AMC Update Thursday 5/26/11

All My Children Update Thursday 5/26/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

"Erica" is on the phone at home making wedding arrangements for Kendall. Jack comes in and notes that she's busy for someone who was supposed to be resting. "Erica" says her headache just disappeared. Jack takes her phone and tells them she will call back later. Jack says Kendall's wedding plans can wait and it's time to focus on her. Jack brings up "Erica" saying she wanted to be romanced. Jack tells her that's exactly what he's going to do.

Jake and Amanda sit at Krystal's with menus. Jake talks to her about having a craving and brings up not having their results back yet. Amanda says that having another baby will bring them closer and she wants to make it up to him for not going about it the right way. Amanda tells him they can take their food to go and have a snack in bed. Tad and Cara come in and stop when they see Amanda and Jake.

Marissa and Bianca are tied up together in Ricky's closet. Bianca has flashbacks to Ricky manhandling her mixed with flashbacks of her rape. Bianca wakes up shouting to get the hell away from her. Marissa tells her it's her and calms her down. Marissa tells her they're alone for now. Bianca thinks Ricky will hurt her like Michael. Marissa wonders who Michael is and why Ricky tied them up. Bianca tells her it was because it wasn't safe to kill them yet.

Griffin goes to leave but a cop is at his door when he opens it. The cop says Griffin isn't going anywhere but Griffin insists that he has to because a woman is in trouble.

Kendall is surprised the boat is moving. Ricky reminds her it was her idea to set sail just the two of them so he doesn't know what the problem is.

Jack tells "Erica" that she takes his breath away. Jack tells her he loves her and kisses her. Jack and "Erica" leave for dinner.

Ricky pours champagne in a glass. Kendall tells him she just didn't expect to be leaving so soon. She says she's nervous about leaving the boys. Ricky gives her the champagne to relax her. Ricky says he's going to check and make sure things are going right. Kendall tries to call Griffin and says to please do something. Ricky comes back and asks who she was talking to. Kendall claims she was just talking to the babysitter. Ricky wonders what's going on.

Bianca explains to Marissa that Ricky is a thief and a murderer. She tells Marissa that Ricky killed Zach. They struggle with the rope as Bianca tells her that Ricky's alone with Kendall and he could hurt her or rape her. Marissa insists that Kendall is strong. Marissa asks who Michael is. Bianca shrugs it off but Marissa wants to know. Bianca cries and tells Marissa that Michael Cambias was horrible, he stole from her mom, and took it out on her. Bianca admits to Marissa that Michael raped her. Bianca says she was okay until now. She tells Marissa about the way Ricky came at her giving her flashbacks. Marissa states that the Miranda Center makes so much sense now. Bianca tells her that Miranda was something so beautiful that came out of the nightmare. Marissa calls Bianca amazing for working through a trauma like that. Bianca informs Marissa that she killed Michael.

Jake asks Tad if he and Cara are here for dinner. They say they just want drinks and Jake asks about Griffin. Tad tells him the latest information. Cara asks how they and Trevor are. Amanda says Trevor is excited about having a brother or sister soon. Tad is surprised but Jake says there's no news yet. Tad wishes them luck then he and Cara move on. Jake asks Amanda why she had to do that. Jake gets paged and has to go to the hospital. They kiss and Jake tells her to let him know right away if she gets the results. Jake exits.

Tad and Cara sit at the bar. Cara tells him he doesn't have to cheer her up but Tad likes to. Cara asks Tad to clear her brother. Cara tells Tad she wants to go help out at the clinic and will see him at home. Cara exits and Tad makes a phone call to Griffin. Tad leaves a message saying to call him back because he can't keep this up anymore and they have to tell Cara that he's in town.

The officer checks out Griffin's house. Griffin tries to run away but the cop pulls his gun and tells him to stop and put his hands up so he does.

Ricky brings up what Kendall said about wanting to be alone with him. He wonders why Kendall was so surprised when they started moving like she was expecting someone to join them. Ricky asks for the truth. Kendall admits she hasn't been honest with him. Kendall says she's been conflicted about how she feels or supposed to feel. Kendall tells Ricky it's not the way he thinks. Kendall says she fought her feelings for Ricky since they first met. Kendall brings up just losing Zach and that's what makes this so hard. Kendall says it will keep getting hard unless she owns up to it now. Kendall tells Ricky that she knows he killed Zach. Ricky turns away and puts his glass down. Kendall tells him not to deny it because she's glad he did it.

