AMC Update Wednesday 6/15/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/15/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca sits at Krystal's and orders food. Marissa arrives and asks if it's early for dinner. Bianca says she's giving in to Miranda's cravings. Marissa shows Bianca the music box and plays it for her. They agree that it's beautiful. Marissa tells her she couldn't believe JR did this because it's really special that he remembered the song and found the music box. Marissa says only someone that really cared about her would do this and Bianca agrees.

Colby and Maya talk in Colby's room about all the new clothes sent to Colby. Colby talks about being happy this all came from what she did on her own. Colby says everything is great right now with her and her blog and JR getting back with Marissa. Maya comments that Asher is doing better too. Colby says that has her the most excited since she has a chance to reboot things with Asher. Colby tells her you don't get second chances often and she won't screw this up.

Caleb and Asher come into the Mansion and talk with JR. JR talks to Asher about his physical therapy. Asher goes upstairs to shower. Caleb comments that he's doing great and JR says he's strong. Caleb tells JR that he appreciates him being good to Asher. JR tells him that Asher deserves it. Caleb tells JR that he's heard his business is having problems and wonders if he's spending more time with Asher than his company. JR asks if Caleb thinks he's going to try and take over. Caleb brings up if the boss takes his eye off the ball.

Opal continues dying Tad's hair. They talk about how amazing the product is. The doorbell rings and Tad jumps up, saying it's the postman and he will only take a second. Opal sits down with the product and reads it again.

Cara arrives at the clinic seeing Jake and Amanda kissing. Jake stops, thinking he heard something and looks back but no one's there. Jake tells Amanda that he must be hearing things. Amanda tells him he never cared about getting caught before and that's part of the fun. They kiss again. Jake tells her he thinks it's just this place and brings up his time in Africa. Amanda reminds him that he and Cara fell in love there so it couldn't be all bad. Jake agrees that he's with the woman he loves and they kiss again. Amanda tells him to make love to her. Jake agrees, saying he'll do whatever she wants but thinks they should do it anywhere but the clinic.

Bianca tells Marissa she's happy for her and thinks she deserves nice surprises after everything she's been through. Marissa asks how Bianca is. Bianca says she has her kids waiting for her. Marissa asks if Bianca will just be hanging out with her girls for the day. Bianca tells her she has to stop by Fusion but after that it will just be her and the girls. Marissa suggests Bianca let the sitter stay with the kids longer and they'll have a girls night out and do something silly and fun. Bianca agrees with her and Marissa tells her it's date so she'll come up with something fun. Marissa exits and Bianca says to herself that it sounds perfect.

Caleb tells JR he's just offering him advice. JR says he doesn't need his advice. JR tells Caleb he's ready for him and will crush anyone who tries to take over. JR exits.

Maya and Colby talk about Asher being brave. Asher comes in and asks Maya if she's seen one of his shirts. Maya exits to go get it. Asher notices Colby got more clothes. Colby can't believe how fast it's growing. Colby tells Asher that Good Morning Pine Valley wants to interview her and she can't believe it. Asher tells her to never doubt herself. Colby says she's a mess and asks how Asher would describe her. Asher calls her a masterpiece in progress.

Opal covers Tad with a towel and sits him back down to finish his hair. Opal tells him she doesn't think he should've left it on so long while he got up. She looks under the towel and is surprised by what she sees. Tad asks if it took out too much gray and Opal responds that you could say that.

Amanda apologizes to Jake. Jake says it's not her, it's him because the place makes him nervous. Jake tells her about feeling déja vu when he saw Cara working there before. Jake thanks her for understanding and kisses her again. Jake tells her they'll get to it after this shift. Jake kisses her again. Amanda tells him to pickup a pizza on his way home because she's going to work up an appetite. Jake kisses her, says he'll pick up two, and exits.

