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All My Children Update Friday 5/27/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica looks at photos of her with Bianca and Kendall as well as her and Jack. The guard enters the room and asks what she has. She explains that their photographs of her fiancÚ and daughters. She holds back tears and begs him not to take the photos from her since she's lost everything else. He asks if she's alright. Erica says she doesn't look the same because she's being held prisoner and she doesn't understand why. Erica tells him that Jane will find out it's not easy being Erica Kane.

Jane/"Erica" has a flashback of her surgery done to look like Erica and the surgeon told her that it would not make things better after what she did.

JR comes to the hospital and joins Marissa. JR asks if she's alright. Marissa fights back tears and hugs him.

Liza arrives at Krystal's and meets with Tad. She asks what the rush was to get her over there. Tad tells her to read the report on Diana Holden. Liza still thinks Griffin killed her. Tad tells her she's wrong and it could cost Griffin his life.

Cara tells Jake that he can't help her so he should let her go. Jake says he's not doing that because he can't.

Kendall holds the gun on Ricky. Ricky comments that she's full of surprises. Kendall tells him it's over. Ricky doesn't think it is since he smashed the recorder so she has no proof. Ricky tells her that if she kills him, her kids will be lonely when she goes into prison. Kendall yells that she won't let him use her kids against her. Kendall accuses Ricky of using the kids to get close to her. Ricky tells her that it was just business. Kendall screams that she hates him and she just wanted to make him pay for what he did. Ricky reminds her she has no proof so he asks what she's going to do. Kendall tells him to go ahead and take another step because Zach taught her how to shoot.

Erica tells the guard that it's one thing to impersonate someone but to take her life is too much. Erica wonders if Jane can keep up her life. Erica asks if the guard wants to go to prison for what Jane is doing. Erica asks what the guard's name is but he doesn't respond. Erica shows him her photographs and explains that Jane is trying to take it all away from her. Erica thinks he can't be as cruel as Jane. The guard says she has no idea what he's taken away from her. His phone rings and he exits. The guard talks to Jane on the phone and tells her that Erica isn't happy.

Jack sits with Bianca at the hospital. Jack tells her that Kendall will be fine and wants to help Bianca. Bianca reminds him that Kendall is the one out with a murderer. Jack thinks Bianca could have had bad memories brought up. Bianca says Ricky isn't Michael and she'll be fine as long as Kendall is.

JR asks Marissa to come back to the house with him. Marissa tells him that she doesn't want to leave Bianca. JR tells her that Jack said she's fine to she should come back and have some food and take a shower. Marissa agrees to do so. JR says he'll make sure Ricky is gone and never touches her again. JR and Marissa exit together.

Jake tells Cara he can't let her risk her life like this and that Griffin would want her to be safe. Cara thinks he could be dead. Cara tells Jake that he won't stop her and she's going to do what she wants to do. Cara walks away from him but stops then comes back and kisses him.

Liza reminds Tad that Diana Holden was found dead in Griffin's bed and she has a lot of evidence to convict him. Tad thinks that's the problem because that's just a conviction and not justice. Tad tells her to test the DNA again if she wants the truth against Ricky Torres.

Ricky tells Kendall that she doesn't want to shoot him because she won't know the truth. Kendall says she knows everything. Ricky brings up Bianca. Kendall wonders what he did to her and where she is.

Jack tells Bianca not to worry about anything because they will find Kendall and Ricky will be behind bars. Bianca thanks him. Bianca wonders what's taking Erica so long and Jack wonders as well.

Jane has another flashback of her surgery. She tells the surgeon that he wouldn't understand and she doesn't want to talk about it so now she wouldn't have to because Erica Kane doesn't suffer or lose. Jack comes up her and asks what's wrong.

JR and Marissa are at the Mansion. JR finishes a phone call and tells Marissa that there's no news. Marissa says she feels better after the shower and JR offers her a glass of wine. JR tells her that Bianca is lucky to have Marissa and notices she's shivering. JR goes to get her a blanket and puts it over her. JR sits with her and comforts her.

