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All My Children Update Monday 5/9/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Amanda brings Trevor to say good-bye to Jake because Opal and Krystal offered to take care of him so that Jake and Amanda could spend some time alone. Jake hugs Trevor and tells him to have fun and then Amanda tells him she is going to drop off Trevor with Opal and then come by to pick him up later. Jake tells Amanda a that sounds great and gives her a quick kiss and leaves then Amanda checks the calendar on her cell phone and sees that it is the perfect time to conceive and tells Trevor he will soon have a brother or sister with which to play.

(Krystal’s) Cara wonders how Krystal can make such perfectly golden French fries and Tad tells Cara that he thinks that she has too much time on her hands since she put the spice rack at home in alphabetical order. Tad tells Cara that he got her a job at the free clinic and she can start tomorrow and Cara tells Tad that he is the words greatest hubby. Cara gets a phone call and leaves to take it while Opal who has watched the exchange between Cara and Tad smiles and Tad who tells her not to get any ideas. Jake tells Cara that Mackenzie the young leukemia patient as asking to see her before she goes into isolation for her bone marrow transplant. Jake tells Cara that he told Mackenzie that she didn’t work at the hospital but Cara insists on seeing the little girl and tells Jake she will be right over even though he tells her not to go. Cara comes back to the table and tells Tad she is going to the hospital to see the little girl and he also tells her that it is a bad idea but Cara heads to the hospital anyway.

(Hospital) Tad tells Jack that he shouldn’t have encouraged Cara to come see Mackenzie because she needs to cut ties with the hospital. Jake wonders if Tad means that Cara needs to cut ties with the hospital or with him and Tad tells him that in order to make his marriage look legitimate Cara doesn’t need to be working so closely with her ex husband. Tad tells Jake he has gotten Cara a job at the free clinic and Jake thinks that is a great idea. Jake wonders why Tad cares if he still has feelings for Cara and tad responds because she is my wife and Jake adds your fake wife. Tad tells Jake he should concentrate on Amanda because Amanda is getting tired of telling herself that he doesn’t have feelings for Cara. Jake assures Tad that he and Amanda are fine and Tad tells his brother that he loves him very much but he can’t have things both ways because sooner or later something has got to give.

(Yacht) Jake looks at a picture of him with Erica and remembers that it was taken after Erica returned from her ordeal on the mountain. Jack also remembers Erica telling him that she may have spent all that time with Caleb, but the only thing she could think about was coming home to be with him. Jack then gets so frustrated that he throws the picture he is holding against the wall, breaking the picture frame.

(Yacht Club) Ricky tells Kendall that he loves her very much and he has waited a long time to be able to show her how much he loves her. Ricky continues kissing Kendall and she tells him that she can’t do this because he is a minister and she is worried about him doing something that goes against his faith. Griffin who is wearing a black hoodie tries to contact Kendall by using the microphone and earpiece, which is attached to Kendall’s wire, but since Kendall took off the wire she can’t hear him. Griffin gets desperate and throws some glass against the door the noise scares Kendall and she asks Ricky to go and check it out. Ricky opens the door and asks the janitor what happened and he says some kids were playing and they broke something but he will have the mess cleaned up soon. Griffin tells the janitor he did very well and pays him for his help. Ricky tells Kendall that he doesn’t think God would be angry with him because he wanted to show her how much he loved her but Kendall tells Ricky that she needs more time and assures him she wants to be with him and Ricky tells Kendall that he will wait for her because he knows that when she is ready it will be special. Kendall sees Griffin in the hallway he asks if she is okay she nods her head yes and they both head to the safe house.

(Chandler Mansion) Bianca helps Marissa move back into the house although she isn’t too happy about it because she thinks Marissa and JR will get back together. Marissa assures Bianca that isn’t the case and that this is just a temporary arrangement while she looks for her own place. Bianca tells Marissa that it appears that Erica returned home picked up her clothes and left again without contacting her, Kendall or Jack. The babysitter arrives with AJ and Miranda and tells Bianca and Marissa that AJ pushed a little boy and they called her to come pick him up and Miranda didn’t want to stay at the party either so she came home as well. AJ tells Marissa that he knows what he did was wrong but the boy deserved it and Marissa thinks its because AJ is still upset because she and JR are divorced but Miranda tells Marissa and Bianca that everything was her fault and AJ didn’t do anything wrong. It takes a few minutes for Miranda to tell Bianca that her friends were teasing her because of her family and they said Bianca was a lesbian. AJ explains that one of the boys at the party wouldn’t stop teasing Miranda so he pushed him but he didn’t hurt him. Bianca tells Miranda that they will talk about this at home but she cries a little and asks Bianca not to make her talk about it anymore. Marisa tells AJ that she is proud of him for helping Miranda and then AJ and Miranda go upstairs to play. Bianca is upset that her friends teased Miranda because she (Bianca) is gay. Marissa tells Bianca that she is a wonderful mother and Miranda and Gabby are lucky to have her and that she is a very strong woman and she shouldn’t let this upset her. Marissa is sure that Bianca will find the best way to hand le the situation. Bianca doesn’t feel so confident and wishes that she felt as confident in herself as Marissa.

