AMC Update Monday 5/2/11

All My Children Update Monday 5/2/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Krystal’s) Greenlee tells Ryan that she and Emma were getting along well until she mentioned how excited she was about going to her parents night at school and Emma made it clear she only wanted Ryan and Annie to go to her parents night at school. Ryan tells Grenlee that he is sure that Emma will remember what good friends they were and how much she loved her. Ryan tells Greenlee that Kendall’s plan to catch Ricky is going well and he will soon pay for killing Zach. Ryan gets a call from the private detective he hired to follow Ricky letting him know that Ricky is at Confusion talking to Opal so Ryan gives Greenlee a kiss before heading to Confusion. Greenlee’s phone rings and while she is getting the phone out of her purse she notices that her wallet isn’t in her purse and she wonders where the wallet could be. Greenlee answers the call from Emma’s school telling her that Emma isn’t at school so Greenlee rushes out of the restaurant and heads to the school very worried about Emma.

(Confusion) Opal tells Ricky that everyone is really worried about Erica and she is very glad that Kendall has him to lean on during this rough time. Opal senses that Ricky is interested in Kendall as more then a friend and he smiles and admits to Opal that she is right and he doesn’t know when he fell in love with Kendall but they have decided to take things very slowly. Marissa gets interrogated by agent Trumble about Tad and Cara’s marriage and he implies that Cara married Tad to get her green card. JR arrives and tells the agent that he has no right to harass Marissa this way and tells him that he will call a friend of his in the U.S senate if he doesn’t stop harassing Marissa but Agent Trumble says that nothing he does will stop him from finding out the truth about Tad and Cara. Agent Trumble leaves and JR invites Marissa to move back into the mansion so that she won’t have to keep lying to immigration about Tad and Cara. Marissa tells JR that she will think about it and then she rushes out of Confusion. JR also gets a call and also rushes out of Confusion to handle the problem.

(Hospital) Madison tells Scott that she got a tour of the birthing facilities at the hospital and although she is still nervous it helped her to take the tour. Madison tells Scott that she wants Ryan in the delivery room with her when the baby is born and she hopes that he understands why she chose Ryan. Scott is hurt but he covers and tells Madison he understands why she wants Ryan in the delivery room with her. Scott gets a call from JR asks him to come to the mansion because something has happened and they need to talk.

(Safe house) Griffin shows Kendall the wire she will wear so that he can listen to and record her conversations with Ricky. Griffin offers to help Kendall put on the wire but she backs away and tells Griffin she doesn’t need his help and a frustrated Griffin asks Kendall what she needs. Kendall tries to put the wire on by herself but gets frustrated and accepts Griffin’s help. Kendall laughs, as one of the things she has to put on feels cold so Griffin blows on the piece to warm it for her and Kendall laughs again because it tickles her when Griffin puts the wire on her and Griffin smiles as he sees Kendall laugh.

(Confusion) Ryan arrives and talks to Opal just after Ricky has left and he discretely questions her about how Ricky arrived at her church. Opal explains that the former minister of her church died suddenly of a heart attack and Ricky arrived shortly after his death and just took over as minister. Ryan and his private investigator find out that the former minister never had a heart condition so Ryan suspects that Ricky killed the minister to take over the church and have a harmless way to get close to Bianca and Kendall.

(Fusion) Madison explains to Emma that she had to call Greenlee because Greenlee was very worried about her Madison also tells Emma she will have to explain to Greenlee why she left school. Madison tells Emma that she understands she misses her mom but she can’t keep trying to go see her without asking Ryan and Greenlee first so they can take her to see Annie. Emma tells Madison that she only wanted to invite Annie to her parents’ night at school. Madison gives Emma a hug and a chocolate muffin to calm her and Greenlee arrives and asks Emma to go eat her muffin in the conference room so she can talk to Madison. Greenlee thinks Madison won’t be a good mother to her child if she intends to reward her bad behavior with a hug and a chocolate muffin. Madison explains to Greenlee that Emma stole her wallet and tried to go see Annie thank goodness the cab driver thought it was strange that Emma was alone so he talked to Emma and she gave him Madison’s phone number. Madison tells Greenlee she explained to Emma that what she did was wrong and why and she gave her the muffin to calm her nerves. Greenlee thinks Madison is using Emma to stay close to Ryan because she still loves him and wants to steal her life from her. Madison tells Greenlee she doesn’t want Ryan and if she did she would have told him she was pregnant as soon as she found out the news. Madison thinks that Greenlee is upset with herself for not telling Ryan that she knew about the pregnancy before he knew about it.

