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All My Children Update Friday 5/13/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica finds her captor and is shocked to see a clone of herself.

Kendall gets off the phone with Bianca and tells Griffin about Erica's kidnapping. Kendall brings up wondering if Ricky was involved in the kidnapping.

Ricky looks on his computer a picture where he has inserted himself with Kendall and the boys.

Madison sends Scott out of her hospital room, saying she doesn't want him there. Scott exits and talks to Greenlee.

Ryan tells Madison in her hospital room that Scott does genuinely care about her. Madison brings up Greenlee's scheme. Madison just wants to care about the baby and starts getting labor pains again. She says the baby can't come since it's too soon.

Bianca tells Jack and Caleb that Kendall is on her way and the cops are on it. Jack watches Erica's video message again on his laptop.

Erica asks who the clone of her is and what is going on. The clone says she wasn't ready but it's okay because now she can see the face behind the voice. Erica says it's her face and voice. The clone says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Erica asks who it is and what they want. Erica wants to know what's going on. The clone pulls a gun on her and says Erica put it in motion and now they have to do what they have to do.

Ryan comes out and tells Scott and Greenlee that Madison had another contraction. Ryan tells the doctor. The doctor suggests they don't add stress to her and keep tension down. The doctor and Ryan re-enter Madison's room. Ryan tells Madison he's there. Scott watches from outside with Greenlee. Scott wishes he was in there with her. Scott brings up calling Madison when she got in the accident. Greenlee tells him not to give up and to remind her how much he cares so that she forgives him.

Griffin tells Kendall that he doesn't think Ricky kidnapped Erica. Griffin tells Kendall that his PI informed him that Ricky is not in his room so he's going to search it. Kendall doesn't think he should risk it. Griffin tells Kendall to go be with Bianca. Kendall wants him to promise that he's not going to take the risk. Griffin brings up that Kendall promised not to be alone with Ricky. Kendall tells him to be careful and Griffin says the same as she exits.

Colby sits in the living room at the mansion with Asher. They're both on their laptops as Colby talks about her blog views. Colby says she's a genius since people care about what she has to say. Asher brings up that it all started by her accidentally posting a video. Asher calls her a star. Colby says she doesn't go after anyone that doesn't deserve it. JR comes in and wonders what's going on. Colby says she has a topic for her next post and takes her laptop as she exits.

Jack continues watching Erica's video message where she suggests Caleb sell some of Cortlandt electronics overseas to raise 10 thousand dollars for her ransom so she can come home. Caleb has Jack rewind it and notices that Erica mentioned quarries. Caleb thinks that is a clue to where Erica is.

Erica's clone walks her back into the room holding a gun to her. Erica wonders why she looks like her and who she is or if they are related. The clone says she's nobody. The clone says that today is the first day of the rest of her life. The clone says it has nothing to do with money. Erica wonders why she had to make the ransom message. The clone says Erica's call changed everything so now she has to make changes too.

Bianca tells Jack that she already had called Jesse and the police. Jack tells her to call them back because they can't risk Erica's life with the police involved. Caleb agrees and he exits with Jack as Bianca tells them to keep her posted. Bianca stays behind and looks at a picture of Erica.

Erica asks her clone if she's going to kill her. The clone says she wouldn't do that as she still needs her.

Kendall arrives and hugs Bianca. Kendall thinks this means Erica is fighting and will find a way home in no time. Ricky arrives behind Kendall and knocks on the door.

Jack and Caleb go to the Chandler Mansion and talk to Asher. Asher finds them a location of a quarry on his laptop. Asher wants to go with them so that he can be backup and they need him to hack into anything. Caleb tells him they need someone outside. Asher tells him to let him know if he's needed. Caleb and Jack exit. JR comes up and tells Asher that he's got some work to do. Asher tells him that Caleb needs his help but JR says he can't let him do that.

Madison tells Ryan that her baby can't be born yet because she's too small. Ryan tells her about Ian being born premature and doing great.

Scott looks up premature baby survival rates on the computer as he continues to talk to Greenlee. Scott tells her that Madison and the baby are the closest thing he's had to family since his father died. Greenlee tells him she'll be back and walks off.

Madison tells Ryan about how happy she was dreaming about her life with Scott and the baby. Ryan tells her that she can still have that. Madison says everything changed when David told her what happened. Ryan thinks she can still get through this. Madison tells him about being so angry that she grabbed Greenlee which surprises Ryan. Ryan assures Madison that the baby will be okay and tells her to rest. Ryan gets up and exits the room and Scott asks him how she is. Ryan says she's sleeping and asks if he's seen Greenlee. Scott didn't know where she went. Ryan says he's going to check with the doctor and to call him if Madison wakes up. Scott goes back to Madison's room and looks in on her.

Erica asks her clone if she's a sister that she didn't know. A buzzing sound is made and Erica wonders what's going on. The clone says not yet and tells her it's Jack. The clone circles Erica with the gun and tells her that she and Jack have something amazing since he picked up her hint on the ransom message. The clone knew about the quarry message. Erica questions if Jack is here. The clone says he will be and she's not ready for this.

Asher tells JR he needs to help Caleb. JR warns him that his dangerous and wonders why he would help the father that dumped him. Asher says he had his reasons. JR can't believe he's defending Caleb. JR tells him that he gave him a place to live, a job, and a family. Asher says he's grateful but he needs to do this and exits. Colby comes back and tells JR that she could have told him that was going to happen.