Cara arrives at the yacht club. Tad arrives behind her wearing a cap and a hoodie. Cara asks why he's dressed that way, thinking he's hiding something. Tad tells her that Opal tried to help him out a little bit. Cara asks what happened. Tad removes his cap and hood revealing his hair is now blue. Tad tells her to go ahead and laugh.

Asher thinks it's an asset that Colby doesn't think she's as talented as she is. Asher tells her he came up with a couple of ideas to run by her. Colby opens her laptop up. Asher tells her that she has to protect her brand and not oversaturate. Asher says he's learned a lot from JR like that you can use your name to your advantage. Asher says Chandler screams high quality so she should use it when she needs to. Colby agrees and calls him the best. She hugs him which hurts his injuries. Asher jokes with her about it.

Bianca looks through files at Fusion while JR arrives. JR tells her that the music box worked like magic. JR tells Bianca he owes her big time and hugs her. JR says it's like Bianca read Marissa's mind. Bianca is glad it made her smile. JR says Marissa is looking at him like when they first fell in love. JR says he needs Bianca's help again for a big favor. JR says he has a special night planned and respects Bianca's opinion since she knows Marissa better than anyone. Bianca agrees to help, saying that they both want Marissa to be happy and JR is making her happy.

Cara tells Tad it's a good look as people start staring. Tad tells Cara it was hair dye to take out a little of the gray. Cara wonders why he wanted to dye his hair. Tad admits it was for her. Cara says she loved his hair color. Cara asks why he did it. Tad says he's so much older than her so he thought it was awkward when they go out in public. Cara wants to take a picture of him but Tad asks her not to. Cara jokes with him and tells him the thought was sweet but unnecessary. Tad puts his cap back on.

Colby looks through her laptop and makes a picture of Asher her new screen saver. Liza arrives. Colby asks what she's doing there. Liza tells her she came to see her and wants to take her to a pamper me day where they go get facials, manicures, and pedicures. Colby isn't interested. Liza says she's trying. Colby thinks she's just trying to bribe her. Colby tells her she doesn't need this right now. Liza says she knows she's screwed up but wants to see everything in a whole new perspective now. Liza tells her that she can ask Tad about how she's showed up for Griffin and saw the good in him. Liza says she's really trying. Colby tells her that's great but doesn't know what she wants from her. Liza wants them to make a fresh start.

Caleb finishes a phone call as Marissa arrives to the Chandler mansion. Marissa tells him it's nice to see him in this house. Caleb tells her not to get used to it as he thinks he rubbed JR the wrong way. Marissa offers to talk to JR but Caleb tells her not to. Marissa asks about Asher and Caleb says he's doing good. Caleb tells her that she wouldn't want to get in the crossfire between he and JR.

JR tells Bianca about his plans but doesn't know which restaurant to take her to. Bianca doesn't think it matters as long as the food is good. JR agrees that he's over thinking it. JR tells her that he'll be taking her to a play. Bianca states that it sounds like a special night and suggests he goes for Italian. JR thanks her and goes to leave but Bianca stops him, saying that she gave him really bad advice and would be giving her the worst date of her life if he did that.

Jake and Cara run into each other at the hospital. Jake gives her files to go over on patients. Cara says she'll read up on them and asks how Jake's doing. Jake says he's good but asks if she was in the clinic tent a little while ago. Cara admits that she was.

Bianca tells JR that she remembered the play he was going to is really depressing about a woman's parents being killed in a car crash. JR realizes that's what happened to Marissa and thanks Bianca. JR says he'll have to give away the tickets and asks if Bianca wants them. Bianca says no and tells him to forget all the expensive restaurants or plays. Bianca tells JR to just make her feel comfortable and be casual. JR tells her that he thinks he can do that. JR jokes with her and exits.