(Safe house) Griffin and Kendall apologize to each other about their argument yesterday and Griffin tells Kendall she is very courageous to take on Ricky and make sure he pays for killing Zach. Ryan arrives and fills them in on the latest information he has discovered about Ricky. The information makes Kendall more determined to make sure Ricky goes to jail for all the crimes he has committed. Griffin reminds Kendall that she has to switch the battery in the wire every four hours. Kendall leaves and Ryan thanks Griffin for everything he is doing to help Kendall because he knows she appreciates it very much

(Chandler Mansion) Scott arrives and JR tells him that because of the wind a tree that was behind the gatehouse fell on top of the house and now the house is destroyed. JR tells Scott to get everything out of the house that is important to him before the wrecking crew comes to demolish the house. Scott tells JR that if he destroys the house he will destroy a piece of Stuart and he won’t let him do it. JR explains that he doesn’t want to destroy Stuart’s memory and it isn’t personal but the house would cost too much to rebuild and it wouldn’t be the same house. Scott explains that the gatehouse was always his home and it felt more like home to him then the mansion because it was filled with Stuart’s paintings, his love and his laughter JR tells Scott he is sorry the house was destroyed and Scott storms out. AJ arrives home from school and tells JR that he is worried that the same thing that happened to the gatehouse will happen to his house. JR explains to AJ that his house is made of brick just like the strong house in the three little pigs story and nothing will happen to it. Marissa arrives and tells AJ to go find his kite so they can fly it since it is windy outside. Marissa tells JR that she has decided to move back in the house temporarily until she finds her own place. JR tells Marisa that he had the room in the private wing of the house fixed for her because he hoped that she would decide to move back in the house. AJ returns and hugs Marissa one JR tells him she will be moving back in the house.

(Hospital) Madison tells Scott all the details of her latest confrontation with Greenlee and he tells her about the gatehouse. Madison persuades Scott to rebuild the house himself because they shouldn’t let anyone bulldoze over them.

(Fusion) Greenlee tells Emma that she understands how much she misses her mom because when she was her age her mom was away a lot and she missed her very much. Greenlee promises Emma that as soon as Annie is better they will allow her to see her mommy but she should stop lying because pretty soon people won’t trust her and that isn’t a good thing. Emma tells Greenlee that her mommy told her not to trust her because she is mean; she lies, and does a lot of bad things. Emma also tells Greenlee that her daddy never should have married her.

(Kendall’s house) Kendall is surprised to see the boys are home with the sitter and she tells them that they have to go back to Bianca’s because she has a business meeting. Kendall hugs the boys and then Ricky arrives and the boys give him a hug too. Spike asks Ricky if he is going to be their new daddy just like daddy Zach. Kendall is upset but she hides it well and tells the boys Ricky is a special friend and then she tells them its time that they go back to Bianca’s house. Spike doesn’t want to leave but Kendall says the girls are excited to play with him. Once the boys are gone, Ricky wonders why she keeps sending the boys away when he wants to spend time with them and Spike is clearly ready for a new daddy. Kendall tells Ricky that nobody will ever take Zach’s place in the life of her boys. Griffin tells Kendall to be careful because she sounds too angry. Kendall smiles and tells Ricky that he will soon make a new special place in their lives. Kendall also tells Ricky that she wants to make sure that their relationship is very solid before he introduces a new daddy to the boys. Ricky tells Kendall he is panning a surprise for just the two of them that will help make the relationship more solid.

(Fusion) Ryan arrives gives Greenlee a kiss and then tells her the latest information on Ricky then he gets down on one knee and asks Greenlee to marry him again. Greenlee recalls her earlier conversations with Emma and Madison and considers telling Ryan the truth.

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