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All My Children Update Friday 6/10/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca tells Kendall that there's a very good reason that she doesn't want to be too close to Marissa right now. Bianca admits to Kendall that she's falling in love with Marissa. Kendall is surprised as Bianca tells her it's the first time she's said it out loud and asks if she's crazy. Kendall tells her that falling in love can be crazy. Bianca says she told herself for so long that they were just friends and she was feeling affection or gratitude for handling her divorce. Bianca says she now knows it's more and she can't ignore it. Kendall just wants her to be happy. Kendall says she has one question. Bianca tells her that Marissa doesn't feel the same way as she's straight.

Marissa looks outside at the Chandler Mansion where Scott's working on the gatehouse. JR comes up and Marissa comments on how hard Scott is working so they should do something for him. JR thinks he's fine and brings up Scott punching him. Marissa insists he didn't mean it. Marissa thinks Scott should move back in so he's not alone as he needs his family. JR thinks she's just trying to get someone between them.

Liza finds Griffin at the clinic and tells him the judge made a decision. Griffin thanks her for everything. David arrives and thinks Liza's just helping because Griffin is Tad's brother in law. Liza brings up helping David all the time. David tells Liza he no longer needs her help or the clinic job as it's time for him to spread his wings.

Jack and "Erica" arrive at the yacht club and a woman comes up to "Erica" for an autograph and picture. Jack and "Erica" sit down and Jack comments that the Erica he knew wasn't much into her fans before she's having a meal. "Erica" tells him she's trying new things and she gets up to announce to the club that she's buying everyone lunch. Everyone claps and she returns to Jack. Jack comments that she's full of surprises. She tells him her whole perspective on life changed when she was locked up. Jack tells her that he'd like to find the people who kidnapped her and bury them for the rest of their lives. Jack says there's no leads and it's like the monster who did it vanished. "Erica" tells him it's over so he should let it stay over. Jack agrees and kisses her hand. "Erica" comments that she can't believe Jackson Montgomery is kissing her. Jack brings up wanting to make love to her and "Erica" tells him that she wants it to feel like the first time. Jack brings up Kendall and Bianca being through hell lately but they've handled it with strength just like their mother. "Erica" looks at the menu and gets excited about ordering crab. Jack wonders if she even heard what he said about her being a great mother. "Erica" tells him to just talk about them.

Liza asks David if he got a new job. David tells her that he will let her know when it's complete. Liza tells Griffin that she'll be in touch for the next step and she exits. Griffin asks David about a new job. David tells him he can't say yet. Griffin hopes it's in medicine. David tells him he'd never walk away. Griffin says he's returning to the field the first chance he gets. David tells him he'll be missing the chance of a lifetime.

Kendall sits with Bianca and asks if Marissa has said that she's in love with JR or not in love with Bianca. Bianca states that she hasn't but Marissa is straight. Kendall jokes with Bianca that she can tell a lot of the time. Bianca says Marissa is different. Kendall thinks she'll never know unless she talks to her. Bianca doesn't want to risk it with her lack of luck in love. Bianca shows Kendall a little music box that she bought for Marissa which plays the song Marissa's dad used to sing to her that she brought up in the closet. Bianca tells Kendall about buying it for Marissa so she'd feel safe but it was a bad idea and she's taking it back. Kendall thinks it could be the most important gift Bianca ever gives anyone.

Marissa tells JR that she can handle him and doesn't need Scott in between them, she just thinks Scott could use their support. JR doesn't think he needs to live there. Marissa thinks JR could get someone to help Scott finish the gatehouse. JR tells her that he'll make a phone call to a worker named Bruce. Marissa thanks him as AJ runs in wanting ice cream. JR thinks they should all go and Marissa agrees. Marissa reminds him of his phone call to make. JR tells them to wait in the car. Marissa sends AJ to get ready and stays behind so she can make sure JR makes the call. JR calls Bruce and asks him to help Scott with the gatehouse. Marissa kisses JR on the cheek for it and exits. JR then tells Bruce that he'll double the money if he makes sure the job doesn't get finished.

