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Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Scott and Madison continue kissing on the bed at home. Scott asks if she's sure and she says she is sure about him and them, then they continue kissing.

Greenlee wants Ryan to tell her they can get past this and go back to the way things used to be. Ryan pulls away from her and tells her that they can't. Ryan brings up that she knew Madison was pregnant with his child for months. Greenlee apologizes again. Ryan knows they've hurt each other in the past but he trusted her and now he thinks maybe he shouldn't have. Ryan tells her that if there's anything else, she needs to tell him now.

Jesse sits on the bench at the park and has a flashback to talking to Ellie's grave. Liza comes around the corner and stops when she sees Jesse. Liza greets him and Jesse asks if she's following him. Liza admits that she did because she wanted to apologize for her behavior at Krystal's. Jesse tells her that he needs to get back to his personal life. Liza stops him and brings up that he seemed distraught earlier. She asks if everything is alright.

Bianca joins Jack at Krystal's. Jack tells her that he received a response from Erica but he hasn't opened yet because he has a feeling he isn't going to like it.

The person keeping Erica squats down next to Erica on the floor. They reach over but Erica grabs their hand.

Bianca encourages Jack to open the e-mail because she thinks it'll be good news. Jack agrees to open it and reads it saying thanks for the video and that he's such a handsome man. He continues that Erica says she's no closer to coming home than when she left because she has more figuring out who she wants to be.

Erica removes the hood revealing a man that was sent in as a guard. Erica wonders why this is being done to her. The voice comes back on and Erica is surprised that the person in the room is not the voice. Erica threatens to not let the man leave but he grabs her and injects her with a needle.

Jesse doesn't want to talk to Liza and thinks she just makes bad choices like hanging out with David. Liza brings up Jesse's past with his children. Jesse tells Liza that she's not one to talk about parenting. Liza tells him not to mess up his second chance with their new baby then walks away. Liza walks on as David walks up to her. Liza's surprised to see him and asks what he's doing there. David walks up to her and kisses her.

Scott and Madison continue kissing in bed.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she wanted to tell him but Madison wanted it this way. Ryan says this isn't about Madison. Ryan believes that Madison didn't want to tell him but this isn't why Greenlee did all this. Ryan brings up knowing that she offered Madison the job in New York. Ryan says that he just wants Greenlee to tell him what she did. Greenlee admits to pulling strings to get Madison a job in New York because they both thought it'd be better for her to have a fresh start. Ryan wants to figure this out, bringing up that Greenlee had been kept from her father so he can't believe that she tried to do that to him. Greenlee mentions that Madison kept saying she didn't want Ryan involved. Ryan brings up Scott being there and Greenlee looks down. Ryan realizes Scott and Madison being together was all Greenlee's idea too, since she helped Scott get out of prison just to keep Madison away from him.

David finishes kissing Liza and she asks what that was for. David tells her that she gave the impression that she wasn't sure if she wanted to continue their relationship so he wanted to remind her what she'd be giving up. David jokes with her and asks what's going on. Liza tells him about running into Jesse here and that he seemed guilty.

Jesse returns home as Angie is asleep on the couch. Jesse checks on Lucy. Jesse says to Lucy that it's so hard sometimes. Angie wakes up and asks him what's so hard.

Ryan asks Greenlee if she pushed Scott and Madison together. Greenlee doesn't want to do this since the day was supposed to be happy. Ryan asks Greenlee about her vows and brings up that she said she had nothing to be afraid of anymore. Greenlee says that Ryan said he knew it wouldn't be easy. Ryan didn't realize they'd be making it so hard. Greenlee brings up that she and Scott go back to college and he's a friend. Ryan says they hadn't talked in months and then she helped him. Ryan asks her if she made a deal with Scott and she admits that she did.

Scott and Madison lay in bed and both say wow. Scott tells her she's so beautiful. Madison wonders how this happened since she was alone, pregnant, and a mess until he came into her life.

Bianca tells Jack not to give up on Erica. Jack can't believe he only got a few sentences from her after his video.

Erica awakes in the bed. The voice talks about not wanting it to come to this. Erica says that he drugged her and broke her sobriety without her consent. The voice apologizes and didn't think that would count. Erica says that she will one day find her way out and when she does, she'll make them pay for all of this. A hand is shown with red painted fingernails typing into a keyboard, the words that Erica was saying.

Bianca and Jack look at a newspaper with stories about Erica. Bianca sees columns about her divorce as well as Kendall.

The voice continues to apologize to Erica. Erica lays in the bed and ignores it. The voice wants to make it up to her. The voice offers to bring her whatever she wants. The voice says they want to take care of Erica because it owes her.

Angie tells Jesse that she's here to listen because she knows he's down, and tossing and turning at night. Jesse says people are up in his business like Iris and Liza. Angie thinks they are just insecure. Angie reminds Jesse he has integrity as he always does the right thing. Angie tells him that whoever comes at him will have to come through her and the rest of their family.

