Cara is and that she lights up his world. Tad tells him that Cara lives to help people and she belongs at the hospital as a brilliant doctor. Tad tells him about having his hair colored and says he can't explain how much his wife means to him or what he'd do for her. Tad reminds him that he was at the wedding and heard his vows so he can figure out how he feels.

Dixie is shown again asleep and she has a flashback to having a conversation with David.

"Erica" tells David to let it go like she has which is why she became Erica Kane to feel good about herself. She tells David she can't go back. She tells David that she will do what he asks but there will be no more talk about her former life ever. She opens the door and tells David that she will be in touch as David walks out and exits.

Erica tells Ben that he is a very impressive man because he's giving up his life for someone else, which is something no one would choose. Ben tells her that Jane didn't choose to have the car accident. Erica asks Ben if he's thought about the fact that he could go to prison. Erica tells Ben that she will help him if he helps her. Ben turns and leaves the room.

JR and Marissa continue kissing in the park until Marissa stops him. Marissa thinks it's a little bit too soon. JR doesn't think so and can't believe that Marissa is surprised. Marissa apologizes for not being ready. JR assumes he misread the signs and thought she was enjoying this. JR tells her that he went to great lengths to make her happy. Marissa tells him that she thinks she is happy. JR tells her that he loves her and wonders how she can doubt that. Marissa says she doesn't doubt it. JR wonders what it will take for her to realize that they need to be a family. Marissa says she doesn't know and is a little confused right now. JR asks if she's confused or if she's hung up on someone else.

Scott tells Bianca that she can't be rooting for JR. Bianca tells him that she's rooting for Marissa since JR was her first love and doesn't think it went away. Bianca thinks she should go for it if there's a chance their family could get back together and it would solve a lot of problems. Bianca tells him that she thinks Marissa deserves the world and if JR can give it to her, she hopes that she goes for it.

Marissa asks JR why he's so angry. JR tells her to admit she has the hots for Scott. Marissa can't believe him. JR thinks she likes Scott because he's sweet and safe and would never hurt her like he did. JR tells her to take a risk. JR says he went out of his way to tell her he's crazy about her and didn't care if he got rejected because he knew he took a shot. JR thinks she's going to throw it all away because she's scared. Marissa brings up that he's the one that tanked their marriage. JR tells her not to hang that over his head forever. Marissa just wants to be smart for herself and her son. JR says AJ just wants them to be together. Marissa states that was never their issue. JR asks if she's even going to try and wants to know what she's saying. JR apologizes but Marissa calls it a much needed reality check. Marissa thinks JR is just angry because he hates not being in control. JR tells her it's not true but Marissa shouts at him that she's calling the shots and it's too much too soon. She storms off leaving JR upset.

Jack returns home as "Erica" was laying on the couch. She quickly starts putting on her makeup and Jack asks what's wrong but she says nothing. Jack offers to talk about things to help but there's a knock on the door. "Erica" jumps up to get it and it's a photographer from a magazine. "Erica" tells him that she forgot they set this up and invites him in. Jack doesn't think this is the best idea. The photographer begins taking photos of her on the couch while beginning his interview. He asks her if the marriage is still on hold. She responds that they haven't had much time to talk about it but when she does marry Jack it will be that much sweeter after everything they've overcome.

Frankie tells Jake and Cara about a patient. Amanda rushes up and stops Jake as Cara leaves with Frankie. Jake tells Amanda they have an emergency. Amanda comments that it's good he has Cara then. Jake tells her they will talk about everything but he has to go. Amanda tells him to go ahead and he walks on.

The photographer leaves and Jack asks "Erica" about it. She says it was so much fun and a perfect escape. Jack wonders what it's an escape from. "Erica" blows it off and Jack asks if she's worried about her kidnappers not being found. She tells him that she's afraid that the nightmare will never end. "Erica" tells him she has to go and she exits.

Cara and Jake enter a room at the hospital and Cara compliments Jake on his work. Jake tells her that they will get her a locker soon. Frankie comes in and says they have problems with a blood test and a viral disease. Frankie tells them that they need to stay there in isolation and he exits saying he'll get them out as soon as he can.

Amanda heads to the yacht club and orders a martini. David walks up and asks if she'd like some company as he orders a vodka.

Cara and Jake joke about the possible diseases they could catch through the blood work. Cara jokes with him about Griffin wanting to protect her. Jake says he's glad she isn't sick anymore and tells her that he doesn't forget anything about her or them. Cara wonders if they'll be okay. Jake says they'll be fine if they get it early enough. Cara says she wasn't talking about their health but them and Tad and Amanda. Cara says she doesn't want what happened to mess everything up. Jake tells her it won't as long as they don't let it. Jake wonders if they should call them and tell them what's up. Cara agrees and Jake calls Amanda. Jake tells Amanda that the emergency turned out to be a potentially infectious disease but he will let her know when he knows. Amanda asks if it's dangerous. Jake isn't sure but will let her know when he can get out of there. Amanda realizes he's stuck there with Cara and tells him to tell Cara hi then quickly hangs up and continues drinking.

Kathy comes up to Tad at home and tells him about finding a penny. Tad tells her to make a wish but she responds that wishes are for babies. Tad tells her that isn't true because wishes are important and a big part of life. Tad tells her to believe in every wish so she makes a wish.

Dixie sleeps and dreams of Tad talking to her about having hope and faith.

