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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/8/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee sits at home as Ryan comes downstairs. They both try to talk and Ryan tells Greenlee to start. She says it was really bad arguing last night. Ryan takes the blame for not giving her a chance. Greenlee wants to forget everything and go somewhere to be together. Ryan asks where she wants to go. She suggests the Castle. Ryan takes her hand and tells her the weather is perfect for it. There's a knock at the door, Ryan opens and it's Scott. Scott says he's been trying to reach him and asks if he knows where Madison is.

Madison sleeps on a bench in the park. Brot comes up and wakes her, asking what she's doing there. Brot asks if she's been there all night. Madison tells him that she doesn't care if he arrests her.

JR runs into Marissa on his way out of the Chandler Mansion and she's surprised to see him going to work. JR says a board meeting came up. Marissa thought they were doing something today but she understands that he has to work. JR thinks she's disappointed.

Bianca sits with a woman at the hospital that's been beat up. She tells her that she will set her up with the Miranda Center to help her get past the abuse and move on. The woman thanks Bianca for everything and walks away. Bianca looks down at a cut on her wrist and has flashbacks to Ricky again. David walks by and stops when he sees Bianca.

Jack offers to help "Erica" with whatever is upsetting her. She says she's fine and just doesn't want to take anything for granted again. Jack promises he won't ever either. Jack tells her he loves her and kisses her. "Erica" tells him how much it means to hear him say that. Jack exits and "Erica"'s phone rings. She answers and it's David. She asks where David's been since she's been calling him all night. She asks where he is because they need to talk. David knows she just wants to know if he's told the world that she's not really Erica Kane. Bianca walks by and bumps into David, knocking his phone out of his hands. Bianca picks it up for him and hears "Erica"'s voice, she answers and asks if it's her mom.

Scott tells Ryan and Greenlee that he's checked with Frankie and Randi and no one's heard from her, not at Fusion either. Ryan thinks he might know where she is and he exits. Scott starts to follow him but Greenlee tells him to let Ryan go alone.

Brot tells Madison he's not going to arrest her but offers to get her some food. Madison says she just wants her baby. Brot sits with her and Madison explains that her baby was buried near and that's why she was there. Brot tells her she can't stay there and offers to take her home. Madison wants to stay a while longer, saying she isn't ready to leave yet. Brot understands and walks off as Madison lays back on the bench crying.

Marissa tells JR that she's not disappointed as Maya comes down the stairs cleaning. Marissa comments that she thought it'd be nice to do something with JR. JR calls that progress and suggests they can do something later. Marissa jokes with him wondering what he's up to. JR claims he's new and improved which Marissa says will take some getting used to. Marissa tells him to go to work as she has things to do as well. Marissa walks into the living room and JR tells Maya that Marissa was disappointed and that's a very good thing.

"Erica" is surprised to hear Bianca on David's phone. Bianca wonders why she was yelling at David. "Erica" claims she was negotiating. David explains to Bianca that "Erica" signed his letter of recommendation. Bianca can't believe it and "Erica" claims she has another phone call then hangs up. Bianca tells David to stop bothering "Erica". David claims that isn't what he was doing. David suggests that "Erica" can handle herself. Bianca tells him to leave her alone since she's recovering from being kidnapped. David tells her that "Erica" has assured him that she's fine so he thinks that something else must be bothering Bianca. David tells Bianca that he knows about what happened with Ricky. David asks her about Marissa. Bianca says she's great and amazing. David asks if Marissa is seeking help about what happened with Ricky. Bianca tells him she doesn't want to talk about Marissa's life to him. David asks if she's ready to help people after what happened. Bianca says she's been through worse and recalls being grateful to David for helping back then. David states that he's offering to help her again. Bianca thinks he always has an agenda. David says his offer his genuine but Bianca insists she doesn't need any help then walks off.

Jack returns to "Erica" and asks who was on the phone. She tells him it was David and Jack asks if he is still harassing her about the letter of recommendation. "Erica" tells him she had to give it to him. Jack can't believe it and tells her that he's going to go after David but "Erica" stops him.

