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All My Children Update Monday 6/13/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan looks for his shirt and can’t find it Greenlee holds on to it and dares him to take it from her they play a little tug of war for a few seconds then stare into each other’s eyes the Ryan takes his shirt and says that he should go get dressed or they will be late.

(Fusion) Madison finds a baby outfit in a box looks at it then puts it inside a file drawer so she doesn’t have to look at it and then Scott arrives to talk to her once again.

(ConFusion) Greenlee thinks it’s nice that she and Ryan can spend a nice evening with friends. Kendall arrives and wonders what is going on the n Griffin arrives a few minutes later and Greenlee tells them both she wanted to celebrate Griffin’s freedom. Kendall sits next to Greenlee who apologizes to her and Kendall tells her that she loves being ambushed.

(Yacht Club) “ Erica” tells Jack that he saved her from taking a drink because she picked up the glass without thinking then they both head back to the table. Jack is worried about “Erica” and suggests that she should go to a meeting. “Erica” insists that she is fine and doesn’t need to go to a meeting she just felt pressured by him because he wanted to talk about Kendall and Bianca and the ordeal they had just been through. “Erica” tells Jack she promised Caleb she would take care of a problem at Cortlandt Electronics and leaves quickly because she doesn’t want to talk to Jack anymore.

(Erica’s fake room) Erica continues to try and get more information about Jane from Ben who brings in her food. Erica wonders if Ben ever wanted to be something because he surely didn’t want to guard prisoners for Jane. Ben tells Erica she should eat before her food gets cold and leaves without saying another word.

(Krystal’s) Marissa watches from her table as Krystal laughs at JR’s joke and then tells Bianca she thinks that she wants to get back together with him so they can build a stable home for AJ. Marissa tells Bianca that she knows that JR hasn’t changed but she has and he knows that she won’t stand for any of his games. Krystal warns JR not to hurt Marissa again and he assures her that he won’t do that because he knows Marissa is the woman for him and he doesn’t want to lose her again. Bianca decides not to give Marissa the music box and puts it back in her purse because now she knows Marissa wants to be with JR.

(Fusion) Scott tells Madison he will give her all the space she needs but makes it clear he won’t give up on her. Scott wonders what he can do to make things right between them and Madison tells him he can’t do anything because they never had anything between them. Madison is angry with Scott because the entire time they were together he never told her about the deal he made with Greenlee. Scott tells Madison he wanted to tell her the truth many times but he was scared to lose her. Madison reminds him that he was only with her to get out of jail early. Scott tells Madison that it started out as a deal but he fell in love with her and Madison tells him not to say that and starts throwing things at him and screaming for him to get out. Scott leaves with a worried look on his face as he watches Madison throw things off desks and then start to cry.

(ConFusion) Scott finds Ryan and tells him that Madison is in bad shape upstairs so Ryan heads upstairs to help her. Kendall gets a call from Jack who tells her that he is worried about Erica because she almost took a drink. Jack asks Kendall to meet him at her house so that she and Bianca can help him confront Erica. Kendall tells Griffin and Greenlee she has to leave because of a situation with Erica. Greenlee asks Griffin why guys like him and Ryan always feel the need to help damsels in distress. Griffin tells Greenlee that is a question best left unanswered but Greenlee insists that she wants to know the answer. Griffin tells Greenlee that from what Kendall has told him he gets the impression that Ryan is committed to his marriage and both she and Kendall can take care of themselves. “Erica” sees a reporter and gladly poses for pictures and promises him a scoop. “ Erica” heads to Greenlee’s table and asks to talk to her and once they are at another table “Erica” tells Greenlee she wants to buy the hospital as a thank you to the doctors who have saved so many of the people she loves. “Erica” tells Greenlee the hospital would be a subsidy to Cortlandt Electronics and Greenlee corrects her and says the hospital would be a subsidiary of Cortlandt Electronics. “Erica” sees the photographer again and poses for a picture shaking Greenlee’s hand. Greenlee is puzzled by “Erica's behavior and “Erica” explains to Greenlee she just wanted to shake on the deal.

(Fusion) Ryan finds Madison crying and she tells him that no matter how hard she tries to push them away memories of Sara keep coming back Ryan holds her as she cries and says that Scott is very worried about her because he cares about her very much.

(Krystal’s) Bianca gets a call from Jack who tells her to head to Kendall’s house to confront Erica about her almost drinking. Marissa promises to take care of Miranda and before Bianca leaves she gives JR the music box to give to Marissa and explains that her adoptive father used to sing it to her when she was scared. JR wonders why Bianca won’t give Marissa the gift but she thinks it would be better coming from him and once again tells JR to make Marissa happy.

(ConFusion) “Erica” gets a call from jack telling her he called Caleb and knows that she didn’t have a special project so she better get to Kendall’s unless she wants him to come find her.

(Erica’s fake room) Ben arrives to pick up the tray and Erica still wonders why Ben feels like a prisoner too and points out that he can leave but he says he cant leave Jane because he is responsible for what happened to her and the reason she kidnapped her.

(Kendall’s place) Jack tells “Erica” he loves her and leaves her alone to talk to Bianca and Kendall. Kendall and Bianca wonder why “Erica” almost took a drink and “Erica tells her daughters that she is afraid the kidnappers will come after her again. “ Erica” also tells the girls that she didn’t want to burden them with her problems. Kendall and Bianca tell “Erica” that she isn’t a burden to them and go in for a group hug “Erica” feels awkward and pulls away saying that she just got a message about a family surprise and will be back soon.

(Park) JR gives Marissa the music box and when she opens it and hears the song she hugs him and tells him it is the best gift anyone has ever given her. Bianca watches from behind a tree and smiles a little but still looks sad then she watches as JR kisses Marisa on the cheek and tells her she hasn’t seen anything yet.

(ConFusion) Greenlee is upset that Scott asked Ryan to talk to Madison because Madison doesn’t need Ryan to comfort her she has plenty of other friends. Scott tells Greenlee that Ryan is the only one who understands Madison’s pain and tells her to stop trying to keep them apart because the last time she tried to keep them apart it only brought them closer together. Ryan arrives and tells Greenlee she appreciates her understanding that he and Madison need to grieve the loss of their child together.

(Kendall’s place) Griffin brings Kendall lunch and while she is eating she spills some sauce on her dress then she starts thinking and Griffin wonders what is wrong and she explains to him that the last time she wore the dress was on a happy family day with Zach and the boys. Kendall continues and tells Griffin that she couldn’t wear the dress for a long time because it was too painful for her but today she put it on without thinking she wonders if that is progress and Griffin smiles and says that she is making progress.

A music montage starts where we see Greenlee sit beside Ryan at home while he cries about Sara, and Madison is at Fusion trying to work. Bianca is at the park watching JR, Marissa, Miranda, and AJ.

(Erica’s Fake room) Erica offers to help Ben get free from Jane but Ben says she can’t help him because he is responsible for everything Jane lost and he can’t forget that horrible day. Jane arrives and orders Ben not to say another word to Erica.

(Krystal’s) Jack tells Opal about Erica almost taking a drink and admits that he is really worried about her.

(Erica’s fake room) Erica tells herself that she will find out what happened to Jane that was so horrible.

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