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Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Spike answers Jack's phone and talks to Erica. Erica tells him to put Jack on the phone or any adult. The person switches all the camera views trying to find Erica and the voice begins screaming where are you. Spike tells Erica he misses her and Erica explains that she's in Pine Valley and has been kidnapped. Erica keeps repeating to Spike to put anyone on the phone as Erica's captor grabs the door handle. Erica begs Spike to put anyone on the phone. Spike says ok and goodbye. Erica tells him not to hang up but he does. Erica awaits as the door opens.

Bianca comes back to Spike who tells her that he was talking to Erica. Spike tells Bianca that Erica said she was in danger and she needed help.

Jack and Krystal kiss. They stop but then continue as Jack begins undressing Krystal.

Jesse arrives at Fusion and sees Liza at the bar. He comes up to her and calls it a coincidence that she is where he is again. Jesse wonders if she'll run back to Iris with the goods and Liza wonders if there are goods.

Ryan asks David what he's telling him and Scott about. David tells them he didn't realize he was going to cause trouble. Ryan says he has to go and Scott says he's meeting someone. David tells Scott that Madison won't be showing up. David reveals that he told Madison about Scott's deal with Greenlee. Scott gets up and goes after David but Ryan holds him back.

Madison walks outside to the park and sits down on a bench. Greenlee comes up to her and asks what her problem is now. Madison responds "You". Greenlee tells her to save whatever she's mad at her about and starts to walk off but Madison stops her, telling her not to walk away from her.

Erica comes out of the closet and sees the person's guard come into the room again. The man grabs Erica and she shouts that she called the FBI so he's going to be charged with kidnapping. The person sarcastically asks if her agent's name is Spike. Erica struggles with the guard. The person tells her that their time together is about to end.

Caleb arrives at Fusion and Bianca quickly tells him that Spike talked to Erica. Bianca wants to go find Jack. Caleb asks what she said and Bianca says that Erica said she's in danger. Spike states that Erica said she's in Pine Valley. Bianca and Spike get into the elevator and Caleb goes with them.

Jack and Krystal end their kiss. Krystal says it's okay if he's having second thoughts. Jack admits that he is.

Liza reminds Jesse that she was at Fusion first so that blows his theory out. Jesse thinks she could've tapped his phone since he called Angela and told her he was coming. Liza calls him paranoid. Jesse calls her the mayor's lackey. Liza wonders why he's so upset, since if there's no dirt, there's no digging. Jesse thinks she'd make something up.

Ryan tells Scott that David isn't worth going back to prison for. David laughs at them and talks about Greenlee hating him for lies and then she lies to Ryan. David states that he's proud of Greenlee for following in his footsteps and that it led to this is a bonus. Scott wonders what he said to Madison. David tells him that next time he has a personal conversation, he shouldn't do it in an open area in a hospital. David tells him to blame Ryan because he got Madison pregnant and left her alone. Scott calls it unbelievable. Scott wonders why David would crush Madison like that. David tells them that all he did was tell her the truth and exits. Scott wants to go find Madison but Ryan stops him telling him that it's not a good idea.

Madison asks Greenlee if she had a good laugh at her by setting Scott with her. Madison tells her that David filled her in. Greenlee says it's not what she thinks. Madison goes over the story again but Greenlee says it wasn't like that. Madison can't believe Greenlee messed with her head and heart and thinks that she and Scott must have thought she was a fool. Madison asks how long she paid Scott to show interest in her or if he's still on her payroll. Greenlee tells her that Scott never took money from her. Greenlee says that she did get Scott out of prison and promised him a job at the hospital. Madison asks how she laid out the terms. Greenlee says he just asked him to get to know Madison but it's all beside the point since Scott really cares about her. Madison asks if she put Scott up to claiming to be the father in front of Ryan. Greenlee swears she didn't. Madison reminds her this is her life not a game. Greenlee says she is in the mess with her. Madison thought what she had with Scott was real but it was just Greenlee's scheme. Madison calls Greenlee inhuman and vicious. Greenlee tells her to stop blaming her for everything that goes wrong in her life.