Bianca walks on in the hospital and runs into JR. JR asks how she's doing and she says she's fine and has been getting asked that a lot lately. Bianca asks him about Marissa. He says she's great and they are starting to get to a really great place. JR thinks Bianca isn't convinced. Bianca says it's not her business. JR comments that he knows she and Marissa have become close friends and she's protective of her. Bianca doesn't doubt that JR cares about Marissa. JR says he doesn't care, he loves Marissa and will do whatever it takes to get her back. JR thinks Bianca should see it as a good thing. JR thinks Bianca's encouragement won't hurt Marissa. JR thinks that Marissa ultimately wants to be a family again. Bianca states that she knows JR wants that and JR sometimes gets bored and goes looking for something else. JR says he screwed up and ruined the best thing he's ever had but if he gets another chance he won't make the same mistake. JR tells Bianca to do it for Marissa. Bianca asks what if she does consider doing it for him. Bianca says there'd have to be one condition, if he hurts Marissa again, she will become his nightmare.

Jack tells "Erica" that he'll go to the board and take back her signature. "Erica" says she can't risk David going after Kendall. Jack argues but she insists she signed the letter and it's done. "Erica" reminds Jack that David is a brilliant doctor who has saved lives. Jack states that David's ruined just as many lives. "Erica" thinks David will stop tormenting people if he gets his license back. Jack says that "Erica" giving up without a fight is very unlike her. She claims to be tired of fighting and struggling. She tells Jack that she just wants it to be them and nobody else, living and loving life. She hugs him and talks about being worried about their life almost being taken away.

Scott asks Greenlee why they're still here. Greenlee tells him that Madison doesn't want to see him but probably wants to see Ryan. Greenlee suggests they keep each other company while they're stuck there. Scott sits with her and asks about her and Ryan. She tells him they make a little progress then it stops. Greenlee says she is not one to sit around and wait, she goes after what she wants but she can't fight a connection between parent and child. Greenlee wonders where she fits in but isn't giving up.

Ryan arrives to the park and finds Madison laying on the bench. Ryan comments that it's peaceful there. Madison wonders how he knew she was there. He figured she'd want to be close to Sara. Ryan sits with her and Madison says she knows everyone must think she's crazy for being out there. Ryan says he wants to be close to Sara too. Ryan says he'll never stop missing and loving Sara. Madison comments on how hard she fought and how tiny she was. Ryan states that Sara might not have lived long but she inspired him to never give up. Ryan tells Madison that Sara would want that for her too but Madison doesn't know if she can. Ryan reminds Madison she's young and smart with her whole life ahead of her. Madison tells him she doesn't know if she can have another child some day because she can't imagine loving someone when she might lose them. Ryan tells her to just take care of herself as she can't keep sleeping on park benches. Ryan promises her it will get better and that Sara would want her to have a wonderful life. Ryan tells Madison that they can honor Sara's life by living their own.

Marissa comes to the hospital and finds David. She wonders what he's doing there. David tells her about meeting to get his job back. David reminds her he's been calling her. David thinks he should get a conversation after what happened with Ricky. Marissa says she's fine. David tells her that Bianca said the same thing. Marissa is surprised he talked to her. David comments that Bianca looked like she wasn't fine and was struggling. Marissa asks what was wrong with Bianca and rushes off to find her. David sits down and JR walks in telling him not to get comfortable. David tells him he'll be back before long. JR says he isn't buying like the other board members. JR tells David he won't be practicing medicine at this hospital as long as Greenlee owns it. David tells him that they have no idea what he's capable of.

Bianca returns to the hotel room where Ricky locked them up. Bianca says to herself that Ricky can't do this to her and this is her life that he can't mess with.

Madison tells Ryan that she doesn't know how to pick up the pieces. Ryan suggests she relies on her friends like him. Madison says that's sweet but he has a life with Greenlee and she can't expect him to drop it every time she needs someone. Ryan brings up Scott but Madison doesn't want to talk about him. Ryan understands she's mad because he lied to them but he realized that Scott stepped up. Ryan brings up Scott being there for Emma with Annie and being a good guy that cares about her. Madison starts to respond as Scott arrives to the park.

David comes to Ryan's and asks Greenlee why she wasn't at the hospital board meeting. She doesn't want to talk to him. David wants her input as he enters. Greenlee tells him the board isn't thrilled with her for helping Griffin. David wants her not to stand in his way of returning to work at the hospital. Greenlee says no but David tells her that it doesn't matter because he has other supporters. David shows Greenlee the letter of recommendation signed by Erica.

