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All My Children Update Friday 5/6/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee has a flashback to her argument with Ryan and having to admit to her lies. She comes out the elevator to the Fusion office. Greenlee asks Randi where Madison is.

Ryan asks Madison how well she knows Scott and if she honestly feels like she can trust him.

Kendall arrives to the house where Griffin is. Griffin complains about the reception in the wire. Kendall thinks he's upset with her. Kendall tells him about rescheduling her date with Ricky. Griffin tells her that the wire was fine but she's really here because he's not letting her leave until she swears to not go back to Ricky's room alone.

Ricky sits in his room looking at a picture of Zach on the computer. He states that Zach had his shot and blew it so now it's his turn.

Erica thinks to herself in her capture room about how she just wants her cell phone. She recalls that she should've been more appreciative when Jack gave it to her. Erica has another flashback to Jack giving her the 1-800-Danger book with the phone inside. Erica decides that will save her.

The person holding Erica captive with red painted fingernails can be seen wearing heels, takes the suitcase of clothes and books from Erica's room. The person hears Jack and Bianca coming and runs into the closet. Jack and Bianca enter and Jack looks around with a confused look on his face.

Randi tells Greenlee that she didn't think she'd be here since she was renewing vows. Randi tells Greenlee that she thinks Madison is with Scott. Randi compliments Greenlee on their new line and say that she and Madison make a great team. Greenlee orders Randi to go home and she exits. Greenlee looks at their mother/baby products, and she throws a bottle across the room.

Madison tells Ryan that she trusts Scott more than anyone as he had nothing to do with what happened. Ryan asks Scott if he'd like to add anything to that. Madison insists that he doesn't and that Ryan needs to get past this. Madison thinks everything ended up as it should since Ryan knows he's the father and will be in the baby's life. Madison begs Ryan to make it work for the baby. Ryan tells her he wouldn't hurt his child. Madison reminds Ryan that he loves Greenlee and she wants him to be as happy as she is. Ryan asks if this is really working for her. Madison tells him that Scott has seen her through a lot so she owes him so much. Ryan tells Scott to not even think about hurting her and exits their room. Madison hugs Scott and wants to go back to bed. Scott loves the idea but says he has to go to the hospital to tie up some loose ends. Scott says he'll be back quickly. They kiss and Scott leaves. Madison talks to her baby, saying that Scott is incredible. Madison says that she thinks she's falling in love. Madison's phone rings, she answers and Greenlee tells her to get to the office now.

Kendall tells Griffin that she's doing this for her boys. Griffin wants her to find another way. Kendall knows something is in Ricky's room that she needs to find. Griffin shouts that no one can help her if she's alone in Ricky's room. Kendall's phone rings and it's Ricky. Kendall wants to reschedule their date and Ricky suggests now. Ricky says he's cleaned up his place so it's presentable. Kendall tells him he will be there soon and hangs up. Griffin refuses to give Kendall the wire so she says she'll be fine without it. Griffin grabs her and tells her that she's staying with him but she knees him in the stomach.

Erica thinks to herself that she can't give any reason to suspect anything so she'll act casual. Erica puts some perfume on.

Jack asks Bianca if she smells Erica's perfume in the room as if she's here. Bianca wants to make it easier for him. Bianca tells Jack he can go and she'll get his things. Jack assures that he can do this. Bianca goes to check the closet, where the person is hiding and they pull out a gun before Bianca opens it. Jack stops Bianca, telling her not to bother cause none of his clothes are in there, just Erica's so the person inside puts the gun away. Jack sits down and tells Bianca that he thought they overcame all their issues and understood each other. He thought they would make it this time but must have been blind. Bianca comforts him as he sits on the bed looking at Erica's scarf and says they'll get the rest of his things and get out. Bianca and Jack exit the room. The person comes out from the closet and sets the bag on the bed. The person looks at the newspaper with the "Where is Erica Kane?" headline and walk on.

Kendall apologizes for kneeing Griffin and asks if he's okay. Griffin comments her on a nice move. Kendall didn't mean to hurt his wound. Kendall asks if she should call Cara or if he needs stitches. Kendall says she didn't mean to hurt him, she just wanted him out of her way. Kendall insists that she can control Ricky. Griffin says he or Ryan won't have access to her in Ricky's room. Kendall agrees to bring somebody. Griffin smiles and says Kendall's finally giving in. He asks who she's going to take with her. Kendall tells him that she'll take Jack. Griffin doesn't think Ricky will be pleased. Kendall suggests that she'll have Ricky help counsel Jack through his problems with Erica. Kendall calls Jack and gets his voicemail, she leaves a message asking him to meet her at Krystal's in 5 minutes. Griffin gives her back the wire.

Greenlee's phone rings at Fusion and it's Scott. She ignores the call as Madison arrives. Greenlee congratulates her on the mother and baby line since the numbers are through the roof. Madison credits her but Greenlee tells her to stop. Greenlee says that Madison completely sold her out. Madison tells her that it was the doctor that told Ryan not her. Madison can't believe Greenlee is making it her fault. Greenlee blames Madison for not telling him about the baby in the first place. Madison says she was scared and didn't know what to do and she probably doesn't know the half of it.

Scott comes to Ryan's. Ryan tells him Greenlee isn't here but Scott came to see him. Scott realizes that Ryan knows he was working with Greenlee. Ryan thinks Madison deserved the truth. Scott notes that he couldn't do it. Ryan says he's not a cruel man. Scott says he isn't either. Ryan accuses Scott of using and manipulating her. Scott tells him that things are different now cause he cares about her a lot and doesn't want her hurt. Ryan thinks he's setting her up to be hurt. Scott tells Ryan that he knocked her up and ran back to his ex. Scott doesn't want to fight, he just wants Madison to be happy. Scott tells Ryan to stop judging and work with him.

