AMC Update Thursday 5/19/11

All My Children Update Thursday 5/19/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Greenlee are on their phones at home, trying to find out more about Madison's baby. They hang up and wish they could do more. Emma comes in and asks when her sister can come home. Ryan isn't sure but hopes it's soon. Emma made a list of names and shows it to Ryan. Greenlee tells Emma that she has a rattle picked out as well. Emma wants to go see Madison. Ryan reminds her she has a play date. Ryan sits with Emma and tells her that he knows waiting is tough but promises her things will be fine.

Madison wakes up in the hospital and Scott comes in to her room. Madison is surprised he was there all night. Scott wanted to make sure she was okay. Madison wants to see her baby.

Caleb sits at Asher's bedside. JR comes in and brings Caleb a cup of coffee. Asher wakes up and wonders what happened to him. Caleb reminds him that they went looking for Erica and there was an explosion. Asher says he can barely move his legs.

Jack tells "Erica" that he didn't propose on a rooftop but in her hospital room when she got back. "Erica" then tells him it was perfect. Jack wonders how she forgot all about it if it was so perfect. She tells him that she would never forget it. Jack wonders why she would say he proposed on rooftop. Jack wants to have her checked out at the hospital. She doesn't want to go and says that all she did when she was held hostage was think of him and it brought her fantasies that she gets mixed up with what really happened. Jack reminds her she had a concussion and wants her to be checked out by a doctor. She assures him that she's fine. Jack wants to follow up on the investigation too and tells her that Jesse wants to interview her again. "Erica" tells him that she just wants to take her life back. Jack tells her they can put the police off for awhile if she sees a doctor. She insists she doesn't need to and just wants to be at home. Jack tells her that he'll be with her and he wants to check on Asher too. She finally agrees to go.

Asher wonders why he can't move his legs. Caleb and JR tell him about the injuries. Asher wants to know if he'll be able to walk again. They tell him that he will make a full recovery. JR goes to find a doctor for an update. Asher brings up the last time he was in the hospital when he fell down the stairs after his fight with Caleb. Caleb tells him he will pull through this and says he's okay knowing Asher is okay.

Scott tells Madison that she needs her rest. Madison stresses over not seeing her daughter. Scott agrees to help her get in a wheelchair to get out of bed.

Colby asks Maya at the Chandler Mansion if she has seen an adaptor for the computer but she hasn't. Maya asks how Asher is but Colby hasn't talked to him. Colby says that JR says he's allowed visitors now. Maya wonders if she's going to see him. Colby wonders if it would be weird. Maya thinks Colby is always yelling at Asher. Colby agrees she might have been mean to him. Maya offers to go with Colby to the hospital. Colby says that would be great. Colby thinks Asher might not want to see her but Maya doubts that.

Madison thanks Scott for helping her. She tells him that she can take it from here. Scott offers to go in with her. Madison tells him that she needs to do this on her own. Madison stands up from the wheelchair and walks into the room. Scott watches from through the window as Madison looks over her baby.

JR comes back to Asher's room. Asher asks where he's going for rehab and JR tells him he's coming home. Caleb tells him that they'll have something set up at Wildwind. JR tells him he's got it and Asher asks if it's a good idea since Colby's been pissed at him. Colby comes in and tells him that's not true. Asher is surprised to see her. Colby brought him his stuff and apologizes to him. Colby wanted to make sure he's okay and that he comes home with them where he belongs.

Ryan joins Madison in looking at the baby at the hospital. The doctor checks with them to make sure they scrubbed before entering so that the baby doesn't get any infections. The doctor tells them to ensure positive energy and that touching can help too. The doctor shows Ryan and Madison how to reach in through the holes to touch the baby. Madison and Ryan both touch her as the doctor exits to give them privacy. Madison tells the baby that they both love her so much. Ryan tells her to stay strong. Ryan thinks they should get Madison back to bed. Madison wants to hold her baby. Ryan assures her that she will hold the baby soon. They both hope the baby is getting better.

Jack and "Erica" arrive at the hospital. "Erica" looks into a room and has a flashback to having her makeover to looking like Erica. Jack asks if she's alright and she says she has to go to the restroom. Jack walks on to get a cup of coffee and Greenlee joins him. Jack asks if she's there with Ryan and she tells him he went to see the baby but there's no change. Jack understands it's hard for her too. Jack offers to talk if she wants to. Greenlee tells him that she did a bad, selfish thing and never meant to hurt anyone especially the baby. She tells Jack that she found out Madison's baby was Ryan's months ago and didn't tell him and it gets worse. Greenlee wants him to understand why she did it since they were finally going to start their lives together and wanted to protect their future. Greenlee tells Jack about her deal with Scott to get with Madison. Jack knows what it's like to try and hold on to someone you love. Greenlee tells him how it's all a mess now since everyone found out. Greenlee says she's going to blame herself if anything happens to the baby and all she can think about now is everything working out and Ryan being happy. Jack hugs her as "Erica" walks by and tells herself that is Jack's daughter, Greenlee. "Erica" comes in and hugs Greenlee calling her sweetheart which surprises Greenlee and Jack. Greenlee questions "Erica" about that and she tells her that she's just so happy to be back that she's willing to put aside any differences. She tells Greenlee that Kendall told her about Fusion's new line. Greenlee decides to go find Ryan and exits. Jack calls "Erica" reaching out to Greenlee unexpected. Jack says he'd be happy if they all get along and tells her to go find Frankie and have him check her out. "Erica" assures him that she's fine and just realized she was supposed to be somewhere else and hurries off.