Jack and "Erica" sit at Fusion. She says this is perfect and exactly what she needed. Greenlee rushes up to them and asks what Erica is doing with the letter of recommendation. David watches from a distance. "Erica" apologizes for not letting Greenlee know. Greenlee wants to know why she did this. Jack tells her that "Erica" has been under a lot of stress. "Erica" apologizes saying she never intended to hurt her. Greenlee brings up all she's trying to do with Ryan and Fusion and now has to work with David thanks to Erica which is too much.

Ryan tells Madison that he will give she and Scott some time. Ryan exits and Madison tells Scott that she doesn't want to talk to him. Madison asks what he wants. Scott tells her he wants to be with her which is what he always wanted. Madison reminds him that it was his job at first. Scott says it was never a job because he liked her before Greenlee ever offered him anything. Scott says he would've fallen in love with her anyway. Scott tells her he can't walk away and give up on what they had. Scott asks her if what they had is completely gone now and if she hates him. Madison says she doesn't hate him. Scott wants her to just let him hold her and take her home to take care of her. Madison tells him that she can't. She says she knows he cares and wants to make it right but she can't forget that he lied to her and what she lost. Madison says every time she looks at him, she remembers and it breaks her heart. Madison says she has to go and rushes off.

Bianca enters the closet where they were tied up and has more flashbacks to Ricky and to being tied up. She backs out of the closet and hears someone come up through the elevator. She wonders who's there and Marissa comes in. Marissa asks her what happened. Bianca says she doesn't know and doesn't have any idea why this is happening to her. Bianca wonders why she is shaking and scared of nothing. Marissa tells her to take it easy. Bianca thinks she should know how to handle this. Marissa reminds her she was there too and scared. Marissa says she's sleeping at night with the lights on and jumps at a noise from the hallway. Marissa says when she thinks about it, she breaks out in a cold sweat. Bianca asks what she does. Marissa tells her she had ice cream last night but she should've called Bianca and talk it out. Marissa tells Bianca to call her when things get bad. Bianca says it's hard for her. Marissa tells her there's nothing wrong with needing somebody.

Madison is at home with Randi and tells her she can't stay there anymore. Randi tells her to stay with her and Frankie. Madison declines saying it would feel like a step back. Randi convinces her and Madison tells her she'll pay rent. Randi tells her she doesn't have to but Madison insists.

Jack tells Greenlee to sit with he and "Erica" and tell them what she thinks she can eliminate from her full plate. Greenlee says she'll give up the hospital because she only took it over because of David so why hang on to it. "Erica" thinks it's a great idea and then steps away. Jack tells Greenlee to go easy on "Erica" since she's been nice to her lately. Greenlee finds it strange. Jack thinks they should be patient with her. Greenlee tells him leaving the hospital would keep David out of her life since she doesn't need distractions.

"Erica" finds David at Fusion and David tells her she's doing a great imitation of Erica. She asks him what he's trying to do. She knows David enjoys putting people through hell and asks if he's going to expose her or not. David says he hasn't made up his mind. She tells him she doesn't want to play his games and has no intention of living in fear of him. She tells him to stop patronizing her because she's gotten this far and survived much worse than him. David asks what's on her mind. She tells him that she helped him yesterday and is now ready to offer him more.

Bianca tells Marissa she can't do this anymore. Marissa asks what and wants her to tell her what's going on.

Madison sits with Randi at Krystal's and thanks her for helping her pack. Madison says she doesn't want everyone to worry about her all the time. Madison promises not to sleep in the park anymore. Randi asks what she's going to do tomorrow but Madison says she doesn't think that far ahead anymore. Randi tells her Fusion could use her help. Madison says every move she makes now she wonders if it's the right one. Madison says she doesn't want to lose anymore since she's lost so much already.

Scott orders a drink at Fusion. JR comes up and comments that it looks like trouble. Scott tells him to go away. JR wonders what he's doing there instead of comforting Madison. JR brings up that Madison gave him the boot. Scott turns around and knocks JR out with a punch to the face.

Ryan walks out of the park as Greenlee walks up. Ryan apologizes for not going to the Castle. Greenlee tells him it's okay as wherever he is, is where she wants to be. Ryan tells her that he just wants to go home with her now and they walk off together.

"Erica" tells David that she doesn't want Jack to see them together as they sit down. She brings up that Greenlee wants to sell the hospital and says she could find a buyer that is more partial to him. David suggests that she buy the hospital and he'll be her silent partner in complete control. "Erica" asks what's in it for her and David tells her he'll keep his silence about her so she agrees to the deal.

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