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All My Children Update Friday 4/29/11


Written by Joseph
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Erica continues trying to talk to the voice and bangs on the window. She realizes the voice comes back as a recording and wonders where it is.

At Krystal's, Jack doesn't want to let Krystal quit. Krystal says she made a fool of herself. Jack doesn't think so since they're friends. Krystal wants to be honest. Jack says he likes having her in his life and likes working with her. Krystal tells him that she can't because she can't make Erica stay gone.

Asher talks with Caleb at Fusion. Asher thinks Caleb should try and find Erica but he says that he's wrong.

Ricky calls Kendall from Fusion. Kendall asks where he's taking her and Ricky wants to surprise her. Kendall doesn't like surprises and wants to know. Ricky wants to have another picnic. Kendall sets it up in the park at their same place. She hangs up and tells Griffin about it. Griffin wants to watch over her. Kendall tells him Ryan has it covered but Griffin insists that he wants to be there too. Kendall thanks him and says she's ready to do this. Griffin tells her he's with her and she exits. Griffin puts on a hooded jacket and sunglasses as a disguise and follows out.

Krystal tells Jack that Erica will come back eventually and they'll work things out and get married. Krystal doesn't want to ruin their friendship and tells Jack that it's the way it's got to be. Jack tries to convince her that he needs her at work. Krystal steps out to get some air.

Asher wants to know what Caleb will say to Erica if he had the chance. Caleb says he'd just talk business. Asher offers to e-mail her if he has anything important to say to her. Asher tries to convince Caleb to say what he would say if Erica was right there. Caleb tells him that he'd remind her they have a business that they have invested a lot in. Asher recorded him and thinks Erica will love it. Caleb deletes it and tells him it's not a game.

Erica thinks to herself that she can make it look like she's wasting away and then the person will be forced to act. Erica looks at her wedding ring and then puts it back down. She lifts the photo album from the floor and starts to look through it again. She looks at picture of Bianca and Kendall and says she will come back to them.

Bianca is on the phone with Kendall. Bianca tells Kendall that she told Ricky everything she wanted her to say. Kendall thanks her and hopes now that Ricky won't hold back. Kendall tells her that she wants Ricky to rot in prison and this is the only way. She spots Ricky and hangs up. Kendall joins Ricky for their picnic in the park. Griffin hides in the bushes and watches them. Ricky tells Kendall that he's really looking forward to some alone time with her and she says the same.

The voice comes back and comments on Erica reading the photo album. Erica continues to call it Krystal. Erica wants her family to know she's alright. The voice doesn't want her family to work and offers a compromise - to send an email to Kendall and Bianca. Voice says he won't show her their responses unless she cooperates. The voice asks Erica to talk about the best day of her life.

Asher wants Caleb to step out of his comfort zone. Caleb says he will on his own time. Asher tells him that Erica just sent Kendall and Bianca an e-mail. Caleb wonders how he knows and Asher tells him that he hacked into their e-mail.

Kendall and Ricky talk about his life. Ricky asks if she's okay being out in public like this. Kendall doesn't care if people talk about them. Ricky says he wants to be respectful and Kendall says that he always is. Ricky asks if it doesn't bother her if people think she's disrespecting Zach's memory. Ricky talks about helping her through her grief but he always felt she was holding something back. Kendall wonders what it is. Ricky asks if everything was okay at the end of their marriage. Kendall calls him perceptive and says he breaks through her walls to get to the truth. Kendall says the truth is that she did something terrible and doesn't know if Ricky can understand it.

Caleb thinks Asher is invading their privacy and breaking the law. Asher thinks he's doing Caleb a favor. Asher says he doesn't turn his back and thinks Caleb isn't fighting for Erica. Caleb tells him it's not his business. Asher tells him to go back to his mountain so he doesn't have to deal with anything whether it's women, computers, or him.

Erica reads the e-mail that was sent to Bianca and Kendall. Erica thinks it was too short and barely anything was said. Erica just wants to hear back from them. The voice tells her she has to hold up her deal by talking about the best day of her life. Erica says the voice already knows everything about her. The voice wants to know more from Erica's perspective. The voice says if Erica goes along with it, she could get more rewards than just email. Erica looks through the photo album. The voice thinks she's trying to figure out who it is by looking at the photos. Erica continues to accuse it of being Krystal. The voice says it is not Krystal and that Krystal couldn't hold a candle to Erica.

Jack talks on the phone at Krystal's as Krystal comes back in and sees Jack going through papers. Krystal sits down and helps him find the files he needs.

Ricky tells Kendall that she is safe with him. Kendall tells him that she and Zach were having problems at the end, that they tried to solve but couldn't. Ricky tells her it's okay. Kendall tells him that when Zach died, she wasn't in love with him anymore. Ricky says he's sorry to hear that. Kendall tells him it was over. Ricky asks how long it had been going on. Kendall says it was awhile since she and the boys came back to Pine Valley months before Zach did. She says that Zach didn't come back because he didn't want to be with her. Ricky comments on that being so difficult. Kendall tells him that the worst part was after Zach died was everyone saying they were perfect together. Ricky touches her face and says she could have told him. Kendall claims that if she knew she could trust him with everything, she would have. Ricky kisses Kendall. Griffin continues watching them as they kiss. Ricky asks if she feels better. Kendall says she always feels better with him. Kendall says she's lucky to have him in her life. Ricky says he's the lucky one and Griffin's cell phone goes off. Ricky hears it and wonders who's there as Griffin runs off. Ricky thinks someone is watching them.

