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All My Children Update Tuesday 6/14/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Tad and Cara’s house) Tad manages to persuade Cara to go to Lucy’s Christening with him at the hospital chapel. Cara didn’t want to go at first because she feels like she would be intruding on a family occasion but Tad reminds her that married couples always go to the Christening of a friend’s child. Cara tells Tad that she has to work today but she will bring a change of clothes with her and meet him at the chapel later.

(Park) Jesse and Angie walk through the park with Lucy and Angie tells Jesse that even though Lucy wasn’t born in the hospital she still felt like it was the perfect place to have Lucy’s Christening. Brot arrives and takes a picture of the happy family and Jesse takes him aside and thanks him for all his help and tells him that since nobody has come forward to claim Lucy he can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Jesse gives Brot a cigar and asks him to walk Angie to the hospital. Jesse is playing with Lucy when Ryan arrives and asks for a cigar to celebrate the occasion.

(Fusion) Greenlee arrives to tell Madison that she should continue to take time off and not worry about her expenses because she is still covered under maternity leave and they will even pay for her to have counseling if she needs it. Madison knows that Greenlee doesn’t care about her she just wants to keep her away from Ryan and tells Greenlee but Greenlee tells Madison that she just wants her to be better so that she can work.

(Hospital) Amanda arrives at the hospital and tells Jake to get changed or he will be late for the christening. Jake tells Amanda that he has to check on a patient but tells her to go ahead that he will go to the chapel as soon as he can get there. Cara arrives to pick up a file and Amanda wonders why Jake didn’t tell her Cara had come back to work. Jake apologizes to Amanda and tells her it just slipped his mind. Amanda tells Jake its okay because she knows Cara is a great doctor and the hospital is short staffed. Amanda heads to the chapel and Cara asks Jake why he hadn’t told Amanda that she had come back to work. Jake tells Cara that he just couldn’t find the right moment to tell Amanda and then Jake and Cara both remind themselves that they put their relationship in the past by throwing away Cara’s wedding ring. Jake gets paged about a patient and Cara decides to help him with the patient so he won’t be late for the christening.

(Park) Ryan holds Lucy and congratulates Jesse on his beautiful baby and thanks Lucy for reminding him how blessed he is to have his children then he gives Lucy back to Jesse and leaves. Jesse tells Lucy that she is a blessing and at the christening today they will also be praying for her sister Ellie.

(Hospital) Maya arrives to pick up a prescription for AJ and remembers when she left her baby in Brot’s police car. Maya sees Frankie and tells him that things are going well with her job and the Chandler’s are nice people. Angie arrives and Frankie introduces Maya to his mom and tells her that they are christening his baby sister today. Angie tells Maya that the only thing she wishes is that she could see her baby but maybe that will happen soon. Maya wishes Angie the best for her and her baby and then Angie and Frankie head to the chapel.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Opal cuts Tad’s hair and encourages him to make his marriage with Cara real because he and Cara are good for each other. Opal knows Tad is worried because he thinks Cara still has feelings for Jake and she suggests that Tad dye his hair and try to win Cara’s heart. Tad laughs and tells her that he doesn’t want to dye his hair and then he heads upstairs to change clothes to go to the christening.

(Fusion) Greenlee tells Madison that she has been beating herself up for the deal she made with Scott but she didn’t do a bad thing because Scott is a good guy who helped her a lot and was even willing to say he was the father of her baby. Greenlee tells Madison that Scott loves her and wants to be with her but the only guy she wants is Ryan. Greenlee tells Madison that she can’t have Ryan because Ryan is taken and Madison reminds Greenlee that she and Ryan aren’t legally married. Greenlee tells Madison that she isn’t pregnant with Ryan’s child anymore and Ryan walks in and wonders why Greenlee said something so cruel to Madison. Greenlee tries to defend her but stops and tells Ryan that it is useless to defend her because he has already decided with whom he wants to be.

(Hospital) Tad arrives and wonders what is bothering Cara and she tells him she is tired of talking about her relationship with Jake. Cara doesn’t thin its fair to Tad to talk to him about Jake all the time especially after everything he has done for her. Cara apologizes once more for what almost happened with Jake at the clinic. Tad makes a list of all the positive things and negative things about their marriage. Tad tells her that they got married without knowing each other at all, she was Jake’s ex wife, he helped her save the reputation of Griffin who is a great doctor, and she has made him very happy. Tad puts the fact that she kissed Jake on the negative side but the fact that she was honest with him is on the positive side and it all gets balanced out to equal that he is happy with her. Cara smiles and she and Tad hold hands as they head to the chapel. Greenlee is upset that Jake didn’t tell her that he was hiring Cara to work at the hospital again but Jake knows that she is upset about something else. Greenlee tells Jake about her argument with Madison and wonders if Jake still has feelings for Cara and he tells her his relationship with Cara is in the past then he leaves to go to the chapel.

(Fusion) Madison tells Ryan that he did tell Greenlee that they weren’t legally married and that is why Greenlee made the comment about the baby. Madison apologizes to Ryan and he tells her about seeing Jesse in the park with Lucy and feeling alone. Madison tells Ryan she doesn’t want him to be alone and they head to the park.

(Park) Madison and Ryan sit on a park bench and stare at the kids playing with their parents and Ryan says that when the minister blesses Lucy he will be blessing Sara too.

(Hospital Chapel) Lucy is christened Lucille Eleanor Hubbard in front of family and friends

(Fusion) Greenlee returns and is surprised that Ryan and Madison aren’t there so she heads home.

(Krystal’s) Tad, Cara, Jake, and Amanda talk about the beautiful Christening and then Tad tells the story of when Jake was a resident and was late for his first operation. Jake was in the operating room before he realized he hadn’t put on his pants. Jake and Amanda leave because Jake has to check on a patient and then Cara leaves a few minutes later because she has to pick up some files at the clinic. Tad tells Cara he might have a surprise for her when she gets home.

(Hospital) Angie tells Frankie Maya seem like a nice girl and Frankie suggests that Maya would be a good babysitter for Lucy.

(Park) Brot sees Maya at the park and remembers that she came to the police station upset and she tells him she left because they were so busy she didn’t want to bother them.

(Fusion) Madison continues to work looks upward and promises Sara she will honor her life by being strong and not letting anyone hurt her again.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Greenlee tells Ryan Jake told her about the christening and she feels badly he was alone. Ryan tells Greenlee he was with Madison and that lately he has felt alone and didn’t think she would understand. Greenlee tells Ryan he and Madison share something painful but they share something beautiful and hopeful which is their marriage and asks Ryan not to forget that and he promises Greenlee he won’t forget.

(Free Clinic) Jake remembers what happened with Cara and when Amanda arrives he thinks its Cara and calls her name.

(Krystal’s) Mata tells Brot the Hubbards are a beautiful family and he agrees before he goes to sit down with them. Maya watches Angie and her family a few minutes before she leaves.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Tad tells Opal he had decided to dye his hair and she gets him ready and tells him that Cara won’t be able to keep her hands off him.

(Free Clinic) Amanda wonders if the tent reminds Jake of the exciting life he had with Cara in doctors without borders. Amanda tells Jake that their life can be just as exciting as the life he had with Cara then she gives him a passionate kiss just as Cara comes into the tent.

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