Kendall tells Bianca that Marissa might still be in love with JR but might be in love with Bianca. She tells Bianca that she doesn't have to ask her but should see how she reacts to the music box. Bianca tells her that Gabby is on a playdate so she promised Miranda an ice cream day. Kendall brings up the Miranda Center. Bianca tells her that it's great and brilliant to get Griffin working there again. Bianca thanks Kendall for listening and hugs her. Kendall tells her to take a chance and Bianca exits. Kendall takes her purse and leaves as well.

David tells Griffin that there's a strong possibility that he will be returning to Pine Valley Hospital and would like Griffin to sign on as his chief cardiac surgeon. Griffin is surprised he's taking over the hospital again. David asks if he can count on him. Griffin reminds him that he stole meds so the board isn't happy with him. David tells him they will get over it. David thinks he shouldn't be punished for thinking outside the box. David says he'd also like to have someone on his side in the hospital. Griffin tells him he's honored and it would be amazing to work next to him again but he's already made his decision. David tells him to think about it and he goes to exit the clinic as Kendall arrives. David tells Kendall to talk Griffin into staying. Kendall asks Griffin what David wanted then apologizes for leaving him at Fusion. Griffin understands Bianca needed her and asks how she is. Kendall tells him that she's doing better as it was just that Ricky brought back past nightmares. Kendall blames herself for bringing Ricky into their lives. Griffin tells her not to blame herself. Kendall says they did realize it's best to move forward so that's why she's here. Kendall hopes they can talk about the Miranda Center and he can teach her all he needs to know. Griffin tells her first he has some news. Griffin tells her that Liza was there and he gets community charges and no jail time. Kendall tells him that's great and excitedly hugs him. She tells him she's so happy for him and Griffin states that he's happy too.

Bianca arrives at Krystal's with Miranda and sits her with a coloring book. Bianca orders 2 banana splits from Krystal. Krystal tells her she's really glad she's okay after what Ricky did. Bianca says she's sorry for getting Marissa tangled in it. Krystal says she's not to blame. Marissa arrives with AJ. AJ runs up and hugs Krystal. Marissa tells her they had to get ice cream and Krystal tells her that Bianca ordered the same too. Marissa asks to join Bianca and they move to the bigger table. Bianca brings up needing more napkins and starts to get up but Marissa grabs her hand and tells her just to wait until the ice cream comes. Marissa asks Bianca what she wanted to talk about earlier but JR arrives and asks if they have room for one more.

Jack tells "Erica" he's never seen her enjoy a meal so much. A woman comes up and thanks her for buying everyone's lunch. Jack states that she's made a lot of people happy. Jack brings up Kendall and Bianca again but "Erica" blows it off saying they're probably enjoying their day so they should too. Jack wonders why she doesn't want to talk about Bianca and Kendall. "Erica" tells him to just focus on them. Jack says they can't until she tells him why she's been acting so strange. "Erica" tells him that nothing is going on. Jack suggests going to a shrink because he wants to help. David arrives and "Erica" spots him. She says she has to go to the ladies room and Jack wonders why she keeps trying to run away from him.

Bianca tells JR there's plenty of room and he sits with them. JR calls it a great idea. Bianca agrees. Marissa suggests Bianca bring her girls over for a pool party next week. Bianca tells her she'll check her schedule. JR comments they'll have lots of get-togethers this summer. Marissa tells him to get his own sundae and he gets up to do so. Bianca comments that JR is in a good mood. Marissa states that Bianca's not in a good mood and she knows why.

Kendall tells Griffin that they should celebrate the great news. Griffin says he gets to practice medicine again. Kendall talks about how great it is and asks if he's still leaving town. Griffin tells her that he has to stay 6 more months for community service. Kendall is glad because she was counting on him helping with the Miranda Center. Kendall gives him a check as an advance for his services to help pay back the hospital. Kendall says she hasn't sold the casinos yet but wanted to start with this and paying him more for showing her everything about running a clinic. Kendall talks about how Bianca has ran the Miranda Center successfully for a long time. Griffin thinks a medical clinic is more difficult and he agrees to show her.

