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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/18/11


Written by Joseph
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Greenlee looks in on Madison's baby at the hospital. Ryan re-joins her, telling her that Madison is sleeping and Scott's camped outside her door. Ryan tells Greenlee that she doesn't have to be here. Greenlee wants to be there for Ryan's baby. Ryan brings up Fusion and Greenlee thinks Ryan wants her to go or blames her for this.

Ricky and Kendall kiss. Ricky can't believe she's going to be his wife and says he's never been this happy. Kendall says she's so lucky to have him and wants it to be forever. Ricky assures her it will be. Kendall tells him that she's excited about all of it and especially getting to know all of Ricky. Kendall hugs him and looks over at a picture of Zach.

Griffin returns to Ricky's room and goes back to his laptop. Griffin opens it up and says he knows that the computer will have proof that he murdered Zach. Griffin looks through it and is surprised to find that the entire hard drive has been erased.

"Erica" tells Erica from behind the wall there her plan has become reality and everyone believes that she is now Erica.

Krystal tells Jack she's happy for him and Jack assures her that he didn't want to hurt her. Krystal doesn't regret what happened between them but admits she may have got carried away and thought they could be more than friends but understands they can't since there's only one woman for Jack.

"Erica" tells Erica that everyone is so happy to have her back. Erica promises to stop her and wonders where Jack is. "Erica" explains to her that Jack thinks he's already rescued her. Erica wonders why she's doing this and what possessed her to steal her life. Erica wants answers. "Erica" tells her to take a deep breath and she'll tell her.

Greenlee says this whole thing happened because she lied to Ryan. Greenlee thinks her fight with Madison caused Madison's crash and the baby to come early.

Ricky tells Kendall that she doesn't want to know everything about him because he's not that interesting. Kendall wants him to tell her everything. Ricky says all she needs to know about his life is how it flipped when she came into it. Kendall asks what he means. Ricky tells her that they have 50 years to get to know each other and he wants to go celebrate. Kendall wants honesty and openness, thinking that will bring them closer together. Ricky agrees that's what he wants more than anything. Kendall tells him to trust her that sharing everything will make their love stronger. Kendall's phone rings and it's Griffin. Griffin tells her that they need to talk and when he realizes she's with Ricky, he says he's coming over but Kendall says no.

Krystal tells Jack she understands that their relationship is strictly professional since Erica is back.

Erica asks "Erica" how she made herself look like her. "Erica" reminds her that she can call her Jane. Erica thinks this is all too extreme. "Erica" thinks she should be flattered since she worshipped her. "Erica" appears on the TV screen for Erica to see. She tells Erica that the doctors did a great job making her look like Erica and talks about admiring her life. "Erica" says she had the most incredible day of her life pretending to be Erica. Erica asks who the person actually is and she tells Erica that she is her biggest fan.

Kendall hangs up and tells Ricky that the phone call was just someone selling magazines. Kendall tells Ricky that the floor is his now with no interruptions. Kendall decides she will ask him questions and asks if he always wanted to be a minister. Ricky says he wanted to play for the 76ers but that didn't pan out. Kendall asks why he became a minister and Ricky claims his father was a minister. Kendall asks about his dad and Ricky says he was harsh and judgmental. Kendall tells Ricky that he's incredible at what he does. Kendall thinks Ricky's dad should come see him work and asks Ricky why he came to Pine Valley.

Ryan gets a phone call and it's Griffin. Griffin tells Ryan that he's in Ricky's hotel room and found out his hard drive was erased. Griffin tells Ryan he's going to Kendall's but Ryan says he's at the hospital so he'll go because he's closer. Ryan hangs up and tells Greenlee about it and says he's going to check on Kendall. Greenlee offers to go but Ryan doesn't agree. Ryan tells her to stay as he has to do this by himself.

Jack returns home with Krystal's crab cakes and is confused to find Erica is no longer there. Jack gets a text message from "Erica" saying that she had to run out and take care of some important business. Jack wonders what could be so important.

Erica tells "Erica" that she must be an intelligent woman but this idea is crazy. "Erica" thinks the idea is already working greatly and tells her about being with Jack. Erica thinks she can't pull it off forever. "Erica" knows she'll have more to learn about being her and warns her that if she doesn't tell her everything she needs to know about Erica, then something bad could happen to Spike or Miranda. Erica believes Jack will still come for her. "Erica" wants to make a deal and says if Erica coaches her in being her, she'll fill her in on what's going on with family and friends. "Erica" informs Erica that while she was gone, Jack kissed Krystal. Erica doesn't believe her. "Erica" explains that Jack thought she left him so he turned to Krystal. Erica gets upset. "Erica" claims to be just looking out for her. Erica shouts that she doesn't want "Erica" near Jack anymore than Krystal. "Erica" tells her that she needs her engagement ring since Jack noticed that she wasn't wearing it. Erica pulls it out from under the mattress where she had put it and slides it under the window. Erica tells her she can take her ring but can never take her memories. Erica calls the day that Jack proposed to her being one of the most romantic days of her life and that it happened atop a mountain over Pine Valley.

Jack arrives at the hospital and asks Frankie about Asher's condition. Frankie says they wont' know anything for a few days. Jack asks if he's seen Erica come to pick up her engagement ring since she left it there. Frankie tells him that he hasn't seen her and checks the computer to find that there's been no pickup of a lost ring.

"Erica" comes to Krystal's and goes after Krystal for being after Jack. She calls Krystal a pathetic vulture. "Erica" tells her that she's no match for Erica Kane.

