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Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Park) Tad walks with Angie and describes the flowers in bloom and how the trees look and Angie tells Tad that since she and Jesse don’t keep any secrets from each other he told her that he married Cara to keep her in the country. Angie tells Tad that she knows that he has feelings for Cara because she can hear it in his voice and tad tells Angie that he is happy having Cara in the house and Kathy and Jenny love her but he knows that their marriage will never be a real relationship because Cara is in love with Jake. Angie wonders how Tad knows that and he explains that he sees the connection between them and he can hear it in Cara’s voice every time she says Jake’s name but he assures Angie he is okay and has accepted it. Angie wonders if he knows how Jake feels about Cara and Tad says he isn’t too sure about that because Jake loves Amanda very much but he thinks Jake still has a place in his heart for Cara.

(Free clinic) Jake brings medicine from the hospital for the clinic and is reminded of he and Cara’s time in doctors without borders because the tent is the same type of tent they used when they worked in doctors without boarders. Cara recalls that Jake gave her a donkey instead of an engagement ring and she named the donkey Mr. Billby Cara laughs as she remembers that they gave him to a farmer because when they left the part of the country they were in they couldn’t take the donkey with them. Jake tells Cara its not good that they remember because the memories are becoming more then memories to him. Cara tells Jake that she doesn’t want her to forget her place in his life because they should both cherish the memories because they got each other through a rough time.

(Park) Jesse tells Brot that he and Angie have decided to get a new car since their family is growing and they want to give their old car to him since he has to travel often to visit Natalia. Brot is touched by the gift. Jesse tells Brot he owes him for helping him to make peace with everything that happened. Liza is sitting nearby on a park bench eavesdropping on the conversation and has a look on her face that says that she is wondering why Jesse owes Brot anything and what it could possibly be.

(Kendall’s place) Bianca comes over and admits to Kendall that she couldn’t sleep last night thinking that she is putting herself in a lot of danger going after Ricky. Kendall assures Bianca that she will be okay and Bianca is sure she will be okay because she is going to help her catch Ricky. Kendall and Bianca talk about Erica and how happy they are that she is home and they decide to have a small family gathering for Erica to welcome her home.

(Erica’s Place) Jane Doe wakes up positively giddy and thrilled that she was able to convince everyone that she is Erica Kane. Jane can’t believe she has Erica’s wonderful life with a wonderful handsome man like Jack. Jack enters and “Erica” tells Jack that she is thrilled to be home and that all she ever thought about was getting home to him and her family she also tells Jack she feels like a new woman. “Erica “ tells jack that she feels energized and wants to get out and live her life and not waste another minute. Jack thinks “Erica” should rest and he brings her strawberries and they feed each other and then they kiss.

(Kendall’s place) Ricky arrives to check on Kendall and asks her if he can go with her to see Erica but Bianca immediately says no because just family is going to see her today. Ricky reminds Kendall that he has counseled many people who have been through traumatic experiences. Kendall tells Ricky she is sure that Erica would love to see him and Bianca is just being protective again.

(Erica’s place) Jack tells “Erica” that Asher was hurt in the explosion and “Erica” says Asher’s name and then says Caleb’s son and Jack says that’s right and “ Erica” tells Jack that she never meant for anyone to get hurt trying to rescue her. Jack tells Erica that nobody is blaming her for Asher’s injury because nothing was her fault. Jack tells “Erica” that reporters are outside waiting on her and she is very excited to talk to them. “Erica” is not so excited when Jack tells her that the police also want to talk to her about what she remembers about the kidnapping. Jack gets a call from Jesse asking him if he can ask Erica some questions he says that is fine. Jesse arrives and “Erica” tells him that she was in a dark dingy room with a cot and it was just a horrible place. “Erica” also tells Jesse that she never saw the faces of her captors then she puts her hand on her head like she has a headache and asks Jack to tell Jesse to come back later Jack does and Jesse tells Jack to call him if Erica remembers any more information.

(Kendall’s place) Ricky tells Kendall that he will leave her because she needs to be with her family the doorbell rings and “Erica” arrives with Jack and says “Hi girls” Bianca is a little surprised that “Erica” is out so soon after her ordeal. . Spike and Ian rush to hug “Erica” and she is startled but she tells Kendall and Bianca she feels overwhelmed. Bianca takes the boys to the nanny and Ricky tells “Erica” that he is happy she is home because he knows that family is important to Kendall “Erica” is confused until Ricky mentions that he has gotten to know Kendall very well in his capacity as a minister.

