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All My Children Update Monday 5/23/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Erica’s place) Jane talks to herself while she looks at herself while she looks in the mirror she can’t believe she is living the life of a princess that she is actually Erica Kane. Jane tells herself she has to be more careful so people don’t get suspicious and then Jack arrives and wonders who “Erica is talking to and Jane covers and says she was on a business call. Jack kisses “Erica” and Jane likes it very much so she puts her arms around Jack and makes the kiss longer. Jack pulls away and is amazed because “Erica” has never kissed him like that before and he goes in for another kiss and leads “Erica” toward the bed but “Erica” pulls away telling Jack she can’t because when they make love again she wants it to be as if it were the first time they have been together. “Erica” tells jack she wants him to ask her out on a romantic date so they can fall in love again. Jack likes the idea so he introduces himself to “Erica” as if he has never met her before and she accepts his invitation to dinner. “Erica” gets a call from Ricky who tells her that he needs her help planning a surprise for Kendall “Erica” is thrilled and heads to the yacht club to meet with Ricky.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Jake wishes he could stay in bed with Amanda a little longer but he has a board meeting at the hospital so he kisses Amanda and heads to the bathroom to take a shower Amanda watches Jake and smiles and tells Jake he is looking good then she stands up gets dizzy and sits down again. Amanda tells herself that the last time she felt like this was when she found out she was pregnant with Trevor so Amanda checks a calendar and sees that she is a few days late.

(Free Clinic) Tad arrives to tell Cara that he is going out of town on a case but should be back by tonight. Tad knows something is bothering Cara because she didn’t say much this morning and she seems distracted so he tells Cara that he will listen if she needs to talk. Cara tells tad that pretending to be a happy family is a lot of work Tad is hurt slightly and tells Cara he doesn’t see their marriage as work and he thought that she enjoyed spending time with Kathy and Jenny because the girls love her very much. Cara tells Tad she thinks the girls are great and she hopes that once they end their marriage she can still spend time with the girls. Tad tells her they won’t have to worry about that for a while and Cara thanks Tad once again for everything he has done for her and Griffin and Tad tells her that family does those things for each other. Tad asks Cara to tell him what’s wrong and she cries and says that its Griffin’s birthday and this is the first year she doesn’t know where he is to wish him a happy birthday. Tad can’t stand to see Cara upset so he tells her that he is working on a lead that could bring Griffin home. Cara is happy about that and admits to Tad that she hoped that she and Griffin could settle down in Pine Valley she also tells Tad she wants to go with him because he promised her they could work on the case together. Tad promises to call Cara and let her know what he finds out but says that she can’t go with him because it’s dangerous. Cara tells Tad that she was going to have a horror movie marathon tonight with the girls and he tells her to have fun and save him some ice cream.

(Safe House) Griffin watches the video of Ricky and Dianna again and notices they are rolling around on top of money and the name on the wrapper of the money is Eden Lakes Casino. Griffin hears a knock at the door and the teenager that he helped last week arrives with food that his grandmother made to thank him for helping her and the people of the neighborhood. Griffin thanks the young man and asks him to help him get a car because he needs to go somewhere. The young man is happy to help and tells him that he will soon return with a car that he can use.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall is surprised to find Ricky at her door wondering why she lied to him about telling the boys about their engagement. Kendall thinks quickly and admits to Ricky that she did lie to him because he was pressuring to tell the boys because she has to find the right time to tell them and she asks Ricky to be patient with her. Ricky doesn’t think Kendall loves him as much as he loves her and she assures him that she loves him and wants to be with him so Ricky apologizes to Kendall for pressuring her and promises to give her time. Ricky gives Kendall a kiss and heads out the door Kendall wipes her mouth then gets a call from Griffin who tells her that she needs to go to the safe house now.

(Hospital) Amanda sees Angie who tells her that she was just headed to check on Madison and Amanda tells Angie she can’t even imagine the pain Madison is going through and she feels blessed to have Trevor. Angie also feels they should both count their blessings and Amanda tells Angie that she is there to take a blood test because she thinks that she may be pregnant. Angie wonders if Amanda took a home test and Amanda tells her the home test was negative but she knows her body and knows that she is pregnant. Angie doesn’t have time to give Amanda another lecture so she tells her that she will get a nurse to take her blood and once again tells Amanda to tell Jake the truth.

