AMC Update Tuesday 6/7/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 6/7/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Kendall’s place) Kendall looks at a picture of Zach and tells him that she did what she promised him and got him justice. Kendall also tells the picture that Griffin helped her do it although he is a pain but she trusts him. Kendall then thinks of Griffin and puts Zach’s picture in a box and tells herself its time to move on and build Miranda Centers around the world.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan opens the door and is surprised to discover furniture in the way and Greenlee tells him she is learning fung shui to bring peace into their house. Ryan tells her that moving furniture around isn’t going to fix what is wrong in their marriage but he helps her move a chair and they argue about where to put the chair in the room. Greenlee wonders if they are going to be arguing like this about every little thing and if their relationship is always going to be this hard. Greenlee tells Ryan that since Emma is at a sleep over maybe they could have a quiet dinner and talk. Ryan agrees but then Kendall arrives with Spike and wonders if she is interrupting anything but Ryan tells her they were going to have dinner and she and Spike are welcome to stay. Greenlee takes food orders and heads to Confusion to get the food while Kendall and Ryan talk.

(Park) Jake runs and reminds himself that he loves Amanda and that Cara is in the past then he sees Tad and he wonders why Jake feels the need to run. Jake tells him he isn’t running for any other reason then exercise. Jake thinks Tad is running to get in shape for Cara because everyone can see he has real feelings for her Tad is a little bit shocked and doesn’t say a word.

(Free Clinic) Cara cries as she tells Griffin what almost happened with Jake and that she wanted to be with him but they were interrupted by a call from the hospital. Griffin tells Cara that tad is a good man and she could be happy with him and she should give herself a chance to be happy with Tad because Jake is happily married to Amanda. Cara thinks that Griffin should stop using his profession to avoid facing his feelings for Kendall but Griffin thinks it isn’t right to act on his feelings since he knows that Kendall is still in love with and grieving Zach.

(Park) Tad tells Jake that Cara is adorable and he cares about her very much and Jake tells Tad that Jesse noticed that he has feelings for Cara and Tad tries to pretend that Jesse is wrong but Jake wants him to tell the truth. Tad finally admits to Jake that he didn’t intend for it to happen because he knows that Cara doesn’t love him because she is still in love with him. (Jake) Tad asks Jake to be honest with him now and admit that he still has feelings for Cara but Jake assures him that Cara is in his past. Tad asks Jake for a hug and they hug but it is an awkward hug between them.

(Free Clinic Griffin worries that Cara and Jake could give in to their feelings for each other if they work together at the hospital everyday and tells Cara not to take the job. Cara asks Griffin to stay in Pine Valley because she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Griffin tells Cara that if he did stay in Pine Valley he will do what he can to make sure that she doesn’t ruin her life or her happiness.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan admits to Kendall that he doesn’t think he can forgive Greenlee for lying to him about Madison’s baby. Kendall advises Ryan that if he feels he can’t forgive Greenlee he should just walk away because it’s the best thing for both of them. Ryan leaves and heads to Confusion to talk to Greenlee while Kendall stays behind with Spike Griffin arrives to talk to Greenlee and ask her if she could help get the drug charges against him dropped because Tad has helped him enough. Kendall wonders why he pushes friends away and griffin says its best to make a clean break because he thinks Kendall can start the new Miranda center on her own and doesn’t need him anymore. Kendall promises to give Greenlee his message and Griffin promises to give Kendall the specs on the new Miranda center later.

(Confusion) Greenlee runs into Jack and tells him her troubles with Ryan and wonders if she is like her mother and Jack tells her that she is nothing like Mary but she does tend to hold on to the people she loves too tightly and that is his fault because he wasn’t there when she was growing up and needed him. Jack advises Greenlee to be patient with Ryan and then Ryan arrives and jack leaves them alone to talk. Ryan and Greenlee try to have dinner but they are tense with each other and hardly talk or eat at all. Greenlee tells Ryan that she wants to marry him again but he tells her he isn’t ready and walks out. Jack calls Greenlee and she tells him things didn’t go well but she intends to fight for her marriage.

(Free Clinic) Tad arrives to give Cara a surprise and she tells him she can’t lie to him so she tells him what almost happened between her and Jake. Tad understands because he knows how powerful first love can be and commends Cara for being honest with him. Tad gives Cara a stethoscope that belonged to Joe and explains that he loved to take it out of his bag when he was younger. Cara doesn’t want to accept it but Tad tells her that he wants her to have it because she needs to return to the hospital. Cara doesn’t want to return to the hospital because Jake is there but Tad tells her that the hospital needs her and she needs the hospital. Cara assures Tad that Jake is in her past and happy with Amanda and she is happy with him if Tad will have her. Tad takes her hand and they head to the hospital together to talk to Jake.

(Ryan’s place) Kendall thinks she can run the new Miranda center alone but then she decides she should call Griffin. Spike asks for ice cream and she starts to tickle him.

(Hospital) Tad arrives with Cara and she tells Jake that Tad knows what happened between them at the clinic. Jake notices Cara has Joe’s stethoscope Tad assures Jake that he and Cara have worked everything out and it is okay that she work at the hospital with him.

(Krystal’s) Tad and griffin talk and Tad tells Griffin he should return to work at the hospital because the hospital needs him.

(Hospital) Jake shows Cara the ring he gave her and says that there is something they should do before she starts work. Jake and Cara head outside to the garbage cans and throw away the ring and they get paged to work as they head back inside they both look back at the garbage like they want to take the ring out.

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