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All My Children Update Monday 5/16/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Greenlee, Ryan and Scott wait anxiously for Madison’s doctor who finally arrives after what seems like forever and tells them all that Madison made it through surgery but needs a lot of rest. The doctor also informs them that the baby’s lungs are underdeveloped but that is to be expected and she is in an incubator to help her breathe and get stronger. Scott blames himself for causing the baby’s premature birth since Madison was trying to stop her phone from ringing when he called her and that is why she was in the car accident. The doctor tells Scott not to blame himself because Madison has had a difficult pregnancy with one previous incident of cramping on Christmas Eve. Greenlee tells the doctor to let her know if she needs any special equipment to help the baby or Madison the doctor says that she will let her know and then leaves to tend to another patient. Ryan’s baby girl is wheeled out by the nurses headed to intensive care and Ryan asks the nurses to stop so that he can see his little girl and both he and Scott are impacted by how tiny she is and they are both sure she will be okay because she is a fighter just like Madison.

(Safehouse) Kendall tells Griffin that she was scared for him just like she felt when her mom was missing and the day Zach died and Griffin explains that he couldn’t answer his phone when she called because he had to climb out the window when Ricky came in his room so Ricky wouldn’t find him there. Griffin assures Kendall that nothing bad is going to happen to the people about whom she cares.

(Erica’s place) Ricky wonders why Bianca lied to him about the leak at the yacht club and wonders if she was trying to keep him away from Kendall. Ricky doesn’t understand why Bianca would do such a thing so Bianca does some quick thinking although she is nervous and tells Ricky she is trying to protect Kendall because she thinks their personal relationship is moving too fast and Kendall needs time and space to think. Bianca thinks its time that Ricky should leave and Ricky grabs Bianca’s arm and Bianca backs away from Ricky and he apologizes if him grabbing her arm started her and Bianca explains that she just isn’t used to being grabbed like that and her reaction was a reflex. Ricky explains to Bianca that he has only tried to help Kendall through a difficult time and he thought that Kendall appreciated his help and support. Bianca tells Ricky that Kendall does appreciate his help but she is very vulnerable right now and that vulnerability doesn’t allow her to see that she is moving too fast with their personal relationship. Bianca again asks Ricky to give Kendall time and space because she is still grieving Zach. The doorbell rings and Marissa arrives and senses the tension between Bianca and Ricky and wonders if she is interrupting something but Ricky tells her that he was on his way out the door.

(Quarry) Caleb awakens first from the explosion and searches for Asher who is buried in concrete Caleb uses all his strength plus some adrenaline to begin lifting the concrete off of Asher and screams for Jack to help him. Jack has found Erica in the rubble and he goes to her she opens her eyes and says his name as he lifts her from the rubble of the explosion.

(Safehouse) Griffin tells Kendall that Ricky's computer was full of pictures of her, Spike and Ian, but Ricky had replaced Zach’s face with his face in all the pictures. Kendall is horrified and angry that Ricky could ever think that he could take Zach’s place in her life. Griffin tells Kendall he needs to find a way to get back into Ricky’s room to look and see if Ricky’s computer has any information about the money stole from the casinos or Zach’s death. Kendall wants to kill Ricky but Griffin reminds her that she has two little boys who can’t lose their mother. Griffin thinks that he should kill Ricky for ruining Kendall’s life, his career and reputation. Kendall tells Griffin he could never kill anyone because he isn’t that type of person he saves lives he doesn’t take them. Kendall makes Griffin promise that he won’t do anything crazy and they will continue to follow the plan.

(Quarry) JR arrives and tells Caleb that he called the ambulance as soon as he saw the damage from the explosion then he and Caleb work together and lift the concrete off of Asher. JR tells Caleb not to move Asher in case there is internal bleeding then they hear the sirens from the ambulance and Caleb calls Jack’s name and asks about Erica and Jack tells him that he has Erica and she is fine. Jack wants to carry Erica out of the quarry but she wants to leave on her own two feet.

