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Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Scott brings Madison home and thanks her for letting him say goodbye to Sara. Madison notices that all the baby things are gone. Scott tells her that he packed it up so she wouldn't have to deal with it. Madison appreciates him offering to move out and thought she could stay here but she can't.

Marissa leaves a message to Scott at the mansion, telling him if he needs anything then decides she's going to see him. Marissa turns and JR arrives. JR tells her that he's worried about Scott too. Marissa tells him to tell her what he really wants.

Bianca and Kendall are at Kendall's and Kendall talks to her about getting the casinos sold. Kendall opens a box they received and inside are hockey jerseys from Ricky that he ordered for Spike and Ian. Spike runs in and asks if that's from Ricky.

Cara and Jake are at the hospital talking. Cara brings up what happened between them. Jake thinks they can't hide their guilt. They agree that it would kill Amanda or Tad if they found out. Cara blames it all on her thinking Griffin was dead. Jake says they were both there and to blame. Amanda arrives and Jake greets her.

Tad visits Griffin at the hospital and tells him that Ricky is being linked to everything and so all his charges are being dropped. Brot arrives and tells Griffin that he's free to go but not too far in case of more questioning. Griffin thanks Tad. Tad tells him that he's got one more good deed to do and exits as Frankie enters. Griffin tells Frankie that he wants to walk out on his own and he exits. Griffin turns the corner and runs in to Ricky, who's being wheeled in a wheelchair. Ricky tells Griffin that he's just who he wanted to see and he has some advice for him about Kendall.

Kendall sits with Spike and tells him that Ricky will never be his father. Kendall tells him about finding out about Ricky being a really bad man. Bianca starts to have flashbacks to Ricky grabbing her. Kendall sends Spike to go play with Ian. Kendall hopes Spike understood and asks Bianca what's wrong but she claims nothing and that everything's fine.

Amanda asks Cara about Griffin and tells her she's glad he's okay. Cara exits to go see Griffin. Amanda apologizes to Jake for making things awkward. Amanda gives Jake a drawing from Trevor as an early Father's Day gift. Amanda calls him the best father and husband ever. Amanda apologizes for not being as good as Trevor at showing her appreciation. Amanda kisses him and exits.

Griffin tells Ricky he'd be happy to break his leg again and tells the guards to get him out. Ricky asks if Griffin wants to know what it's like to kiss Kendall and touch her body. Frankie and Brot hold Griffin back as he tells him to never talk about her like that again. Ricky claims to still love Kendall. Griffin brings up everything Ricky has done. Ricky says he'd do anything for Kendall. They call each other cowards. Ricky says that Griffin doesn't have the guts to admit he has feelings for Kendall. Ricky tells him it doesn't matter since Kendall will never love anyone but Zach.

JR sits with Marissa and says she's always doing things for other people. JR brings up everything Marissa did for him when he was sick.

Scott offers to help Madison. Madison says that he moved the baby stuff but he can't move the memories. Madison talks about where the sonogram used to be and how she'd see it every night. Madison sits down and brings up everything they had planned. Madison cries and says she looks around and sees empty space. Scott tells her that he's going to do everything he can to help her through this. Scott tells her about getting a new apartment for her. Madison is surprised he did that and talks about everything that apartment is close to that she could've gone with Sara. Scott tells her to take the place and her phone rings. She answers and it's Ryan.

Tad arrives at church and meets with the father of Mackenzie, the little girl that had cancer. Tad talks to him about being glad to hear she's in remission and how he has two little girls that age as well. Tad brings up the possibility of Mackenzie growing up to be a doctor. Her dad doesn't think that's possible. Tad says she could do anything she wants now being in remission. Tad tells him about how Cara had cancer and then became a doctor and treated someone else with cancer. Mackenzie's dad does agree that Mackenzie thinks the world of Cara and he agrees to withdraw their complaint against Cara. Tad shakes his hand and thanks him. He gets up and leaves as Jake arrives. Jake asks Tad what he was doing. Tad tells him that the charges against Cara are being dropped so she can come back to the hospital.

Ricky tells Griffin to tell Kendall that he'll be in touch. Ricky is escorted away and Frankie goes to get Griffin's paperwork ready to leave. Cara comes up and reminds Griffin that Ricky is just pushing his buttons. Griffin says he promised to keep Kendall safe so putting Ricky away is just a part of that. Cara asks him about his feelings for Kendall. Griffin calls her just a friend and nothing more. Griffin says that Zach was the love of Kendall's life and it will be a while before Kendall moves on if ever. Griffin tells her that after his charges are dropped, he's leaving Pine Valley. Cara wonders if he will leave Kendall behind.

Madison tells Scott that Ryan offered to find her a place and pay the rent. Scott says she should take him up on it but she declines. Madison says she's made a habit of accepting things from men when she should be doing things herself. Scott asks her to let him do this for her, no strings attached. Madison says she's sorry and knows his intentions were good but she has to take care of herself.

Bianca tells Kendall that what she went through with Ricky was nothing compared to what Kendall went through. Kendall hugs her and tells her to call if she needs anything. Kendall tells Bianca she's going to get the casino papers to Griffin and mentions that she owes him so much as they walk out together.

