AMC Update Friday 6/3/11

All My Children Update Friday 6/3/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

"Erica" takes the guard that guards Erica in lockup to the park and tells him he's not supposed to ever show his face in Pine Valley. The guard assures her that Erica is secure for now but he has a bad feeling that she's going to find out what really happened.

Caleb arrives at Jack's and Jack tells Caleb that Erica has been taking her credit cards out for a spin. Caleb says that would explain why she didn't show up at the office where he'd been waiting for her all morning.

"Erica" tells the guard to do his job or things will start coming out. David sees them from a distance and watches them as the guard walks off.

Jake tells Cara that he doesn't think there's a problem with them working together. Cara brings up spending all that time together and if it could work.

Jesse meets with Tad at Krystal's. Tad wants to talk to him about Griffin. Tad defends Griffin and tries to convince him he's innocent. Jesse thinks he's doing this since Cara must be really important to him. Tad laughs it off and asks Jesse if he thinks he's in love with her.

Dixie is shown laying in the bed where she was last seen.

Griffin tells Kendall not to go and tells her that the time with her, helping nail Ricky made him realize that she amazes him. Griffin tells her that the way she went after Ricky blows him away. Griffin says he just wanted her to know. Kendall thanks him. Griffin gives her a briefcase to give back to Ryan. Kendall notes that it's actually Tad's and she'll make sure he gets it. Kendall comments that it will be weird not having him talk through the wire all the time. Kendall tells him that she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him. The boy that lives nearby comes in and Griffin checks his arm that has healed. Griffin tells him that he's going to be busy so they should start coming to the free clinic. He tells Griffin that it won't be like he did and leaves. Kendall tells Griffin that the boy is right.

Tad tells Jesse that Cara came around at a very important time in his life since he needed something after Damon left and he broke up with Liza. Tad calls her entertaining and Jesse agrees that she's high energy. Jesse asks Tad if he wants more. Tad states that what they have works and doesn't want to do anything to stop it. Tad says as far as he's concerned, his marriage is real. Jesse asks what happens in 3 years. Tad says they'll cross that when they come to it but right now he's happy.

Jake tells Cara that he thinks they work very well together. Cara thinks what they did changes things and says she feels guilty. Cara says she did this by coming to Pine Valley and knew that Jake had a family but needed to see him. Jake states that he loves Amanda and will do whatever he has to do to protect that. Jake tells Cara that they can be friends and work together. Cara tells him that she needs time to think about the job. Jake leaves the clinic as she sits down at the desk.

"Erica" returns home and is surprised to see Caleb with Jack. Caleb tells her that she never showed up at the office. Jack thought that's where she said she went. "Erica" apologizes and says she hasn't been honest with either of them. "Erica" says that a few days hasn't been enough to get back to normal. Jack tells her that she should've just let them know. Caleb thinks she should've said she wasn't ready. "Erica" says she didn't want to admit it because Erica Kane is always ready but now she's free because Kendall and Bianca are safe so she wants to celebrate. Jack notes that she means shopping and "Erica" says she got presents for everyone. "Erica" tells them that this is just her being happy. Caleb says he just needs his partner and brings up a deal they had and contracts they discussed. Caleb tells her that he needs her to sign the contracts and hands them to her. Caleb is surprised she doesn't have any questions or opinions and she signs the contract then hands it back to him. Caleb says they have a ton more to go over but Jack reminds him she said she needed more time. "Erica" says she's hungry and tells Caleb to go to Fusion and they'll have a late lunch to work more. Jack walks Caleb out and "Erica" tells Jack she hadn't even checked her messages. Jack asks if she heard any more from David about his letter of recommendation. She looks away and Jack hopes she's not planning to help him. "Erica" thinks everyone deserves a second chance which shocks Jack. Jack reminds her of all the damage David has caused to their family. "Erica" tells him that she knows how to handle David so he should trust her. "Erica" tells him she's fine and Jack kisses her on the cheek then leaves. "Erica's phone rings and it's David but she denies the call.

Jesse and Jake go into a room at the hospital as Jesse wants to talk in private. Jesse brings up the pending drug charges against Griffin and asks if there's records to look at. Jesse tells Jake that he thinks Tad is falling for Cara pretty hard and he wants Jake to tell him that's a good thing and that Tad won't get stomped.

Kendall arrives at Krystal's and gives Tad his briefcase back. Tad asks how she's doing and she says she thinks she's good since everything happened so fast. Kendall asks about the charges against Griffin and Tad says he's working on it. Kendall comments that it will be so weird having Griffin gone since he's done so much good. Tad brings up Cara and Kendall tells him that she cares about everyone involved. Kendall asks him if it was hard to get married again after Dixie. Tad tells her that's a good question and he doesn't know but he doesn't think so. Tad brings up the marriage to Krystal was pretty much the same thing as a marriage of convenience. Tad tells her that it started out that way with Cara but now it's a little more complicated. Kendall says it scares her to feel something for someone the way she felt for Zach, like she would be betraying him. Tad tells her that she suffered the worst kind of loss there is and it's almost impossible to come back from that. Tad thinks she's doing a hell of a job. Tad calls her a beautiful woman that deserves to be happy.

Dixie lays in the bed next to the star she drew on the wall. Dixie has a flashback to an old time with Tad when JR and Jamie were kids.

