AMC Update Friday 5/20/11

All My Children Update Friday 5/20/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Griffin are in Ricky's room, looking at his laptop. Kendall puts a device in to copy his entire hard drive. Griffin checks the door and comments that he must have been spooked to hide whatever was on it. Griffin tells Kendall not to let her guard down. Kendall is certain Ricky won't suspect anything. Griffin says nothing is worth Kendall getting hurt. Kendall insists she knows what's at stake. They hear Ricky coming and Griffin goes out the patio door. Kendall has her wire on and Ricky comes in and says it's a surprise. Ricky wonders what she's doing with his computer. Kendall says she was hoping she wouldn't get caught.

Erica has food sent to her in her room and wonders if it's the same guy from before. The man tells her from behind the wall that it is the same guy. Erica assumes he is paid very well. Erica offers to pay him ten times as much if he lets her go.

"Erica" tells Opal to get out of her home and stick her nose in someone else's business. Jack comes in and wonders what's going on. "Erica" says that Opal was just overreacting. Opal tries to explain to Jack but "Erica" tells her to shut up.

Marissa is at Scott's and notices the boxes, she asks if he's moving out. Scott says he found something bigger for Madison since the baby is coming. Scott tells Marissa that he's not giving up and wants Madison to know how much she means to him.

Greenlee tells Madison that she should focus on the baby but Scott loves her and she's going to need him especially now. Madison wonders why now and what's happening.

Ryan asks Frankie if they can fix the pneumonia. Frankie says they are trying but it's possible that her blood stream can become overwhelmed with bacteria. Frankie assures him that they're doing everything they can and when he'll tell him when he knows something.

Griffin listens through Kendall's wire as Kendall tells Ricky that she was going to surprise him with a wedding website. Kendall shows it to Ricky that the whole world will see it. Ricky tells her that he loves her and kisses her. Ricky asks if she's told everyone about their engagement. Kendall says she has mostly and still has to call her mom. Ricky asks about the boys and wonders if they should sit down together. Kendall says she already told them. Ricky thought they were going to do it together. Kendall wanted to break it to them gently. Ricky asks how they took it. Kendall thinks it was a lot at first but thinks they will come around. Griffin asks if she's out of her mind.

"Erica" tells Jack that Opal wants her to eat but she's not angry. Jack can't believe that's what they were fighting about. Opal goes along with it and asks Jack for a moment alone with "Erica". Jack steps into the other room and "Erica" asks Opal if she's happy now. Opal tells "Erica" that she's gone crazy. "Erica" tells her that there's nothing going on with Caleb and her. Opal reminds her of the history between her, Jack, and Caleb. "Erica" insists she's chosen Jack. Opal tells her to let go of Caleb because what she's doing isn't fair.

Madison asks Greenlee if the baby is okay. Greenlee says she doesn't know anything but wants Madison to relax after everything she's been through. Greenlee tells Madison to rest. Madison says that Greenlee bringing up Scott is not relaxing. Greenlee just wants to help. Madison wants to see her baby to make sure she's okay. Madison tells Greenlee that she can take her if she wants to help. Greenlee agrees to go get a wheelchair and she exits. Greenlee goes and finds Ryan, saying she doesn't know what to tell Madison. Ryan informs Greenlee that the baby has pneumonia and bacteria in her blood. Greenlee brings up that babies survive pneumonia all the time. Ryan isn't sure about babies this small and says she can't die. The doctor and Frankie come out and inform Ryan that the baby's system shut down and there was nothing they could do. Ryan is shocked and looks sadly back into the nursery.

Opal tells "Erica" that she's always told her the truth whether she wanted to hear it or not. "Erica" says she doesn't want to fight but she could really use her support and not her judgment. Jack comes back and asks if everything is okay. Opal says peachy and exits. "Erica" tells Jack that Opal gives her a headache. Jack reminds her that Opal is her best friend so she can't be so hard on people that love her.