Cara calls Tad and tells him about the disease breakout at the hospital. He tells her to be careful as she hangs up. Cara asks Jake about Amanda and thinks she's upset because she lied. Jake says he's an idiot. Cara thinks he was just trying to keep Amanda from being hurt. Jake thinks he could lose his wife and son forever so maybe he should just tell her. Jake says he thinks it would be healthy to get it out in the open and he thinks they could handle it.

David finishes a phone call and tells Amanda that they ruled out SARS at the hospital. Amanda wonders who David talked to since she thought everyone at the hospital hated him. David says he still has a few nurses but he can't tell her because she'd tell Jake to have them fired. Amanda says Jake won't listen to her so he can tell Cara. David realizes she's upset about Cara being with Jake. Amanda tells him that it's good he's not a doctor because his bedside manner sucks and she storms off.

JR calls Amanda and asks where she is. She tells him that she's at the bar and thought he was with Marissa. JR tells her that he had to cut it short and tells her about the man he was having a meeting with still being in town. JR tells her to make sure he doesn't leave since he's at the suite. He tells her to have him look at a proposal and he'll be there as soon as he can. Amanda tells him she doesn't know how much she can do since she's having a crappy day. JR says he is too and hangs up.

Bianca finds Marissa at Krystal's and asks her how her date with JR was. Marissa tells her that it was a complete and total disaster.

Cara tells Jake that she thinks honesty works as it did with her and Tad since they feel closer together now. Cara said it made her feel like they were a real couple for the first time. Cara asks if that bothers him. Jake tells her that he loves his brother and if it makes her happy and smile, he's be all for it. Jake then tells her that was a lie and he's just saying what he thinks everyone wants him to say even if he doesn't mean it. Jake admits that the idea of anyone touching Cara makes him think he's crazy. Cara calls it normal and Jake admits that he is jealous which he knows is crazy. Cara wishes she could say it was crazy but she admits that there's a huge part of her that wants Jake to love her most. Cara can't believe she just told Jake that. Jake says they'll blame it on the isolation and laugh it off. Tad and Frankie come in and tell them there is good news and that they are both cleared with vaccine. They thank Frankie and he exits. Cara wonders why Tad is there since she told him not to worry. Tad says he had to worry after her past condition. Tad hugs her and says he's happy for them. Tad and Cara exit together.

Amanda meets with the man JR had set up a meeting with. He recognizes Amanda as the former super model. Amanda is surprised he recognized her and tells him about the great plans JR has. JR arrives and wants to talk to him but he thinks they are done already. JR wants to start showing him but the man tells JR that he's already in after speaking with Amanda. He calls her beautiful and smart and says he'll be in touch. JR is very happy as the man exits. JR thanks Amanda and tells her he's proud of her. JR thinks it calls for celebration.

Marissa tells Bianca that JR accused her of having feelings for Scott. She says Scott was her best friend but now Bianca is. Marissa says she can tell Bianca anything and that means a lot to her.

Jack arrives at the yacht club and sits with David. Jack tells him to stay away from Erica. David reminds him it's a free country. Jack tells him that he can't use the shooting with Kendall.

Erica calls out for Ben to come back but he remains behind the door. "Erica" returns and checks in with Erica, saying she needs her help.

Jack tells David that Kendall shooting him is not a card to play with Erica. David brings up that Kendall never paid the consequences. Jack says after all the times David never paid the consequences, he should consider it even. David reminds him that he and Erica have history. Jack calls him a sadistic son of a bitch. David says he's a brilliant doctor and isn't going anywhere.

Marissa asks Bianca what if JR is right that she's just scared of being hurt and can't see something great staring her in the face. Bianca tells her there's nothing wrong with protecting herself. Marissa wonders if she's missing something and asks what's worse between getting hurt or feeling nothing at all. Bianca says she doesn't know.

JR and Amanda have a drink. Amanda tells him that her day is still bad and tells JR about Jake being in isolation with Cara. Amanda wonders how long they will be alone together. JR tells her that he's sorry. Amanda tells him she's not suspicious anymore as she has facts.

Tad and Cara return home as Tad tells her about worrying about her getting a disease. Tad gives her his word that he won't freak out again. Cara tells him not to as she likes that he cares because it makes her feel special. Tad brings up about how she feels smothered when Griffin cares. Cara tells him he must have the magic touch. Tad tells her again that he does care. Tad tells her about the immigration agent stopping by earlier and that he told him things that he should've been telling her like the fact that he thinks she's amazing and that he cares. Cara tells him she knows.

Amanda asks JR if it's too late for a refund on the room. Amanda asks JR if it's ok if she stays there for the night. JR asks about Trevor and Amanda calls Opal. Amanda asks Opal if she can stay with Trevor overnight. Amanda tells Opal that she's fine but could just use the time by herself. Opal agrees and Amanda thanks her. Opal asks if she got a chance to talk to Jake. Jake calls and Amanda tells Opal that she has to switch to the other line but she rejects Jake's call.

Jake calls Opal and tells her that he couldn't get through to Amanda. Opal tells Jake that she asked her to stay with Trevor since she isn't coming home but didn't say why.

JR notes that Amanda didn't answer Jake's call. Amanda has another drink and JR asks if she's sure she's making the right decision. Amanda tells him that she's going to let Jake wonder what she's doing for a change as she continues her drink.

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