Griffin climbs onto the balcony of Ricky's hotel room. He opens the side door and sneaks in. He quickly runs to the door and checks it then goes to Ricky's laptop. He opens it up and sees the picture that Ricky put as his background.

Kendall tells Ricky about Erica's kidnapping. Ricky tells her that everything will be alright and he's here for her if she needs anything.

Ryan finishes a phone call as Greenlee comes up. Greenlee tells him that she's been on the phone with experts and they'll make sure that Madison and the baby are okay. Ryan brings up Greenlee seeing Madison earlier. Greenlee tells him about running into Madison in the park after she found out about Scott. Ryan tells her to tell him what happened. They sit down and Greenlee says she was obviously upset and doesn't blame her for going after her. Ryan asks how the confrontation ended. Greenlee says Madison grabbed her, she pulled away and left. Greenlee asks if Ryan is accusing her of causing her accident.

Scott goes into Madison's room as she sleeps and watches her. Scott sits with her and says he's never been much of a praying guy but he's praying for her now. Scott wants to make it right for her and give her the life she dreamed of and deserves. Scott says they can do it because he loves her. Madison wakes up and looks at Scott.

Jack and Caleb arrive at their location. Jack tells him to call him if he sees anything as they split up. Asher arrives and gives Caleb a signal device. Caleb thanks him and they walk off together.

Erica tries to shout out for Jack but the clone tells her to get ready. The clone's phone rings and she asks what it is. Erica wonders what's going on. The clone says to the phone that they have to spring it because Erica's rescuers are too close for comfort.

Ricky asks Kendall what is wrong. Bianca apologizes that Kendall is upset about the news on Erica. Ricky wants to help with his resources. Bianca thinks they need to be alone. Ricky understands it's a family matter and respects their privacy. Ricky tells them he will wait in the hall. Ricky exits and Bianca complains that he's still in the hall. Kendall insists that she can handle him. Kendall reminds her of the plan. Bianca tells her that she's still going to make Ricky leave. Bianca opens the door and tells Ricky about a problem at the Miranda Center. Ricky comes in and tells Kendall that he hates to leave her. Kendall tells him she'll be fine with Bianca so she'll talk to him later. Kendall kisses him and he exits. Bianca hates Ricky being in Kendall's life and wonders when this will be over. Kendall says she needs to do this and will bring him down for killing Zach. Bianca decides to go call Jack and check in.

Kendall calls Griffin and warns him that Ricky is going to return soon. Griffin tells her that he'll finish soon and hangs up. Griffin hears the elevator and sees the door handle start to move.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he's just trying to figure out what's going on here. Ryan says he's sad and hurt that Greenlee didn't have faith in him and that Madison had to keep this lie to herself. Greenlee promises to make it up to him and prove he can trust her by helping anyway she can. Ryan says he just wants to think about Madison and her baby. Ryan says he's missed so much already like the first heartbeat, sonogram, and first kick. Ryan says he's just going to focus on all the things he is going to do with his new little girl. Greenlee tells him they all will since Madison will get through it.

Scott asks Madison how she's feeling. Madison doesn't want to see him and tells him to leave. Scott begs her not to shut him out. Scott tells her she has every right to be upset. Scott tells her not to write him off since what they had has nothing to do with Greenlee or any deal. Scott says no job means more to him than she does.

Erica's clone tells her that this isn't how she wanted things to happen. Erica wants to just be set free. Erica tells her she needs to get out now.

Caleb and Asher come across a bomb and Caleb states it doesn't look good.

Jack runs around the opposite side of the building calling out for Erica and wondering if she can hear him.

Scott continues to tell Madison how sorry he is. Scott says she's the best thing that ever happened to him. Madison calls it all a lie. Scott says everything they had was real. Madison wonders why she should believe him. Scott tells her that she knows how he feels about her. Scott reminds her of their good times and says they were happy. Scott tells her that their moments and memories are real. Scott tells her to remember that because he loves her and doesn't want to lose her. Scott tells her again that he loves her which seems to surprise Madison. The doctor comes back in with Ryan and Greenlee and says the baby's heart rate is dropping.

Bianca offers to help Kendall but she says she has to do it herself. Kendall tells Bianca to call her with any updates and she exits.

Ricky enters his room and senses that something is off. He goes out the side door onto the balcony and looks over the railing. He goes back into his room and touches his laptop, then wonders who the hell was there.

Asher asks Caleb if the bomb is what he thinks it is. Caleb tells him they have to get the hell out and run off. Jack wonders what the beeping is and pulls a door open.

Kendall returns to the house where Griffin stays and leaves him a message wondering where he is. Kendall looks around to see if he's there. Griffin comes in behind her and Kendall hugs him.

Ricky returns to Bianca and tells her that there was no leak at the Miranda Center. Ricky thinks that Bianca was trying to keep him away from Kendall.

The doctor tells Madison that the baby's heart rate has had a significant drop. The doctor calls for an operation and says they have to take the baby out now. Madison thinks it's too soon. Ryan encourages her that the baby just wants to come sooner. The doctor tells Ryan and Scott that they can't go and must stay behind.

The bomb explodes and Jack awakens near the door he opened. Jack calls out for Caleb, Asher, or Erica. A hand is seen underneath the remains.

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