Marissa tells Caleb she's there if he needs mediation. Caleb thinks she'd be partial to JR. Marissa insists she could be impartial. Caleb tells her to keep her eyes open. Marissa tells him to let her know if he needs anything and heads upstairs. Caleb heads into the living room where Asher is with his laptop. Asher tells him he's doing some research for Colby's blog. Caleb calls her an interesting girl. Asher tells him they're doing okay and it's nice to be around her again. Caleb asks if he's happy there and tells him there's plenty of room at his place if he changes his mind. Caleb tells him to take care of himself and exits.

Colby tells Liza that she gets that she's trying but everything is so fresh in her mind still. Colby says her life is much better now and seeing Liza brings her back down. Colby tells her that she looks at her and pictures her with Damon. Liza knows it's horrible but thinks part of it has made Colby stronger. Colby thinks Liza's trying to take credit for her success now. Colby says she did this all on her own. Colby says she's not trying to hurt Liza, she's just not ready. Colby thinks they need to keep her distance. Liza appreciates her not closing the door completely and she exits. Colby sits back down and begins recording a new video blog. She says sometimes it's not just guys who screw with your head.

Jake steps aside with Cara and tells her that he had a feeling she was there. Cara tells him that she didn't want to interrupt him and Amanda so she left. Jake apologizes. Cara tells him it's okay because that's' what he should do with his wife. Amanda comes around the corner and stops when she sees them as Jake tells Cara he appreciates her understanding. Jake shows Cara some more files on a patient and then walks off. Cara heads to the front desk and Amanda comes up. Cara tells her she thinks Jake went upstairs. Amanda comments that Cara seems happy to be back at the hospital. Amanda tells Cara about being at the clinic tent earlier but it kind of weirded Jake out as it reminded him of the tents in Africa. Amanda says that's a reason Jake hasn't been there before today.

Tad finds Jake at the hospital wearing his cap and hood. Jake wonders why he's dressing like that and tells him not to. Tad shows him the blue hair and Jake wonders what happened. Tad puts his cap back on and asks Jake what he should do, wondering if he should cut all his hair off. Jake asks why it happened. Tad tells him that it's a long story. Jake suggests Opal could help him but Tad explains that Opal caused this. Jake tells him to seek help. Tad states that's why he's talking to him. Jake jokes with him. Jake then tells Tad about his problems of having with Amanda at the clinic tent and she started asking questions. Jake tells Tad that he didn't tell her what happened with Cara but he told her the tent brought back bad memories. Tad offers his advice.

JR returns home as Marissa comes downstairs. JR tells her they should spend the night on the town tomorrow. Marissa tells him that she was going to take the kids to a movie with Krystal but thinks JR should come along. JR wanted it to be just them and suggests tonight. Marissa tells him that she made plans with Bianca so they could wait a couple of days. JR agrees to play it by ear and Marissa exits. JR pulls out his phone and calls Bianca. He tells her that he's striking out with Marissa. JR tells Bianca that he asked Marissa about tonight but heard they had plans, so he has another big favor to ask her.

Bianca calls Marissa and tells her she has to bail at the last minute. Marissa brings up JR wanting to go out. Bianca tells her to go have fun.

Colby finishes her video blog saying to beware of mothers in cheap clothing. Maya comes in to take her trash. Colby notices a mark on Maya's arm. Maya says it was just an accident. Colby doesn't think it's little. Colby tells Maya that they're friends and friends help each other. Maya tells her there's no help needed and rushes out.

JR checks on Asher. Asher says he's ready to be better. Marissa comes in and tells JR that she wants to take him up on his offer because Bianca canceled. JR agrees that they can go out.

Tad tells Jake his advice is to let it go because nothing happened and they didn't cross the line. Tad says if Jake told Amanda now, it would just screw things up. Tad tells him to let it go and put in the past like Cara has. Jake tells Tad that he's a good brother despite how ridiculous he looks.

Cara tells Amanda that she never knew Jake felt that way but it's probably why she's never seen him out there and rushes off. Amanda has a flashback to Jake telling her that he had brought a file to Cara in the tent before so Amanda realizes that they are lying.

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