AMC Update Thursday 6/9/11

All My Children Update Thursday 6/9/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Scott orders a drink at Fusion. JR comes up and comments that it looks like trouble. Scott tells him to go away. JR wonders what he's doing there instead of comforting Madison. JR brings up that Madison gave him the boot. Scott turns around and knocks JR out with a punch to the face. JR gets to his feet bleeding from the mouth and Scott walks off.

Bianca tells Marissa she can't do this anymore. Marissa asks what and wants her to tell her what's going on. Bianca tells her it was a bad idea and goes to leave but Marissa stops her and brings her back to the closet. Marissa tells her that they didn't give in to the fear. Marissa tells Bianca that nothing will change the way she feels about her.

Caleb brings Asher home to the Chandler Mansion. Asher's on crutches as Colby welcomes him home. Caleb tells him to take it easy.

Griffin sits at Fusion with a drink as Kendall arrives saying she's sorry for being late but got his message. Griffin realizes that Cara set him up again.

Cara sits with Tad at home and talks about eating dinner. Tad asks where Griffin is. Cara tells him that Griffin isn't joining them for dinner and starts talking about watching movies. Tad calls for a rain check and tells her she doesn't have to play house with him to make up for kissing Jake.

Marissa sits down with Bianca and wants to check the wound on her wrist. Marissa puts a cloth on it and sits with her but her phone rings and it's JR. She answers and it's the manager at the yacht club. He tells Marissa that JR has been in an altercation, he's fine but shouldn't drive himself home. Marissa says she'll be right there and hangs up. She tells Bianca what happened and that she has to go. Bianca asks Marissa if she still loves JR.

The manager tells JR that Marissa is on her way and sounded worried. JR says that's good.

Asher sits down and Caleb asks if he can get her anything. Colby offers him one of the cars. Maya calls Colby away and Caleb offers to look after Asher. Colby goes out and Maya shows her a box that was delivered to her. Colby sees that it's samples from Michelle Maldonado who loves her blog and wants her to be the face of her new line.

Cara tells Tad that she understands kissing Jake put him at risk. Tad tells her they are over it and borrows her phone. Tad tells her that he wants to sit with Liza and make a case for Griffin. Tad tells her it's supposed to be happening but he can't find Griffin. Tad tries to call Griffin and he's not answering. Cara tells him it's because he's angry with her for setting up on a blind date with Kendall.

Griffin tells Kendall that Cara brought them together under false pretenses. Kendall assures him that she wasn't in on it and thought he wanted to meet about the Miranda Center. Griffin tells her that once he's cleared of the charges, his place is back on the field. Kendall tells him that since he didn't want to meet, she'll get going. She goes to leave but Griffin stops her and tells her not to go.

Marissa tells Bianca that she'd be lying if she didn't admit that JR has been winning over even if he is working her weak point. Bianca gets that she just wants to be part of a family. Marissa states that Bianca really gets her and she's starting to wonder if she could still have that with JR. Marissa tells her that she trusts her and wants to know if Bianca thinks she shouldn't be with JR. Bianca says she just wants her to be happy so if JR makes her happy, she's 100% behind it. Marissa still wants to know what's going on with Bianca but she says she'll tell her another time. Marissa exits.

Asher tells Caleb he's good and should probably just take it easy. Caleb helps him take his shoes off. Caleb comments on Colby welcoming Asher. Asher thinks maybe Colby realized he was trying not to hurt her. Caleb says holding back from hurting someone pretty much guarantees they'll get hurt.

Maya helps Colby bring the box of clothes to her room. Colby comments that she's just now realizing she's kind of a big deal. Maya states she thought all the Chandlers were big deals and they laugh together. Colby tells Maya to take a break from work and stay with her. Colby tells her about never thinking her blog would be this big. Colby tells her she would stop what happened to her if she could go back in a heartbeat.

Liza sits at Krystal's watching Colby's blog. Tad calls her and tells her he understands he's late and tells her that they are on their way.

