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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/4/11


Written by Joseph
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Erica continues to look through her photo album. The voice says there's an e-mail from Jack with a video message. Erica wants to see it but the voice wants her to eat. Erica promises to eat if she sees Jack. The video from Jack plays on the screen where he tells her that he loves her and her disappearance is killing him. He's trying to be patient and understanding but he has limits. He wants to marry Erica and have a future with her, but he won't put his life on hold forever. Erica shouts that he can't give up on her.

Angie and Jesse return home with Lucy. Angie still can't believe she almost fel. Jesse assures her they are fine and he'll always be there. Angie thinks Jesse had been keeping his distance from Lucy or avoiding her. Angie fears that Jesse blames Lucy for her being blind.

Liza and David sit at Krystal's. Liza understands why David wants to keep them secret but thinks that he acts like she's the last person he would want to be seen with. David brings up Liza sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend. Liza says that at least she never faked her own death. David says they may as well be meant for each other.

Scott comes to Fusion and finds Greenlee. Scott tells her that he was supposed to meet Madison there. Greenlee tells Scott that she and Ryan are renewing their vows now. She asks Scott to please keep Madison away. Scott insists that Madison is not the enemy. Greenlee tells Scott that she's going to tell Ryan the truth that she knew about the baby.

Madison asks Ryan why it matters who knew what when. Ryan says that Madison keeping it from him was one thing but Greenlee was in on it. Madison says it wasn't like that. Ryan needs to be able to trust her. Ryan wants her to tell him if Greenlee didn't know so that there will be no more lies.

Erica tells the voice that they have to tell Jack the truth. The voice believes Jack will wait because nobody gives up on Erica. Erica asks if this is about jealousy. Erica begins to think it's Brooke. Erica brings up Brooke always being jealous of her and wanting her men. She then decides that Brooke is too boring to come up with something this elaborate or crazy. Erica then wonders if it's Annie. Erica asks if Annie escaped and wants something from Ryan. Erica decides this isn't Annie's style as she would just stab her again. The voice tells Erica that it's not Annie, Brooke, or Krystal but an original. The voice will reveal themselves when they are ready. Erica wants to know now so that she doesn't lose Jack.

Krystal arrives to Jack's and gives him a folder of papers. She asks about Erica. Jack says there hasn't been word but goes to check his laptop just in case. While he's in the back, there's a knock on the door. Krystal answers to see Opal. Opal says this is wrong and asks Krystal what she thinks she's doing.

Greenlee thinks Scott's afraid he'll lose Madison if she tells the truth. Scott says it's not about him, but Madison as she doesn't need to take another hit. Scott wants to make sure Madison stays in a good place. Scott states that what they have is real. Greenlee insists that she needs to do this since she looks like a hypocrite while Ryan teaches Emma to be truthful. Greenlee thinks they can get through this since they've been through a lot together and she walks away from Scott.

Madison tells Ryan that she was the one who didn't want him to know or anyone to know. Ryan asks if Madison's job offer in New York was all Greenlee too. Madison says she didn't go and none of this matters. Ryan just wants the truth. Ryan apologizes and says he should be asking Greenlee not adding stress to her. Ryan exits the room at the hospital.

Greenlee lights candles at Fusion and waits for Ryan.

Jesse tells Angie that he'd never blame Lucy for his blindness. Angie tells him that she hasn't imagined what she's felt. Angie wants him to talk to her, she can feel the distance between Jesse and Lucy. Jesse claims he's just been distracted and assures her that there's nothing more important to him than them. Jesse says he'll do whatever he has to, to keep her happy and safe. Jesse kisses her until there's a knock on the door. Jesse answers it to see Jake and Amanda. They greet Jesse and Angie. Jesse goes to take Lucy for her nap but Amanda offers to take her instead, so she does. Angie thinks Jake and Amanda have baby fever. Jake states they won't be having a baby anytime soon with so much happening at the hospital, Cara and Griffin. Jake gets a call from the hospital and steps outside to take it.

Cara and Tad sit outside at the park watching Jenny and Kathy play. Tad assures Cara that Griffin will be able to take care of himself. Cara wants to continue doing what they can to clear his name. Cara calls Griffin fearless but is worried about this time. Cara joins Kathy and Jenny to play. Tad's phone rings and it's Jake. Jake tells Tad that Mackenzie Winslow is back in the hospital and that's the girl that had leukemia, who's parents argued with Cara. Jake tells Tad that Mackenzie only wants to see Cara. Tad wonders what to do since Cara go to the hospital. Tad tells Jake to take care of things at the hospital and he'll deal with Cara. Tad hangs up and Cara tells him like hell he will.

David asks about the Liza he always knew. Liza says this isn't the life she imagined. Liza talks about wanting a life and kids when she was Colby's age but now she has a career and her daughter hates her. Liza says her love never lasted because it was never real so now she wonders if it will ever show up. David calls Liza a closet romantic. Liza states that she's never seen anyone as in love as he was with Greenlee and thinks he still is. David says he and Greenlee are so alike. David tells her that nobody can ever live up to someone like Ryan's standards.

Greenlee waits at Fusion as Ryan arrives, looking upset. Greenlee runs up and hugs him.

Cara can't believe Tad and Jake were going to keep this from her. Tad says they were trying to protect her but Cara hates that. Cara decides she's going to see the girl because it's important to her. Tad tries to talk her out of it but Cara is determined. Cara says he can't stop her, he doesn't want to try. She kisses him and exits.

