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(Fusion) Ryan wonders why Greenlee is taking so long to answer his marriage proposal and she tells him that of course she wants to marry him again but there is something important that she has to tell him that he has to know right away.

(Yacht club) Liza and David finish making love and are surprised at how amazing the sex is between them. Liza tells David she feels badly that Mayor Blanco asked her to find a reason to fire Jesse from his job as police chief and David reminds Liza that she is only following orders but Liza points out this isn’t part of the job description of the DA. Liza invites David to lunch because she is hungry after their love making and David laughs and asks Liza if she is seriously asking him to have lunch with her and Liza gets annoyed and withdraws her lunch invitation then gets dressed and storms out of the room.

(Hospital) Jesse feels uncomfortable when nurse Camille tells Angie she thinks Lucy has Jesse’s lips so he tells Angie he left the diaper bag in the car and steps out into the hallway. Jesse tells Brot that he thinks the baby knows he isn’t her father because every time he picks her up she cries Brot thinks that is impossible but he says that Angie will become suspicious unless he starts acting like Lucy’s father. Brot tells Jesse not to think of Lucy as a replacement for Ellie but a way to honor Ellie’s memory and love in cherish Lucy more in Ellie’s honor. Maya arrives looking for Frankie and once again remembers her baby girl that she placed in Brot’s police car.

(Kendall’s place) Griffin startles Kendall and she asks his advice on which one of three dresses will bring Ricky to his knees. Griffin tells her that he isn’t picking a dress for her because it is too dangerous for her to go anywhere private with Ricky alone. Kendall listens to Griffin and appreciates his concern but tells him that she isn’t going anywhere with Ricky alone because she plans to ask him if they can go to his place. Griffin thinks that is a worse idea because Kendall shouldn’t be alone with Ricky in his hotel room because it is very dangerous.

(Hospital) Madison arrives for her check up and tells Frankie that she is having a hard time with Greenlee but she is trying to rise above it ignore Greenlee and just be happy that Ryan wants to be involved in the baby’s life. Frankie tells Madison that she can blow Greenlee out of the water by just telling Ryan that Greenlee knew about the baby before he did but Madison doesn’t want to do that and she doesn’t want anybody else to tell him ether. Frankie is annoyed that Ryan is late for Madison’s check up and tells Madison that Ryan doesn’t seem to care about the baby.

(Yacht club) Ricky gets dressed puts the ring in his pocket and tells himself that tonight is the night that everything will change for him. Ricky looks at a family picture he has of Zach, Kendall and the boys on his computer and he deletes Zach from the picture and puts himself beside Kendall.

(Fusion) Greenlee tells Ryan that Emma stole her wallet, Skipped school, and almost took a cab to see Anne but the cab driver knew something was wrong and persuaded Emma to let him call someone and Emma gave the cab driver Madison’s number. Ryan asks Emma to come out of the lounge and tells her that they have to have a long talk about telling the truth. Ryan tells Grenlee he will take Emma to the babysitter and then head to the hospital for Madison’s check up.

(Kendall’s place) Griffin tells Kendall that he can’t take a risk with her life and Kendall wonders why and Griffin tells her that he made a promise to her in the ambulance to keep her alive and that is what he intends to do. Griffin sees that he can’t talk Kendall out of her plan so he gives her some extra equipment to put in her ear that will allow him to coach her if things get dangerous with Ricky. Griffin puts the equipment in Kendall’s ear and covers it with her hair so that Ricky won’t see it. Griffin tells Kendall to be careful and try to get Ricky to take her to a restaurant so that they will be in public. Greenlee knocks on the door and Griffin heads back to the safe house. Greenlee tells Kendall that she is considering telling Ryan that she knew about Madison’s baby because she is tired of lying to Ryan. Grenlee tells Kendall that Emma said she was a liar because Annie told the little girl that and admits that Annie is right she has lied and done bad things. Greenlee also tells Kendall that Emma almost took a cab in order to see Annie and she felt like a hypocrite scolding Emma when she has been keeping a secret from Ryan for a long time. Grenlee wonders if her and Ryan’s relationship is strong enough to get through this and Kendall reminds Greenlee that Ryan loves her very much and he will find some way to understand what she has done.