Colby sits with Asher and wants him to say something. Asher doesn't want to make her mad. Asher brings up that he lied to her to protect her and she couldn't let it go. Colby brings up how big of a lie it was but apologizes again for getting pissed at him for making fun of her blog. Asher tells her to take a joke. Colby tells him that her blog means a lot to her and she knows she needs to lighten up since her life isn't that bad. Asher says she's been kicked around more than most. Colby notes that he hasn't kicked her even though she always takes everything out on him instead of Liza, Damon, and herself. Maya walks by and looks in the room. Opal walks up and asks Maya if she's a friend of Asher. Maya introduces herself to Opal. Opal explains that Caleb is her nephew-in-law. Opal wishes Asher could've known Palmer but at least he has his dad now. Maya is surprised to learn more about Asher, that he was adopted before meeting again with Caleb recently. Opal comments that it's hard to understand how someone could give up a baby unless you've been through it.

"Erica" sits at Krystal's with a menu. Caleb enters and calls her Dorothy but "Erica" doesn't know that he's talking to her and thinks he's got her confused for someone else but Caleb says he doesn't think so.

Scott sits with Greenlee at the hospital. Scott tells her that he's found an apartment for Madison and the baby so he's going to need an advance on his salary. Greenlee tells him it will be done. Greenlee tells him that she'll cover it all. Scott brings up being guilty and Greenlee tells him not to tell Madison about it since she probably hates her. Scott says he's there too but won't give up. Greenlee apologizes to Scott. Scott says at this point that doesn't change anything. Scott says he's going to be there for Madison in any way she lets him. Greenlee notes that he really loves her and tells him he's a great guy and Madison knows it but just needs time. Scott tells her that it's all about Madison and the baby.

Ryan sits with Madison back in her hospital room. Ryan gives her cards from Emma and a list of possible names. Madison points out Sara and that it means princess. Madison notes that Sara Lavery has a nice ring to it. Ryan thought she'd use her last name North. Madison says that's her old life and Sara is her new life so she should be a Lavery. Ryan tells her that she doesn't have to but Madison wants to because she'll be very lucky to have him as a father so she'll be honored to use his name. Ryan says they better take care of the birth certificate then. Madison tells him she's going to rest for awhile and then go back and see Sara again. Madison tells him that she got emotional earlier but wasn't sad, just touching her baby made her realize how many incredible things they have to look forward to.

"Erica" looks up and realizes it's Caleb. Caleb tells her that he always will call her Dorothy as it's a habit. "Erica" tells him that she checked out from the doctors fine. She tells him to tell Asher that she'll visit him soon and thanks him for the help. She asks how Asher is. Caleb tells her he'll be okay. "Erica" apologizes feeling responsible. Caleb says to blame the kidnappers and that they'll be put away forever. "Erica" wants him to tell her about Cortlandt Electronics. Caleb says they aren't going to talk about business, but about her. She states that's her favorite subject. "Erica" brings up not being able to believe that Caleb came all the way to St. Bart's to try and stop her wedding. Caleb notes that she made her choice and he has to accept that but "Erica" asks says who.

Maya looks in at the room of babies and Frankie comes up and asks her about it. Maya tells him there's no way she could take care of a baby. Maya tells him she's doing great and still working at the Chandler Mansion. Maya tells him she likes it there.

Colby tells Asher that she wants him to come back to the mansion. She apologizes for taking out all her anger on him when he's been there for her the whole time.

Caleb asks what "Erica" is saying. She's saying that she would never accept such rejection since she goes after what she wants. Caleb reminds her she went after Jack. "Erica" thinks it couldn't have been easy for Caleb. Opal comes up and sees them together from a distance. Caleb tells "Erica" it was important for him to tell her about his feelings so he didn't have any regrets. "Erica" asks if he's giving up. Caleb says he's accepting that she's committed to someone else. "Erica" says it doesn't mean she wasn't deeply affected by what he did. Caleb tells her he will see her at the office and exits. Opal comes up and hugs "Erica" telling her she's so happy that she's alright. "Erica" looks at her like she doesn't recognize her. Opal thinks the explosion must have rattled her brain since she looked like she didn't know who she was. "Erica" insists she knows who she is and Opal wants to help her with everything. Opal is happy that "Erica" is safe but is not thrilled that she was flirting with Caleb. "Erica" doesn't want to listen to this and exits but Opal goes after her.

Frankie and a nurse go into the nursery on a code blue call as Ryan follows asking what's going on. Greenlee comes up and Ryan tells her to stall Madison as long as possible since he doesn't know what's going on. Greenlee goes to Madison's room and Madison is surprised to see her.

Colby and JR return to the mansion. JR asks if she's sure she's okay with Asher coming back. Colby tells him they're getting back to being friends. JR asks if she's blushing. Colby says she's just happy that he's alright and coming home.

Caleb comes back to Asher's room with food from Krystal's. Asher thanks him and Caleb tells him about Erica feeling responsible for what happened. Asher tells him he's sorry things didn't work out and Caleb tells him that he got what he wanted.

Opal follows "Erica" home. "Erica" says she's tired and wants to lay down but Opal wants to continue talking to her. "Erica" tells her that her kidnappers were not monsters. Opal says all that matters is that she's back with her friends and family so she wants to know what she was doing with Caleb. "Erica" tells Opal to get out of her home and stick her nose in someone else's business.

Scott is at home on the phone with the landlord, he says it's time to move on.

Greenlee tells Madison that she knows she's the last person she wants to see. Madison wonders what she wants. Greenlee wishes she could go back and change everything. Greenlee apologizes for all the secrets and lies and the fight they got into before her accident. Greenlee tells her that Scott feels horrible too since he cares about her so much. Madison tells her that the only important thing right now is her baby.

Ryan watches through the window as the doctors work on the baby. Frankie comes out and tells Ryan that there's been a change in her condition as she has developed pneumonia.

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