AMC Update Wednesday 5/11/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/11/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Scott returns home and runs into Madison as she's getting ready to leave. Madison has to go and Scott tells her they'll meet for lunch later at Fusion. Madison tells him that their relationship is still good and sex didn't ruin things. Madison thinks Scott has something else on his mind like Ryan and Greenlee. Scott says he just doesn't want Madison to hurt. Madison says Greenlee can't do any more to hurt her.

Ryan and Greenlee are at home as Ryan is getting ready. Greenlee asks when he'll be home but he's not sure since he has some meetings. Ryan tells her about showing pictures of Madison's baby to Emma. Greenlee wonders if Scott told Madison about their lying. Ryan figures that lying seems to work for everyone else and exits.

Jack and Bianca talk at Krystal's. Bianca brings up Erica and Jack tells her that Erica is rapidly moving out of his universe and he storms out as Krystal enters.

Erica lays in bed with the 1-800-Danger book. She thanks the person for bringing her things. The person is surprised that she's thankful. Erica claims that her time alone has forced her to see things in a new light as she looks down at the cell phone inside the book.

Krystal talks to Bianca about Erica. Krystal can't believe Erica came back and didn't tell anybody. Krystal thinks not even Bianca can defend this. Bianca says she's frustrated too. Bianca says she has no idea what's going on with Erica and thinks she's staying away for a really good reason. Krystal tells her to tell Jack.

Caleb and Asher sit out in the park as Asher is showing him the website he's made for Caleb. Caleb is impressed and jokes that he hopes it doesn't get him in trouble with JR. Caleb tells him he appreciates him doing this. Asher tells Caleb he has to go take care of something and will be back in an hour. Asher gives Caleb the laptop and said he wrote a bio for him and Erica on the website. Caleb responds Erica who? and Asher leaves. Caleb looks at the bio of Erica on the website as Jack walks up and comments that it's a good picture of Erica.

Erica tells the person that she's going to put on something to wear for the day since they brought her clothes. The person is glad that Erica seems thankful.

Ryan comes to Fusion and talks with Madison. Ryan talks about not wanting Madison to have any stress. Madison tells him that she has Scott. Ryan questions that and Madison wonders why he has an attitude towards Scott. Ryan tells her that he just wants her to be happy. Madison thinks maybe one day her and Greenlee can get over this. Madison says that now everyone's being honest and hopes that Ryan and Greenlee can work out their problems. Ryan mentions how much Greenlee lied to him. Madison reminds him that she was right there lying too. Madison says she would do anything to protect what she has with Scott and maybe that's what Greenlee was trying to do as well so they might not be so different.

David comes up to Greenlee at the hospital, asking her to sign a paper. David asks how she is doing and if she wants to talk. Greenlee laughs it off and signs the paper. David says she obviously didn't live up to Ryan's standards and he wants to help. Greenlee tells him to go away and knows he just wants his job back. Greenlee tells him to get out of the hospital. Scott walks in and tells David to back off and that he's the last thing Greenlee needs to be making things worse. David wonders what he'd be making worse and what Scott knows about it.

Ryan tells Madison he's having trouble seeing things from Greenlee's perspective. Madison says she lied to him too but Ryan says it's completely different reasons. Ryan brings up Scott again. Madison doesn't think Ryan realizes how important Scott has become to her since he's been there the whole way. Madison tells Ryan that not telling him about the baby was the hardest thing she had to do. She says she now trusts and depends on Scott so she wants to help him like he's helped her. She calls it the closest thing to a partnership she's had.

Bianca tells Krystal that they could argue about Erica all day. Bianca tells her about having to defend Erica and that she has to go. Krystal decides to call Jack and check on him. Bianca thinks he'll be fine. Krystal calls and realizes that Jack left his phone there. Bianca says she'll bring him his phone but Krystal insists that she has to bring Jack papers anyways so she will. Bianca tells Krystal that she does enough for Jack so she'll take it, which confuses Krystal.

