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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/25/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca comes to the yacht looking for Kendall since she got her text message. She says the kids are saving ice cream for her but doesn't find Kendall. Bianca finds it weird until Ricky comes in and shuts the door behind him, saying welcome aboard.

JR tells Maya that he's having an intercom installed in Asher's room and gives her some more work orders. Maya exits and Marissa comes in. JR tells her he's busy getting the house ready for Asher. Marissa finds it sweet that he's taking care of him. Marissa tells him she was impressed hearing how JR risked his life to save Asher. Marissa says JR never stops surprising her. Scott comes in and says he hopes he's not interrupting.

Madison looks in the nursery watching the babies and a nurse comes up asking which one is hers. David walks up and tells the nurse it's enough. David tells Madison that he's sorry about her baby. Madison asks where he gets off even talking to her.

Ryan talks on the phone at home about funeral arrangements for the baby. He hangs up and Greenlee offers to go with him or do it for him. She offers to do everything for him if he wants. Ryan declines and says he may not have been there for the baby at the beginning but he will be now and then he heads upstairs.

Griffin brings Kendall to the abandoned house. Kendall argues with him about taking her away. Griffin doesn't want her to go off with Ricky and promises to stop her.

Ricky asks Bianca why she looks perplexed. Bianca says she didn't expect to see him there with Kendall. Ricky tells her that Kendall isn't here. Bianca tells him about the text message but then realizes that Ricky sent the text and he admits it. Bianca wonders why he would do that. Ricky knew she wouldn't come if she knew it was from him. Bianca wonders why he thinks that. Ricky tells her that he knows she has some issue with him and even warned her daughters to stay away from him. Ricky tells her that he's hurt because she's filling her daughter's head with awful things about him when he's just been supportive. Ricky tells her to just tell him what she doesn't like about him. Ricky sits down and asks what secret she thinks he's hiding.

Kendall tells Griffin that they don't have much time left since he's already so suspicious. Griffin doesn't want her alone with him. Kendall says she can't keep up the act anymore. Kendall thinks it's a slap to Zach and her boys. Kendall says it has to end one way or another.

Maya comes in and apologizes for Scott barging in. JR tells her it's okay and she exits. Marissa asks Scott what's wrong. Scott asks JR for a moment with Marissa. JR agrees and steps out. Scott asks what's going on with them and Marissa tells him not to start and asks what's wrong or if it's the baby. Scott informs her that the baby didn't make it. Marissa tells him she's so sorry and wonders why he isn't with Madison. Marissa is surprised that Madison is still keeping him away. Scott says he guesses he's here to give her space. Scott tells her he's going to work on the gatehouse to stop from going crazy and just wanted Marissa to know. Marissa knows the baby meant a lot to him and tells him that if he needs anything or even to stay there for awhile he can. Scott thanks her and says he's still going to be there for Madison and he's not going to run away. Marissa reminds him that she cares about him and hugs him as JR walks back in.

Madison tells David that he started this and caused it all. David apologizes claiming not to understand. Madison says David blackmailed her to begin with to seduce Ryan. Madison says that's what led to this and tells David to go away and leave her alone. Madison tells David he's only ever cared about himself. David reminds her that he's lost a little girl too.

Greenlee asks Ryan where he's going. Ryan tells her he's going to see Madison since they have arrangements to make as parents. Greenlee wonders if she can handle that. Ryan feels she has to be a part of it. Greenlee offers to help but Ryan tells her she doesn't need to. Ryan says he doesn't want to hurt Greenlee but considering everything that's happened, he needs to do this alone. Greenlee accepts that and Ryan exits.

David tells Madison about losing his baby on the operating table and he couldn't do anything about it. David tells her that he feels the best part of him disappeared that day and he always asks himself why this happened when he sees a girl with her dad. David tells Madison that nobody else will know how she feels but he does and that's why he came here, to tell her that someone else knows her pain. Madison states that it'll never go away. David tells her she will learn to live with it and he's sorry for pushing her to Ryan. Madison says he would've done it even if he knew it would turn out this way.

JR watches Marissa and Scott hug. Marissa notices JR and Scott tells her that he's going outside to get materials he needs. Scott exits and JR asks Marissa why he isn't with Madison and the baby. Marissa informs him that the baby died. JR wonders why he's not there with Madison. Marissa tells him that she doesn't want to see him. Marissa's afraid this will push Scott and Madison apart. JR says he'll order flowers on behalf of both of them. Marissa hopes Madison reconsiders since any woman would be lucky to have Scott. JR doesn't think he's perfect. Marissa says nobody is but Scott's always been there for her so she intends to be there for him. JR tells her that's a big mistake.