Griffin arrives at the clinic and he knows Cara sent Kendall to try and convince him to stay. Cara admits to being selfish and wanting him to stay. Cara tells him not to shut himself off because he's scared of getting close to Kendall. Cara tells him that denying how he feels can be dangerous. Cara tells him that he's spent his life taking care of others so now he should take care of himself.

Jake tells Jesse that Tad chose to marry Cara on his own. Jesse knows that but he doesn't think the fake marriage is fake anymore for Tad. Jesse says Tad danced around the issue but he can tell he has feelings. Jesse states he doesn't know Cara that well but knew she was important to Jake at one time. Jake says that was in the past and they're done.

Cara tells Griffin that he's nothing like their dad, who couldn't commit to anyone and so history isn't going to repeat itself. Cara tells Griffin that he isn't cruel or selfish. She tells him to let himself love because she thinks he'll be damn good at it.

Kendall tells Tad that she likes Griffin a lot but it wasn't always that way. She thinks something happened and she found herself depending on him as a friend. Kendall says when she realized Zach was murdered, Griffin stuck by her. Tad says the Castillos have that in common. Kendall thinks their fighting is impressive. Kendall asks how he feels about Cara. Tad thinks Cara deserves a little more. Tad says if Cara was leaving, he'd do everything he could to get her to stay.

"Erica" and Caleb sit at Fusion. She gives him his present. He opens it and it's a new tie. She tells him it's for meetings and business and that she thinks it will look just great on him. Caleb asks if she's flirting with him. She says no but Caleb states she's with Jack so she can't have it both ways. "Erica" says she doesn't want it both ways, she's just happy and feels free. Caleb agrees as long as they know where they stand. Caleb tells her they have a press conference coming up which surprises "Erica". "Erica" wonders what she'll wear. Caleb tells her he's going to the office and that she can join him when she's feeling a little less exhilarated. Caleb exits and "Erica" pulls out a small bottle from her purse and pours it in her drink then takes a drink. David walks up and comments on her drink.

Jesse tells Jake that he isn't accusing him of anything. Jake tells him he has no intention of hurting Tad or Cara. Jake says his history with Cara is history and done then walks away.

Griffin tells Cara that the timing isn't right for he or Kendall. Griffin thinks maybe she's incapable of loving again. Cara says she thought she never could love again after losing Jake but she was wrong.

Kendall asks Tad how she'll ever move on when she doesn't want to let Zach go. Tad says she doesn't have to. Tad says you can move forward without forgetting the past. Kendall can't imagine ever loving someone as much as Zach. Tad brings up that she'd want Zach to move on if it was the other way around. Kendall jokes with him that she wouldn't want it to be someone prettier than her. Kendall tells him it's nice to have a friend that can relate.

Dixie has a flashback to being stuck in the water and calling out for Tad.

David takes "Erica's drink and drinks it, he comments that she's falling off the wagon and she asks what he wants. David brings up the letter he wants her to sign. David brings up that Jack said there's no way she'd help. David threatens to tell her family that she's drinking and that Kendall was the one who shot him. "Erica" says that he can threaten her all he wants but she's not signing the letter. A waitress brings food to "Erica" and David notes that he ordered it for her, knowing she would remember one of her favorites. "Erica" starts eating and tells him she won't sign the letter as David pulls out his phone and calls Jack, telling him he has some information about Erica. Jack wonders why David would believe he'd discuss Erica with him. David tells him he's going to want to hear this. "Erica" takes his phone from him and drops it in her drink.

Amanda arrives at the hospital and tells Jake to come with her. Jake tells her he can't since he's swamped. Amanda tells him that she already talked to his assistant, who rescheduled all of his meetings and she drags him away.

Griffin asks Cara if she's saying she has real feelings for Tad. Cara says yes since he's been nothing but wonderful to her and he's loving, generous and funny. Griffin thinks that's good since Tad's a great guy. Cara thinks Griffin's just trying to make her stop talking about Kendall. She tells him to listen to his heart and his phone rings and it's Kendall. Kendall tells him she needs to see him right now as it's important.

David tells "Erica" that wasn't necessary and it's only temporary. David tells her to work with him or she'll be sorry. "Erica" says her throat is swelling and says she's allergic to one of the oils in her food and rushes off, which confuses David because it's the way Erica has always eaten it.

Amanda brings Jake to a table setup in the park. She pours the champagne and wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the first time he proposed to her. Jake doesn't think it was very romantic but it was to Amanda. She tells him to recall the proposal. Jake recites "Marry me Amanda" and says that was it. Jake states that sometimes it just hits him how much he loves her and they kiss.

Tad comes to the clinic and tells Cara that he has good news and bad news. Cara wants the bad news and he tells her that one of the man cave recliners busted. Cara asks for the good news and Tad tells her that he spoke with Liza and she's working on a deal for Griffin. Tad says she's talking about probation and/or community service and no jail time. Cara hugs him and thanks him then Tad kisses her.

Griffin comes to Kendall's and she tells him about the casino sale. She tells him that she talked to Tad and he's confident that he won't go to jail, just probation and community service. Kendall thinks maybe he'll be sticking around and that's a good thing. Griffin asks why and Kendall says because she wants him.

David brings "Erica" to her hotel room and says he doesn't understand why he's not taking her to the ER. She says she didn't want to go to the hospital but it's getting worse. David tells her that she needs adrenaline or she could die. She empties out her purse and David takes a needle out of the pile. David looks at it, sees the name and wonders who Jane is.

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