Griffin reminds Cara that he has his own reasons to go after Ricky since he framed him. Griffin says there's nothing for him here anymore. Griffin tells Cara to be good to Tad. Cara doesn't think he can give up trying to protect her. Griffin hugs her and says he'll leave but will come back like he always does.

Bianca comes to the Chandler Mansion looking at a picture in the living room. JR comes in and tells her it sometimes takes a lot to see what's staring you in the face like an amazing person like Marissa. JR brings up Marissa getting over what Ricky did and asks Bianca to talk to her and let them help her. JR tells Bianca that he thinks Marissa is opening up and getting ready to let him back in.

Jake and Tad argue at the hospital about Cara working at the hospital again. Tad brings up that the hospital needs Cara. Jake tells him that he knows she's a great doctor. Tad reminds him that she also changed Jake's life and is now changing his.

Kendall arrives to the hospital and runs into Cara. Cara points her to the room where Griffin is but Griffin had already left. They go back to the front desk and Kendall is sorry she missed Griffin. Cara mentions that his charges should be dropped soon except the drug stealing charge. Kendall takes the blame for letting that out. Cara tells her that she's helping make Griffin's dream come true with the paying of the Miranda Center. They joke about Griffin being a pain. Cara says she always talks about him hovering but when he's gone, she misses it. Cara starts to ask Kendall to do something but stops. Kendall stops her and wants to know what she was going to say.

Tad tells Jake that everyone always talks about how nice he is but it isn't true because he's selfish for wanting Cara in his life. Tad tells Jake that he'll feel better if he's a small part in getting her job back. Tad tells him that Cara isn't supposed to know that he's doing this because she hates being taken care of as Tad exits.

Madison goes to leave but Scott stops her. JR arrives and comments that it must have been a bad time. Madison rushes off and Scott asks JR what he's doing there.

Griffin returns to the abandoned house he stays at and begins packing his bag until Kendall arrives. Griffin is surprised she found him. Griffin shows her the bag of jellybeans he still had that she brought him. Kendall gives him the bids on the casinos. Griffin comments that they are some pretty big numbers. Kendall tells him that she wants him to start by paying the hospital back. Griffin says that comes out of his salary. Kendall tells him that what he did was something Zach would do. Griffin thanks her and says that's the biggest compliment she could ever give him. Kendall comments that it's nice to be in the same room rather than talking through the wire. Griffin tells her that he's going to miss this place.

JR asks Scott where he's going since it's obvious Madison doesn't want his company. Scott asks why he's there. JR tells him that Marissa is worried about him so he is too and is here for him. Scott calls him unbelievable and thinks JR just wanted to see where he was with Madison so he doesn't end up with Marissa.

Marissa returns to the living room at the Mansion and finds Bianca. Bianca says she just came to see how she was doing. Bianca mentions that JR says he was taking good care of her. Marissa says she set limits and asks how she is. Bianca insists she's fine despite a few moments of panic. They sit together and Marissa calls what they went through really traumatic. Bianca tells her that it's still bringing her back memories of Michael. Bianca hopes she's not making things harder for her by being there, talking about it. Marissa says it makes her stronger and that they did it together. Marissa says she guesses that's what happens when you get tied up in the closet but Bianca tells her that it's more than that.

Tad arrives at Krystal's as Amanda is leaving with food. Tad asks if she's eating for two and Amanda says no. They sit together and she tells him that she isn't pregnant. Tad apologizes for assuming and asks what is on her mind. She tells him to forget it but Tad persists. Amanda tells him that Jake has made it clear that he doesn't want another baby right now but she does more than anything. Amanda admits she went off her birth control and let Jake think she might be pregnant even after she found out she wasn't.

Cara is at the clinic and has a flashback of kissing Jake. Jake then arrives and greets her.

JR tells Scott that he's sorry for Madison's loss. Scott shouts back at him about caring about the baby like his own. JR asks what he can do for him. Scott tells him nothing and he can't give him a crash course on how to be a decent human being. JR tells him that he knows where to find him and reminds him that Marissa is going through a hard time too. Scott shouts that he doesn't always have to have an agenda. JR wants him to admit he has feelings for Marissa. Scott shouts that it's not about him but tells JR that maybe he should give up on Madison and just make sure Marissa stays away from him.

Bianca tells Marissa that she saved her life that day. Marissa says they saved each other. Marissa tells her that knowing they were in it together gave her the push she needed. Marissa hugs her. They get up and Bianca tells her she knows who to call if she ever needs someone to kick a closet door in. Bianca tells her to get some rest. Marissa tells her to call her and Bianca exits.

Kendall tells Griffin that Cara is upset about him leaving. Griffin knows that Cara understands this is what he has to do. Griffin comments that you don't have to be near someone to keep them in your heart.

Tad tells Amanda not to beat herself up. Tad tells her that no one could ever take Amanda's place in Jake's life. Tad states that the only thing that come between them is her feeling so threatened. Amanda wonders if he's wrong and she's right.

Jake tells Cara that he has a board meeting to go to today and tells her that Tad talked to the Winslow parents and they're dropping the complaint. Jake tells her that he will tell the board and she will have her job back. Cara realizes they will be back working together every day. Jake says yeah if she's okay with that. Cara says she doesn't know and asks if he is okay with it.

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