AMC Update Tuesday 5/31/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/31/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Erica’s place) David knocks on the door several times and then calls Erica’s phone and wonders why she doesn’t answer his call.

(Erica’s fake room) Jane is looking at Erica’s phone but doesn’t answer it and Erica realizing that she has returned wonders if that is Jack, Kendall, or Bianca on the phone and wonders why Jane doesn’t answer the phone. Erica admits to Jane that she needs her and the realizes that Jane needs her too because Jane has realized it isn’t easy being Erica Kane.

(ConFusion) Jake remembers kissing Cara at the free clinic and has a guilty look on his face when Amanda arrives and tells him that she anted to call him last night but decided it wasn’t a good idea and Jake tells her that he wishes she had called him last night.

(Hospital) Cara visits Griffin and is thrilled that he is okay and says she wanted to visit sooner but thought it was better to let him rest. Griffin wonders if Cara is okay because she has a troubled look on her face and she assures him that she isn’t in any trouble. Tad arrives and assures Griffin that the charges against him will be dropped but it will take some time to compare Ricky’s DNA against the fibers found under Dianna Holden’s fingernails. Cara heads to Confusion to get Griffin some crab cakes and eggs Benedict and Griffin tells Tad that he is good for Cara and she is good for him. Tad admits to Griffin that he would be very happy if his relationship with Cara was more then friendship and Griffin encourages Tad to tell Cara how he feels about her. Kendall arrives as Bianca is packing to leave the hospital and she apologizes to Bianca because Ricky hurt her and also blames her for letting the situation go too far. Ryan goes to Ricky’s hospital room to confront him about killing Zach and causing Kendall and Zach’s friends and family pain. Greenlee also arrives to take part in the talk with Ricky then Ryan tells Ricky that he will soon have all the proof he needs to put him behind bars the rest of his life. Ricky insists that Kendall loves him and that Zach was a terrible husband to her but Greenlee tries to make Ricky realize that Kendall was lying to him in order to make him confess to killing Zach. Ricky doesn’t believe Greenlee and she slaps him and says that was a message from Kendall to him. Ricky tells Greenlee and Ryan that their marriage isn’t real since he married them and he isn’t a real minister. Ryan and Greenlee go out into the hallway and Ryan tells Greenlee not to let Ricky get to her but she holds back tears as she admits that Ricky is right they aren’t legally married.

(Erica’s fake room) Jane wonders if Erica would take her daughters on a shopping spree or a spa day after a major crisis. Erica gets worried and demands information from Jake about what happened to her daughters. Jane gives Erica all the details about Ricky killing Zach and what Kendall did to catch him she also tells her that Bianca got caught in the ordeal and was locked in a closet in Ricky’s room with Marisa. Erica demands that Jane let her out because he daughters need her and she tells Jane that she can’t be a mother to them because she is empty inside. Erica tells Jane that at a time like this the girls needs their real mother but Jane insists that Bianca and Kendall will be okay and they will make it through this crisis.

(Hospital) Bianca advises Kendall to let this go before it takes over her life and consumes it but Kendall tells Bianca that if she lets this go now it will be like leaving Zach behind and she can’t do that because she isn’t ready to let go of him yet. Bianca tells Kendall that she will always have her memories of Zach and he would be the first to tell her to let this go and be happy with her boys. Frankie arrives in Griffin’s room to examine him and tad leaves them alone and heads to Confusion. Griffin tells Frankie that the antibiotics aren’t working and he can’t flex his hand and Frankie tells him to be patient and give the medicine a chance to work on the swelling before he starts thinking that he can’t operate anymore. Kendall sees Ryan and Greenlee in the waiting room and assures them she is okay although she wishes that Zach were there with her. Greenlee and Ryan blame themselves but Kendall tells them she doesn’t blame them anymore because she realizes that if Zach hadn’t died in the plane crash then Ricky would have found another way to kill him. Kendall thanks Ryan and Greenlee for all their help with her plan and Ryan remind her that she forgot Griffin also helped her.

(ConFusion) Amanda starts to tell Jake she isn’t pregnant but he tells her he already knows because the nurse that gave her the test results thought he already knew about the results. Jake apologizes for making Amanda feel so insecure that she thought she had to get pregnant to save their marriage. Jake tells Amanda he forgives her and that he loves her and their family and also tells her that their marriage isn’t in trouble. Cara arrives and sees Jake-reassuring Amanda and assumes he told her about the kiss and then tad arrives and insists on having dinner with Jake and Amanda. Tad tells Amanda all the details of what happened with Kendall, Ricky and Griffin and Jake and Cara exchange guilty looks with each other. Cara goes to pick up Griffin’s food from the bar and Jake follows her and they talk and decide that what happened between them never happed because it would hurt too many people. Cara heads back to the hospital with Tad and Amanda wonders how a button came off Jake’s shirt and he says he has no idea how it happened.

(Hospital) Kendall arrives to visit Griffin and watches him try to flex his hand as Frankie again tells him to be patient and Kendall wonders why Griffin was telling Frankie he wouldn’t be able to operate. Frankie assures Kendall that the risk of that is minimal and then leaves Griffin alone to talk to Kendall. Kendall blames herself for Griffin’s injury but he assures her that he has no regrets about helping her no matter what happens with his hand. Griffin tells Kendall that she should go home and get some rest and they can talk later. Kendall doesn’t want to leave him but he assures her that he will be okay but now as her doctor he is telling her to rest. Kendall agrees to go rest and tells Griffin she will speak to him later and they shake hands and both Griffin and Kendall are happy that Griffin can flex his hand. Erica” is in the hospital hallway telling her that she can go into Bianca’s room quickly just to make sure she is okay. “Erica” watches from the hallway as Bianca calls the girls to tell them she will be home soon and bring them their favorite cupcakes with double chocolate frosting. David arrives and wonders why “Erica” isn’t hovering over Bianca and “Erica” says that she is just giving Bianca some space. David asks “Erica” to testify for him with the medical board or he will press charges against the real person who shot him on the roof. “ Erica” tells him that she has no idea what he is talking about and she is very tired and needs to get some rest. David is very surprised that “Erica” doesn’t care if the real person who shot him goes to jail.

(Hospital) Greenlee tells Ryan that it doesn’t matter if they arte really married or not because she knows their relationship is strong. Ryan wants to go to city hall and get married but Greenlee tells him that she ants their wedding day to be special not just something they do to show Ricky he didn’t destroy them. Greenlee reminds Ryan that they have to go home and tell Emma that her sister Sara died.

(Yacht Club) “Erica” orders onion rings and French fries from room service with extra ketchup and mayonnaise. Jane gets a beer from the min bar and drinks some of it and takes off her shoes and wonders how Erica can make it through the day without drinking.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan and Greenlee tell Emma that her sister Sara died because she was too little ad her body couldn’t keep fighting her illness. Greenlee tells Emma that her sister is an angel watching over all of them. Emma cries while Ryan holds her and Greenlee hugs her too.

A music montage of silent scenes begins with Ryan and Greenlee hugging Emma we then see Tad and Cara at the hospital bringing Griffin food while they talk and laugh. Jake and Amanda head home from ConFusion. Once home, they start kissing. At home, Bianca breathes a sigh of relief as she gets into bed to sleep. Kendall is also home looking at pictures of Zach and the boys while Erica is locked in her fake room looking at pictures of her family. The silent scenes end with Jane looking at pictures of Erica’s family inside her room at the Yacht Club.

(Yacht Club) Jane hears a knock at the door and asks who it is and the person says room service. Jane opens the door to see David with the food she ordered from room service.

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