Liza asks Tad what Ricky has to do with Diana Holden. Tad says he isn't sure yet as it's complicated but swears he's involved in Diana and Zach's murders. Tad tells Liza that Kendall is in serious trouble and bets her that Ricky's DNA would be on Diana. Tad tells her to re-open the investigation. Tad doesn't think it's fair that Kendall is risking her life when they have enough evidence to put him behind bars themselves. Liza agrees to put a warrant out for a DNA sample on Ricky. Tad thanks her. Liza comments she realizes now how much he loves his wife.

Jake and Cara continue kissing until Jake's phone rings.

Kendall tells Ricky not to move and to tell her where Bianca is. Ricky says she's somewhere where she'll need to be rescued soon. Ricky says if she gets rid of him, no one else can lead her to Bianca. Kendall gives Ricky her phone and says to call the cops and tell them where Bianca is. Ricky grabs the gun and takes Kendall down. Ricky pins her down and shouts that he wanted her to love him. Ricky kisses her and says she might not want him but he still wants her and he always gets what he wants. Ricky tells her that they can play a game and pretend none of this happened. Ricky tells her to surrender herself to him because he can make everything go away. Ricky keeps kissing her and tells her nothing else matters because he can make her feel better. Kendall kisses him and then knocks him off of her. She gets up but Ricky pulls her back and holds the gun to her. Ricky says they could've had fun together but now they are going to have to end this and then Griffin breaks in.

"Erica" tells Jack that she didn't get Bianca food because her cell phone kept going off. Jack suggests she turn it off and gets a feeling that she just doesn't want to be in Bianca's hospital room.

Bianca gets up from her bed in the hospital and then has flashbacks to Ricky grabbing her mixed in with flashbacks of Michael as she sits back down. Bianca tells herself she won't be afraid ever again.

Marissa tells JR that she kept thinking Ricky was going to kill her and Bianca. Marissa brings up remembering what Annie did to her. JR takes the blame for Annie. Marissa says nobody can take away what she did. JR offers to try if she lets him. Marissa gets up and says she knows JR too well and thinks he's using the situation to keep her close to him.

Jake tells Cara they can't. Cara understands and says nothing happened. Tad arrives and finds Cara.

Ricky tells Griffin they are very impressed. Griffin tells him it's over and to let Kendal go. Ricky says it is over. Ricky wonders how he got on board. Griffin explains he convinced the guy on a speedboat that there was danger. Ricky thanks Griffin for giving him everything he needs to get out of this. Ricky calls Griffin a fugitive, drug dealer, and murderer. Ricky says he'll blame Griffin for killing Kendall and then himself. Kendall elbows Ricky and Griffin goes after him. Griffin and Ricky fight over the gun until it goes off. They continue to fight and Griffin wins the struggle over the gun. Ricky shouts out that he broke his leg. Griffin holds the gun to Ricky and shouts out that Ricky framed Griffin for everything. Ricky tells him he has no proof so he'll get away with all of it and make another plane explode in the sky. Kendall tells Griffin not to shoot him. Ricky dares him to, saying he doesn't have the guts.

"Erica" tells Jack she just wants to get Bianca some food. Jack says she would just have it delivered and wonders what's wrong. "Erica" says it's difficult being in there since it brings back bad memories. Jack says he was concerned about Bianca as well. "Erica" says she just wants to go back to having fun and their magical date they were having instead of having to worry about Bianca. Jack promises it will go back to normal and hugs her.

JR tells Marissa that he was just trying to be compassionate. Marissa says she doesn't know what she's feeling right now. Marissa says she isn't as freaked out as she thought she'd be. She talks to JR about her and Bianca breaking free from the rope and kicking the door open. JR pours her another drink.

Tad tells Cara that Liza has agreed to re-open Griffin's case. Tad begins to explain but stops and wonders what's going on between Cara and Jake. Jake explains the e-mail that Cara got that made her think Griffin died. Tad tells Cara is okay because Griffin's alive. Tad explains to Cara and Jake that Griffin is alive and in Pine Valley and that he just pretended to leave. Cara is surprised to learn he's really alive.