Griffin gets a phone call and sees it's Cara so he says he'll deal with it later. Griffin turns his phone offf and tells Kendall to sit back down with him. Kendall thought he didn't want to meet. Griffin says they're both here and there's champagne so they sit back down. Griffin says since she has someone watching the boys, they may as well take advantage. Kendall says maybe she can talk him into staying and helping with the Miranda Center. Griffin reminds her he's stubborn. Kendall says she wouldn't want to make him do anything he doesn't want to do. Kendall notices a table of three ladies that are staring at Griffin. Griffin jokes with her that he's never had a problem attracting women.

Bianca arrives at Fusion and orders a water. A man at the counter asks her if that's a new phone and Bianca has flashbacks to Ricky, so she shouts get your hands off of me which surprises Kendall who sees her. Bianca yells at the man and has him thrown out. Kendall and Griffin join her and Kendall asks what's going on. Bianca tells her she's tired of never being safe anywhere she goes. Kendall apologizes to Griffin and rushes after Bianca.

Marissa brings JR home and JR thanks her for rescuing him. Marissa asks him about the punch and JR tells her it was a suckerpunch he never saw coming. Marissa asks about it some more and JR tells her it was completely unprovoked. Marissa asks who hit him. Scott comes up behind them at the door and tells her that he was the one who punched him.

Colby tells Maya that she's made mistakes like with Asher. Maya comments that sometimes people who care, hurt you and that doesn't mean they don't care. Colby wants to make it up to Asher. Maya tells her that giving him a car is more than okay. Colby hopes it wasn't too much. Colby asks her opinion. Maya says she doesn't think she should buy Asher, but thinks she'd have to do something really bad for him to go away. She suggests Colby be with Asher. Colby thanks her and says she'll go join him now. Colby gives her the clothes and thinks Maya would look great in it. Maya is surprised and doesn't know what to say. Maya thanks her and Colby goes to leave. Maya's phone rings, she answers and says she can't talk right now because she's at work. Maya says she knows they're back and will call when she's not working. Maya hangs up and Colby asks if everything is okay.

Cara tells Tad about trying to set up Kendall and Griffin in hopes of getting Griffin to stay but now it could mess up his chances of getting the charges dropped. Griffin arrives and tells her that she's right about being pissed and that she doesn't need to set him up.

Kendall brings Bianca home and Bianca tells her about not wanting to be touched by men and brings up what Ricky did. Kendall blames herself, saying she did this by bringing Ricky into their lives and Bianca paid the price again.

Scott tells Marissa that JR was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scott take the blame for it and JR tells him to leave before anything happens again.

Caleb tells Asher to take his meds every 4 hours and shows him where his number and the doctor's numbers are. Asher jokes that he's not 10 years old.

Scott tells JR and Marissa that he wasn't planning on staying anyways as he'd rather work on the gatehouse so he exits. Marissa tells JR that he knows he's going through a lot with Madison. JR says that doesn't justify Scott assaulting him so she shouldn't defend him. JR heads into the living room where he hears Caleb offer Asher to stay with him. JR tells them that Asher isn't going anywhere. Marissa texts Scott that she's worried about him. Scott returns and tells Marissa that he appreciates it but is here to work and not talk. Scott says he'll fix the gatehouse since he can't fix anything else in his life. Scott asks Marissa why she wants to get back with JR when she could do so much better and she could be with someone who cares about her.

Kendall sits with Bianca and Bianca tells her it's not her fault. Bianca tells her about Ricky just bringing back some memories. Kendall wishes she didn't get Bianca involved. Bianca tells her that Ricky will rot for what he did. Bianca tells Kendall about going back to his hotel room to try and take control again. Bianca thought it would make her feel strong again and proud. Kendall comforts her as Bianca cries out that she promised herself she'd never be scared again after Michael Cambias. Kendall tells her she should've called so she wouldn't have been alone. Bianca tells her that Marissa was there with her. Kendall says that's good since they've gotten close. Bianca tells Kendall that she isn't brave, but a hypocrite.

Colby tells Maya that she can talk to her about anything that's going on. Colby asks if she was talking to her boyfriend. Maya says it was her aunt who thinks she's her maid and cook. Maya assures her she won't take personal calls at work anymore. Colby tells her that nobody cares if she does and if she has any trouble to come to her. Colby exits and Maya pulls her cell phone out again.