(Erica’s place) Bianca tells Marissa about Erica’s kidnapping and that Jack and Caleb figured out where she was from the video message she sent and they are there looking for her now. Marissa is amazed by all that has happened and promises to stay with Bianca until she hears news about Erica. Jack calls Bianca and tells her that Erica is with him and they are on their way to the hospital. Bianca rushes out and Marissa promises to lock up the place for her.

(Safehouse) Kendall gets a call from Jack and after hanging up tells Griffin the details and Griffin wishes that he could go with her to help and Kendall again makes him promise not to-do anything crazy before she heads out the door. A few minutes after Kendall leaves the young man Griffin treated for a wound on his arm arrives because his grandmother can’t breathe and explains that she is scared to go to the hospital because she is illegal. Griffin examines the teenager’ grandmother and gives her an asthma inhaler and explains in Spanish that she must always keep it with her and use it when she has trouble breathing. Griffin is also surprised that the teenager can speak English when he told him that he couldn’t speak English. Griffin is about to walk out the door when he sees a group of people he looks at the teenager and reminds him that he promised not to tell anyone that he was living in the abandoned house. The teenager explains that these are some people from the neighborhood who need treatment but can’t get medical treatment. Griffin looks at the grandmother and she smiles and decides to treat the people one at a time.

(Hospital) Ryan tells a worried Madison that their baby girl will be fine and that she is beautiful like her mom. Ryan tells Madison that he should rest now so that she will be strong enough to take care of the baby when she is ready to go home. Madison makes Ryan promise to take care of the baby and then she drifts off to sleep. Asher arrives and Frankie tells Caleb that he needs to examine Asher and then he will be able to tell them his condition. Erica tells Jack that she is sorry that she had to make him believe she didn’t love him but her kidnapper forced her to say those things. Erica tells Jack she loves him very much and Caleb is listening to the conversation. Jake asks Erica if she knows who he is and she looks at his nametag and says his name. Jake also asks Erica if she knows the name of the hospital and Erica looks at the sign and says the hospital’s name. Jake takes Erica to an exam room and shortly after Bianca Kendall and Erica arrive and Jack tells them Jake is examining Erica. Jake leads Erica out a few minutes later and tells them Erica has a concussion with posttraumatic amnesia but she should be fine in a few days. Jake asks Erica what she remembers about the kidnapping and she says that she remembers being in ST Barts and the she woke up in a strange place Jake tells Jack Erica insisted on going home so he told her it would be okay. Erica hugs Greenlee and thanks her for her concern and Greenlee is puzzled and tells jack she has to go check on Ryan, Madison and the baby and she also asks Kendall if she could go see Madison later since she had a similar experience with Ian. Erica gives Bianca and Kendall awkward hugs and repeats their names as she hugs them and then she heads home with Jack. Kendall and Bianca talk to Jake and wonder why Erica is so slow to respond and make connections but Jake tells them not to worry its part of her injuries from the explosion but she will be fine. Frankie tells Caleb and JR that it is possible that Asher will be paralyzed but they are trying a new treatment on him to relieve the pressure on his spine and they will have to wait and see if the treatment works. Caleb thanks JR for helping him to rescue Asher then they both sit and wait to see what is going to happen with Asher’s condition.

(Krystal’s) Scott tells Marissa about Madison’s baby and the fact that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Marissa wishes that she could help but Scott tells her that he got himself in this mess and he must get himself out.

(Hospital) Ryan watches his baby girl through the window and Greenlee arrives to take his hand but he lets go of her hand and says he needs to talk to the doctor.

(Erica’s place) Erica arrives home and tells Jack he has no idea how glad she is to be home. Jack takes Erica into the bedroom, tucks her in bed, and pulls the covers tight around her. He tells her to get some sleep and he will be in the living room in case she needs him. We then discovers it is Erica’s imposter who calls herself Jane Doe that Jack rescued from the explosion. Jane sinks deeper into Erica’s bed, looks around the room, and can’t believe she is in Erica’s classy bed.

(Erica’s fake bedroom) Erica demands that her captor speak to her and let her out right now.

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