(Krystal’s) Tad brings Angie to the restaurant and Liza asks her if they can talk and Tad sees Cara and asks her how her first day at the clinic went and she tells him Jake came by to drop off medicine and they talked about their time in doctors without boarders. Cara tells Tad that she hates the tension she has caused between him and Jake and that al she shares with Jake now are memories. Cara tells tad that he must also have memories of Dixie since they were soul mates and he dressed up in a chicken suit to propose to her. Cara wants Tad to tell him about Dixie so he shows her a picture of Dixie and tells her they were soul mates but circumstances made them spend time apart but when they were apart they wish on the same star and say together forever. Tad tells Cara that in the end he lost her and it hurt a lot. Jenny and Kathy arrive from their dental checkup and Cara looks at their clean teeth and tells them it’s good that they are learning healthy eating habits. Cara admits to the girls that she does enjoy eating candy bars in her cereal and they all laugh.

In a dingy dark room with one light bulb we see a woman lying on a cot and she draws a star on the wall and lies back down again because she is weak. The woman sleeps for a while and then when she awakens she walks towards the light bulb and looks exactly like Dixie.

(Hospital) Amanda accidentally sees a catalog on Jake's open to a picture of a diamond bracelet. Jake wonders what she saw and she tells him she didn’t see anything. Jake tells Amanda that he has a surprise for her and they leave the hospital.

(Park) Jake remembers the day before their wedding when Opal caught them making out in the park and said that they shouldn’t see each other before the wedding. Jake tells Amanda he wants to fill her life with happy memories and then they make love.

(Kendall’s place) Ricky proposes to Kendall in front of her family and Kendall is stunned and steps back from Ricky “Erica” thinks its romantic and Kendall should say yes to Ricky Jack tells “Erica” that she should give Kendall time to think and Bianca takes Kendall aside to tell her that this is a very dangerous game she is playing and Kendall assures Bianca she will be okay because Ricky loves her. Bianca thinks that many dead women have said the exact same thing. Kendall tells Bianca to take the boys back to wildwind and she will call her later. Bianca does as Kendall asks but she doesn’t want to leave Kendall. “Erica” begins to plan the engagement party and jack tells her that Kendall hasn’t said yes yet Kendall asks Jack and “Erica to leave and tells them she will call them later.

(Krystal’s) Angie tells Jesse that Liza is worried about him and he tells her he is fine and she should ignore Liza.

(Erica’s place) “Erica” is thrilled that so may reporters wanted to know her story and she tells Jock she wants a big splashy wedding and makes it clear she doesn’t want to have a double wedding with Kendall. Jack wonders what happened to the small family wedding she wanted and “Erica” tells him that a woman can change her mind. Jack notices that “Erica” isn’t wearing her engagement ring and she tells him that she must have left it at the hospital since they took it form her. “Erica” tells Jack she is hungry and he reminds her that the restaurant that serves her favorite salmon dish is closed so she will have to settle for crab cakes from Krystal’s. “ Erica” says that is fine and tells Jack to say hi to Krystal for her. Jack admits to “Erica” that he kissed Krystal while she was gone and is surprised when “Erica tells him that what happened in the past doesn’t matter.

(Erica’s fake room) Erica recalls when she was kidnapped and her many conversations with her captor and figures out that her look alike wants to take over her life.

(Krystal’s) Jack arrives to order crab cakes for Erica and Krystal tells Jack she is happy for him though you can tell she struggles to get the words out.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Ricky that she doesn’t know him well enough to marry him but he promises that if she marries him he will bear his soul to her. Kendall struggles to keep back tears as she takes off her wedding and engagement rings that Zach gave her so Ricky can put the engagement ring on her finger. Kendall also struggles to kiss Ricky but she does it in order to get evidence that he killed Zach.

(Erica’s fake room) Jane arrives to taunt Erica and tells her that she doesn’t look good because it doesn’t seem like she slept well. Erica screams at Jane that she figured out her plan and she will never be able to take over her life.

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