Krystal tells Opal that she's here because she works for Jack. Opal wants her to stay away from Jack because Erica has a lock on his heart. Krystal insists they are just friends. Opal thinks Jack doesn't need Krystal around. Opal says she likes Krystal but that she needs to find a man that's available since Jack isn't. Krystal tells her that she's not like that and just sees Jack as someone that's been blindsided again by Erica. Krystal just wants Jack to be happy and if that leads him away from Erica, she's all for it. Jack comes back and tells them that Erica got the video but didn't respond.

Erica complains about the room being so hot. The voice reminds her that she promised to eat. Erica wants to respond to Jack but is stuck in the room. Erica doesn't want to eat anymore. She starts acting weak and then faints.

Scott arrives at the hospital and comes to Madison's room. Scott asks if Ryan came. Madison tells him that Ryan found out about Greenlee's lies. Scott calls it bad timing and tells Madison that they were renewing their vows today. Scott asks how Ryan took it and Madison says it was the worst. Madison brings up how Ryan is all about honesty. Scott asks what it means for Madison if Ryan and Greenlee have problems. The nurse comes back in and Scott decides he needs to leave but Madison wants him to say.

Greenlee tells Ryan how she wanted everything to be perfect. Ryan brings up Christmas Eve and that Greenlee knew Madison was pregnant and didn't tell him.

Jesse leaves home as Angie and Amanda sit together. Angie calls Lucy a miracle baby and thinks she'll bring more love to their family. Amanda says her and Jake can't wait to bring another baby and it could be any day now. Angie mentions that Jake stated earlier that he does not want another baby right now.

Cara arrives at the hospital dressed as a nurse. Jake stops her and asks what she's doing here.

The voice tries to talk to Erica but there's no answer. Erica lays on the floor and pretends to be unconscious.

The nurse finishes Madison's checkup. Madison asks if Scott could be in the delivery room when she has the baby with her and Ryan. The nurse agrees and exits. Scott is surprised and asks where that came from. Madison talks about Scott being so great and it would mean a lot to her if he was there. Scott asks if she's sure. Madison brings up that Scott makes her laugh and keeps her from freaking out. Madison says Ryan will be there for the baby but Scott will be there for her.

Ryan asks Greenlee if she would have gone along with Madison's lie forever. Greenlee swears she was going to tell him today. Ryan doesn't believe her because she's been lying to him for months. Ryan thinks Greenlee's trying to cover for being caught. Greenlee hopes he understands it was for Madison. Ryan thinks she had all her own reasons and that she owes it to him to tell him everything.

The voice turns the lights out from behind the mirror window while Erica lies on the floor.

David and Liza toast to getting what they want. Jesse comes into Krystal's. Liza asks if there is word on Griffin or Cara. Jesse tells her to let him do his job. Liza gets up and says she can't do her job if he lets the criminals escape. Liza brings up Jesse being distracted. Jesse tells Liza that she doesn't understand because she doesn't have a life and he exits.

Amanda tells Angie that she thinks Jake might not be ready but he wants a baby. Amanda thinks all of Jake's doubts will go away when she gets pregnant. Angie is surprised that Amanda is trying even though Jake made it clear that he doesn't want a baby.

Cara tells Jake that she overheard he and Tad's conversation. She asks why Mackenzie is back. Jake says she's looking for a donor. Cara realizes she's out of remission and wants to see her.

Scott and Madison return home. Madison hopes that she didn't overstep by asking Scott to be at the delivery. Scott's flattered that she asked and says there's no place he'd rather be. Madison brings up that he asked her before about Ryan and Greenlee's problems affecting her. Madison tells Scott that she wouldn't want another chance with Ryan because she wants Scott.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she had reasons to not telling him which made sense at the time since they had already been through so much with David and losing Zach and then they were finally together after that. Greenlee just wanted their perfect wedding and then she'll tell her. Ryan brings up that they had their wedding and she didn't tell him. Ryan recalls Greenlee pretending to be surprised when he first found out. Greenlee admits it was just easier to tell herself it didn't matter. Ryan wonders if she was thinking that he would leave her for Madison and can't believe she had that little faith in him.

Erica remains on the floor as the person finally enters the room wearing a dark hood over their head.

Krystal comes up to Jack at Krystal's and asks if there's any news. Jack says no and he has to believe something else is going on with Erica.

Jake reminds Cara that she's banned from the hospital and immigration is after her. Cara begs him to let her see Mackenzie. Jake says if he can get her in with zero risk, he will. Cara thanks him and hugs him. Jake wants to get her out before she's noticed. They rush off as Tad comes around the corner behind them.

Angie tells Amanda that trying to have a baby when Jake's not ready might not turn out good. Angie tells her that secrets are poison to a marriage.

Jesse walks through the park and comes to where their baby Eleanor is buried. Jesse talks to Elle about how he, Angie, and Lucy are doing good like a regular family but he misses her every day. Jesse puts a flower on the grave and says he loves her so much. Jesse says he'll never forget her. Jesse gets up and tells his mom above to take care of Elle now for them. Jesse walks back out and takes a seat in the park. Liza comes around the corner and stops when she sees Jesse.

Scott tells Madison that she's beautiful and amazing. Scott kisses her and tells her that he wants her too. Then they kiss onto the bed.

Greenlee tells Ryan that so many horrible things happened to them like her accident when they were first going to get married. She wanted everything to be perfect now so she lied, not because she didn't trust him but because she didn't want anything in their way. Greenlee thought they deserved to be happy. She apologizes for lying and wants to spend the rest of her life proving that he can trust her. Greenlee wants him to tell her they can get past this and go back to the way things used to be. Ryan pulls away from her and tells her that they can't.

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