Jack brings "Erica" to dinner at Fusion with no one else there. "Erica" is surprised it's all just for them and says it's beautiful. Jack reminds her of planning something like this last New Year's Eve. Jack calls this doing things the way they should have. "Erica" says she never wanted anything more.

Bianca tells Marissa she's the founder of the Miranda Center and a murderer. Marissa insists there's a difference between self-defense and murder. Bianca tells her she doesn't have to pretend like this is normal. Marissa says she wouldn't call it normal but wonders how Bianca has it together all the time. Bianca says she put it all behind her. Marissa calls her the strongest person she knows. Bianca wonders why she keeps seeing Michael when she closes her eyes then. Marissa reminds her they are in a really messed up place right now because of Ricky. Marissa tells her they can't be in control of their emotions all the time. They struggle with being tied up and Marissa tells Bianca to turn around to her and look at her. Marissa assures her it will be okay. Bianca apologizes for getting her into this. Marissa tells her not to be sorry.

Jake arrives at the hospital and meets with Frankie. Frankie tells her that Cara's friend Mackenzie is in remission and tells him to tell Cara. Frankie goes on to continue his work as a nurse comes up to Jake. She tells Jake she's sorry there wasn't better news about the pregnancy test. Jake is surprised to learn Amanda already got the results. The nurse says it was a few hours ago and apologizes then leaves.

Cara works at the clinic and gets on the computer. She sees an e-mail about a tragedy with an article about breaking news saying a Doctor was killed in Pakistan so Cara thinks it was Griffin.

The cop tells Griffin he's coming with him. Griffin tells him that Kendall is on a boat with a psycho and needs help. Tad comes in and tells the cop that Griffin is telling the truth.

Kendall tells Ricky that they want no more lies and she wants him to tell her everything. Kendall gets that he doesn't know if he can trust her. Kendall tells him she's serious that this is really happening. Kendall tells him she's fallen in love with the man who killed her husband despite everything, her doubts and her family's doubts, the guilt eating at her, she can't help how she feels. Kendall says she wants him but not in spite of everything and the part that's so hard to admit is that because of it, he's the man that Zach could never be, the man she wishes Zach was that would do everything for the woman he loved. Ricky responds anything. Kendall states that's the man she should be with until the day she dies. Kendall says she's told him how she feels and her biggest secret so now she wants to know his.

Marissa and Bianca continue to talk each other through being tied up. Marissa calls her incredible for everything she has to deal with. Marissa brings up the song "Forever More" and that her dad used to sing it to her. Marissa sings the song and Bianca holds back tears. Bianca says she's sorry Ricky did this to her but is glad she's not alone right now. Marissa thinks she got some of the knots and they get free. They stand up and Bianca tries the door but it's locked. Bianca says they are going to have to force it open. They join together and kick the door open. Bianca almost faints and Marissa wants to take her to the hospital. Bianca wants to save Kendall but Marissa insists that she could have a concussion so they exit.

Jack reminds "Erica" about his toast on New Year's Eve. "Erica" says she remembers every time they have ever spent together but doesn't want to dwell on the past and move to the future. They toast and Jack gets a call from Marissa. Marissa explains to Jack what is happening. Jack says they will meet her there and he informs "Erica" that Bianca is going to the hospital.

Cara makes a call from the clinic trying to check on Griffin and find out if he's alive. Cara tells them to call her if they hear anything at all. Cara cries as Jake arrives and tells her the good news about Mackenzie. Jake realizes Cara's crying and wonders what's wrong. Cara tells Jake that she thinks Griffin is dead.

Tad tells the cop who he is and tells him that Kendall is in trouble. The cop wants to take Griffin into holding still since he's a criminal. Griffin says he's going to help Kendall and if he has a problem he can shoot him. Griffin tries to run but Tad holds him back.

Kendall tells Ricky that there's no more holding back from them. Kendall wants Ricky to tell her he will kill for her and have killed before. Ricky looks down at her engagement ring and admits that he would and he has. Ricky admits that he killed Zach.