Liza wonders if David has any dirt on Jesse. David doesn't but Liza thinks there's something on Jesse's mind and keeping him up at night. David goes over what Liza saw earlier. Liza wonders if Jesse's taking bribes. David suggests he could have been meeting someone. Liza thinks it's something that is putting him in a really bad mood. David says it almost seems like Liza cares about Jesse. Liza doesn't like being in the position but the mayor told her to get rid of Jesse or she'd get rid of her. David wonders if this is more about Jesse or Colby. Liza wishes Colby wasn't ashamed of her. David tells her that it's her obligation if Jesse is dirty. David asks why she's so concerned about ruining Jesse's life. David reminds her that Jesse always throws stones at her, so she has the right to do the same.

Madison lays with Scott and tells him how she thought she'd be alone for awhile after Ryan. They kiss and Madison wants to stay there forever. Scott brings up how he's rebuilding his father's house. Scott promises to be by Madison's side for the delivery. They kiss again and Scott thinks they should celebrate by camping out in bed and ordering Chinese. Scott says they'll go back to reality. Madison worries about going to Fusion after Ryan confronts Greenlee. Scott calls Madison his woman and kisses her. Madison brings up being unable to believe Greenlee going behind Ryan's back and how people in love shouldn't lie.

Ryan tells Greenlee that she's lied to him every minute they were together. Greenlee claims that Madison needed someone so she gave her Scott. Ryan asks if Greenlee had Scott claim to be the father at first too. Greenlee assures that was all Scott. Ryan remembers that Greenlee was there and never said anything. Ryan wonders if it was something he did that made it hard for her to tell him the truth. Greenlee takes all the blame and begs him to let them move on and start over like they promised. Ryan brings up his vows but says he doesn't want any more promises until they sort through all the ones they have already broken. Ryan exits as Greenlee starts to cry.

Scott and Madison get dressed. Madison apologizes for bringing up Greenlee like a buzzkill. Scott considers himself lucky to be out of prison and with her. Madison says she's made big mistakes as well. Scott tells her that he wants to do right by her. Madison wants to put any mistakes behind them and have a clean slate. Scott agrees and kisses her until there's a knock on the door. Madison thinks it's the Chinese food but it's Ryan.

David arrives at Fusion and is surprised to see Greenlee drinking hard liquor. Greenlee tells him to leave. David asks if she sent Ryan away too since he almost clipped him in his car. David tells her that he just wants her to be happy and never wants to see her hurting. David thinks it should be obvious that Ryan will never love her for who she is. David wonders what she did to Ryan to make him leave.

Krystal brings Bianca and Jack drinks as Bianca continues to read the newspaper columns about Kendall. Bianca stops when she sees a picture of Reese and noticed she changed her hair. Bianca remarks that the column has some homophobic comments about their divorce. Krystal tells her no one reads that as Jack tries to keep her calm. Bianca wants to e-mail it to Erica and thinks she'll come rushing back to Pine Valley for people slandering her family.

Erica wonders why the voice owes her and if they have met. The voice says specifics don't matter but they are grateful to her. The voice asks Erica what she wants. Erica brings up that they went through all the trouble to recreate her bedroom but fell short on her wardrobe. Erica wants her own clothes from her own closet and her books. Erica thinks that would go a long way and making her feel at home so the voice tells her it will be done.

Jesse and Angie look at Lucy and Jesse suggests they try something new. Jesse brings a book for Angie to read to Lucy. Angie is surprised that he had a baby book in brail.

Liza arrives at the police station and wants to talk to Brot about Jesse. Liza asks if he's noticed something going on with him. Brot says Jesse's the chief and hurries off for role call. Liza wonders what Jesse is hiding.

David continues asking Greenlee what happened. David tells her that Ryan will always find something wrong while he would always love her. David thinks Ryan is making her miserable. Greenlee shouts at him to leave her alone.

Ryan comes into Scott and Madison's and asks to talk to Madison in private. Madison tells him that Scott knows all about his talk with Greenlee so anything he has to say, he can say in front of Scott.

Erica knocks on the mirror to no answer. She hopes the voice keeps their promise of bringing her clothes and books. Erica has a flashback to Jack giving her a book titled 1-800-Danger with a cell phone inside. Erica hopes the person will bring that book.

The person who's hands were shown typing Erica's words enters Erica's bedroom and looks around at the various books including 1-800-Danger.

Angie reads the book to Lucy as Jesse falls asleep.

Liza returns to the park and meets with David. Liza tells him about talking to Brot and that he acted just like Jesse. David thinks she'll bust Jesse. Liza thinks there's a spark in David's eye due to Greenlee. David tells her she's unhappy with Ryan.

Greenlee remains at Fusion looking down at their wedding vows. She decides to blow out the candles.

Madison tells Ryan about wanting Scott in the delivery room since he's really stood by her. Ryan asks if she's sure about that.

Jack tells Bianca ad Krystal goodbye and says he's going to the penthouse to pick up some clothes since it doesn't feel like home without Erica. Bianca decides to go with him and Krystal says to call if he needs anything.

The person fills a bag with clothes and books including 1-800-Danger. The person stops and uses the hand sanitizer.

Erica thinks to herself that the person is taking so long and wants them to come back so she can call the police as the screen behind the mirror shows clips of Erica talking at a media event.

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