(Safe House) Griffin shows Kendall the video and she gets upset and worried because Ricky told Dianna in the video that he loved her and yet he killed her so that means that she isn’t safe with Ricky because he could kill her too. Kendall paces around the room frantically and starts throwing things and takes off the ring Ricky gave her and throws it against the wall. Kendall tells Griffin she hates Ricky so much and she must speed up her plan to make him pay for Zach’s death before he hurts anyone else. Griffin calms Kendall and tells her about the name of the Eden Lakes casino he saw on the money wrapper in the video and tells her that he plans to go there today to see if he can find out any information. Griffin assures Kendall that they will make Ricky play for Zach’s death then he helps Kendall find the ring Ricky gave her and puts it back on her finger telling her that he hates that she has to wear that ring. Kendall tells Griffin about the conversation she had with Ricky this morning then the young man arrives to tell Griffin that his uncle will let him borrow his car and Griffin promises Kendall that he will get in touch with her through her earpiece when he gets back in range again.

(Hospital) Amanda tells Jake that she never started taking the birth control pills again once they decided not to have a baby right now and she thinks that she may be pregnant. Jake is upset with Amanda because he feels like she has broken the trust between them and reminds her that they are supposed to make decisions together. Amanda tells Joke that all she cares about is their family and she feels that another baby would strengthen their family. Jake tells Amanda that if a marriage doesn’t have trust they have nothing. Jake thinks that Amanda is trying to have a baby because she thinks it will solve their problems. Amanda thinks that Jake is admitting that they have problems and Jake wonders how many times and in how many ways he has to prove to Amanda that he loves her. Jake tells Amanda that he never said he didn’t want to have another baby he just doesn’t like the way she does things behind his back. Jake decides to take a walk because he needs time to think Amanda sees Angie and tells her that Jake is upset with her but once he finds out she is pregnant things will be fine between them.

(Erica’s Place) Bianca arrives and wonders how her mom is doing and Jack tells Bianca he thinks Erica should take it easy but she wants to go a mile a minute. Bianca reminds Jack that nothing keeps Erica down for too long. Jack admits to Bianca that he feels guilty for not sensing that Erica had been kidnapped and Bianca tells him it isn’t his fault. Jack tells Bianca that Erica hasn’t been herself lately and then they find some keys on the table and wonder what they are for and comment that they key ring isn’t Erica’s style.

(Yacht Club) Ricky tells “ Erica” that he wants to give Kendall a surprise and she assumes it’s an engagement party but he tells her that it is an even bigger and better surprise.

(Outside the casino) Griffin talks to a former employee who tells him the casino closed without warning last week and they didn’t even give severance pay. Griffin shows the man pictures of Dianna and Ricky and the man says that he has told him all he knows and then leaves. Tad arrives and tells griffin that he should have paid the man some money and maybe he would have given him more information. Tad explains to griffin that he was following his own lead and Griffin tells Tad what the man told him and also about Ricky’s hard drive and gives it to Tad so that a friend of Tad’s could retrieve more information from it. Tad wishes Griffin a happy birthday and Griffin says thank you even though he had forgotten because he had been so busy. Tad tells Griffin Cara is very worried about him. Griffin tells Tad not to give Cara too much information about Ricky because she will want to go after him and Ricky is very dangerous. Tad tells Griffin that Cara is an amazing, beautiful, smart woman who can take care of herself. Cara calls and tad tells her that he hasn’t found any leads to bring Griffin home but he will let her know if he finds something. Griffin thanks Tad for taking care of Cara and Tad says that is what family is for and Griffin tells td he knows their marriage is fake but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

(Krystal’s) Cara notices Kendall’s engagement ring and Kendall tells her that she is marrying Ricky who is a good guy. Cara doesn’t think Ricky is a good guy and Griffin doesn’t either and Cara is very surprised Kendall is marrying Ricky. Cara tells Kendall that Griffin has feelings for her and she was sure that she felt the same way about him. Kendall tells Cara that she will always be grateful to Griffin for saving her life but she and Griffin are just friends. “Erica” calls Kendall to return to her house right away for a surprise.

(Yacht club) Ricky tells the yacht captain that he should have a case of Kendall’s favorite champagne and white flowers in the bedroom for tonight. The captain tells Ricky that he may not have everything he wants on the yacht tonight and Ricky demands that the captain get it done.

(Outside the casino) Tad calls and leaves a message on Cara’s phone that he has a lead and he will be home in time for the movie marathon.

(ConFusion) Cara gets drunk to celebrate Griffins birthday and Jake arrives and watches Cara as she continues to drink.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall arrives home and “Erica” tells her to get dressed in the clothes she has laid out for her because she and Jack have decided to take her and Bianca to a welcome home celebration. Kendall heads upstairs and “Erica” calls Ricky to tell him everything is ready. Kendall comes downstairs feeling overdressed and “ Erica” hands her a white rose. Bianca arrives and “ Erica” explains that there isn’t going to be a welcome home celebration. Griffin talks to Kendall through her earpiece and wonders what is going on then Ricky arrives with a minister and announces to Kendall that they are getting married right now and Griffin hears the announcement through Kendall’s earpiece.

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