(Hospital) Maya arrives to ask Frankie to stop calling her house asking if she is okay because her aunt is getting suspicious. Maya can’t understand how Frankie could care so much about some one he doesn’t know. Frankie goes to get Maya some post natal vitamin samples and introduces Jesse to Maya Jesse says hello and then heads back to continue talking to Brot about his feelings about Ellie and Lucy. Angie calls Jesse because nurse Camille wants to take a picture of the baby Jesse walks toward the cubicle and Angie walks toward Jesse but trips over something and almost drops the baby but Jesse catches her and he assures a very upset and crying Angie that Lucy is okay. Jesse has Angie touch Lucy to assure herself that the baby is okay. Brot also tells Angie that the baby hasn’t cried at all since Jesse caught her. Jesse walks out into the hallway with the baby while Brot helps Angie walk out since she is still a bit shaken. Jesse tells Lucy that she is okay and she will always be okay because her daddy will be there to protect her. Angie is happy to hear Jesse finally bond with Lucy and points out to Jesse that he saved Lucy from harm.

(Krystal’s) David apologizes to Liza for upsetting her and she assures him that she isn’t making the relationship complicated she just wanted to eat lunch. David offers to help Liza get information on Jesse if Greenlee allows him to work at the hospital again. David tells Liza that he is meeting with Greenlee today to tell her how he plans to help Angie. David thinks they should go someplace else to eat because he thinks Krystal has told her staff not to serve him.

(Kendall’s place) Greenlee is headed out the door when Ricky arrives and Kendall tries to persuade him to go to a restaurant.

(Safe house) Griffin returns and finds a little boy going through his things and tells him that he shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to him. The little boy runs away and griffin chases him but quickly returns to listen in on Kendall and Ricky.

(Kendall’s house) Ricky tells Kendall that he doesn’t want to go to a resturant then he kisses her hand and Kendall asks him to please not do that because they agreed to take things slowly. Ricky apologizes but he can’t believe that she feels the same way about him as he does about her and sometimes he just has to touch her to make sure that she is real. Kendall heads upstairs to change her clothes and Griffin tells her through her earpiece that she should continue trying to persuade Ricky to go to a restaurant.

(Confusion) David and Lixa arrive for lunch and Greenlee tells them that Ryan bought out the place for a private celebration. Greenlee wonders why David and Liza are together and David lies and says that he had engine trouble with his car and Liza offered to follow him in her car in case the car stalled. Liza is annoyed and tells David and Greenlee that she is going back to Krystal’s to have her meeting.

(Kendall’s place) Ricky tells Kendall that he intends to take her far away from Pine Valley and Griffin tells Kendall to stop this now but she tells Ricky that after Zach died she went away for a while without the boys and they were very upset because they thought she wasn’t coming back. Ricky tells Kendall he understands and she suggests they go to his place. Ricky looks nervous and tells Kendall that his place is dirty and again suggests that they do the surprise he has planned for them. Griffin gets upset and calls Kendall on her phone and tells her that if she doesn’t end this now he will go over there to help her. Griffin tells Kendall to use the call as an excuse to get Ricky out of there. Kendall tells Ricky that Spike is refusing to eat unless he sees her and then Ricky tells her he understands gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves the house.

(Confusion) David tells Greenlee that he plans to restore Angie’s sight and he hopes that she will help him get his medical career back on track. David senses that Greenlee is in a bad mood because there is trouble in her marriage to Ryan. Greenlee denies it but David tells her that Ryan will never love her for who she is like he did because he sees as strengths what Ryan sees as her faults. Once David is gone Greenlee tells herself that Ryan does love her for her true self.

(Krystal’s ) David returns to find Liza upset with him again because he made up a lie in order to hide their involvement from Grenlee. David is confused because he thought that Liza wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

(Hospital) Ryan arrives and Frankie yells at him for causing Madison so much stress and tells him that she slipped and fell as was brought to the hospital on Christmas Eve. Ryan wonders why Madison never told him and Frankie says that is a good question. Ryan questions Madison’s doctor and asks her about Madison’s fall on Christmas Eve and she tells him that Grenlee brought Madison to the hospital before anything worse happened to her or the baby. Ryan walks in to Madison’s exam room with a stunned look on his face and tells Madison that Greenlee helped her on Christmas Eve because she new that she was pregnant for months and didn’t tell him about his child.

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