Ryan asks Scott what he's going to say to Madison. Scott isn't sure and Ryan thinks he needs to come up with something to make it easier for her. Scott doesn't think it's possible since he broke her trust. Scott says he doesn't want to lose her and rushes off. Ryan stands back and sees David at the bar.

Jesse thinks Liza must be miserable. Jesse tells her to stop gunning for him. David comes up and asks if there's a problem. Jesse says there always is when David is around. David tells him to back off of Liza. Jesse calls them a match made in hell.

Krystal gets up and Jack tells her that he's having second thoughts but not the way she thinks. Jack gets up and tells her that he wants her but just wants to make sure they do it right with no questions, doubts, or second guessing. Jack wants to take it slow. Jack wants to give them a chance to explore each other and where this might end up. Krystal agrees that they got a little carried away. Jack admits he really liked it. Jack asks if taking it slow is a good idea and Krystal says she couldn't agree more. Krystal wants it to be right as much as he does. Jack says they're on the same page and get close as Caleb walks in. Caleb states the door was open and tells them that Erica is in trouble which surprises Krystal and Jack.

Erica asks the person why their time is coming to an end. The person asks Erica about dangerous times in her life. Erica thought they knew everything about her. The person says the last time she was in danger was on the mountain with Caleb. Erica doesn't want to talk and tells them to kill her already if they're going to. The person tells Erica that her existence makes life worth living. Erica wants to know who it is and asks what their plan is if not killing her. The person says if Spike is as smart as she says, her family is already onto it. Erica thinks they should let her go then. The person suggests a ransom. Erica wonders why they'd go through all the trouble. The person tells her it's not about to be over yet.

Caleb tells Jack about Erica's phone call with Spike. Jack doesn't recognize the number and wonders if Spike is sure. Jack wants to call the police. Krystal suggests she'll do that. Jack agrees and states they can use all the help they can get. Jack checks his laptop to see if she sent an e-mail but there's nothing. Caleb wants to go through the house again and look for clues. Caleb goes to check as there's a knock on the door. Jack answers and Bianca comes in. Jack is upset that he didn't have his phone. Jack tells Bianca that they are going to find her. Jack thinks Erica would have left a clue if she was in the house. Bianca wonders if it was someone else that got her clothes. Bianca decides to call the police in St. Bart's. Krystal comes back in and tells Bianca that she got the police to trace the call. Caleb shouts from the other room that he found something.

Erica hears the person say quarry and wonders what's going on. The guard comes back in and gives her a paper. Erica puts a marker in the door as the guard goes back in before it can shut. Erica reads the paper which is the ransom note. The person says they will e-mail it to her family. Erica wonders if the family pays the ransom and then she's free. The person says something like that. Erica says she'll need a few minutes to do her hair and makeup before she's going on camera. The person tells her to make it quick because they are running out of time.

Liza thanks David for his concern but says she can handle this. David steps away and says he'll be there if she needs him. Liza tells Jesse that she's not the monster that he thinks she is. Jesse brings up Liza accusing him of rape. Liza says that was high school and he should let it go. Jesse thinks she's up to the same old tricks to get what she wants. Jesse tells her to grow up and better herself. Liza doesn't want to listen and gets up. Jesse says she has no friends other than David and no family with her. Jesse wonders if she plans to alienate the entire planet including her daughter. Liza tells him to stop and not to pretend that he knows what's going on with Colby. Liza tells Jesse that he has no idea what it's like to lose a child.

Scott returns home looking for Madison but she's not there. Scott looks at a picture of Madison and sits down disappointed.

Madison tells Greenlee that she and Scott were happy not that it means anything to Greenlee. Greenlee doesn't care. Madison says she wasn't hanging anything over Greenlee's head. Greenlee thinks Madison should thank her for her lies and says she did her a favor with Scott or else she'd be alone feeling sorry for herself watching her and Ryan happy and in love. Madison doesn't think they're happy and in love now. Greenlee tells her they will always be and that will always make Madison upset. Greenlee tells her to go be with Scott because he's the best she's going to get. Greenlee starts to leave but Madison pulls her back.