Kendall tells Griffin that she will wear the wire and do whatever she has to do to make Ricky admit that he killed Zach. Griffin doesn't think Ricky will ever admit it. Kendall tells him that he will when she says she's okay with what he did. Kendall tells Griffin that she needs him to trust her now. Griffin says they'll do it but he's setting some rules down. Griffin tells her that he's having Ryan's PI on it and he will sneak onboard so they can end this together.

Bianca thinks Ricky's being paranoid. She says she might not think Kendall getting married is a good idea so soon but she doesn't think he's bad or dangerous. Ricky thinks she's keeping something from him. Bianca says she's a very private person. Ricky says if she's heard bad things from someone like Griffin, he wants to clear the air between them. Bianca tries to run away but Ricky jumps up and grabs her . Ricky grabs her by the throat and tells her that he knows she knows everything. Bianca struggles with Ricky's grip as she has flashbacks to being attacked and raped by Michael years ago. Bianca tries to fight him off but can't and Ricky ends up shoving her down, knocking her out. Ricky stands over her and says it's time to find out who knows what.

Marissa asks JR if he's warning her about Scott as a friend or a jealous ex. JR says he's not jealous and thinks if Marissa holds Scott's hand that he'll lose focus on Madison. JR tells her to think about herself and focus on her own relationships. Marissa says if he means them, they should better define their relationship since she's just a houseguest here. Marissa says whomever she decides to be friends with is not JR's business. Marissa tells him that she's late for a meeting and exits. JR picks up an ornament off the table and prepares to slam it against the wall but Maya comes in and tells him to stop. JR apologizes saying he just got frustrated. Scott comes back in and wonders where Marissa went. Maya says she left and Scott wants to catch up with her but JR tells her to let her go.

David continues telling Madison that he knows how she feels. Ryan comes up and tells David to save it for someone gullible enough to believe it and leave her alone. David exits and Ryan asks how she is. Madison says she's been asked that enough and doesn't have any answers. Ryan offers to take care of everything if she wants.

Kendall puts on the wire and thanks Griffin. Griffin tells her they aren't done yet. Kendall says it finally feels like this is really going to happen because of him. Griffin tells her that when it's over, he's going to take her somewhere special. Griffin says he's going to take her to the state prison so they can take the engagement ring and shove it down Ricky's throat. Griffin tells her they can't leave together. Kendall understands and tells him this is it. Griffin says he'll see her on the other side and they hug.

Ricky carries Bianca's unconscious body to his room and prepares to open it but Marissa comes around the corner and runs up wondering what happened to Bianca. Ricky tells her she passed out and to help her get her inside. Marissa opens the door and Ricky takes her in. Ricky lays Bianca on the bed and Marissa wants to call 911. Ricky claims he already did and they're on their way. Ricky tells her that she came by to talk to her about the wedding and just collapsed in the hallway. Marissa checks and sees she still has a pulse and wonders what happened. Marissa wants to go tell hotel security but Ricky stops her. Ricky tells Marissa that she has bad timing and is sorry he has to do this.

Kendall and Griffin finish their hug. Griffin gives her the gun and says he'll see her soon. Kendall exits.

Ricky goes walking in the park, he stops and looks back as he sees Ryan's PI guy stop and talk on his phone.

JR tells Scott that Marissa left but wonders if he can do anything. Scott says no and JR tells him he's sorry about the baby and about he and Madison. JR offers him the Chandler Enterprises apartment in London if he wants to go off and start over. Scott says he knows JR would love that. JR claims he's just looking out for him. Scott thinks JR just wants him away from Marissa. JR tells him to back to the guesthouse and pound some nails. Scott tells JR that he and Marissa are done for good. They argue and Scott tells JR that he can't do anything to change Marissa's mind. Scott storms out and JR says to himself that there's nothing he enjoys more than a challenge.

David comes to Ryan's and Greenlee opens the door. She wonders what he wants. David tells her that he was the one person she could always count on and that will never change.

Kendall comes to the yacht looking for Ricky. Ricky comes in behind her and apologizes for being late. Kendall says it's okay cause she just got there. Ricky grabs the bottle of champagne and asks if she's as excited about their trip as he is. Kendall hugs him and says of course. Ricky tells her that tonight's going to be a very special night and Kendall agrees.

