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Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Ricky she is touched but she isn’t ready to marry him yet but Ricky smiles and tells her that he is sure that she is ready to be his wife. Griffin talks to Kendall through her earpiece to stop this now because they will find another way to get Ricky.

(Krystal’s) Tad arrives and Krystal notices he looks sad and offers to listen if he needs to talk and he tells her not to laugh at what he is about to show her. Tad pulls out receipts for Cara’s dry cleaning and shoe repair which he is going to pick up later he also shows Krystal DVDs he rented from the video store of horror movies which he doesn’t like and admits he is actually looking forward to spending time with Cara. Tad asks Krystal to keep him from falling in love with his wife because he knows the situation is hopeless because Cara will always be in love with Jake. Krystal understands and tells Tad she is in the same situation with Jack and they both agree to help each other keep their distance from Cara and Jack. Amanda arrives and orders decaf and admits to Tad that she and Jake are not doing well and he encourages her to keep working on her marriage because she and Jake love each other very much. Tad leaves and Amanda tells Krystal that it would be good if Tad and Cara’s marriage was real and Krystal agrees but tells her it has to happen naturally not because people are forcing it to happen.

(ConFusion) Jake sees Cara drinking and she tells him that the people that she cares about are the ones that hurt her the most. Jake decides to order an ER special f0or him and Cara and she tells him that today is Griffin’s birthday and Tad is doing everything he can to clear Griffin’s name and she also tells Jake that she and Tad understand each other and he is a great guy. The bartender arrives with two glasses of soda with a twist of lemon. Cara thinks Jake is making fun of her and insists that she doesn’t need anyone to hold her hand she gets up from the bar stool and feels dizzy Jake catches her and she sits back down and Jake assures her that he always orders that drink when he is on call and he ordered it for her because he knows that she gets tipsy after one drink so he was only trying to make sure she was okay. Cara doesn’t believe Jake when he tells her that all the bartenders know his favorite on call drink so he calls the bartender over and he confirms Jake always orders that drink when he is on call. Jake advises Cara to go home and talk to her husband but Tad arrives and tells Jake he needs to talk to Amanda because she is sad. Tad tells Jake he will pay his bill because it can’t cot much for two ER specials Jake smiles at Cara as if to say you see I was telling the truth everybody knows I drink soda with a twist of lemon when I am on call

(Hospital) Amanda asks the nurse if her test results are ready and the nurse assures her that when the results are ready she will send her a text message.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Ricky that she wants to wait until Jack arrives to get married but “Erica” says that Jack is in court and won’t mind if they start without him. Kendall then tells Ricky that she would like the boys at the wedding and Ricky tells her that he called the boys nanny and they are on their way home. Griffin continues to plead with Kendall through her earpiece to stop this and she tells him she can’t she has to do it. Ricky begins his vows by telling Kendall that he was in a dark place before he met her and when he met her she became his light and now he is looking forward to a future full of happiness. The minister asks Kendall to say her vows and she tells Ricky that she feels badly she didn’t prepare anything to say and both Ricky and “Erica tell Kendall to speak from the heart. Kendall begins by telling Ricky she trusts him, which is really meant for Griffin and now its time for him to trust her. Kendall tells Ricky that she wants her wedding to be everything she dreamed of and hoped for and to make it special she needs time to plan. Jack arrives in the middle of Kendall’s speech and is surprised that Kendall and Ricky came close to getting married and that “Erica helped plan the surprise. Ricky tells Kendall he had planned a long honeymoon on the yacht and Kendall tells Ricky they could still take the cruise tonight. Ricky thanks “Erica” for her help and wonders why Bianca wasn’t happy about his surprise for Kendall. Bianca tells Ricky that she was just looking out for her sister making sure that she has the perfect wedding.

(ConFusion) Tad assures Cara that Griffin will be home soon and his name will be cleared and Cara thanks Tad for his help and Tad tells her that he is looking forward to spending the night with her. Cara wonders what he means and Tad pretends for a few minutes that he wants to make love to her and they should both use costumes. Tad laughs and tells Cara that he just meant that he was looking forward to the movie marathon. Cara is relieved and Tad is a little hurt that Cara is relieved they aren’t making love.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall asks Ricky to leave her alone to pack and then meet her on the yacht so he and “Erica” and Jack leave but Kendall takes Bianca aside to tell her to take care of the boys and promises Bianca that she will be careful. Once alone Kendall talks to Griffin through her earpiece and tell him that she must finish this tonight because she can’t risk people she loves being hurt by Ricky. Griffin’s voice cracks a little as he tells Kendall they need time to plan things because it is too risky that she be alone with Ricky but Kendall tells Griffin he has helped enough and she takes out her earpiece. Bianca returns because she forgot something and asks Miranda to wait on her Ricky also returns and sees Miranda and asks her to be a flower girl at the wedding and she excitedly agrees then Bianca comes downstairs and sees Ricky hugging Miranda. Ricky explains to Bianca that he forgot his phone in the kitchen so he heads there to get it. Bianca tells Miranda to stay away from Ricky and asks her not to tell her cousins or her sister about a wedding. Bianca and Miranda leaves and Ricky comes from the kitchen having overheard the conversation and he doesn’t look happy.

(Park) Amanda gets a text telling her that her pregnancy test was negative and she calls to tell them to run the test again but they say they ran it twice. Amanda cries a little and Jake arrives and tells Amanda that he has been thinking things over and he feels lucky to have her and Trevor especially when Ryan and Madison lost their baby. Jake tells Amanda he is still angry with her for not telling him she wasn’t on birth control but if they are meant to have another child it will happen. Jake hugs Amanda and she lies and tells him that she doesn’t have the test results yet.

(Krystal's) “Erica” excitedly tells Jack her ideas for Kendall’s wedding and Jack thinks “Erica” is acting like she never planned a wedding before and “Erica” tells Jack she feels like she started life over again. Krystal arrives with work papers for Jack to sign and he leaves to look at the papers. Krystal apologizes for the way things got out of hand the other day and “Erica” tells Krystal that if she ever tries to steal Jack again she will kick her butt into next week. Krystal is surprised because Erica has never been so direct she is always more subtle about things. “ Erica” tells Krystal that her survival instincts kicked in when she was held hostage.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall is startled by Griffin who once again tries to persuade her not to meet with Ricky alone and reminds her that Ricky killed Dianna. Kendall is determined to end this now and Griffin notices a gun in Kendall’s purse and he takes it from her and takes out the bullets. Kendall pleads with Griffin to give her Zach’s gun because she needs it. Griffin puts Kendall over his shoulder and tells her that he knows exactly what she needs and Kendall demands Griffin put her down but he carries her out of the house.

(Yacht) Bianca arrives on the yacht looking for Kendall in her room telling her that she got her text message and the kids are saving her some ice cream. Bianca thinks it is strange that Kendall’s room is empty then Ricky comes out and says welcome aboard.

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