Caleb tells Jack about the website being for their business that Erica left. Jack can't believe Caleb is fine with Erica leaving and doesn't believe him since he was looking at her picture. Caleb admits he wishes she'd come back and change her mind but he has to run his business, live his life, get to know his son, and keep his sanity. Jack asks him how to keep his sanity.

Scott tells David to stop harassing Greenlee. David didn't realize they were so close. Scott tells him to leave and threatens to have him thrown out. Greenlee tells him David can't hear the word no and David exits. Greenlee thanks Scott and says he may be the only person who understands what she's going through as David listens from outside the room.

Caleb tells Jack that he feels for him. Caleb says he's been there and thinks Jack should be giving the advice since he's been doing this game with Erica a lot longer. Jack tells Caleb to give up this business and go back to his mountain. Caleb says he wishes and comments on the birds flying away not hurting as much. Caleb thinks under different circumstances they'd probably go out for a beer.

Greenlee talks to Scott about Ryan not forgiving her and her constant apologies. David continues to listen from outside the door. Greenlee asks Scott if he's told Madison yet. Scott wonders what he's supposed to say and David hears Scott say that Greenlee got him out of prison just to keep Madison away from Ryan. They argue about Greenlee lying about the baby and Scott not wanting to hurt Madison. Greenlee thinks Madison would survive. Scott doesn't want to hurt her because of his stupid mistake and neither should Greenlee. Greenlee doesn't care about protecting Madison. Scott warns her that if he and Madison break up, she'll have no one to take care of her but Ryan. David smiles and walks off after hearing them.

Ryan returns home with Emma and she's unhappy. Emma asks if he and Greenlee are fighting. Ryan sits down with her and says they had a disagreement about something. Emma thinks it's about her but Ryan promises her it has nothing to do with her and is just a grown up thing. Emma doesn't like when Ryan's mad and hugs him.

David arrives at Krystal's and tells Krystal it's a beautiful day. She comments on not seeing him this happy in a long time. David says his fortune has changed. Krystal thinks he's up to something. Krystal jokes with him about enjoying when he was in a coma. David decides what he's looking for isn't here and leaves as Caleb enters. Krystal tells Caleb that she just doesn't like some people in this world. Caleb tells her about running into Jack. Caleb tells Krystal that he told Jack to back off and let Erica figure things out for herself. Krystal thinks Caleb is just going with his own agenda.

Erica looks at her clothes in the closet as the person wonders what she's doing. She talks about being excited to have her clothes. Erica asks about lunch as she's hungry and the person says they will get right on it. Erica opens the 1-800-Danger book and looks at the phone inside. Erica plugs the phone in the charger and covers it with her clothes as the person prepares her lunch.

Krystal tells Caleb that she thinks Caleb would manipulate Jack to get Erica. Caleb insists that if he wanted something, he goes after it. Caleb tells her that not everything is taking advantage of the situation. Caleb tells her that she's been hanging around Jack a lot since the wedding didn't happen. Krystal tells him that's not true and if she wanted Jack, she'd push Caleb towards Erica which she isn't. Krystal says she is sticking by Jack as a friend. Caleb wonders if she's trying to convince him or herself and exits.

David arrives at Fusion and finds Madison. David asks how she is and Madison tells him not to start with her. Madison says she's great and doesn't need his concern. David tells her that he knows the whole story with Greenlee and Ryan. David brings up everyone thinking they would make it this time. Madison doesn't know who told him but doesn't want to talk to him or anyone else about it. David mentions that it must have been humiliating to find out about Scott's involvement. David tells Madison about Greenlee getting Scott out of prison to romance her away from Ryan which shocks Madison.

Scott arrives at the hospital, he calls Madison and leaves a message that he will be there for lunch as soon as he can.

Greenlee returns home and Emma asks how she is. Greenlee tells her that she's alright, Emma says she is too and heads upstairs. Ryan explains that Emma heard them fighting and wanted to make sure everything was ok. Ryan tells Greenlee that he didn't lie to Emma. Greenlee asks if this is how its' going to be from now on. Ryan tells her that this is how it is and he can't change it. Greenlee brings up that Emma hasn't been nice to her but she said 3 words nicer than Ryan has lately. Ryan says he can't just move on. Greenlee understands she has a lot to make up for but this can't break them. Greenlee wants them to repair what she broke for Emma to have stability in her life. Greenlee asks Ryan to try. Ryan agrees to try.