Frankie checks Bianca out at the hospital and wonders who did this to her. Marissa tells Bianca she isn't going anywhere. Frankie takes Bianca to get set up. Jack and "Erica" arrive and Jack goes to find where Bianca is. "Erica" sits down and tells herself that she didn't sign up for this so she better pull herself together and reminds herself that it's not her daughter.

Cara looks at the computer more and wonders to Jake why there's no more updates. Cara shouts that it doesn't matter since Griffin probably isn't using his real name. Jake insists that he's strong and probably isn't even there. Jake tells her not to panic. Cara doesn't wanna sit and do nothing. Jake stops her and asks where she thinks she's going. Cara says she's going to find her brother.

Tad reminds Griffin about Cara. Griffin says he will tell her everything. The cop goes to arrest Griffin but he hits him and runs off.

Ricky tells Kendall that it's like a huge burden has been lifted. Kendall remarks that he's been holding onto the truth for so long. Kendall tells him that she wanted to get him alone and get everything out in the open to start fresh as a couple. Ricky kisses her hand and reminds her they're an engaged couple. Kendall tells him that she needs to know one more thing. She asks how Ricky made it look like there was no foul play. Ricky tells her about planting an undetectable explosive on Zach's plane. Kendall calls it a relief. Ricky remarks that the craziest part was that it was all business and he did not plan to fall in love with her but now that he has, he's never letting her go. Ricky kisses her and tries to take her clothes off but Kendall shouts at him to stop. Ricky goes after her and grabs her. Ricky pulls the wire off of her and asks what it is. Kendall tells him that it's his ticket to Hell.

Jack and "Erica" come to Bianca's hospital room. Bianca tells them she's fine thanks to Marissa. Jack wonders what happened and Bianca explains it was Ricky. Jack doesn't understand but Bianca says he attacked her and he's with Kendall now. Jack is confused and Bianca reveals that Ricky killed Zach. Jack doesn't believe it but Bianca tells him about Kendall finding out the truth. Jack goes to check in with the police. Bianca asks if "Erica" is okay. She tells Bianca that she's just trying to put everything together. Bianca says she's so scared.

Cara pulls away from Jake and wants to find Griffin. Jake reminds her she could get locked up for leaving the country and tells her that he doesn't want her to go.

Tad sits at Krystal's on the phone with Jesse. Tad explains to him what happened and tells him to get to the boat before anyone gets hurt.

Griffin runs to find the yacht but finds that it has already left.

Kendall tells Ricky that it huts when someone lies to your face. Ricky realizes that everything was to be used against him. Ricky asks her if it was all a lie. Kendall admits it. Ricky smashes the wire tape recorder. Kendall tells him it doesn't matter because she knows everything now so it's over. Ricky tells her she's just like everyone else and can't handle his love. Kendall calls him insane. Ricky tells her that he loves her and always will even after she's gone

Marissa says she'll leave to give "Erica" and Bianca time to talk. Bianca tells Marissa she doesn't have to hang around but Marissa insists she does. Bianca wants "Erica" to tell her Kendall will be okay. "Erica" changes the subject and wants to go get Bianca some food and hurries out.

Jack thanks Marissa for helping Bianca. Marissa says they helped each other.

Tad remains at Krystal's and makes a call trying to find out more about Diana Holden. Tad tells them to call when they have something. Amanda comes up and asks if everything's okay. Tad tells her he hopes it will be. Amanda asks if he's seen Jake. Tad says he hasn't and doesn't know what's going on between them but she should find him and make things right.

Jake tells Cara that if she leaves the US, she won't be helping anyone. Cara tries to leave but Jake stops her and tells her that he cares. Jake says he can't lose her again like this. Cara tells him not to do this and let her go.

Griffin paces on his phone and says he needs a boat now.

Kendall tells Ricky that Griffin is going to bust in any minute and that's who she was waiting for. Ricky doesn't believe her and reminds her that Griffin left the country. Ricky wonders who's gonna save her now. Kendall pulls out her gun and shouts that she doesn't need to be saved. Ricky doesn't think she knows how to use it. Kendall tells him if he takes one more step, she will show him how well she knows.

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