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Tad sits with Cara at Krystal's. Cara reads rumors on the internet about Griffin being protected by a drug cartel in Mexico. Cara doesn't like that they're talking about Griffin like he is a drug dealer. Tad says that they will proclaim his innocence in the end. Tad tells her if they don't know where he is, nobody else does either. Cara just wants to know if he's alright.

Kendall comes to Griffin at the abandoned house. She gives him Easter candy and some food and clothes borrowed from Ryan. Griffin tells her that they will make Ricky pay. Kendall tells him to be sure he stays so no one finds him. Griffin knows they have to keep it that way and he needs Kendall to help him say goodbye to Cara.

Jack tells Krystal about hating seeing Erica everywhere. Jack says he's not going to let seeing Erica force him out of his own home or Krystal either and he shuts the door behind her. They almost kiss but Jack turns away. Krystal apologizes but Jack says it's all his fault.

Erica smashes the fork and tries to use the broken piece to pick the lock. She unlocks it hoping it works. She pulls the door open and says "oh my God" as she opens the door to see a wall. Erica bangs on it in frustration. She yells at the person to have the guts to look her in the eye.

Jack tells Krystal that neither of them need to apologize. They argue over who's to blame and Krystal says she's obviously not in a place to help him get over Erica. Krystal insists that she has to leave and exits.

Cara gets ready to leave and wants to go see Kendall. Tad doesn't think it's a good idea. Tad tells her not to do anything crazy. Cara wants to go talk to the guy from immigration that is watching her. Cara gets up against Tad's will.

Ricky talks on the phone at Fusion, saying he has big plans and wants Griffin out of his way. He says he will make sure Griffin stays way underground.

Griffin tells Kendall that he knows Cara will get herself in trouble trying to find him. Kendall agrees to tell Cara everything he said. Kendall notes that there was something in Griffin's letter that sounded like his last words to Cara. Kendall knows how precious it can be and will tell Cara everything he said. Griffin thanks her and Kendall prepares to leave. Griffin tells her not to see Ricky alone or unprepared. Kendall assures him that she will be okay. Griffin has Kendall promise to see Griffin before she sees Ricky again and she exits.

Erica thinks to herself that she's being held by Krystal and needs to stay a step ahead by finding an advantage. Erica tries to open the sliding door where the food comes through but can't. She looks at the window and the voice comes back, asking what is going on.

Tad follows Cara outside into the park. Cara is surprised he caught up to her and at first thought he was the immigration guy following her. Tad suggests they make things look like they had their first fight and just made up. They hug and Kendall comes up. Cara yells at her about not returning her phone calls about Griffin. Kendall tells her she had a message to deliver to her. Kendall tells Cara that Griffin said the less we know the better and that he went to join a bunch of doctors overseas. Kendall states that Griffin will be unreachable for the next few months and that he loves Cara and is sorry for messing things up. Kendall gives Cara her piece of cloth back with a bottle cape inside from Griffin. Kendall exits as Cara thanks her. Cara cries and tells Tad that it sounded like goodbye for good.

Jack decides to turn on the TV at home. He sees Erica on a talk show. The show host asks Erica about marriage.

The voice tells Erica that she has no idea who it is. Erica still thinks it's Krystal. The voice comments on doing everything to make sure Erica is comfortable but she is still unhappy. Erica says she will not eat until she's released. The voice states that she could die. Erica says if she dies, she'll die the way she lived, on her terms and nobody else's.

Bianca arrives at Kendall's and asks what's going on. Kendall doesn't want the kids anywhere around until this plays out. Kendall tells her that Zach was murdered. Bianca quickly brings up that it was ruled an accident but Kendall tells her it wasn't. They sit down and Bianca is in disbelief. Bianca asks who she thinks did it. Kendall tells her she thinks Ricky. Kendall knows it sounds crazy but somehow, he was working for Zach's casino partners, they didn't want Zach to sell and Ricky stopped him. Kendall brings up Ricky trying to cover his tracks by getting close to her. Bianca blames herself for bringing him to Kendall. Kendall says the sickest part is that Ricky is falling in love with her. Bianca asks if she's sure since he's a minister. Kendall says they don't know what he does and they don't have proof to go to the police. Bianca tries to talk to her but Kendall tells her that she can't talk her out of it and she's going to do this for Zach. Bianca tells her to just let her help nail Ricky. Kendall plans to get close to Ricky until he slips up. Bianca doesn't know how to even be in the same room as him. Kendall knows it will be one of the hardest thing she's ever done. Bianca wants to help since he took Zach from them. Bianca tells her they are in this together and Kendall says she thinks she knows what she can do.