The person asks if Erica is finally ready and she says she is. The person tells her no tricks, just look into the camera and read her message. Erica says to Jack, Kendall, and Bianca that she knows she said she needed time to collect her thoughts and that's why she ran out on the wedding but it wasn't true. She says she was forced to lie as she was kidnapped.

Krystal, Jack, Caleb, and Bianca search Erica's room as Jack notices that 1-800-Danger is missing. Jack tells them to keep looking for clues. Caleb suggests they spread out again and leaves the room with Bianca. Krystal tells Jack that she should leave since she's not family and thinks Bianca doesn't want her here. Jack apologizes having no idea this would happen. Krystal tells him that bringing Erica home is what's important.

Jesse and Liza continue to argue. Jesse says he's nothing like her. Liza reminds him they are both human and all make mistakes. Liza tells him that one mess up and everything changes. Liza walks off and joins David at a table. David doesn't get why she lets Jesse talk to her like that. Liza thinks she needed to hear it because it was a reality check. Liza asks David why he intentionally blew up Madison's world. Ryan comes up and says he was going to ask the same question.

Greenlee tells Madison that she's not going to fight a pregnant woman and tells her to go take care of her baby. Greenlee walks off leaving Madison in the park. Madison sits down on the bench feeling stomach pains. Her phone rings and it's Scott. She asks what he wants. Scott wants to talk to her and make it right. Madison says he can't but Scott wants to try. Madison tells him she doesn't want to talk to him and hangs up. Madison holds her stomach and tells her baby that they will go find Ryan.

Scott keeps trying to call Madison and leaves her messages. Scott says he knows he was wrong but needs to talk to her. Scott tosses his phone.

Ryan asks David what his big plan was, thinking he'd be causing problems for him and Greenlee. David says that Ryan loves his damsels in distress and now that Greenlee betrayed him, she can't hold a candle to Madison. Ryan says if he and Greenlee don't make it, she'd never go back to David. David notices that Ryan said there's a chance they won't make it. Ryan can't believe he's serious as Greenlee walks up and says no way in hell.

Madison is brought in to the hospital on a stretcher. She tells doctors that her phone kept ringing and she lost control of the car.

David tells Ryan and Greenlee that they can't fix everything. Greenlee tells him that he doesn't know anything about moral codes. Ryan gets a call and he answers. Jesse tells Ryan that Madison was in a minor car accident. Ryan says he'll be right there, he tells Greenlee what happened and rushes off.

Bianca makes a call to alert Jesse to what's going on. Bianca goes with Caleb to check the kitchen. Jack's phone rings and he gets the video message from Erica.

The person tells Erica the message is out and received so this could be it for them. Erica states it would have been more satisfying if she had seen their face. The person tells her that they have seen it before. The person asks Erica what she's doing since he can't see her as Erica sneaks the door open using what she stuck in the door when the guard left.

Liza tells David that he's never giving up on Greenlee. David thinks Madison could change things for Ryan. Liza reminds him that Greenlee has completely turned on him. David notices her reaction and tells her that he really enjoys being with her but could do without her passing judgment. Liza thanks Colby for her public flocking because it's motivating her to change. David says they are leopards and they don't change their spots. Liza states she's going to try and he wishes her luck. David gets a text message stating that the plan is motion.

Madison is in the hospital and tells the doctor to make sure her baby doesn't die. Jesse paces outside as Scott comes up. Jesse tells Scott that Madison was in a car accident. Ryan comes up and asks how they are. The nurse comes out and tells them that Madison is in labor and they're doing everything they can to keep the baby in there. Ryan goes into the room with Greenlee, Scott, and Jesse. Ryan asks how she's doing. Madison doesn't want Scott in there and tells him to get out so he leaves.

Jack listens to the voice message from Erica and runs to tell Bianca.

Erica opens the door where her captor is and looks inside. She enters the room and is shocked to see a clone of herself!

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