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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/10/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Krystalís) Tad can tell that Cara is worried and knows it's about Jake, so he tells her that he already called the hospital and Jake is fine and will be going home tomorrow. Cara is relieved and blames herself for Jakeís injury, while Tad feels badly that he and Jake argued before he was hurt about Jake needing to help Cara break ties with the hospital so that their marriage can seem legitimate. Cara doesnít want to be the cause of tension between Tad and Jake but Tad assures her that he and Jake argue all the time and their relationship will be fine. Tad tells Cara that he is working on a case for the free clinic. She guesses that he asked them to give her the job. Cara thanks Tad for all he has done for her. Tad asks Cara to watch the girls while he goes to Marissaís to talk about Agent Trumbull. After Tad leaves, Kathy tells Cara that she is fun and that is why their daddy is always smiling when he is with her. Kathy goes to get a cookie and Cara tells her that is Jakeís favorite kind, so Kathy decides to get a cookie for Jake so he will feel better.

(Chandler Mansion) JR has a romantic breakfast set up for Marissa who is touched and thanks him for arranging the beautiful breakfast for her. JR and Marissaís breakfast is interrupted when Bianca arrives and tells Marissa she e-mailed the school principal and told her about Miranda being teased by Amber. The principal told her there is nothing she could do about it since it happened off the school grounds. Bianca explains to Marissa that she then contacted Amberís mother Tammy, and they have agreed to meet. Bianca needs her as moral support because she is very nervous and doesnít know how she will handle things. Marissa gives JR a quick kiss on the cheek and apologizes because she canít stay for breakfast. Then she tells him to give the breakfast to Maya and the rest of the staff.

(Yacht Club) Ricky calls to confirm his large food order and the person on the other end of the phone asks why he is ordering so much food. He explains that he plans to be gone a long time with his fiancťe, and he wants to make sure that he has enough food.

(Safehouse) Kendall awakens thinking that she has only been asleep twenty minutes, and she gets upset that Griffin didnít wake her. Griffin tells her that she has been asleep for nine hours. Griffin explains that he didnít want her to leave because he was afraid that Ricky might call her again or come over to her house, and he didnít think it was a good idea she see Ricky until she got over the anger about what almost happened last night. Griffin offers Kendall some breakfast and she jokes that he probably eats chocolate covered bugs or some grass and twigs that he learned to eat while he worked in some third world country helping people Griffin laughs and tells Kendall that he loves to eat sugary cereal when he is in civilization. Kendall wants to change out of her clothes before she eats breakfast so Griffin gives her one of his shirts to put on and Kendall asks him to turn around while he changes into the shirt Griffin reminds her that he is a doctor but she asks him to turn around anyway. Griffin puts the cereal into two bows and takes out the prize in the box and hides it from Kendall. Kendall tells griffin she knows he is hiding something and then she asks him to give her what she is hiding. Griffin gives her the prize and she tells him that she remembers that was her favorite cereal box prize as a child so he tells her to keep it for good luck.

(Hospital) Jake awakens from his dream and calls for Amanda who is at his bedside. After Amanda reminds him about his argument with Mr. Winslow, Jake remembers what happened to him.

(Yacht Club) Ricky talks to a ship captain and asks him if he can be discrete and not tell other people what he sees on the yacht and the captain assures him he can be discrete and then Ricky asks him if he can perform a wedding ceremony and the captain nods his head and Ricky smiles because his plan is falling into place.

(Safehouse) Griffin thinks Kendall should go see her boys and he is about to take her when he hears a noise and then he tells Kendall that he found a teenager in the house last week and he forgot to tell her about it because he was trying to keep Ricky from mewling her. The Hispanic teenager returns with a friend and Griffin tells the teenager in Spanish that he is a doctor and he can help repair his wound Kendall tells the teenager in her best high school Spanish that Griffin is a good doctor and can help him his friend persuades the injured boy to let griffin treat his wound. Griffin sutures the teenage boyís wound and then the boys leave and return with some tamales for Griffin and Kendall to eat. Kendall is hungry and tells griffin that this is much better then soggy cereal one of the teenagers asks Griffin in Spanish if Kendall is his girlfriend or wife because she is very pretty and hot and Griffin tells the boys Kendall isnít his girlfriend or wife and one of the boys tells him that he is loco which means crazy in Spanish Kendall understands the word and wonders who or what is crazy Griffin tells Kendall he told the boys that he is crazy about tamales and she tells them she is also loco for tamales. Griffin tells the boys that they canít tell anyone that he is living there and he asks for their help to track down the drugs they framed him for stealing and they agree to help him. Kendall wonders what Griffin is telling the boys since she doesnít understand that much Spanish so he tells her they agreed to help him track down the drugs they framed him for stealing and he tells Kendall he must get his own justice and clear his name.