Greenlee tells David she doesn't need him complicating things. David wants to help but she says he can't. David says he knows how Greenlee's feeling and knows Ryan isn't taking this very well. Greenlee tells David that Ryan isn't taking it out on her and wants him to leave. David tells her he's here if she wants someone that really understands her. Greenlee wonders why he's doing this. David tells her they forged something that could never be broken, something greater than marriage, love affairs, or blood oaths. David tells her they will always be connected on a life and death plane. Greenlee says goodbye and opens the door so David exits. David stops and tells her that she did nothing wrong since everyone needs to keep secrets sometimes and he still has plenty. Greenlee shuts the door as he leaves.

Ryan sits with Madison at the hospital and goes over funeral arrangements. Madison tells Ryan she's sorry. Scott comes in and says he can come back. Ryan tells him he was just leaving so it's fine. Madison thanks Ryan for helping put everything together. Ryan tells her to take care of herself and he exits. Madison looks away from Scott and he says he just came by to check on her. Madison wants him to stop and tells him to leave her alone. Scott says he's not going away and tells her that he loves her. Scott says he's going to keep coming back no matter what she says until she realizes what they had was real and it could be like that again and be stronger than ever. Scott says he can't see a future without her in it.

Maya continues cleaning the mansion and apologizes when she sees JR still in the room. JR tells her it's fine because he was just about to leave. JR assures her that he's alright. Maya says she overheard what Marissa said earlier about being just a houseguest. Maya apologizes saying it's none of her business. Maya goes to leave but JR stops her. Maya hopes he's not angry and knows she needs to learn to keep quiet. JR says he's not angry since she's new and still learning. JR tells her that she will hear all sorts of things at the house. JR tells her that no matter what she hears from anyone, family is everything to him and no one will get in the way of the Chandlers.

Ricky pours champagne for he and Kendall and toasts their trip. Kendall asks where the captain is and Ricky tells her that he is since he knows how to sail things. Ricky tells her that it's an adventure with just them. Kendall asks where they are headed. Ricky tells her that he was getting a little nervous since she postponed the wedding and he thinks Bianca doesn't like him. Kendall says she doesn't care about anyone else because she knows the real man. Kendall kisses him and Ricky tells her to stay right there. Ricky goes to put a flower behind her ear but Kendall pulls away thinking he might see the wire. Kendall has him put in behind her other ear as she adjusts the wire. Kendall's earpiece falls into the champagne's bucket of ice. Griffin freaks out when he can't get in touch with Kendall. Griffin calls Ryan's PI guy, hoping he stopped the yacht, but gets no answer as the PI has been killed and is laid out by the water with his cell phone ringing nearby.

Ryan returns home as Greenlee puts food on the table. She tells him that she had food delivered in hopes of comforting him. Ryan sits down and Greenlee asks if he wants to talk. Greenlee says they can eat instead. Ryan holds back tears and tells her that it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Greenlee sits with him as Ryan tells her that he's buried people before but this was just a little baby. Ryan says he kept thinking about what she would've looked like when she grew up.

Madison tells Scott that after his agreement with Greenlee, she doubts everything he says. Scott agrees that she has a right to. Madison says she doesn't since what they had was more than just a deal, it was something more. Madison tells him that what she feels has changed. She explains that it's gone and is now nothing. Madison tells him she feels nothing now. Scott thinks she just needs more time. Madison wishes people would stop saying that since time will not take the pain away. Madison wishes she could change the way she feels about Scott, life, and everything but she doesn't know if she'll ever feel anything again. Scott understands and exits, stopping to look back at her before walking on. He grabs a chair and places it outside her hospital room then sits down.

JR tells Maya that their house has seen it's share of tragedies. JR tells Maya he intends to make it what his father always wanted it to be. Maya tells him that family is important. JR reminds her there's summer uniforms. Maya thanks him and JR exits.

In Ricky's room, Marissa and Bianca are tied up back to back in the closet. Marissa wakes up and tries to talk to Bianca but she's still out of it. Bianca has flashbacks to Ricky beating her up and she suddenly wakes up shouting to get the hell away from her.

Griffin goes to leave but when he opens the door, a cop is there.

Ricky tells Kendall he will be back. Kendall puts the wire back in and tries to get in contact with Griffin. Kendall explains that she won't be able to hear anything now. Kendall hears the motor and wonders what's going on since they're not supposed to be moving yet. Ricky comes back and tells her they are going on open water just them the way it was meant to be.

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