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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/27/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica tries to talk to the voice but there's no answer. Erica says to herself how she's supposed to be married and on her honeymoon but is instead stuck with nothing and no one. Erica calls out asking why she's being held here. Erica says she's going insane. The voice comes back and suggests Erica is just bored. Erica wants out and the voice suggests she read a book. It slides in Erica's own book.

JR opens the door at the mansion and Maya comes in apologizing. JR asks if she broke something. Maya says no one answered the gate to come through the service door. JR tells her that she can come through any door and she thanks him. Maya goes on and runs into Colby in the living room. Colby introduces herself and thinks it's Maya's first day. Maya tells her she's been there for a few weeks and clean Colby's room every morning. Colby is surprised she's never seen her before.

JR talks with Asher and Marissa comes in, telling JR that the play for his ex isn't going to work.

Bianca talks on the phone at Krystal's. She talks about having to take in Kendall's boys and the situation with her mom being a disaster. Bianca turns around and sees Jack enter. They talk and Bianca assures Jack that Erica will be back. Jack says the problem is all he ever seems to do is wait for her.

The voice points out to Erica certain lines in her book including never give up. Erica tells him that she will sign the copy of the book. She writes go to hell and slams the book down.

Jack asks Bianca if he's been too patient with Erica. Bianca insists that Erica doesn't think she can take him for granted. Jack thanks her for being positive even through her life's complications. Bianca doesn't want him to give up. Jack reminds her that they were supposed to be on their honeymoon now. Jack says he has his limits. Jack takes a drink and asks if Krystal came in. Bianca says she hasn't seen her. Jack tells Bianca not to worry about him and exits.

The voice laughs and thinks Erica is making her words come to life and he respects her because of it. Erica thinks she should get a reward. The voice says he won't release her but Erica says that's not what she had in mind.

Colby apologizes to Maya for being clueless and asks if she's new to Pine Valley. Maya says she has to go get changed for work and hurries off.

Marissa tells Asher that JR thinks he's so smart by taking her out using the cover of Bianca. JR tells Marissa that Bianca is his friend so there's nothing wrong with trying to set her up. Marissa wonders why they have to go too. Marissa says that she cares about Bianca so maybe a date will take her mind off things. JR jokes that they are on the same page. Marissa says she's doing it for Marissa and goes upstairs to say hi to AJ. JR tells Asher that it's just a matter of time before he gets her back. Asher doesn't think she'll go for it. JR calls it all a part of her game.

The voice offers Erica some food. Erica wants real china, sterling silver and to see his face.

Marissa and JR arrive to Fusion and Marissa notices that Bianca isn't there yet. JR steps away to call the office. Bianca's date comes up to Marissa and they talk. Bianca arrives and meets with JR. Bianca says she's nervous and JR tells her that's why he and Marissa are there. JR points out Bianca's date to her. Bianca looks to her date talking to Marissa and agrees that she is beautiful.

Asher walks into the living room and Colby blames him for breaking his concentration. She asks Asher if she's a snob and Asher says that she is. Asher reminds her that she was grown up surrounded by all this so it would rub off on her a little. Colby compares it to his life. Asher asks if this is about when he called that guy out at Fusion. Colby tells him to forget she ever asked and Asher gets up and exits. He sees Maya signing off on a delivery of boxes. Asher wonders what it all is and Maya doesn't know. Maya asks where she should put the stuff and Asher says he'll take care of it. Maya heads upstairs and the doorbell rings. Asher answers and it's Caleb. Asher wonders what he's doing here. Caleb wanted to make sure all the stuff got there for Colby. Asher asks about Erica and Caleb said there's nothing. Asher wants to know what happened in St. Bart's. Caleb says nothing happened.

The voice tells Erica they will be face to face soon but not yet. Erica wonders what he's waiting for. It tells her that there are still details. Erica claims to respect him on a certain level too since he accomplished recreating her room and kept people from finding her. The voice reminds her that she's convinced everyone that she's okay and that everyone else is ok. The voice tells Erica not to worry about Jack because he will be just fine. Erica wonders what is meant by that.

Krystal sits out in the park with her phone and Jack walks up. Jack asks what's on her phone and Krystal says it was just a funny video someone sent her. Krystal asks Jack how he is. Jack says he was thinking about her kind offer to spend some time together and talk. Jack wonders how she felt about right now.

Maya comes back into the living room and tells Colby that she'll clean the living room later. Colby tells her it's okay. Maya insists she can clean the other rooms and come back later. Colby wants her to stay. Maya thinks Colby is working on something. Colby says she's just kicking around some ideas. Maya comments that she's watched all of Colby's videos and compliments her singing. Colby thanks her and Maya says it's sometimes exactly how she feels. Maya tells her to keep doing what she's doing because it helps people. Colby asks if she's helped Maya in any way. Maya hurries off to start cleaning upstairs.

Asher thinks something must have happened at St. Barts. Caleb says that he talked with Erica and it's complicated. Caleb says he didn't come here to get into this, he just wanted to make sure the stuff got there for Colby. Asher asks if he really thinks this is a smart decision. Caleb says it's the deal that they made. Asher explains to him that what Colby does is a vlog. Asher suggests Caleb should get this stuff out because it's a bad idea but Caleb doesn't care as Maya listens from the stairs.