(Krystalís) Bianca meets with Tammy, the mother of Amber, the little girl who teased Miranda at the party. Tammy asks Bianca how she had her daughter and if she tried guys for a while and it didnít work out with a guy. Bianca tells Tammy that it really doesnít matter, because Amber shouldnít have teased Miranda about her family. Tammy tells Bianca that she has always taught her daughter to tell the truth and that is all she was doing at the party, telling the truth. Bianca tells Tammy that as a mother just like her, she is sure they can come to some sort of solution to this problem. Tammy tells Bianca they are nothing alike, and if it wasnít for all this political correctness, the country wouldnít be in such bad shape. Tammy tells Bianca that because she thinks she is the same as other people, she believes she has the right to marry her girlfriend whom she thinks is Marissa. Marissa gets angry and asks Tammy why she thinks Bianca shouldn't have the right to marry whomever she wants to marry. Tammy tells Marissa that she didnít come to be attacked by two lesbians, and if they feel offended by people who donít agree with them, they should have stayed in the closet. As Tammy is leaving, Bianca screams that she isnít going anywhere, and she will see her at the next PTA meeting. Bianca wonders why Marissa interrupted her when she was going to tell Tammy that she wasnít a lesbian. Marissa says she would feel honored and proud if someone thought she was her partner. After all her last relationship didnít work out so well.

(Chandler Mansion) Tad arrives looking for Marissa but JR says that Marissa is so busy that he can hardly spend time alone with her. Tad reminds JR that he was the one that messed up his marriage an now he has to put up with Marissaís hectic schedule. JR wonders how Tad is doing trying to cover up that Cara married him for her green card. JR wonders why Tad got involved in a fake marriage after all its not like he canít get a date. Tad explains that Cara needed his help so he stepped up to help her, and it is nice having her around the house because she isnít bad to look at and she is smart and funny, but he insists that he isnít in love with her. Tad tells JR that he has accepted that she is Jakeís ex-wife and they will get divorced in three years as soon as she gets her green card. JR encourages Tad not to give up hope. After all he ruined his marriage to Marisa and now he is trying his best to get her back. Tad leaves and AJ arrives and tells JR he pushed a little boy at Amberís party because he was teasing Miranda and calling her mom a lesbian. When AJ wonders if he is in trouble, JR assures him he isnít, because he and Miranda are birthday twins and that makes her like his family and he is very special because he defended Miranda. JR hugs AJ and sends him upstairs to play a video game. Maya tells JR that he and Marissa are good parents, because they work together to do what is best for AJ.

(Hospital) Cara admits to Amanda that Mr. Winslow punched Jake because he was defending her. Amanda wonders if Cara is trying to ruin Jakeís life. Tad arrives and Cara tells him she will see him at home and leaves Amanda wonders why Cara is trying to hold on to Jake and Tad says that isnít true but Amanda is sure if they go into hi room right now Cara will bee with Jake. Cara sits by Jakeís bed as he continues to dream about both his weddings Cara is about to leave but Jake takes her hand and tells her you didnít say I do. Cara is confused and Jake explains that he was dreaming about their wedding and wonders if she ever thinks about their wedding. Cara tells Jake that she used to think about it every day but she has moved past it. Tad and Amanda arrive and Cara tells Amanda and tad that she was telling Jake that he doesnít need to fight her battles and tad tells Jake that he is there for Cara now.

(Park) Bianca talks to Miranda and tells her not to be mad at Amber, because she doesnít know any better and some people are uncomfortable with people who have different families. Miranda tells her mom that AJís parents are divorced so his family is different, and Bianca explains that all they can do is to keep being themselves and love each other. After Miranda tells Bianca that she has always taught her never to be ashamed of the people she loves, Bianca gives her a hug.

(Safehouse) Kendall doesnít want Griffin to risk his life by going out on the street to clear his name, but she understands what he must do and gives him the prize from the cereal box for good luck.

(Yacht Club) Ricky practices how he will propose to Kendall by talking to an empty chair.

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