David tells Madison about doing things he's not proud of but nothing like what Scott did. David asks when Madison found out about all of this. Madison claims she's known for kind of awhile. David calls her brave and forgiving because a betrayal like this is so personal. Madison agrees and hurries off. Liza arrives and asks if David had something to do with Madison rushing off. David tells her that a gift fell into his lap today and all he had to do was use it correctly. Liza is afraid to ask what it was. David tells her that this may push Greenlee and Ryan over the edge. Liza can't believe David still wants Greenlee back and figures he thinks that if he can't have her, no one can.

Greenlee comments to Ryan about how much Emma is reading. They sit down to eat and Greenlee asks about Kendall. Ryan says he's talked to her and she's safe. Greenlee asks how Emma reacted when he talked to her about them. Ryan states that Emma was concerned. Greenlee thinks that's something at least. Greenlee thinks they should take a trip to the lake. Ryan tells her that he can't do a happy family trip right now. Ryan gets up and says he's going to check on Kendall and to tell Emma he will be back later.

Caleb returns to the park looking at the laptop as Asher rejoins him on the bench. Caleb points out to Asher that he put his birthday as the day he came off the mountain. Asher admits to not knowing his birthday. Caleb says he doesn't celebrate anyways. Asher jokes with him about editing his picture to make him look younger too. Asher asks if he checked out Erica's bio. Caleb says he skimmed it but Asher doesn't believe it. Caleb wonders why he can't accept that he's moved on. Asher thinks Caleb is actually a human being and can't just be into someone than just snap out of it. Caleb tells him that after Erica crashed into his mountain and destroyed his home, he thought maybe fate brought her into his life but now he thinks maybe it didn't have anything to do with Erica at all.

Krystal arrives at Jack's. She opens the door and finds Jack seated with two empty bottles. Jack tells her that he doesn't know why he keeps coming back here or what he expects to find. Jack suggests maybe he wants to catch Erica coming back again. Jack thinks there must be some reason. Krystal doesn't think drinking will give him any answers. Jack admits that he poured the bottles down the sink. Jack says he needs to think very clearly to try and understand what he's doing. Jack tells her that he's loving a woman that keeps running away from him even though he knows she's incapable of changing. Jack says he needs to be very clear when he decides what happens next.

Erica remains in the closet watching over the clothes and phone charger.

Bianca sits at Fusion with Spike. She tells Spike to go play with Miranda, Gabby, and Ian. Bianca looks in her purse and realizes she forgot to bring Jack his phone. Spike asks to see the phone so Bianca gives it to him. Bianca steps away as Erica calls Jack's phone while Spike has it.

Liza congratulates David as he calls Madison collateral damage. Scott arrives as David tells Liza that the real target is Ryan and Greenlee's marriage. David tells her the day just keeps getting better as he walks over to Scott and Ryan seated at opposite tables. David tells them that he might have done something that may have been a big mistake.

Madison walks outside to the park and sits down on a bench. Greenlee comes up to her and asks what her problem is now. Madison responds "You"

Jack tells Krystal that he thinks everyone sees him as a fool that let Erica sweep him under the rug again. Krystal tells him that he's not a fool. Jack feels like he spent his life trying to get Erica to love him and doesn't know why since she just keeps running. Krystal tells him that she's sorry and wishes she could make things easier for him. Jack kisses Krystal.

Spike answers Jack's phone and talks to Erica. Erica tells him to put Jack on the phone or any adult. The person switches all the camera views trying to find Erica and the voice begins screaming where are you. Spike tells Erica he misses her and Erica explains that she's in Pine Valley and has been kidnapped. Erica keeps repeating to Spike to put anyone on the phone as Erica's captor grabs the door handle

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