Scott sits with Marissa and tells her about how tiny the baby is. Scott tells her that he's fallen in love with Madison and the baby and would do anything for them. Marissa bets the baby will bring them back together.

Greenlee tells Ryan she's so sorry. Ryan asks Frankie what her body shut down even means. Frankie knows he wants a reason and something to blame but with that kind of infection it would be hard on anyone especially a premature baby that couldn't handle it. Ryan sighs and remembers that Madison doesn't know. Frankie offers to go with Ryan or to tell her himself. Ryan says she should hear it from him. Greenlee asks what she can do. Ryan walks off and goes to Madison's room as Madison was trying to get up. Madison tells Ryan not to say it. Madison wants him to say everything's fine. Ryan tells her that they really tried but they lost her.

Ricky tells Kendall that he knows it won't be easy for the boys but they'll figure it out. Ricky talks about bringing them to ball games. Kendall tells him that they like hockey and trains. Ricky wants them to love him and says maybe one day they will as much as they love Zach. Griffin tells Kendall through the wire to stay calm. Kendall tells Ricky that they will just have to be patient. Ricky says he waited for her. Kendall's phone rings and it's Greenlee. Greenlee tells Kendall that Madison's baby didn't make it. Kendall tells her she's so sorry and asks about Ryan. She tells her that Ryan's trying to be strong but is obviously upset. Kendall asks what she can do and Greenlee tells her to come to the hospital. Kendall says she'll be right there and hangs up. Kendall tells Ricky that the baby didn't make it. She tells him she needs a moment alone to get some air. Ricky tells her to take her time and steps out. Kendall steps out onto the balcony where Griffin is hiding. He asks if she's okay. She tells him no. Griffin says he's sorry about the baby. Kendall tells him that she has to go be with Ryan. Griffin tells her that he will take care of things on this. Kendall reminds Griffin that she has to continue taking the risks with Ricky and that she can't really let the boys know anything about the wedding. Griffin tells her not to worry and to send Ryan his condolences. Kendall returns to the room as Ricky comes back in as well. Ricky offers to go to the hospital with her, thinking he can help with situations like this. Kendall agrees and they exit together.

Erica asks the guard if he's thought about what happens when this is over because it will be much sooner than he thinks. Erica says that Jane might look like her and act like her but her family and friends are going to know something's wrong. Erica reminds him that she's offering him much more money. Erica promises not to press charges. He tells her that this is about so much more than money.

Jack sits with "Erica" as she tells him that she'll call Opal later and apologize. "Erica" blames it on being gone so long and missing him so she just wants to focus on their joy. Jack's phone rings and it's Bianca. She tells him about Ryan and Madison's baby and Jack says he'll be right there. Jack gets up and "Erica" follows out.

Greenlee calls Scott and leaves him a message, saying to call her back when he gets it. Greenlee looks in her purse at the rattler toy she got for the baby and gives it to a nurse to give to a mom since she won't be needing it.

Madison can't believe what has happened since they just saw the baby. Ryan explains to her about the infection. Madison thought she was strong. Ryan wishes he could change this. Ryan tells her that in the end she was just too tiny. Madison cries and Ryan hugs her.

Jack arrives at the hospital and tells Greenlee that he's sorry. Greenlee says so much for making up for her mistakes. She doesn't know how to get Ryan through this. Jack tells her not to give up since Ryan will need her now more than ever.

Ricky arrives at the hospital and sees "Erica". He talks with her about having faith and that God must have a master plan. "Erica" thinks they should have their own plans but asks about his proposal. Ricky tells her that Kendall said yes. "Erica" is excited and Ricky thinks it's terrible to celebrate among the tragedy. "Erica" wants to give them a huge engagement party and thinks maybe they should make it a surprise for Kendall. Ricky doesn't think it's the time or place for celebrating.

Griffin sits with his laptop at the abandoned house and puts in the copied hard drive.