Greenlee accuses Madison of looking for another angle to get Ryan back. Greenlee tells her they are going through this so she should stick with Scott. Madison tells Greenlee that she used to play games and she did worse. Madison tells her to stop operating that way because she stopped and is happy. Madison says she's staying with Scott and wishes her luck. Greenlee says she doesn't need luck or her.

Scott tries to convince Ryan not to tell Madison. Scott says that he's changed but Ryan doesn't think so. Scott tells Ryan that he wasn't there for Madison when she found out she was pregnant. Scott explains how Madison has toughed things out and got excited for the baby. Scott tells him that he wants to be there for her and the baby. Ryan tells him that she won't hear anything from him. Scott thanks him but Ryan says he's not doing it for him. Ryan figures the new thing must be relationships built on lies. Ryan tells him they are done and opens the door so Scott exits.

Erica lays in bed thinking to herself that she needs a plan. She wonders how she will charge the cell phone or make any calls since she is always watched. Erica decides she needs to find somewhere private. Erica gets up and looks at the camera.

Jack and Bianca return to Krystal's. Krystal comes up and notes that was fast. Jack brings up the scarf that was on the floor in Erica's bedroom. Jack remembers it not being there the last time he was there. Jack thinks that someone has been in that bedroom.

Kendall arrives outside of Ricky's room. Griffin asks if Jack is with her and she says yes. Griffin tells her to prove it and quickly realizes she's lying. Ricky opens the door and startles her, causing her to lose the wire's placement. Kendall says he surprised her because she hadn't knocked yet. Ricky admitted to looking out the window when her car pulled up. Griffin tries to talk to her but she's no longer connected as she walks into the room and Ricky shuts the door. Griffin continues trying to talk to Kendall. Ricky offers Kendall a glass of wine. Kendall tells him that she forgot some champagne at her house. Ricky wants to order some in. Kendall tells him that she's weirdly particular about it. Ricky offers to go to the liquor store for her and get it. Ricky tells her he knows what kind she likes from her fridge. Ricky exits. Kendall starts to look through his drawers. Griffin decides to exit from his house since he can't contact Kendall. Kendall opens up Ricky's laptop and sees a picture of her as his desktop background.

Jack gets off the phone with Erica's housekeeper and says that the housekeeper made sure nothing was out in the open. Jack brings up the perfume smell and believes that Erica had been back. Jack states that if she is back, he wants to see her. Jack exits Krystal's and Bianca rushes after him.

Erica gets her clothes and books. She asks the voice how her place was. The person says it was quiet until Bianca and Jack showed up. The person sends in the newspaper with her on the cover which upsets Erica.

Ryan sits at home as Greenlee comes in. She asks if Emma is home but Ryan says that she's at a sleepover. Greenlee sits down and tells Ryan she messed up huge which is all her fault and she's sorry. Greenlee knows saying sorry won't make a difference. Greenlee says she's done apologizing and will now fight for them.

Scott returns home and Madison asks how work was. Scott says it was fine and asks about her. Madison tells him that Greenlee called her to Fusion and they argued. Madison brings up dinner. Scott tells her that they need to talk about Ryan, the baby, Greenlee, all of it. Madison begs him to not talk about Ryan or Greenlee anymore. Madison wants to forget the drama and everything but them. Madison says she hasn't felt so relaxed in a really long time. Madison tells him they were having so much fun before Ryan came so she wants to go back to that. Madison feels the baby kick and Scott feels as well. Madison says that's the baby agreeing with her. Scott smiles and says he's in as they kiss.

Greenlee tells Ryan that it's all her fault that things are bad but she refuses to give up on them. She thinks Ryan wants her to leave but she's not leaving. Greenlee tells him that he, Spike, and Emma are everything to her and Emma needs them to be strong. Greenlee insists they will get past this. Greenlee sits next to Ryan and tells him that she loves him and she knows he does too.

Jack and Bianca return to Erica's room and Jack notices the scarf that he left on the bed is now gone. Jack thinks this means Erica is back and she took it.

Erica can't believe the newspaper is spreading lies about her, her daughters, and Griffin. The voice tells her to relax. Erica tells it that people need her but the person says they can't have her.

Kendall tries to log on to Ricky's computer but it's password protected. She tries his birthday and his initials but that doesn't work. Kendall tries her name and that is Ricky's password. As she logs on, Ricky returns so she puts the laptop down. Ricky asks what she was doing and she says she was just waiting for him. Ricky puts the champagne down and kisses her.

Bianca thinks there must be another explanation for the scarf. Jack opens the closet and notices that clothes are missing. Jack thinks Erica came back, got what she needed and left again without bothering to tell him.

Erica thinks to herself what it means that they can't have her. Erica puts her clothes in the closet and thanks the person for bringing them to her. She takes the books and states they will be a big help. She looks inside 1-800-Danger and is happy to see the cell phone is inside.

Madison asks Scott if he's okay. He assures that he is. Madison again states she wants him in the delivery room. Scott tells her that's why he will be there. Madison thanks him but Scott says not to thank him as he only wants things to work out for them. Scott hugs her and tells her to remember that.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he still loves her but what she did makes him not know how to move on. Ryan says it's not impossible but to forgive and forget is not where he's at yet. Greenlee accepts that and says she will keep fighting until he is. Ryan decides to go check in with Griffin and Kendall, gets up and takes his phone to the other room.

Griffin arrives outside of Ricky's room and tries again to talk to Kendall through the wire to no response.

Kendall stops Ricky from kissing her and asks what happened to taking it slow. Ricky tells her that they have waited long enough and kisses her onto the bed.

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