"Erica" tells Jack that she isn't running away but Jack wants her to sit and talk to him. She tells Jack they've been having a perfect day but Jack wants to know what the problem is. "Erica" says the only problem is him. She says they've had so much drama and she just really feels like Jack has been ignored so she wanted to spend this day focus on him. Jack brings up Kendall and Bianca again. "Erica" says they are all grown up and are probably surrounded by friends with a big support system. Jack tells her that she's a big part of that support system. "Erica" tells him that just because they're family doesn't mean they're stuck only talking about family. A woman comes up and asks "Erica" for an autograph. As she's signing the autograph, Jack gets up and leaves. The woman leaves and David comes up to sit with "Erica". David calls it a great performance. David tells her to think about how fast it will all disappear if he doesn't get what he wants. She tells him that he doesn't have to threaten her. David calls it a polite reminder. Liza arrives and spots them. David tells "Erica" to work faster. She wonders why he sold his share of the hospital anyways. David tells her that he just wants it back and if she doesn't make it happen, her days will be over. Jack returns and David claims he was just telling "Erica" how beautiful she looked. David comments that it's like she's a new woman. David gets up and heads to the bar where Liza is. Liza wonders what he's up to. "Erica" asks Jack how she would make a big purchase. Jack asks how big they're talking about.

Griffin bandages a man up at the clinic and sends him on his way. Kendall tells him she never realized what went into all this and wonders how he does it. Griffin tells her that you just do the best you can and try not to turn anyone away. Griffin tells her she'll learn that in the field and Kendall responds that she hasn't run away yet.

JR offers to help Krystal carry some boxes but she tells him she has it. Krystal tells JR to cut to the chase. JR tells Krystal that he wants Marissa and loves her so he will prove it to them. JR says they've been through hell and back so they should try to figure out how to be a family. Krystal asks if he really means that. JR states that Marissa wants a happy real family and so does he.

Marissa tells Bianca that she makes her uncomfortable since she hung up on her and doesn't want to make weekend plans. Bianca denies it. Marissa thinks Bianca looks at her and gets memories of Ricky that she wants to forget. Marissa tells Bianca that she hopes she's not going to avoid her because there'd be a huge hole in her life without her in it.

JR tells Krystal that Marissa amazes him everyday with AJ. JR admits he may have taken her for granted but now realizes how extraordinary she is and how they're meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bianca tells Marissa that Ricky was a monster and what he did was terrible but when they were locked up together, she was the one who brought her through it since she was so strong and amazing. Bianca tells Marissa she has something for her.

Kendall and Griffin return to Kendall's. Kendall gets some papers to show him and says she has many changes to make after seeing him work. Griffin is impressed at how much she got from one afternoon. Griffin tells her that he's proud of her. Griffin brings up how Kendall stopped a little girl from crying. Kendall says anyone would've done that. Griffin touches Kendall's face and they get close but Kendall remembers to get her work bag. She pulls the papers out and shows him the rough draft. Kendall tells him about wanting a plaque with Zach's name on it and Griffin thinks it's perfect. Griffin decides he should get going. Kendall offers him something to eat but Griffin tells her he needs to be somewhere. Griffin exits as the phone rings.

"Erica" eats baked Alaska and Jack comments that she never liked that. She tells him she's savoring the moment with everything. Jack asks if she's going to tell him what's bothering her but she insists there's nothing. "Erica" gets up and rushes off to fix her lipstick. David acknowledges her as she walks off. David tells Liza that what he is up to, a lot of people better hope it doesn't backfire. David leaves her side and Liza heads the other way. "Erica" slowly comes back down the stairs behind Jack and walks off to the bar. She spots a drink that was left at the bar and goes to drink it but Jack comes up and pulls it away from her, asking what the hell she's doing.

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