(Hospital) Jake tries once more to persuade Cara not to risk being seen in the hospital because it could harm things with immigration as well as the hospital board in case they decide to reinstate her after everything gets cleared up with Griffin. Cara refuses to listen and pleads with Jake to help her sneak into Mackenzie’s room to see her. Jake sneaks Cara into the room where she tells Mackenzie the transplant will make her better and not to be scared of isolation just think of it as alone time where she can read, play videogames, watch TV or do whatever she wants because after he transplant there will be so many people fussing over her that she will be wishing for alone time. Mackenzie smiles at Cara and Cara is happy that she could help the little girl improve her mood. Mackenzie’s father walks in the room and isn’t happy to see Cara talking to his daughter. Mr. Winslow goes out into the hallway to talk to Jake and tells him he is going to speak to the board and about him letting unauthorized people into his daughter’s room. Jake explains that Mackenzie was scared about her transplant and asked to see Cara. Cara tells Mr. Winslow that Jake had nothing to do with this and she went into the room without his knowledge. Jake tells Mr. Winslow that he helped Cara go into the room because helping his patients is what is most important to him. Mr. Winslow punches Jake and knocks him out cold and Jake blacks out briefly. Cara rushes to help Jake and Frankie helps Cara get Jake into a bed inside an exam room. Frankie tells Cara to leave or they will both be in trouble.

(Krystal’s) Amanda arrives and thanks Opal for taking care of Trevor so she and Jake can spend some time alone. Opal offers Amanda and alcoholic drink and she tells Opal that she isn’t drinking right now because she and Jake are trying to have another child. Opal is thrilled and offers Amanda some herbal tea and tells her that she has seen sparks fly between Tad and Cara and she thinks that should make Amanda very happy. Tad arrives beaming about how Cara helped Mackenzie who had leukemia and Amanda tells Tad that she is very happy that he and Cara are getting closer. Tad tells Opal that he wishes she would keep her opinions to herself. Tad gets a call from Cara who tells him what happened to Jake and asks him to get in touch with Amanda.

(Hospital) Cara is sitting with Jake in the exam room and looking at him because he hasn’t awakened yet and she softly says his name as if to ask him to wake up but she doesn’t say it. Tad and Amanda walk in and Amanda finally breaks the silence by thanking Cara for taking care of Jake. Cara turns and tells Amanda that Frankie was the one who took care of Jake. Tad and Cara walk out of the room into the hallway leaving Amanda at Jake’s side. Tad wonders if Jake is okay and Cara assures him it was only a slight concussion and Jake will be fine.

(Safehouse) Kendall is shaking when she arrives and Griffin tells her to sit down and calm down Kendall tells Griffin he was right she is in over her head and she never should have gone to his room alone. Kendall tells Griffin that she felt sick when Ricky was touching her and all she wanted to do was punch him but she couldn’t she should have known better because of Erica and Bianca’s rapes and all she feels now is stupid. Kendall starts to cry and Griffin holds her and assures her she is safe.

(Yacht) Ricky asks Jack if he can borrow the yacht because he thinks Kendall needs time to heal and it will help her if she goes away on the yacht with him. Jack tells Ricky that is fine since it doesn’t look like he and Erica will be using the yacht anytime soon Ricky looks at the engagement ring and tells himself that he and Kendall will be very happy together.

(Safehouse) Kendall calms down and tells Griffin that she discovered the password to Ricky’s computer but she couldn’t look at it because Ricky came back into the room. Griffin tells Kendall that she just had a minor set back and they will regroup and find a way to put Ricky behind bars. Griffin tells Kendall that he will return with her to Ricky’s room and they will create a distraction and one of them will search Ricky’s computer. Kendall wonders how Zach would feel about what she did tonight. Griffin tells her that he thinks Zach would be proud because nobody has ever risked so much to honor her husband’s memory. Griffin persuades Kendall to take a nap and he watches her sleep he puts the covers up around her shoulders and she snuggles under them.

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