Bianca finds Kendall at the hospital and hugs her. Kendall asks if Erica and Jack are there. Bianca tells her she saw Erica with Ricky which made her skin crawl. Bianca thinks they should tell "Erica" about Ricky. Kendall doesn't agree since she just went through a lot. Kendall mentions that Jack has said she hasn't been herself like something is off and her memory is shaky so they shouldn't let out the dangerous secret.

Madison wants Ryan to tell her it's not true as they both cry.

"Erica" comes up to Greenlee and asks how she's doing. Greenlee says all that matters is how Ryan and Madison are doing. Greenlee thinks Jack told "Erica" about her lies to Ryan. "Erica" tells her that she understands. Greenlee is surprised and wonders why she's being so nice to her.

Madison asks Ryan what happens now, if there's someone they talk to for arrangements to be made. Ryan tells her that it can wait but right now she has to come with him to say goodbye to their little girl.

Ricky brings Kendall a cup of coffee. Kendall thinks she'll probably be there all night. Kendall tells him that he doesn't need to stay with her. Ricky wants to stay and says she shouldn't be alone. Kendall says she has Greenlee and Bianca so she should just focus on Ryan right now. Ricky agrees and says he'll see her tomorrow. Ricky kisses her and exits.

Griffin finds that the device worked and he has got Ricky's hard drive copied. He puts in the wire and checks in with Kendall. Griffin tells her that some of the files are showing up and he's going to check if there's anything to connect him to Diana Holden, the casinos, or Zach's plane crash. Kendall tells him it's amazing and thinks she should be there helping him. Griffin tells her to be with her friends while he takes care of everything else. Kendall thanks him.

Scott arrives at the hospital with a teddy bear and a bag. He joins Greenlee and talks to her excitedly about the baby. Greenlee stops him and says she tried calling him and left a message. Scott remembers his phone was turned off and asks what's going on. Scott realizes what's happened and starts to cry.

Ricky arrives at Kendall's where Opal was babysitting. He talks to Opal about Ryan and Madison's baby. Ricky tells her that he brought gifts for the boys and Opal goes to get them.

"Erica" returns to check in with Erica. Erica wonders if something's wrong because she knows her life isn't as easy as it looks. "Erica" says it went fine with Jack and he was happy to see her ring. "Erica" tells Erica that they went down their whole proposal story until she realized that Erica made the whole thing up. "Erica" says she covered so brilliantly that she and Jack are closer than ever but sadly there has been a tragedy. "Erica" tells Erica about the loss of the baby. Erica wonders about Ryan. "Erica" tells her that he'll be fine with the support of her family. Erica asks her if she has a family with people that would notice she's missing. Erica wonders if that's what this is about. Erica assumes Jane has no life so she had to steal hers.

Griffin continues looking through the computer. He sees an article about Diana's death. He then finds a video of Ricky filming Diana in bed. The video shows Ricky and Diana kissing in bed as Griffin smiles and says we got him.

Ricky gives Spike a present. Spike opens it and finds a video game. He thanks Ricky. Ricky tells Spike that he and Kendall are really happy and they have good news. Spike questions it and Ricky is surprised to learn that Kendall hasn't told Spike about a wedding.

Kendall sits with Greenlee and they talk about the loss. Kendall understands it's as hard on Greenlee as it is on everyone else. Greenlee thanks her for coming and hugs her. Kendall says she'll always be there for her. Greenlee wonders if they'll ever get past this. Kendall tells her that loss changes people forever and tells Greenlee to just be on call for Ryan and comfort him.

Ryan sits at church with Madison. Madison wonders how she is supposed to say goodbye when she barely saw what she looked like. Ryan tells her that doesn't mean she didn't know her. Madison cries and says she misses her so much and feels like there's a hole where she used to be. Ryan tells Madison to tell Sara. Madison says to Sara that she loves her so much. Madison says they didn't spend much time together but hopes she felt that. Madison says Sara will always be with her. Madison cries and Ryan hugs her. Scott comes in and stops when he sees them.

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