Bianca, Louise, JR and Marissa sit down for dinner at Fusion. They talk about kids and JR remembers he forgot to tell the sitter to give AJ his cold medicine. JR steps away to make the call and calls Maya. JR gives Maya the message and Maya explains to JR that Caleb is there. JR tells her that he will deal with it and hangs up. JR comes back and apologizes saying he has to go but will meet up with them later. JR tells Marissa that AJ is fine and walks off saying someone else might not be.

Jack and Krystal arrive at Krystal's and Krystal jokes about him taking her to her own restaurant. Krystal says anywhere is great, she just wants to help him through this. Jack thanks her and appreciates it. Jack notices a woman seated reading Erica's book and comments that he can't escape her. Krystal tells him that where there's a will, there's a way.

Erica continues yelling at the mirror window, trying to get the voice to talk to her to no response.

Jack and Krystal sit down together and Jack comments again about the woman reading Erica's book. Krystal mentions that it is a good story and Jack is surprised that she's read the book. Krystal quotes it which surprises Jack more. Jack asks what made her pick it up. Krystal says there was nothing to read in a tent in Africa while Erica brought extra copies. Jack brings up that Krystal never told him about the trip and asks what it was like. Krystal calls it enlightening and that she learned a lot about Erica. Krystal hopes Jack doesn't feel guilty about being there with her. Krystal just wants to keep him company while Erica's gone. Jack says he doesn't feel the least bit guilty. They agree to order something to eat. A waitress comes over and tells Krystal that someone called in sick so they are short on deliveries. The waitress mentions being sorry for hearing about the wedding. Krystal assures Jack can escape Erica but Jack doesn't think so. Jack suggests that this may have been a bad idea and they agree to try some other time. Jack exits leaving Krystal.

Marissa tells Bianca to talk about what she does since it's inspiring. Marissa explains that Bianca is the founder of the Miranda Center. Louise finds it incredible. Bianca apologizes as she had been looking forward to this but had a bad day. Bianca talks about the publicity problems at the Miranda Center. Louise states she used to work in publicity and offers to help. Marissa comments on Bianca's style. Bianca insists that Marissa knows her style a bit better and Louise remarks she's sure that she does.

Colby thanks Caleb for the boxes as JR arrives and thinks Caleb is just trying to ht him. JR orders the stuff out of here. Caleb asks if he's that threatened by having his equipment in his home. Colby asks him to stop as JR tells Caleb not to use his family. Caleb tells him that Colby's going places and he exits. JR tells Asher to grab the boxes. Asher tells him no and JR is shocked that he's on Caleb's side. Asher thinks it's between Caleb and Colby and shouts at JR to cut Caleb some slack since he's going through a lot and then storms out.

Erica tries the door again to no luck. The voice sends in her food with real China and silver. Erica wishes there was a key to the door but the voice mocks her. Erica notices the food is from Krystal's and wonders if she's in Pine Valley. The voice tells her not to jump to conclusions. Erica says all this time she's been just minutes away from the people she loves. Erica wonders what kind of man would do this and the voice comes back asking who says it's a man. Erica becomes convinced that it's Krystal that locked her up so that she could get Jack. Erica shouts that she must be stupid and calls out for Krystal. Erica takes the fork and tries to open the door.

Colby records another video on the laptop at home. She says there's been a lot of drama at her home lately but she wants to talk about Erica Kane. Colby says she calls Erica bailing on her wedding, genius.

Asher sits at Krystal's watching Colby's video on his laptop. Colby continues calling Erica brave and who she is. Colby doesn't think Erica leaving her wedding is that big of a deal. Colby thinks Erica wasn't being selfish but honest as she may have realized she's better off on her own as that doesn't seem like a bad place to be. Colby finishes her video. Asher logs into the chat with Colby and sends an anonymous message that it seems like she's always rooting for the break-up. Colby comments that was fast. Asher gets up to leave Krystal's but runs into Caleb and he wanted to thank him.

Marissa gets up to go check on AJ. Louise comments to Bianca that she seems nice. Bianca agrees that Marissa is incredible. Bianca tries to change the subject but Louise suggests the date might not have been the best idea. Bianca blames herself and says she can't keep her mind off of work. Louise asks if she's sure it's work that her mind is on. Louise looks back at Marissa and says she has the feeling that Bianca is interested in someone else.

Jack returns home and looks at a picture of Erica. He has a flashback to Erica's last phone call saying that she can't marry him. Jack decides to turn around and leave but he opens the door as Krystal arrives with an envelope.

JR comes back and asks Bianca what Louise said about a personal emergency. Bianca says Louise just wanted to get out of there. Marissa comes back and wonders how Bianca knows they weren't hitting it off. JR asks Bianca if she still wants to go to the concert. Bianca decides to sit this one out since she has a lot on her plate now. Bianca thanks JR and Marissa for everything and tells Marissa they will talk soon. Bianca exits and Marissa tells JR she hoped that they would hit it off. JR comments that there has to be someone around here to make Bianca happy.

Caleb thanks Asher for reminding him to go after what he wants. Caleb tells Asher about how he told Erica to leave with him but she didn't come. Asher notes that she didn't pick Jack either. Caleb says it's over either way. Asher thinks Caleb could find Erica and convince her that he's the guy for her. Asher offers to help but Caleb says it's time to move on.

Krystal tells Jack she brought papers for him to sign and asks if he was going somewhere. Jack says he was but didn't know where. Jack says he's not going to let seeing Erica force him out of his own home or Krystal either and he shuts the door behind her.

Erica smashes the fork and tries to use the broken piece to pick the lock. She unlocks it hoping it works. She pulls the door open and says, "Oh my God."

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