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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/1/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan comes down the stairs and tells Greenlee that Emma is sad about her sister and that they will head to the funeral when the babysitter arrives. Greenlee promises they will get through this.

Madison sits at the hospital and Scott comes in. Scott brought her a dress to change into so she can go straight to the funeral. Scott understands that Madison wants space from him and tells her that he will move out if she wants.

Jack and Jesse sit at Krystal's. Jack checks with him to ensure that there are a lot of security on Ricky. Jesse assures him that Ricky will be going to prison for the rest of his life. Jack wishes they could find Erica's kidnappers. Jesse says they've only come up with dead ends. Jack doesn't understand thinking they couldn't have disappeared.

"Erica" wonders what David is doing at her room and tells him to leave now. David comes in and shuts the door, telling her that he is onto her. David says he knew something was up when he ran into earlier since he knows Erica doesn't eat fried chicken or onion rings. David notices she is drinking. "Erica" offers him the rest of the drinks and tells him to leave. David wonders what else she's hiding. She asks again why he's here and how he found her. David admits that he followed her. She tells him that he had no right to do that because she just wanted peace and quiet. "Erica" blames it all on the last 24 hours she's been through. David calls it all excuses and says she's behaving like an addict. "Erica" says she's exhausted and doesn't think she's doing anything wrong. David brings up her family finding out she's drinking again. "Erica" states they won't find out unless he tells them. David says if she helps him, he'll help her.

Jesse asks Jack if Erica has said anything about her kidnappers. Jack says she hasn't said anything to him and asks about the keychain that she had been carrying around. Jesse doesn't know about it and says they haven't come up with anything. Jack states that the kidnappers are still out there and he can't have them come after Erica again.

David wants "Erica" to help get his license back. She calls it blackmail. David thinks he's just getting them both what they want. "Erica" claims she has everything she wants and isn't going to let David use her. David tells her that he's just trying to keep her secrets. David brings up the shooting again. "Erica" claims it has nothing to do with her. David wonders why she's playing dumb. David realizes that she really doesn't know what he's talking about.

Madison puts on her dress and tells Scott that she doesn't want to leave him without a place to stay. Scott says not to worry. Madison tells him that she needs time. Scott tells her to take all the time she needs. Scott tells her he would do anything for her because he loves her. Ryan and Greenlee arrive and Ryan asks Madison if she's ready. Madison asks if it could just be her and Ryan. Greenlee says she understands and Scott does as well. Ryan and Madison exit together.

David tells "Erica" that everything is starting to make sense and blames her forgetting on the alcohol. "Erica" says she's been traumatized and forgets things. David can't believe she forgot covering up for months that Kendall shot him. David tells her that Kendall is guilty of attempted murder and if he makes one call to the police, he gets justice. "Erica" agrees to write a letter of recommendation for him and asks what he wants her to say. David is surprised that that's it. David thinks she's giving in way too easily.

Jesse and Angie bring their baby Lucy to the park. They sit on the bench and Jesse talks about how it won't be long before Lucy's playing on the playground. They laugh and Angie kisses him, saying she's glad to have her Jesse back since he was so different after Lucy was born and she didn't understand why. Jesse has flashbacks to the birth. Angie states again that she's glad to have him back.

Scott returns home to the apartment and looks at some of the baby toys. Greenlee walks in and says she thought he could use someone who knows how he feels. Scott tells her about starting to pack up. Scott tells her that he won't give up since he loves her but he will give her space to respect her decision. Scott thinks Madison just needs time to think about what she needs and wants and then they can work it out. Greenlee offers to help him pack.

Ryan and Madison walk through the park towards the cemetery. Madison stops and cries about her daughter being buried. Madison says she can't watch and runs away.

Opal arrives at Krystal's and sits with Jack. Jack thanks her for coming. Jack tells her that he's very concerned about Erica. Opal talks about being glad that Kendall, Bianca, and Erica are all still alive. Jack tells her that Erica isn't picking up her phone or answering his texts. Jack says what really concerns him is that he thinks she's running on fumes. Opal comments that even Erica Kane isn't superhuman and needs to take a breather. Jack agrees. Opal brings up Erica having to go to the Betty Ford clinic in the past. Jack tells her they can never let Erica fall like that again.

David thinks Erica would normally push back harder. "Erica" says she'll do anything to protect Kendall. David is surprised that she now remembers covering up the shooting. David sits with her and jokes that getting pardoned and his license back is almost worth getting shot. "Erica" brings up the time David spiked everyone's punch at a party. David comments on almost ending up in bed with her. "Erica" says David should have been in prison but he's a free man as always. David comments that it sounds like she's impressed. "Erica" says there's no denying that David is brilliant and when he wants something, nothing stops him and she can identify with his passion. David asks if she's saying she likes the bad boy in him.

Scott and Greenlee continue packing things. Greenlee comments that she's sure Madison would have been a great mom. Scott looks at the baby picture and talks about how Madison would always read books and he would tell the baby jokes. Scott tells Greenlee that he realizes he wasn't the biological father and that they weren't a family but he feels like he lost his own child.

Ryan chases after Madison and they end up where Jesse and Angie are in the park. Jesse stops Madison and Ryan informs Angie and Jesse about the baby. Madison tells them that she can't say goodbye as she never even got to hold her. Angie asks for some time alone with Madison. Jesse takes Lucy and goes on a walk with Ryan. Madison tells Angie that she wants her baby back.