Bianca comes to Fusion office and finds Caleb there. Bianca tells him she has no idea where Erica is if that's what this is about. Caleb tells her about Asher hacking into her email. Caleb tells her that he and Erica are only for business partners. Caleb tells Bianca about Asher's idea to send Erica a video to convince her to come home. Bianca thinks it's a good idea and maybe she should send one. Bianca tells Caleb that they need Erica home. Caleb agrees and exits.

Jack tells Krystal that she's a life saver. Krystal calls him a brilliant attorney. Krystal admits that she didn't want to leave him. Jack welcomes her back.

The voice tells Erica to start at the beginning of her life. Erica starts talking about Jeff Martin being her first husband and how she wanted to marry a doctor to get out of her mother's house. She talks about him working all the time and being stuck in a little apartment. The voice mentions she felt trapped and became a model. Erica calls that incredibly exciting as she first became a celebrity. Erica says her career took off but not her marriage so she divorced Jeff. Erica moves on to Phil Brent and she let him go after he may have still been in love with Tara. Erica then moves to Tom, who she calls a nice man but wasn't right for her. Erica talks about Adam Chandler and comments that their 2nd marriage was blackmail but the first was ambition. The voice brings up that she was then in love with Mike Roy. Erica then goes on to Travis Montgomery, Bianca's father, Dimitri and Jack. Erica says she'll always have a special place in her heart for all of those men. The voice asks if the divorces still hurt. Erica says she believed in her marriages at the time and did think they would last. The voice notes that she still thinks that about Jack although it didn't the first time. Erica says it will if she can just get back to him before it's too late.

Ricky tells Kendall that he thinks he heard something. Kendall doesn't think it's important. Ricky shrugs it off and sits back down. Ricky offers her more champagne. Kendall apologizes but says all the talk of her marriage brought her mood down a little bit. Kendall wants to reschedule. Ricky says there's always another time and he wants to be with her. Kendall says she wants to be with him too but wants to be at her best. Kendall tells Ricky she can wait a little longer. Ricky agrees and Kendall kisses him then exits.

Bianca comes to Krystal's and sits with Jack and Krystal. Bianca tells Jack that she has an idea to bring Erica home, to send a video to try and convince her. Bianca tells Jack that Erica sent an email to her and Kendall. Jack notes that he didn't get anything. Bianca tells him that all Erica said was that she's okay and enjoying the view. Bianca opens her laptop and shows a video of Miranda, Gabby, Spike, and Ian wanting Erica to come home. Jack thinks Erica will be touched. Bianca says she wants Opal and Kendall to record something to and wants Jack to as well. Jack doesn't know what he'd say. Jack agrees and asks when she wants to do it. Bianca says whenever he's ready.

Erica tells the voice it has no idea how she feels and she won't be happy until she marries Jack. The voice offers her more food but Erica refuses. Erica wants to know the point of all of this. Erica doesn't get a response and sits down. She hopes that Jack is trying to find her.

Kendall and Griffin return to the abandoned house. Kendall wants to know what Griffin was doing and thought he was going to jump out and punch Ricky. Griffin doesn't like Bianca and Ricky kissing. Kendall reminds him that she has to do this to catch him. Griffin tells her to stay focused because his life is on the line. Griffin tells her that it looked like Ricky was messing with her head instead of the other way around. They argue and Kendall asks if he has any idea what she just went through. Kendall tells him it was one of the hardest things she's ever done in her life. She says she has to convince him that her feelings are real. Griffin thinks she's taking it too far and wants to protect her. Kendall shouts that she doesn't need him and can do it herself. Kendall calls it awful and sickening to say that she stopped loving Zach since she's betraying him with the man who probably killed him. Kendall feels like she's spitting on Zach's memory but she has to do this because she has no choice. Kendall tells Griffin to never question her again and stay out of her way. Kendall exits and Griffin slams things on the floor in frustration.

Caleb meets with Asher in the park. Caleb apologizes for earlier and Asher thought he was pissed off. Caleb tells him that he appreciates him stepping up for him. Asher agrees that he shouldn't have hacked into the e-mails but Caleb says he shouldn't have come down so hard on him. They agree that they're cool now. Caleb says he could use someone he trusts every now and then. Asher reminds him he works for JR but Caleb insists he's not asking him to spy on him. Caleb tells him it'll have flexible hours and decent pay. Asher agrees and asks about the perks.

Jack begins his video message to Erica as she looks at a picture of them in the photo album. Jack tells her that he loves her and her disappearance is killing him. He's trying to be patient and understanding but he has limits. He wants to marry Erica and have a future with her, but he won't put his life on hold forever.

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