Jack continues watching the talk show, where Erica says she might not be the being married type. Jack turns it off and tosses the remote.

Erica continues to argue with the voice. The voice wants Erica to eat and says he will send more food until she eats. The voice mentions having a present for Erica. Erica says the only present she wants is her cell phone. She wants to talk to Jack. It slides in a present. The voice says since she didn't read her own book, it sent one that he put together. Erica opens the box and it is a photo album of Erica's life.

Bianca arrives at Fusion and sees Ricky. She turns and walks the other way and finds Jack seated alone at a table. Bianca talks to Jack about her break-up with Reese. Jack appreciates Bianca fighting for them. Bianca doesn't like to see people she loves lose people. Jack doesn't know how much longer he can carry the rings around. Bianca says he'll carry them around for as long as he has to.

Erica wonders how long the voice has been obsessed with her to have put this album together. The voice calls it a labor of love. Erica yells about being held captive. She calls the voice a pathetic excuse of a person who will never break her. Erica continues flipping through the album and sees a picture of her and Jack. The voice behind the mirror rewinds Erica talking and replays her saying she couldn't care less what you'd like.

Cara shows Tad that Griffin left her a bottle cap. They sit down and Cara explains the meaning of it, telling a story about when they were young about how she would collect bottle caps. Cara brings up that when their dad left, he didn't leave anything behind and thought it was a sure sign that he wasn't coming back. Cara thinks this means he'll return. Cara decides she wants to take a walk. She says she's not worried because Griffin is coming back.

Kendall returns to the abandoned house to see Griffin. Kendall tells Griffin that she got everything to Cara. Kendall promises to get justice for Zach and help Griffin clear his name. Griffin wants to make sure she's ready. Griffin grabs her and tells her to show him that she knows how to defend herself.

Erica shouts that she will be found and the person will end up in prison. The voice wants to talk to Erica about her life and her relationships. Erica says the person made her break Jack's heart and thinks it's all about him. Erica accuses the person of being Krystal again. The voice says it doesn't matter who it is as only Erica matters. Erica says if that's true, she wants to be let out. The voice tells Erica that she doesn't know him at all.

Cara sits at the park and Kathy runs up to her. Cara explains that Caracita means little one. Kathy notes that Cara isn't little and Cara explains that it can also mean special. Jenny comes up and Cara hugs them both. Tad watches with a smile.

Bianca comes up to Ricky and wants to talk about Kendall. Bianca brings up he and Kendall spending time together. Ricky talks about Kendall needing a friend. Bianca asks if it's more than that. Ricky tells her about telling Kendall about his feelings. Bianca talks about Kendall and Zach's relationship, saying they actually weren't anywhere near perfect.

Kendall tells Griffin that she can handle Ricky. Griffin brings up a bunch of different situations that could happen. Griffin wants to show her some moves. Kendall assures she'll be fine. Griffin hates that she'll be alone with Ricky. Griffin wants her to show him something. Griffin grabs her arms and reminds her of everything Ricky has done. Kendall pushes him and screams at him. Griffin hugs her to calm her down.

Erica shouts that she isn't afraid as she's survived a lot more. She tries banging on the mirror and door. She looks at the window and thinks to herself that she can't get out but maybe can bring them in.

Jack comes to Krystal's and sees Krystal. She offers him food but he wants to talk about what happened earlier. Krystal says there's nothing to talk about as his look made everything clear. Krystal knows it can't happen again and wants to put distance between them now. Krystal tells him she can't work for him and quits. Jack says he can't let her do that.

Cara sends Kathy and Jenny to go play. Tad comes back to Cara and sits with her. Tad apologizes for interrupting her alone time. Tad tells her that the kids wanted to see her. Tad knows how much Cara is worried about Griffin and misses him. Tad understands he's family and until they get him back, he wants her to share his. Cara says she'd like that and Tad hugs her.

Bianca tells Ricky that it isn't her place to talk about Kendall and Zach. Ricky promises to hold her words in confidence. Bianca talks about people being different in public than they are in private. Bianca brings up problems that Kendall and Zach had and that they covered for the boys. Ricky asks about Kendall's feelings for Zach. Bianca feels she said too much and says she wants to help Kendall get what she wants.

Kendall tells Griffin that she gets his point. Griffin tells her what to do if he gets close and how to hit him. Kendall thinks it won't be a problem. Kendall says she'll just get close to him and prove what she needs to use against him. Kendall's phone rings and it's Ricky. She answers, saying she was just thinking about him. Ricky says he was too and wants to see her now. Kendall tells him that there's nothing she would like more.

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