Griffin tells Cara to stay out of his personal life since he doesn't need to be set up. Tad reminds him of the meeting with Liza. Cara tells him that she'll drop the drug charges. Griffin wants to go and Tad lets him know it's not a done deal yet. Tad leaves, Griffin tells Cara to stay and not cause more trouble. Griffin follows Tad out and Cara yells after them that she doesn't listen to him.

Scott tells Marissa that maybe he hit JR because he's jealous that he got the woman he loves back under his roof while he didn't. Marissa tells him she's only there for AJ and Scott hopes so then exits. Marissa goes to Bianca's name on her phone and Colby comes downstairs. Colby tells her that Asher's home so she should come say hi. Marissa tells her she has to make a call but will be there in a second.

JR tells Caleb that this is Asher's home so he needs to be there. Asher comments that Caleb is family too. Colby comes in and agrees that Asher should stay. JR asks if Caleb's going to fight them. Caleb says if Asher's happy, he's happy so JR tells Asher it's his call.

Tad arrives at Krystal's with Griffin and tells Liza that he knows that they are late but she should just hear them out. Liza sits with them and Griffin thanks her for seeing him. Liza tells him to make his case as Cara arrives behind them.

Bianca tells Kendall about counseling women all the time and she tells them to believe in themselves to stop feeling like victims. Kendall says that Bianca helps them move from powerless to powerful. Bianca wonders why she can't do that for herself. Kendall tells her that she's one of the strongest people she's ever met. Kendall calls her a role model to women and children everywhere including her. Kendall tells Bianca to keep fighting and she and Erica will be right there with her. Bianca's phone rings and it's Marissa. Kendall tells Bianca that's someone else in her corner. Bianca answers the phone and Marissa tells her she hated leaving her the way she did. Marissa tells her that JR is fine and she's more worried about her. Marissa tells her that she's with Kendall now and has to go. Marissa tells her she'll call her later and they hang up. Kendall tells Bianca that she didn't have to hang up and they can help each other through this. Bianca tells her Marissa can't anymore.

Colby asks Asher for his decision. Asher says he's going to stay as long as Caleb's welcome to visit any time. JR says that's fine. Caleb jokes that he likes his burgers medium. Marissa comes in and welcomes Asher home. JR's phone rings and tells Caleb he bets he'd like to know about his deals. JR steps out to answer. Colby tells Asher that she thinks she's going to cut down on her blog and spend more time on what's really important. Asher jokes with her and says he thinks he can handle more of her.

Maya makes a phone call and says she's sorry for hanging up but needs the job. Maya says she doesn't know when she can go out on a date since she's been asked to work overtime. Maya says she will call back as soon as things slow down. Maya tells the person she loves them too and hangs up.

Griffin tells Liza that he won't apologize for helping people in need. Liza says there's nothing she can do with that kind of no remorse. Cara texts Tad. Tad tells Liza that the judge has to consider Griffin's record and how he's saved lives. Tad gets another text and claims he's going from his notes. Griffin says he knows what he did was wrong and he broke the law but he'd appreciate the court's compassion. Liza agrees to make a phone call and will recommend community service. Liza gets up and Cara joins them. Tad calls her brilliant and hugs her. Tad exits. Griffin tells Cara that she's not off the hook for trying to play cupid with him and Kendall and she hugs him.

Tad tells Liza outside of Krystal's that she's doing the right thing and that Colby would be proud. Liza states she won't hold her breath and she walks off.

Caleb tells Asher there's a lot worse places he could be. Maya brings them milkshakes and they toast each other.

Colby thanks JR for not fighting Caleb for Asher. Colby thinks maybe they can make peace one day and have the Chandlers and Cortlandts finally end the war.

Scott comes back in and jokingly flirts with Marissa which makes JR upset.

Kendall asks Bianca about Marissa. Bianca tells her that she doesn't want Marissa to have to look out for her. Kendall insists but Bianca tells her that Marissa is busy with JR and AJ. Kendall states that she knows something's going on that's tearing her up inside so she has to tell her. Bianca tells Kendall that there's a very good reason that she doesn't want to be too close to Marissa right now. Bianca admits to Kendall that she's falling in love with Marissa.

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