Emma comes home from school and asks Greenlee if she can go see Madison and the baby. Greenlee says she can't because they are sleeping. Emma wants to go wait until they're awake. Greenlee tells her they can't have visitors. Emma accuses Greenlee of not letting her see her mom and now her baby sister.

Ryan arrives at Kendall's. Kendall asks about Madison and Ryan tells her she's sleeping at the hospital with no change. Ryan tells her that all they can do is wait and pray. Kendall reminds him of being so scared when she had Ian and how he came out fine. Kendall tells him to stay positive and hugs him. Ricky tells Ryan that sometimes good news can help a bad situation and asks Kendall to tell him. Kendall tells Ryan that they are now engaged. Ryan is shocked and Ricky tells him he's the first person to know she said yes. Ricky apologizes for being insensitive. Kendall assures Ryan that everything is fine so he can go back to the hospital. Ricky offers to come to the hospital if he needs him too but Ryan tells him to stay the hell away. Kendall understands Ryan is upset but doesn't want him to take it out on Ricky. Griffin arrives outside and listens from behind the door. Kendall says she just wants Ryan to see all that Ricky has done for her. Ricky promises to do right by her. Kendall asks to talk to Ryan alone. Ricky agrees and apologizes to Ryan and shakes his hand. Kendall tells Ricky that this isn't about him but just Ryan being angry about his baby. Ricky tells her to tell him that he's sorry again. He kisses Kendall and Griffin steps away before Ricky exits the house. Ryan asks Kendall what she was thinking by marrying Zach's murderer. Kendall assures him that she has to bring him down. Ryan doesn't think marrying him should be in the plan. Kendall tells him that being his fiancée can get their information. Ryan reminds her that he's going to be at the hospital so he won't be always around to protect her. Kendall reminds him that he has a PI guy following her and Griffin comes in to tell Kendall that she also has him.

Emma begs Greenlee to take her to see Madison's baby. Greenlee accepts and tells Emma to be prepared because she doesn't look like all the other babies and has tubes and wires connected to her. Greenlee explains that they can't touch her or get close to her. Emma insists she still wants to go and tell her baby sister that she loves her. Greenlee agrees and Emma apologizes for yelling at her. Greenlee says it's ok and talks to her about always loving those closest to you.

"Erica" continues to go off on Krystal for going after Jack. "Erica" tells Krystal that she could never compete with her. Krystal brings up that Jack was hurt and confused after being strung along for months. "Erica" says she'd never blame Jack so she blames Krystal. "Erica" thinks jealousy must be eating her up. Krystal says she's going to get back to work. "Erica" tells her she's going back to her glamorous life and tells her to stay away from Jack. Jack arrives and pulls "Erica" away telling her that is enough.

Griffin can't believe Kendall is marrying Ricky. Ryan apologizes for going off but says hearing that psycho set him off. Kendall tells them that she has to do it to get close and make him slip up. Griffin doesn't think it will work. Kendall thinks it can be bring her closer into his world. Griffin wonders what she can do. Kendall tells Griffin that he can quit but she won't ever and she will keep working Ricky until she gets something. Griffin comments that she can if he doesn't kill her first. Griffin tells Ryan to take care of his baby and he'll take care of Kendall. Ryan tells him to keep him posted and exits. Kendall calls Griffin crazy for coming out in the open but thanks him for looking out for her. Griffin asks if she's going shopping for a wedding dress. Kendall tells Griffin about having to take off Zach's ring and accept Ricky's proposal right in her home. Griffin reminds her that she doesn't have to go through with this. Kendall says she does and she will marry Ricky if it means getting her information and then she'll make him suffer for the rest of his life.

Erica looks through her photo album and thinks to herself that anyone that knows her will see through "Erica".

Jack tells "Erica" that Krystal knows he stands with her so they should put this all behind them and move on. "Erica" apologizes for being so agitated since she's still coming down from the explosion. Jack reminds her that he told her about the kiss so they would have no secrets as she's the one he wants. "Erica" tells him to take her home.

Greenlee arrives at the hospital with Emma and shows her where her baby sister is. Emma comments that she's so small. Greenlee tells her that she's strong like Emma. Emma asks if she'll be okay. Greenlee tells her the doctors are doing everything they can. Greenlee says that love is the best medicine. Ryan returns and sees Greenlee with Emma. Greenlee tells Emma about Spike and Ian being born really small too and how they made it. Greenlee tells Emma that they will all keep thinking about her and praying. Emma says she's scared. Greenlee hugs her as Ryan rejoins them.

Griffin talks to Kendall about being in Ricky's room and how he erased his hard drive. Kendall hopes he wasn't on to him. Griffin thinks Ricky would have put the cops on him if he knew.

Ricky returns to his room and searches the place, looking on the balcony and the closet. He sits with his laptop and turns it on.

Erica lays in bed looking at her hand without the engagement ring and has a flashback to Jack proposing to her in the hospital. Erica says out loud that she'll marry Jack as soon as he exposes the fraud.

Jack returns home with "Erica" and he notices she has her ring back. She tells him that she picked it up at the hospital. Jack finds it weird and tells her about talking to Frankie about it. She says that a nurse who was a fan took it and gave it back to her. Jack is surprised that she didn't tell the hospital or the cops. "Erica" says you can't punish people for being fans of her. She insists that she worked it out and will never take her ring off again. Jack kisses her and "Erica" tells him about never forgetting the day he proposed to her on top of a mountain. Jack says that is a hell of a story but it never happened that way.

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