Kendall tells Griffin that he can't kill Ricky. Ricky taunts him on the floor. Ricky claims that Griffin is just like him. Ricky thinks Griffin will kill for Kendall. Ricky tells Griffin to blow him away like he blew Zach away. Griffin tells Ricky he's not like him. Jesse bursts in with a gun and tells Griffin to drop the gun. Griffin drops it and kicks it over. Jesse calls in that all is under control. Jesse says the coast guard is locked down. Ricky tells Jesse that Griffin and Kendall were trying to kill him so he should arrest them. Kendall calls Ricky a liar. Ricky tries to convince Jesse. Kendall tells him that Ricky killed Zach and Diana too. Griffin hopes Jesse doesn't believe him. Jesse tells Griffin to shut up and says Ricky is under arrest for kidnapping Bianca and Marissa. Jesse tells Kendall that Bianca is fine but was locked up with Marissa in Ricky's closet. Jesse pulls Ricky up and arrests him. Ricky continues to tell Kendall that he loves her. Kendall goes after him screaming that he killed her husband. Jesse drags Ricky out as Griffin tries to calm Kendall down. Griffin tells her that it's over and she did it. Kendall tells him she couldn't have done it without him. Kendall states that her kids are safe so now maybe Zach can rest in peace. Griffin hugs her as she cries.

Jack tells "Erica" that Bianca needs her right now as she's the only person that can tap into her inner strength. Jack tells "Erica" to go take a walk and get back to help Bianca. "Erica" agrees she needs a walk and exits.

Frankie tells Bianca that he'll have the lab tests back and she should be able to go home in the morning. Bianca asks about her panic attack. Frankie thinks she'll be fine as she and Marissa really pulled through. Frankie tells her to rest and he'll see in the morning then he exits.

JR gives Marissa another glass of wine and says he's going to check on AJ. Marissa stops him and thanks him for being so sweet as she really appreciates it. JR jokes with her and goes to check on AJ. Marissa's phone rings and it's Bianca. Bianca asks how she's doing. She says she's good and Bianca hopes it wasn't too late to call. Marissa says she was just thinking about calling her.

Tad explains to Cara that Griffin made him promise not to tell anyone because he was just trying to protect her. Cara smiles knowing Griffin is alive. Tad's phone rings and it's Jesse. Jesse gives him the news. Tad hangs up and tells Cara and Jake that Griffin and Kendall just nailed the real killer. Tad takes Cara to go see Griffin. Cara stops and looks back at Jake and then follows Tad out.

Kendall tells Griffin that he's safe, Bianca's safe, and Ricky's behind bars. Griffin tells her it's all good. Kendall doesn't know how she can thank him. Kendall looks at Griffin's arm and notices he was shot. Griffin insists he's fine and it's just a graze. Kendall wants him to go to the hospital. Griffin says he'd know if it's nothing serious since he's a doctor. Griffin tells her that what's important is that it's all over. Jesse comes back in and informs Griffin that he's still going to have to arrest him.

Erica looks in the mirror and thinks to herself that Jane is more her than she is. Erica says that she will not bring her down because only one person can say "I am Erica Kane"

Bianca wanted to make sure Marissa was okay. She tells Bianca that JR has been great. Jack rushes in and tells Bianca that Kendall is safe and Ricky is in police custody. Bianca tells Marissa the great news. Marissa admits she was terrified and Bianca says she fooled her. Marissa comments it was a crazy day and they agree they make a crazy team. JR comes back in and tells Marissa about Kendall. Bianca tells Marissa to have JR take care of her and they say goodnight. JR tells Marissa that her rooms is ready for her to sleep in. She thanks him and exits.

Tad and Cara arrive at the hospital. Cara paces and Tad tells her it's going to be awhile. Cara is excited and wants to see Griffin. Tad asks how angry she is at him for not telling her about Griffin. Cara says she isn't angry and understands why he didn't tell her. Cara hugs him and kisses him on the cheek, thanking him for keeping Griffin alive. Tad still feels bad about lying to her since marriage vows are supposed to be sacred so he feels like he let her down and broke his vows.

Kendall tells Jesse that Griffin's been shot and needs a doctor. Jesse calls in an ambulance. Kendall tells Jesse that he can't think Griffin is guilty. Jesse explains that Griffin has outstanding warrants, resisted arrest and assaulted an officer. Kendall tells him that he was saving her life. Kendall explains that Ricky confessed to killing Zach and Diana. Griffin tells her it's alright since it's Jesse's job. Kendall tells Griffin they will end this, make it right and get his life back. Griffin states he's looking forward to it and he exits with Jesse.

Jake opens his locker at the hospital and looks at the pictures he has of Amanda and Trevor.

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