Jesse and Ryan walk on and Jesse tells him he's sorry to hear about the baby. Ryan knew it'd be hard and thinks Madison should be with the baby now. Ryan thought being there with her would help but he doesn't know what to say or do. Ryan tells Jesse that he doesn't know how to deal with this and wonders how you make sense of this and accept the death of a newborn baby.

"Erica" tells David that she doesn't like him at all and tells him to go home. David agrees and tells her he'll get back to her for a signature as he exits.

Angie wants Madison to sit with her. Madison doesn't want to be there. Angie tells her she can't run from the pain and she has to grieve. Madison sits with her and says she doesn't want to cry anymore. Angie tells her it's a part of the process. Madison doesn't think it's a process as her baby is dead. Madison remembers feeling how strong her baby was and even when she was born, she thought she'd be okay. Madison prayed that she'd have a chance and now she's gone. Angie says she understands what she's going through but Madison shouts back that she doesn't because her baby didn't die.

Jesse tells Ryan that they can't make sense of a baby dying. Jesse tells him that all he can do is accept it. Ryan states that he can't. Jesse tells him he has no choice since he has to get up the next day. Ryan wonders if he would have done things differently. Jesse tells him he can't undo what's been done. Ryan tells him that the mistakes he's made has led to his daughter's funeral. Jesse reminds him that he couldn't do anything to save her and needs to save himself and help Madison. Ryan doesn't know how. Jesse tells Ryan he will grieve but eventually be able to move on.

Greenlee continues helping Scott pack. Scott tells Greenlee about buying toys for the baby. Scott talks about how it's crazy that he was in prison one day then the next was buying stuffed animals. Greenlee calls him a good man. Scott doesn't think he was a good man when he accepted her deal. Scott says he just wanted a simple quiet life but then he fell in love with Madison. Scott talks about wanting to help Madison and be there for her. Scott says he loved Madison and her baby too.

Angie tells Madison she's right but she knows what it's like to love a child. Madison says her heart died with Sara. Angie assures her that it will be alright. Madison cries and Angie hugs her as Jesse and Ryan come back to them.

Greenlee sits at Fusion as "Erica" arrives. She comes up to Greenlee and startles her, commenting on Fusion's line. "Erica" sits with her and is surprised that Ryan isn't joining her and she's sitting alone. Greenlee tells her that Ryan is with Madison at the baby's funeral. "Erica" wonders why she's not with him. Greenlee goes off about wishing she was with Ryan but knows Ryan is devastated about this. "Erica" tells her to go to Ryan. Greenlee wonders how she does that when all her mistakes have hurt Ryan. "Erica" tells her to fight what she wants. Greenlee says there's nothing to fight as there's a wall she can't get through. "Erica" tells her to buy her dinner and she'll show her how to get through the problem.

Jesse and Angie sit at Krystal's and Jesse asks Angie what's wrong. Angie tells him that she feels guilty since their child lived through a birth that most couldn't survive while Madison's died. Jesse states that it's tough and they had a miracle. Angie wonders how God chose which child would live.

Ryan and Madison sit together at the park. Ryan asks how she's feeling. Madison calls it the hardest thing she's ever had to do but she had to say goodbye. Ryan hugs her. Scott arrives and tells her that he couldn't stay away. Scott says he watched the service from the top of the hill and hopes she doesn't mind because he loved Sara too.

"Erica" and Greenlee have dinner. Greenlee calls this a first that they're sharing a meal. "Erica" thinks they're progressing. Greenlee wonders if she's completely desperate. "Erica" suggests she's pathetic. "Erica" says she's disappointed because Greenlee is supposed to kick butt to get what she wants. Greenlee tells her that she's not with Ryan because she went after what she wanted except she lied to him for months and now the baby is gone. "Erica" tells her she will fix it but Greenlee calls it unfixable. "Erica" tells her that talking about it won't fix anything. Greenlee agrees and tells her that there's something she needs to do. Greenlee thanks her for knocking some sense into her and she exits.

Jack calls "Erica" and leaves her a message. There's a knock on the door and David arrives at Jack's. David's looking for Erica and Jack tells him that she isn't here and doesn't think she'd want to see him anyways. David informs Jack that he's already seen Erica today, but just thought she'd be home now. Jack is surprised wondering where he saw her. David says she was out and about. Jack asks what David wants. David says he needs her to sign something is all. Jack grabs the letter from him and thinks David must be kidding about Erica helping get his license back. Jack tells him that Erica will never sign it because he'll make sure she doesn't.

Jesse watches Angie with Lucy at Krystal's. Angie holds Lucy and comments about being sad that Madison will never get to hold her baby.

Scott tells Madison that maybe he shouldn't have come. Madison offers to take Scott to say goodbye and they walk off together. Greenlee arrives and joins Ryan. They hold hands and Ryan hugs her.

"Erica" returns home to Jack. Jack tells her he's been worried and wondered why she didn't call him back. She claims to just have had so much on her mind. Jack tells her that David was just here with a letter for her to sign. Jack tells her that he told him there was no chance she'd sign it and sent him away. Jack tells her that David won't be bothering her again anytime soon.

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